Sunday, 19 November 2017


Most Zanu PF supporters will have to throw away their party regalia as it is endowed with the images of President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace.

While at every Zanu PF rally top officials and general members put on their designer regalia as a sign of support to Mugabe and Grace, the sudden turn of events have seen thousands discard these.

At the Manicaland Zanu PF’s extra-ordinary provincial coordination committee rally recently — where the party served its notice of divorce to the First Family and their G40 cabal — Chikwinya felt out of place as she arrived at the meeting wearing an outfit emblazoned with Mugabe’s faces.

“It looks like no one is wearing any uniform today,” the Daily News crew heard her puzzle loudly as she went to take up her position at the high table.

Her allegiance was already being questioned by many and she remained tense throughout the meeting.

Central committee member Guy Mutasa could be heard wondering aloud as he admired fellow central committee member and Buhera central MP Oliver Mandipaka’s scuff.

“I had to ask myself many times on whether to wear my uniform because everything I have is blemished with these images.”

In spite of not putting on their usual party garb, the members, however, seemed happy with the new dispensation.

“We are finding each other,” Mutasa a provincial executive member said as he moved around hugging and greeting some long estranged members of the party.
“The invitation to come back into the party has been extended to everyone who was expelled on trumped-up charges since 2014.

“These expulsions were now like a disease that had settled in the party,” Mutasa said. Eccentric war veterans’ leader and Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba questioned the party’s democratic tenants as it was just imposing candidates.

“We have been in pain for so long. Since 2013 we did not have an elected chairperson. We were being haunted by impositions. 

“When we voted (national political commissar Saviour) Kasukuwere out he was still retained against the people’s will.

“Even the chairperson (Samuel Undenge) was imposed,” Chinotimba called for a meeting to vote for a chairperson right away.

“The whole country no longer has an elected chairperson with the exception of Matabeleland North and Masvingo,” Chinotimba said.

This is a pitfall they hope a reformed and rejuvenated Zanu PF would avoid once they successfully purge Mugabe and his acolytes.

 While Zanu PF members can discard their regalia with Mugabe and Grace’s images, it will cost a little bit more for those who had put the two’s images on their cars. Daily News


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