Tuesday, 25 September 2018


Flamboyant musician Energy Mutodi has put his music career on hold following his recent appointment as the deputy minister of Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services.
Mutodi described his new role as “demanding and challenging” hence dedicating the next five years or so into it.

“My new job is challenging and demanding, hence the decision to put music career on hold. I cannot be seen commenting on social issues while I am the minister. It will be a clash of interests.

“I am now focussing on policy formulation and implementation,” the Goromonzi West Constituency legislator told the Daily News yesterday.

Mutodi said he will remain relevant and useful to fellow musicians despite him being in government.

“I will continue contributing to the music industry maybe through producing jingles, if it is necessary.

“Apart from that, I will continue assisting the music industry through formulating policies bent on growing the industry,” the Chigorodanda singer said.

However, Mutodi is eager to bounce back to the music industry at the completion of his political mission.

“I hope to continue with my music after completing my mission in government, but however, I do not know when as of now.

“What is certain as of now is that there is now no music from me in the next five years,” he said.

Apart from music and politics, Mutodi aka Musoro Wembada was studying towards a PhD in Business Administration at the University of Cape Town and a Bachelor of Laws Degree at the University of Zimbabwe concurrently.

Mutodi is also an academic; he authored several Geography textbooks used in high schools in Zimbabwe and he is a researcher in Financial Markets and Economics.

Since 2011, Mutodi’s discography include Simbi YaM’dhara (Real Sounds of Africa), Kumasese (Real Sounds of Africa), Sekawo Mbichana, Magetsi Ngaabake, Kuita Kuri Kwenyu, Chimvuramabwe, Ndinorota Landlord, Chidhedhedhe, Ndiri Munzira Kuuya, Ndinokutendai and Mupedzanhamo among others. Daily News


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