Friday, 15 March 2019


MULTI Choice has dismissed a letter circulating on social media alleging that the satellite broadcaster will shut down all accounts outside South Africa, which are subscribed to in the neighbouring country.

A statement purporting to be from Multi Choice circulated on social media yesterday, claiming that the company would use a new geo location system to shut down all pirate accounts.

In response, Ms Elizabeth Dziva, the Multi Choice Zimbabwe publicity and public relations manager said the statement was fake. 

“It has come to our attention that a hoax letter has surfaced in Zimbabwe alleging that Multi Choice South Africa has notified third party installers of a geo location system being used to shut down illegal viewing.

“We wish to inform all our stakeholders that this letter was not issued by Multi Choice,” said Ms Dziva.

She, however, encouraged customers to subscribe in their respective countries to promote growth of their local industries.

Ms Dziva said Multi Choice takes piracy of its products and services seriously in order to protect its valued DStv customers, its business, the entertainment industry and society at large.
“It’s therefore important that our valued DStv customers subscribe in the correct country as rights for programming and channels are cleared for specific countries.

“Subscribing in other countries ultimately doesn’t support local business, which creates local employment and tax and encourages local industry growth,” said Ms Dziva. Herald


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