Thursday, 16 April 2020


Zimbabwe’s only Covid-19 recovered patient is willing to work with Government and other stakeholders in raising awareness, after going through a patch of stigma and discrimination on his road to recovery.

In an interview yesterday, Mr Soul Sakudya (52), who was the third person to test positive after travelling from Dubai on March 24, described his experience as traumatic.

His wife and two children also tested positive, while his other five children and a helper tested negative. “I thank God for the recovery, it has not been an easy journey,” he said.

“Imagine how traumatising it was even for those who were negative as we shared the same toilet and bathroom.”

Mr Sakudya said although they tried to adhere to basic hygiene practices, which included disinfecting the bathrooms, no one would choose to live under such circumstances, given a choice.

He said they avoided using the same bath soap and close contact with each other, while those who were negative were the once who would cook for everyone and eat first.

Mr Sakudya said his two boys who later tested positive shared one room, while his wife tested positive a few days after his diagnosis. 

He said apart from the medication they were getting to manage their condition, they also used topical ointments to ease symptoms.

“The stigma was real,” said Mr Sakudya. “People were now avoiding passing by my gate. I know how painful it is to have Covid-19 and not to mention the trauma associated with it.”

Mr Sakudya, whose latest Covid-19 negative status was confirmed on Tuesday evening through the Ministry of Health and Child Care daily update, said his other family members were also showing signs of recovery and were awaiting results to show their status.

The World Health Organisation recommends two tests to be run before one is confirmed to have fully recovered and Mr Sakudya has since tested negative twice. Herald


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