Monday, 22 April 2019


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has said despite the difficult times people are going through, he is confident that with hard work, sacrifice and unity, Zimbabwe will triumph.

In his Easter message to the people of Zimbabwe yesterday, President Mnangagwa said although the country’s challenges were significant, forgiveness, peace and love among the people of Zimbabwe will see the country pulling through.

“As we celebrate Easter, we commemorate our Lord Jesus Christ’s resurrection. The struggle and victory of light over darkness, of life over death. In Zimbabwe, we are currently undergoing our own struggle of light over darkness. As we walk the road of transformation and reform, we are guided by our Lord Jesus Christ’s teachings of forgiveness, peace and love, and take comfort from his victory,” said the President.

“For while the challenges we face are significant, we are resolute in our faith that with hard work, sacrifice and unity, we too will triumph. On behalf of the Government of Zimbabwe and the first family, I would like to wish all Zimbabweans at home and abroad a blessed Easter. Ngaikomborerwe nyika yeZimbabwe. Kalibusiswe ilizwe leZimbabwe.”

The President’s message comes at a time when consumers have condemned the recent price hikes saying they are against government’s Transitional Stabilisation Programme (TSP) which seeks to turn around the country’s economic fortunes.

Last week, Industry and Commerce Deputy Minister Cde Raj Modi also condemned the latest round of price hikes that have seen the price of bread going up to RTGS$3,50 from RTGS$2 while a 10kg bag of mealie meal now costs RTGS$11,85 up from the recommended retail price of RTGS$6,30.

The Deputy Minister said Government had noted with concern rampant price hikes and would soon act on the matter.

“We have realised that prices are going up very often and most commodities are now beyond the reach of consumers. We are working on something to address that matter and we will reveal the details soon. The public must know that we are aware and we care about the consumer and we are doing something,” said Cde Modi.  Herald


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