Friday, 1 September 2017


FIRST Lady Dr Grace Mugabe yesterday slammed indisciplined elements within the ruling Zanu-PF party in Masvingo and Midlands provinces for disrespecting the First Family and fanning factionalism.

Speaking during the Midlands Presidential Youth Interface Rally in Gweru, Dr Mugabe said those behind factionalism and disrespecting President Mugabe would face the wrath of God.

“What we do to please the President when he is around is exactly what we should do when he is not here. We want unity of purpose. Here in Midlands, you said there is unity and no factionalism. I hope you are telling the truth. If you are saying there is no factionalism then it’s something else. But what we hear, especially here in Midlands and Masvingo, is that you have a habit of insulting the President including his wife and the children.

“I don’t think you can actually convince me that you have a unity of purpose unless if you are telling me that from today, at this hour, you have changed and realised that factionalism is not good. In fact, factionalism does not work,” she said.

Dr Mugabe said those who speak ill of the First Family would not succeed in their endeavours. “Isaiah 54 verse 17 says no weapons formed against you shall prosper. Another variation says no weapon formed against you will prevail and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. When something evil happens to you, don’t go about saying President Mugabe is a witch or has goblins. President Mugabe and his wife fear God,” she said.

Dr Mugabe urged party members to put differences aside and work together in ensuring that the party wins the 2018 harmonised elections. “Working together is what really works. Let us desist from insulting each other. President Mugabe has honoured Midlands by appointing Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa who comes from this province to be the country’s Vice President. Do you really want the President to feel bad for making that decision to choose Cde Mnangagwa to work with him?” she asked.

“We are saying all those involved in factionalism, you stop it!” She implored Zimbabweans to continue praying for the country’s leadership. “We must pray for our leadership. I pray every day, saying God you gave us Zimbabwe and President Mugabe, and I pray that he gets wisdom and strength to lead this country including the people that he works with so that they get wisdom to work for Zimbabwe,” she said.

“Let’s fear God because leaders come from God and if he feels that President Mugabe must not go, he will continue to be there. We have a very unique position in Zimbabwe in that we have a President who is almost 94 years old because that is what God wants. It is beyond human capability.”
Quoting Biblical scriptures, Dr Mugabe likened President Mugabe to a prophet of God with a vision to lead the people. “In Jeremiah 1 verse 5, we read: ‘Before I called you in your mother’s womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart. I appointed you as a prophet to the nation’. So in this case, God knew President Mugabe before he was born and he chose him because he had work that he wanted him to perform, to lead the nation,” she said.
Dr Mugabe said Zimbabweans were one people regardless of their tribes and geographical locations. “We are all Zimbabweans regardless of the province we come from. We are one people and related to each other. We want unity in the manner we work and the President, while officiating at the community information centre earlier on in town, said you told him that you are loyal to him and that you also love him. I hope it will continue to be like that,” she said.

The First Lady hailed President Mugabe for spearheading the land reform programme, which saw formerly marginalised indigenous people acquiring productive land.

“President Mugabe is a prophet to nations, especially when it comes to the issue of sovereignty and land ownership by indigenous people. Some countries are now taking a leaf from him because they are admiring what Prophet Gabriel (President Mugabe) is doing. In South Africa and Namibia, they still have land issues and they are now following on President Mugabe’s footsteps to address the issue of land imbalances,” she said.

Dr Mugabe also warned youths against uttering baseless words which are likely to destroy the party. She said God had plans for President Mugabe to be the leader of the country. “He gave him wisdom and God knew he would give a task to lead the country. He is a unifier and tolerant. Everyone has his or her talent and we cannot all be like President Mugabe,” said Dr Mugabe.

She castigated impatient leaders within the party who have positioned themselves to succeed the President, saying they should wait for the right time. “God still wants President Mugabe to lead us and when the time comes, and the President feels that he wants to retire, he will say so. We don’t want people who harbour Presidential ambitions by fanning divisions through factionalism. Youths stop it forthwith!” said Dr Mugabe.

“Youth interface rallies are all about teaching and advising youths on our culture and traditions since you are the leaders of tomorrow. If you insult your leaders, you are also inculcating a bad culture to your children, and don’t be shocked when they also insult you. What goes around comes around,” she said. Herald


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