Friday, 6 March 2020


A MARONDERA man was yesterday convicted of criminal trespass after taking a short cut that passes through Irvine’s Farm in Derbshire, Waterfalls, Harare.

Darlington Chidawanyika, 26, pleaded guilty to the charge and said he committed the offence out of ignorance.

 “I only became aware after I was apprehended that it was an offence. I jumped into the farm because it was a shorter way to where I was heading and I apologise for my conduct,” Chidawanyika said in mitigation.He was sent for community service vetting pending his sentence.

The complainant was Irvine’s Farm represented by Tapera Magaisa, a loss control officer.
 Prosecutor Terrence Mukuze proved that on March 3 around 10 pm Chidawanyika went to Irvine’s Farm and scaled over the precast wall to gain entrance.

Chidawanyika was seen committing the offence by Andrea Shateyi who arrested him and alerted Magaisa.
 Magaisa escorted Chidawanyika to the police and filed a report leading to his detention.
 Meanwhile, a Mbare-based man appeared in court yesterday after allegedly breaching an agreement to sell padlocks worth $750.

Obey Chitsau, 28, was charged with theft of trust property when he appeared before Mbare magistrate Manase Musiiwa yesterday.
 He initially pleaded guilty to the offence, but the case was referred to trial after he began defending himself.

Chitsau was released on $100 bail and ordered to continue residing at his current address.
 The matter was postponed to April 28 for trial.

The complainant is Mercy Mafararikwa, 42, of Hopley Extension, Harare.
 The court heard that on January 24 around midday, Mafararikwa met Chitsau at Magaba complex in Mbare and gave him six padlock keys.

It is alleged that they agreed Chitsau would sell them and remit the money to Mafararikwa.
 However, since that day Chitsau started becoming evasive until March 2 when Mafararikwa bumped into him in Mbare. Daily News


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