Monday, 25 June 2018


BETHEL Christian Party (BCP) presidential candidate Dr Willard Mugadza yesterday said he is convinced that he will win the forthcoming elections as his election bid is a calling from God.

The BCP leader is one of the 23 presidential candidates contesting in the forthcoming harmonised polls. Dr Mugadza (43), a lawyer by profession, said he will be conducting “prayer rallies” to drum up support.

He said while he belongs to a political party, he is the only candidate from BCP running in the coming polls. Dr Mugadza said he will work with elected Members of Parliament and Senators from other political parties to form a lean cabinet comprising of 12 ministers.

He said he is fulfilling a 13-year divine calling in running for the country’s top post.
“Why I’m pursuing this presidency, I’ve uploaded a video on You Tube that confirms my presidential calling. It started in 2005, and has been confirmed over the years. In 2011 at a conference it was also confirmed. And thank God it was recorded, and this is what has given us the drive to know very well that we are going to win this election,” Dr Mugadza said.
He said the country needs a “Christian healing” as citizens are largely divided on political affiliations. Dr Mugadza said for those who are not Christian, they are catered for in his party as it promotes unity, transparency and honesty.

He said he is facing financial constraints to launch massive campaigns, hence will resort to prayer as a model of campaigning.

“Our strategic plan for campaigning is going to be in the form of prayer rallies. We are going to have prayer rallies in almost every province. A prayer rally is basically like your normal rally but we engage in prayer. We pray for the nation and tell the people what we stand for. The environment will be like the one at church,” Dr Mugadza said.

His inauguration, he said, will be held in Bulawayo and he will spend the first six months of his presidency working from Matabeleland region.

Dr Mugadza said although his party supports devolution of power, he was against the devolution model that is in the country’s constitution.

He said his ideal type of devolution gives power to professionals instead of politicians.
“Our model of devolution is that we are going to have provincial councils. But our provincial councils will only have 12 people in each province. We are going to do away with provincial ministers and appoint provincial boards which are going to appoint each and every person who sits in the provincial council,” said Dr Mugadza.

He said his Government will promote entrepreneurship. Chronicle


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