Wednesday, 11 October 2017


Trevor Dongo was stranded in South Africa and had to beg for money to catch a bus home after a promoter failed to pay him.

Dongo performed at the Urban Legends Festival organised by Batsi Masvinge who manages Nox Guni. But the artist was stuck in Jozi with no money.
Dongo begged Masvinge for his money in WhatsApp chats seen by H Metro.

“Ndeipi wangu, chingondiudza chokwadi kana zvakatovharana ndigare ndaziva coz ma1 andiri haasi kukuaffector in any way, right now I am all here stranded let me look for a plan ndidzokere kuden pane kuramba ndakatarisira pasina chiri kubuda, I’m not enjoying kugara kuno but reason why I’m still here is because ndanga ndakatomirirawo iwewe, rega nditsvage plan ndigare ndaenda coz to you I am nothing but a nag.”

Masvinge responded :“Hi bro eish ma one. The shoot I was at they paying tomorrow 8am so that’s when I can send (the money) to you. They only told me when I finished. My hands are really tied up bro. Tomorrow I can even do Western Union.”

Masvinge said he paid all his artists :”I did have the balance for the Port Elizabeth show which was cancelled and I have sorted him. You see the story started with people saying artists are stuck, then in the end Trevor was not paid. Why wouldn’t I pay Trevor of all the 7 artists who performed. It’s crazy bro.

“Just for your info. We are even planning our next show with Trevor. I am taking him to Perth, Australia on 2 December and Brisbane after. Doing visas this week. This is an artist I have been working with and I am doing all I can to help and uplift.”


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