Tuesday, 31 July 2018


Chinese nationals who reportedly shot and wounded the son of Zanu PF official, Keith Guzah, in a shoot-out will have to be put to their defence after the court ruled that they have a case to answer.

Luo Tin Gpen, 27, Li Yize, 27, and a local, Gamuchirai Nigel Zuze, 23, had filed an application for discharge at the close of the State case before Harare regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya arguing that the victims had failed to identify them as perpetrators of the offence.

However Mujaya ruled: “It cannot be said that the State’s case is so hopeless that the accused persons cannot be put to their defence. There are a lot of unanswered questions that the defence must clarify in their defence,” Mujaya said.
The defence case opens today.

The State alleged that on February 19, the complainant, Kevin Guzah, was driving a Toyota Vitz vehicle along Lincoln Road, Belgravia, in the company of the second complainant, Kudzai Nduku.
The court heard that as Guzah and Nduku approached number 17 Lincoln Road, they heard a gunshot and immediately made a U-turn and drove towards a nearby service station.

It was alleged that Gpen, Yize and Zuze got into their Toyota Land Cruiser vehicle and began chasing after Guzah.

Guzah allegedly lost control of his vehicle and rammed into a fuel pump before one of the suspects shot Nduku, who was on the passenger’s seat and assaulted her with a gun butt on the head.
Guzah allegedly jumped out of the vehicle and fell into a trench, as he tried to flee the scene.

The accused allegedly rushed to the trench, where they shot Guzah in the pelvis and right leg, before bundling him into the boot of their vehicle and took him to the police station, as Nduku remained behind writhing in agony.

According to the State the trio was found in possession of the firearm used to commit the offence.
The ruling on discharge will be delivered today.

Nduku was allegedly got shot on the pelvis, sustaining permanent injuries and would appear before the court wheel chair-bound.

In response to an application for discharge at the close of State case filed by the trio yesterday, prosecutor Michael Reza said their conduct showed that “they were bound on committing the crime alleged”.

“The accused persons were on official duty and responded to a distress call from one of their clients in Lincoln Road, Belgravia who was being robbed and kidnapped.

“…since the complainants had nothing to do with what was happening they changed direction and drove away fearing for their lives.

“However, the three accused persons and their colleagues abandoned the residence where return fire was coming from, and, now on a frolic of their own, pursued Guzah’s car.”
According to Reza at that stage Gpen and his accomplices had chosen to pursue criminal activity.

“They shot Nduku at close range and caused her permanent injuries. Guzah even raised his hands as a sign of surrendering and the parties conversed since Guzah is fluent in Mandarin but started running after realizing that the Chinese wanted to shoot him.

 “…after shooting Guzah they bundled him into their boot and drove to Lincold Road, Belgravia to give an impression that he was one of the robbers who had been involved in a shootout.” Daily News


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