Thursday, 22 August 2019


A CHITUNGWIZA man stands accused of dumping his sick wife who later blocked him from wedding his new wife. 

Langton Ruza is accused of abandoning his ailing wife Talent Dandara who later blocked him from wedding his new woman.

Dandara foiled Ruza’s wedding with Cecelia Thomas which was supposed to be held at St Monica Roman Catholic Church in Chitungwiza by demanding divorce token.

Ruza had not paid the divorce token rendering their customary marriage subsisting.

It is reported that Ruza was then advised of the matter and that the wedding would not proceed since his ex-wife was disputing it after the intention to marry was publicly announced in the church as per church doctrine.
Ruza was furious with a priest, who then advised him to take the legal route, and resolve the issue since his ex-wife had threatened to disrupt the wedding.

H-Metro spoke to Dandara who said that she was hospitalised for three months after another miscarriage while her husband Ruza was seeing the woman.

“We used to fight a lot and it got worse with the miscarriages when I was hospitalised, my baby was growing outside the uterus and that’s when all the trouble started.

“The doctors told me that I had to take eight months to recover that’s when my husband started seeing a  woman named Cecilia Thomas and they even had the audacity to sleep at our home while I was struggling in hospital.

“This woman later claimed that she was pregnant with Ruza’s child which prompted him to rent a house for her and up to now they have not yet paid gupuro,” she said.

Contacted for comment, Ruza could not to elaborate on the accusations.
“What do you want from me and where did you get that story from because I am done with that issue. H Metro


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