Thursday, 19 October 2017


Chiefs have been warned against accepting bribes from people seeking their services during the ongoing Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) exercise. 

Deputy president of the Chief’s Council Senator Chief Ngungumbane said chiefs who were also commissioners of oaths, should not demand bribes when assisting villagers with affidavits.

Speaking during Traditional Leaders’ Day commemorations at 5th Brigade Headquarters in Battlefields recently, Sen Chief Ngungumbane said chiefs should execute their role of being commissioners of oath free of charge. He said people should be assisted so that they register to vote.

“I urge all chiefs here present that you are all commissioners of oath, but don’t abuse that office by demanding a fee or bribes from villagers, you should do that for free,” he said. Sen Chief Ngungumbane said chiefs and magistrates played a similar role in delivering justice and peace. He said chiefs were fully behind the ongoing BVR exercise.

“BVR has not yet started in some of our areas but we assure the Government that we are fully rally behind the process,” he said. Zanu-PF Midlands provincial chairman Engineer Daniel McKenzie Ncube last week warned traditional leaders against demanding bribes from people and frustrating villagers seeking proof of residence for the ongoing BVR exercise. We know that there are some village heads who take advantage of this situation to get back at those with whom they have personal vendettas,” he said.

“Some will also take advantage of this BVR exercise to demand bribes from people so that they can write them letters that serve as proof of residence. This is illegal and you should write these letters for free because traditional leaders work in harmony with Government.” Herald


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