Tuesday, 19 March 2019


BURIAL of victims of Cyclone Idai started yesterday with 40 identified bodies being interred at Ngangu Township in Chimanimani.

Salvation Army Major Absalom Makanga confirmed the burial of the 40 bodies presided over by the church’s Lieutenant General Garnet Muringai who is based in Ngangu, Chimanimani.

“By yesterday we had buried 40 bodies in Ngangu high density suburb in Chimanimani. Ngangu area is one of the most affected. Even though we could not get there because of the bad state of roads, we managed to communicate with our resident pastor who is there to officiate at the burial of the 40 bodies.

“Since the disaster struck, we have been sending money for upkeep of the victims and mourners since some of the people that were injured were at his home and at the church. The other victims were housed at the Roman Catholic Church, “said Major Makanga.

Government yesterday advised relatives of the deceased to go ahead and bury the bodies to avoid decomposition as mortuaries in the district were dysfunctional following extensive destruction of the power supply system throughout Chimanimani.

Provincial administrator Mr Edgars Seenza said relief efforts were yet to reach the epicentre of the disaster in Chimanimani owing to impassable roads.

Meanwhile, St Charles Lwanga High School students arrived at the Roman Catholic centre in Mutare around 8 pm last night.

Parents could not hold back their tears in a clear demonstration of mixed joy and pain at knowing what their children had gone through while the school deputy head, Mr Albert Mapunga explained their ordeal. Herald


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