Monday, 12 August 2019


A 54-YEAR-OLD man from Mahatshula suburb in Bulawayo has appeared in court for sexually abusing his 12 -year-old step daughter.

The man, whose name has been withheld to protect the identity of the minor, allegedly touched the minor’s private parts and later raped her.

He pleaded not guilty to aggravated indecent assault, rape and attempted rape charges when he appeared before Bulawayo magistrate, Mr Trynos Hutahwashe. The magistrate remanded him out of custody on bail to September 10.

In his defence, the man alleged that the allegations against him were fabricated by his stepchildren as at one time he had asked them to vacate his house.

“I did not sexually abuse the complainant. These are allegations meant to fix and embarrass me. If l committed the crimes why then was her mother’s statement not recorded?” asked the man.

Prosecuting, Mr Jethro Mada said sometime in 2017 during the school holidays, the minor was at home with her stepfather and he called her into his bedroom.
The man allegedly ordered the girl to lie down on the bed and remove her clothes.

She complied and the man allegedly inserted his finger into the minor’s private parts. 

The accused person then ordered her to leave his bedroom when she started crying.
The minor did not tell anyone about her ordeal.

“ On an unknown date in November last year during the night, the accused person alleged that he was not feeling well and was unable to walk into his bedroom and decided to sleep on a couch in the dining room. During the night, the man allegedly walked into the girl’s bedroom while she was asleep and raped her,” said Mr Mada.

The minor screamed and her mother woke up. She told her that the accused person had raped her and the mother promised to report the matter to the police but she failed to as she left for South Africa a few weeks later.”

He said the minor and her two siblings were then left in the company of the accused person.

Mr Mada said sometime in March this year while the minor was asleep with her siblings, the man tried to rape her but he failed to do so as one of the siblings woke up and asked him what he was doing. The man then left the room and went back to his bedroom.
The minor and her sibling whose age was not given then reported the matter to the police. Chronicle


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