Thursday, 27 February 2020


Councillor Felix Mhaka of Bulawayo’s Ward 5, had to dig deep and summon his athletic abilities to survive a run-in with his enraged mistress after she accosted him while he was with his new flame at a shopping complex in the city.

The incident which entertained shoppers and vendors happened on Tuesday at around 7.30 pm and lasted for about 20 minutes just in front of the shopping complex which is situated at corner Jason Moyo and Fourth Avenue.

Cllr Mhaka’s close friend who requested not to be named  revealed that Mhaka — who is married to Memory Ngwenya — was busy pampering his new lover Sithatshisiwe (Sitha) Hlabangana, who runs a boutique which is situated  along Jason Moyo Street between 14th and 15th Avenue when his other lover, Sane, pitched up unexpectedly. 

“While Mhaka was busy spoiling Sitha with groceries and other nice things Sane arrived at the complex. Mhaka panicked  when he saw her and  tried to slink back into  the shop. He was at the entrance pushing a trolley to his car when he saw her.

She asked who  the lady (Sitha) was but Mhaka who looked jittery mumbled and uttered something incoherent,” said Mhaka’s close friend.

The friend  added: “ It happened  so fast as we saw Sane slapping Mhaka on his cheek. He tried to block it but  she caused a scene as she shouted,  accusing him of being in the habit of cheating on her.”

Mhaka failed to put his foot down to control the fuming Sane, who it is said has been in love with him for a couple of months and is bulging with his seed. The source said: “After several failed attempts to escape from her tight grip, eventually Mhaka managed to free himself and showed a clean pair of heels much to the entertainment of the crowd that had gathered to watch the free ‘movie’.” 

Onlookers had to thank their gods after they picked groceries which the fuming Sane threw on the ground.

“There was no way I could leave beef when everyone who had a chance was picking a share,” said a vendor who requested not to be named. The drama went a gear up as the two ladies  in question exchanged  blows while hurling insults at each other much to the excitement of the crowd.

It took the intervention of a security guard who works at the supermarket to stop the fierce fight. Sane drove off in Mhaka’s car.

The source said Mhaka later on bounced back accompanied by two police officers claiming that his car had been stolen.

“He tried to lie to the police saying his car had been stolen but the intelligent police officers soon summoned their investigative skills and gathered that his girlfriend Sane was with the car and that the Cllr was trying to cover up for the love triangle drama,” said his close friend.

Contacted for a comment the cagey Cllr Mhaka said: “On the day in question I was out of town. I’m shocked at what you are talking about and I don’t know the ladies you are talking about.”
Sane said: “Who told you that? Yes, we fought and what do you want to do with it? Were you sent by Mhaka to torment me, please go away, you are disturbing me?”

Sitha said, “ I can’t comment on that. Leave me alone.”

She then hung up. B Metro


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