Thursday, 23 April 2020


The government has cut the number of quarantine days to seven. Health Minister, Dr Obadiah Moyo said the government does not have the  resources to take care of people in isolation for the two-week period recommended by the World Health Organization.

“And if they are found to be positive they will be sent to an isolation center. And if they are found to be negative they will be released. It decongests the facilities,” said Moyo.

Dr. Alex Gasasira, the head of the World Health Organization in Zimbabwe, said those released must  self-quarantine to minimize the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. Zimbabwe has 29 confirmed cases. Four people have died.

“Several of the confirmed cases in Zimbabwe have been amongst people returning to Zimbabwe from countries which had a widespread of COVID-19. So, it is really in the public health recommended good to have a close monitoring of anybody who is returning to Zimbabwe at this time from such countries. So, this monitoring or quarantine could be voluntary or mandatory,” he said.

“The 14-day is the average time – incubation period — between the time maybe infected and the time he or she develops symptoms. So, if you spend more than 14 days without developing any symptoms. the likelihood is that you are not likely to be infected."


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