Sunday, 1 December 2019


Good evening the good people of Marondera, events that happened in our town were unprecedented and very unfortunate. As per tradition we plant trees on this day in line with the UN to commemorate International tree planting day, today is also world aids day.

Our initial plan was to plant several trees at the Council Primary school in Cherutombo, a school which personally I have helped in its development. To our surprise we arrived at the school to find armed Police with AK 47s and several other artillery weapons. They informed us that they had been instructed from above to block our tree planting.

We tried to engage the Marondera Central Officer in Charge as to the reasons for the Police presence and all she could say was for security reasons. We passed through the gates of Marondera Provincial Hospital which was inundated with riot police and several members of the CIO. The reason why several state security personnel could be deployed at the Hospital beggars belief when there were no nurses and doctors.

Our President Adv Chamisa arrived at the Town Council Offices to help us and the Councilors to plant trees to the ululation of members of the public who were watching. We proceeded to Dombotombo Clinic to plant 8 more trees and to our surprised armed Police stormed the Clinic and started firing shots and tear smoke at the Clinic and in the direction of President Chamisa.

There were several injuries and we are currently assessing the severity of the injured. I strongly condemn the actions of the police and the abuse of state resources when our Clinics and hospitals have no medicine and equipment.

I want to thank Marondera residents for remaining resolute and steadfast in the face of cruelty and injustice. I want to assure and on behalf of the Mayor and our Councilors that we will and shall remain on your side through these trying times.

We worship an awesome God and those who unleash unprovoked battery and senseless attacks on defenseless residents will one day face justice, nothing lasts forever, in the most glittering and brutal reigns have come to pass; history is a good teacher.

Caston Matewu MP
Marondera Central


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