Thursday, 19 December 2019


A NURSE from Bulawayo has dragged her soldier husband to court seeking a protection order.

Ms Sethulo Nkiwane told Western Commonage magistrate, Mr Urgent Vundla, that she needed a protection order against Bhekani Gumede who habitually assaults her every time he comes home from work.

Ms Nkiwane told the court that her husband threatened to kill her and she now fears for her life.
“We have some misunderstandings which we have failed to solve. My husband works in Gweru and whenever he comes home, he abuses me verbally, physically and emotionally. I will divorce him if he continues with his behaviour,” she said.

Mr Gumede denied abusing his wife and accused her of cheating with a doctor.

“Your worship, the problem started when she became a nurse and she said I’m no longer her class. I then stole her cell phone at night and I went through her messages with this other doctor whom she was having an affair with. She is no longer romantic in bed and I’m trying my best to make it work. At times  she pulls my organs so hard saying I’m impotent,” he said.

Mr Gumede accused his wife of using “juju” which he said had resulted in him failing to achieve an erection. 

Mr Vundla advised the couple to go for counselling. Chronicle


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