Monday, 4 May 2020


Does former president Jacob Zuma have millions of rands or dollars stashed away in a bunker at his Nkandla home?

No, at least that is according to him, in a reply to a question posed by his son Duduzane in an interview in what appears to be a trailer of a reality show soon to be released in full.

The video has gone viral on social media.

In it, the duo talk about wide-ranging political issues, including the treatment of deputy president David Mabuza in Russia for alleged poisoning and Duduzane's role in it.

Zuma also comments about state capture, and denies his involvement in it, saying there is no shred of evidence implicating him.

At the beginning of the trailer, Duduzane asks his father to comment on allegations that he is stinking rich.

Zuma responds: "I wish I was sitting on money but nobody has showed me where is this money that I am sitting on. Nobody has said here was Zuma and the state capture that has made me [rich]."

Duduzane then goes on to comfort his father.

"To a certain degree I can say I feel your pain, we do not run away from these issues but we confront them because that is who we are," said Duduzane who also offered his opinion of the Covid-19 lockdown which he believes "was a bit premature".

Zuma Jr also provides insight about his involvement in the "clandestine" mission to get Mabuza to Moscow for treatment.

Said Duduzane: "There was a problem and this had to do at that time he was the premier of Mpumalanga and now he is Deputy President Mabuza.

"The premier of Mpumalanga at that time was not doing well health wise, so [they said] what we need from you is an airlifting from Nelspruit and a passage on a private plane because this thing had to be kept as clandestine as possible, through to Moscow so he can seek medical treatment.

"I said okay what is the problem, only to find out that the suspicion was that he had been poisoned." Sowetan


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