Friday, 26 April 2019


MUTARE City Council has fired an accounts clerk while three others resigned as the local authority widens its probe into fraudulent financial transactions that resulted in leakages running into millions over the years.

Town Clerk, Mr Joshua Maligwa, said one of the implicated workers, Tinashe Nzounhenda, was dismissed from duty following a disciplinary hearing while three others resigned before their cases could be heard.

Moreblessing Dhliwayo and Tsitsi Katombo resigned after one of the implicated workers, Hazvineyi Magobeya, turned into a witness and exposed the rot which was taking place in the finance department.

Apparently overwhelmed by the evidence their colleague was bringing out, the three chose to save face and tender resignations. 

“This is just a tip of an ice-berg and the on-going audit process will unearth a lot more. We want to get to the bottom of all this and bring to book all those involved.

“Those implicated will have their day before a disciplinary hearing and if we find nothing, innocent workers will be acquitted accordingly.

“We are not on a witch hunt but we are on a mission to sweep the Civic Centre of corrupt activities that were bringing the city on its knees. The guilty ones must be afraid because we are closing-in on them,” he said.

Mr Maligwa said some workers in the finance department were under investigation for engaging into illegal foreign currency and black market transactions at various council banking halls in the city. 

“These workers were taking cash from clients and then swipe the equivalent into the system. Some of them pocketed foreign currency brought by clients to pay bills and deposited RTGS into the system. There is a lot of paper trail to prove this and auditors are working around the clock to bring out everything. Council coffers must be manned by honest employees and not crooks,” he said.

The local authority, which is facing financial problems has since sought the services of internal and external auditors to recover more than $2 million it claims was siphoned out of its financial system through a well-knit employee syndicate. Manica Post


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