Friday, 26 April 2019


 I want to call upon all of us who have been nominated for congress positions to run a clean and professional campaign.

My sincere appeal to all those campaigning for positions at congress is to see every leader run a clean and fair campaign that builds the image of party I appreciate those who are supporting me and in the same vain would love to see myself winning in a clean non-toxic political environment. 

Those who got nominated for the same positions with me equally deserve the respect of all of us in the MDC. To those nominated, being a candidate for a position in the MDC means you are already a leader whether you win or lose. 

Therefore let's show leadership ethics by calling for clean non-toxic campaigns Together, let us set an example, let us show the way and let us revolutionize MDC politics. Together, let us realise the dream of clean politics. 

 To those who are supporting and rallying behind me let journey begin. Thank you Team Lynette Karenyi-kore. Your support matters 
 Yours sincerely, 
 Lynette Karenyi - MP


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