Tuesday, 3 July 2018


THE Bulawayo City Council, which is grappling with a housing backlog of more than 100 000, has been overwhelmed by home-seekers after advertising for just over 700 housing stands in two suburbs.

The town clerk, Mr Christopher Dube, said 502 stands in Emhlangeni medium density suburb and 233 high density stands in Pumula South were on offer, as the local authority moves to address accommodation woes in the city. 

Hundreds of home seekers, some whom have been on the housing waiting list for several years, have been flocking to the city council housing offices to acquire stands.

Mr Dube said interested applicants must register between June 27 and July 6.

Council’s public relations officer Miss Bongiwe Ngwenya yesterday said the local authority had received an overwhelming response from home seekers, adding that she will be able to give a comprehensive report after July 6.

“We’ve received an overwhelming response from home seekers in Bulawayo. We’ll be able to give a full report of how many people have responded to the advert after July 6 and also inform the public of other land development projects that are underway,” said Miss  Ngwenya.

The smallest stand in Pumula at 200 square metres will cost $4 500 excluding VAT of $675 while the biggest stand in the high density suburb at 600 square metres will cost $9 000 excluding $1 350 VAT.

The smallest stand in the medium density suburb will be 640 square metres valued at $9 600 excluding $1 440 VAT and the biggest stand at 1 500 square metres will go for $20 300 excluding $3 045 VAT. 

BCC has over the years been failing to develop and service stands due to financial constraints.

As a result, the housing waiting list has remained high at over 100 000.

Challenges in getting stands have seen thousands of aspiring home owners across the country being duped of their hard earned cash by dubious housing schemes. Chronicle


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