Tuesday, 26 June 2018


A POLICE officer from Bulawayo whose marriage ended after she was allegedly caught cheating has dragged her ex-husband to the Maintenance Court for the upkeep of their two minor children.

Memory Mahohoma was demanding $290 from her ex-husband, Elliot Mukaro, who is the head of security at a Bulawayo night club. Mahohoma said Mukaro earned about $400 a month.

“We have two children together and he is not supporting them. I am requesting for $290 for the upkeep of our two children. I know he can afford the money since he earns $400 a month as the head security of Club 263,” she said.

Mukaro said Mahohoma was just bitter that he left her after discovering she was unfaithful.
“She came to claim maintenance because she is bitter I left her. I discovered that she was having extra-marital affairs. I was disappointed and I decided to move out of the house. I came across numerous WhatsApp love messages on her phone. I don’t earn $400 as she is saying. I am offering $60 for the upkeep of my children,” he said.

Bulawayo magistrate Miss Rachel Mukanga ordered Mukaro to pay $130 a month for the upkeep of his two children. Chronicle


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