Sunday, 12 May 2019


TWO poachers were early  on Friday shot and killed during a shoot- out at Bubye Conservancy some 60 km west of Beitbridge town.

It is reported the two who were armed with a rifle and an axe, had contact with national parks rangers while tracking a rhino. National Parks spokesperson Mr Tinashe Farawo described the incident as unfortunate.

“They were found poaching in the area by our officers  and upon being ordered to surrender they fired at the rangers. There was an exchange of gun fire and unfortunately they were shot and killed. It’s unfortunate that two lives have been lost but our officers had no option when their lives were in danger,” he said.

Mr Farawo said national parks authorities had adopted a zero tolerance to poaching.

He warned people against poaching in national parks as they risk prosecution.

Mr Farawo said further investigations would be conducted into the matter. The incident comes a few weeks after one Mozambican poacher was shot and killed in the same area in a shoot out.

Incidents of rhino poaching are rampant at Bubye Valley Conservancy commonly known as Mazunga Ranch.

Six people among them a parks ranger, have died during shoot outs in the wildlife sanctuary. Chronicle


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