Tuesday, 24 December 2019


TWO female police detectives based in Bulawayo have approached the High Court challenging their superiors’ decision to move them to other stations.

The two cops, only identified as Detective Sergeant Moyo and Detective Constable Gambiza, are part of a group of police officers who were recently redeployed to other stations.

They were initially stationed in Bulawayo before they were moved to stations in Manicaland and Mashonaland Central provinces respectively. 

Det Sgt Moyo was moved from Bulawayo’s CID Drugs to Hillside Police Station in the CID section. She is now being transferred to Muzokomba Police Station in Chipinge, Manicaland.

The two detectives, through their lawyers Mugiya and Macharaga Law Chambers, on Friday filed an urgent chamber application at the Bulawayo High Court challenging the latest transfers.

In papers before the court, Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga, Chief Staff Officer Human Resources and one Chief Superintendent Mashonganyika, who is the commander of the CID Drugs in Bulawayo, are the respondents.

In their founding affidavits, Det Sgt Moyo and Det Const Gambiza said their transfers to two different stations within a period of one month and without any valid reason was a violation of their constitutional right. 

“I am a police officer under the command of the second respondent (Supt Mashonganyika) and was stationed at CID Drugs in Bulawayo before I was transferred to CID Hillside in Bulawayo on November 5, 2019. On November 6, I was shocked when I got transferred to ZRP Muzokomba,” said Det Sgt Moyo.

“There are now two transfers from the same authority moving me to two different stations and what prompted me to file this application on urgent basis is that on December 8, I was told by my officer in charge at CID Hillside to go to ZRP Muzokomba, but failed to get reasons. Why am I being transferred hardly a day after the first transfer?”

The two detectives said they were being forced to comply with the order despite the fact that there are no transport arrangements made.

Det Sgt Moyo said her case was special in that she was solely taking care of her minor children since her husband, Proud Moyo, is serving 18 years at Khami Prison for murder.

“I wrote a letter to the respondents explaining my predicament but the respondents ignored it. I am the sole guardian of my minor children and I have already enrolled them at local schools, but the respondents simply ignored me,” she said.

Det Sgt Moyo said she has an obligation to supply medication to her husband hence the need to be closer to him. 

She said she was being “fixed” by her superiors for no apparent reason.

“I will suffer a lot of prejudice if I am to go to ZRP Muzokomba as it will involve a lot of costs including but not limited to buying new uniforms for children who will be transferring with me as well as travelling costs of visiting my ailing husband at Khami Prisons,” said Det Sgt Moyo.

Det Const Gambiza was transferred from Nkulumane Police Station to Muzarabani on November 6.

She said two days later she received another radio signal transferring her from Magwegwe to CID Nkulumane before she got another transfer to Muzarabani last week.

In her founding affidavit, Det Const Gambiza said she was being transferred for allegedly exposing some top officers dealing in drugs.

“My transfer lacks justification at all as I had not committed any offence warranting unnecessary transfers.

“However, it is apparent that the latest transfer is a way of fixing me after having exposed some top officers dealing in drugs. The information was never investigated but it seems the arbitrary transfers emanate from that,” she said.

“I am a single mother with minor children and have no one to take care of them if I go to ZRP Muzarabani. My first and last transfers are clearly an act of fraud and it is clear that the respondents want me to suffer as a result of their confusion.” Chronicle


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