Thursday, 5 September 2019


Protesters on Thursday smashed the windows of the South African consulate in the DR Congo's second largest city and attacked South African-owned stores, in reprisal for attacks on foreigners in Johannesburg.

A demonstration called by a campaign group outside the consulate in Lubumbashi, southeastern DR Congo, spiralled out of control and protesters smashed the building's windows.

They then attacked and looted a store owned by the South African retail group MR Price before police intervened, injuring one or two protesters.
Attacks broke out in and around Johannesburg this week, leaving seven dead and dozens of shops destroyed, mostly foreign-owned. More than 350 people have been arrested.

Foreign workers are often victims of anti-immigrant sentiment in South Africa, where they compete against locals for jobs, particularly in low-skilled industries.

The violence has led to angry demonstrations in Nigeria and expressions of concern in countries around southern Africa, many of whom have citizens working in South Africa, the continent's biggest economy.


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