Sunday, 19 November 2017


While most Zimbabweans agree that a transitional government is the best way to go from here, analysts have warned opposition political parties that this fight is not theirs but that of Zanu PF.

Opposition leaders Morgan Tsvangirai and Joice Mujuru have endorsed the “military stepping in” and seem eager to be included in a transitional authority to superintend over the country in preparation for fresh and democratic elections.

Briefing journalists at his home Tsvangirai said he is ready to participate in a transitional government if approached.

“I have stated that the solution to the national crisis needs all stakeholders which means that if we are approached to negotiate such a process (transitional government) we will participate in that process.

“For now I think it’s still speculation in the social media, I have also read those kinds of comments but at the moment nothing has been initiated yet.

“I hope a time will come when all stakeholders would be involved so as to make sure that we take this country forward, hence resolve the economic and social problems.”
On the other hand Mujuru said it is high time for Zimbabweans to unite.

“It is time to reflect as we seek to rebuild and reconstruct our beautiful country of Zimbabwe. What divides us as a nation is smaller than what binds us,” Mujuru said.

Zimbabwe was due to hold elections next year but experts and even the opposition want them deferred, at least to a date when there are requisite electoral reforms.
Tsvangirai, however, revealed that there is trust deficit between his party and Zanu PF.

“There is trust deficit and one of the critical elements in our relation with Zanu PF is that they have to earn our trust and it takes time to earn that trust.

“We know the shortcomings that occurred during the GNU (Government of National Union) and I am sure that they are aware of the methods they used during the GNU, however that is past and we need to take in cognisance the fact that we have a national crisis and as 
leaders we need to confront that crisis.”

In the last GNU Tsvangirai as prime minister had no real power, hence overshadowed by President Robert Mugabe who had outwitted him in negotiations. Tsvangirai was to suffer an embarrassing defeat at the 2013 polls which followed the liquidation of the GNU.

Political analyst Maxwell Saungweme said the mooted transitional government must only be there for a short period.

“A transitional government is the way to go under such current circumstances, but must be there for shortest period of time to facilitate electoral reforms and new free and fair election. Some elements in opposition are too lazy and want easy victories.

“They are already making political permutations on which position they should hold. They are already seeing another GNU and another opportunity to eat. This is sad.”

A political analyst said the unfortunate thing is that the current crisis is being narrowly construed into suggesting that the removal of Mugabe will then lead to a new Zimbabwe.

“The opposition by joining a coup inspired government means they will be largely compromised to call for fair registration process, rule of law and other democratic principles.” Daily News


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