Tuesday, 24 October 2017


Ndileka Mandela set social media abuzz when she took to Facebook to reveal her five-year secret. She said she was raped by her former boyfriend in her bedroom.

 Ndileka said on Tuesday that she was following in her grandfather’s footsteps by speaking about a personal ordeal.

“He was willing to announce to the world the loss of his son‚ my uncle Makgatho‚ to HIV/Aids‚” she said.

 “Granddad did this to unite the world to take urgent action to address this illness‚ which knows no boundaries of race‚ status‚ age or gender. This was at a time when there was a great stigma with regard to HIV/Aids. Similarly‚ I am raising my personal experience with sexual abuse‚ to remove the stigma‚ to be a voice for those who are unable to raise their voices and as a call for concerted action by all to address and eradicate this plague from society.”

Read Ndileka’s story:


 “August 9th 2012 is a day that will remain etched in my mind.

 That is the day my — - partner (ex‚ now) raped me.

 Yes RAPED. A lot of men still think that rape between partners is a strange phenomenon.

 The day started well until I had lunch with my partner about his finances or lack thereof.

 In retrospect‚ I think the assault was a lesson for me to never question him again.

 The conversation ended quite well or so I thought.

 Later that evening when the security at the gate were buzzing my unit to find out if they should let him in‚ I said yes even when my gut told me not to (something I never do anymore‚ ignoring my gut).

 He came up to my bedroom and I told him I was tired and wanted to sleep. He went down stairs ... to watch a game with my son. He came up to bed later and started kissing me‚ I told him to stop as I was premenstrual and my breasts were tender and I just wanted to sleep.

He did not listen‚ continued to kiss me while taking my underwear off. He kept both my arms pinned above my head as he penetrated me.

I said no so many times. He kept thrusting over and over again and I started crying.

 He still would not stop until I promised him I would never refuse him sex ever again. Being the stubborn person I can be when I’m right I kept refusing through my tears.

 He only stopped when I began sobbing uncontrollably. I could not scream as I did not want my son to find me in that compromising position.

Yes I never reported for the same reason most women do not report what has been described acquaintance rape. I will not be silent. Rape knows no social class‚ colour or creed.”


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