Monday, 4 March 2019


A Norton man was convicted and slapped with four years’ imprisonment for causing the electrocution of a 21 months old baby that touched live electricity wires that lay unprotected at his residence.

Wilbert Ndiyamba, 35, was convicted of contravening section 60 (a) (3) (b) of the Electricity Act and culpable homicide before Harare regional magistrate Jessy Kufa.

Two years were suspended on condition of good behaviour. Kufa condemned Ndiyamba’s conduct and said a custodial sentence would justify the offence. The first complainant was Zimbabwe Electricity Distribution Company.

Prosecutor Chipo Matambo proved that on August 21, 2015 Ndiyamba illegally fitted electricity from his cabin to the borehole.

That day, the deceased person went to play at Ndiyamba’s house with other juveniles.
While they were playing the deceased child went and touched electricity wires that were covered with a plastic bag while standing on wet ground.

The child was electrocuted and died on admission at Norton Hospital. Daily News


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