Thursday, 7 June 2018


THE MDC Alliance announced yesterday that it is launching its 2018 policy document at the Jubilee Centre in Milton Park, Harare today.

“The MDC Alliance is pleased to announce the launch of its 2018 policy document at the Jubilee Centre, Milton Park in Harare tomorrow 07 June 2018,” it said in a statement.

“The policy programme launch, under the theme ‘Behold the New Change that Delivers’ is consistent with our long held vision to bring about real change that delivers.
“The event, which will demonstrate our values as a collective movement, will highlight our readiness to tackle the national issues and challenges Zimbabweans are currently grappling with.”

It added: “This occasion presents us an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment in creating a democratic developmental State that creates opportunities for Zimbabweans to contribute to the sustainable development of their country.

“We can, as this policy programme shows, do much more as a government to improve the lives of citizens and make Zimbabwe the pride of Africa and the envy of the world once again.”

The MDC Alliance said its handbook was a product of extensive consultations across the country.

“It is also the work of many who have contributed their time and expertise to the effort,” it said.
“We are deeply grateful to all who were involved and we trust this work will help create the] foundations and superstructures we require for a New Zimbabwe.”
The launch of the handbook comes as the country prepares for harmonised elections on July 30


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