Saturday, 9 March 2019


THE Masvingo City Council has agreed to offer former Mayor Mr Hubert Fidze, the official vehicle he was using during his term for $31 000.

Town Clerk Mr Adolf Gusha said a full council meeting had agreed to offer Mr Fidze, an Isuzu KB 250 at a discounted rate, to thank him for his services.

“A full council meeting has resolved to offer the mayoral official car to Mr Fidze at a discounted rate of $31 081,57, as his exit package,” said Mr Gusha. Council bought the vehicle in April 2016 at a cost of $54 850. Council policy states that vehicles are depreciated at 20 percent over a period of five years,” said Mr Gusha.

He said such a “handshake” was a common phenomenon in most local authorities in the country with other local authorities offering more depending on their capacity.

“This is not something new. We have been getting services from Mr Fidze for the past five years and it is prudent, for council to reward him. It is commensurate with the position he was in,” he said.

Contacted for comment Mr Fidze confirmed that he had been offered the car but said the price was too high.

“Yes, council has offered me the mayoral vehicle, an Isuzu KB 250 I was using during my five-year tenure but the car is expensive. The price is too high plus I received the vehicle halfway through my term. The car has also accrued mileage above 150 000 kilometres and it was once involved in an accident towards the end of my term. If we can look at other local authorities, they have sold official cars as exit packages to their outgoing mayors, at affordable prices, far less than $31 000,” he said. 

Mr Fidze was elected into office in 2013 but could not retain his position after he lost during his party MDC-Alliance’s primary elections last year. Councillor Collen Maboke is now the Mayor. Sunday News


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