Friday, 26 October 2018


THREE Zimbabweans died in two separate road accidents in Namibia, police and relatives of the deceased confirmed.

In the first accident which happened on Tuesday, Canaan Mamoche (41) of Harare died on his way from Walvis Bay where he had gone to collect a vehicle.

In an interview, Mr Setfree Mafukidze, younger brother to Mamoche, said his brother was knocked down by another vehicle when he disembarked from his car after it developed a mechanical problem.

“We heard my brother was driving his car when he had a minor breakdown and he disembarked to check the car since he is a mechanic. While checking, a vehicle came from behind and hit him and he died on the spot. His car was not even scratched. We have not yet established the actual circumstances of the incident but that’s what we have so far,” he said.

Mr Mafukidze said some family members have since gone to Namibia to collect the body for burial in Zimbabwe. He described the incident as a tragedy which had shocked the family.

“We are in deep pain and shock .We learnt about the incident on Wednesday. My brother was the breadwinner and he leaves behind a wife and three children. He was a hardworking man who would sweat to put food on the table for his family.

“It’s still like a nightmare to us and we are finding it difficult to believe that he is no more. I pray that the family especially the wife and children find comfort in such hard times,” he said while sobbing.

In the second incident, according to a Namibian newspaper, The Namibian, two Zimbabweans were killed in Omaheke Region and an unspecified number of other passengers were injured when a minibus in which they were travelling overturned 30 km west of Buitepos on Tuesday morning.

Buitepos is a border town linking Namibia with Botswana, and is reportedly the most preferred exit for Zimbabweans travelling home from Namibia.

The minibus which was said to be on its way to Zimbabwe was carrying 32 passengers when the accident happened.

It was not mentioned if there were any Zimbabweans among the injured.
“According to the Police Regional Commander for the Omaheke Region, Commissioner Josephat Abel, a trailer hooked onto the minibus became loose, but a chain attached to the hook of the trailer was still attached onto the minibus.

“As a result, the trailer caused the vehicle to veer from side to side, causing the driver to lose control of the minibus in the process. The minibus reportedly left the road and rolled several times before coming to a standstill on its side a few metres off the road,” said The Namibian.

The newspaper reported that no further information, including the identities of the deceased, could be obtained from the police. Chronicle


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