Wednesday, 2 August 2017


A Form Three pupil tried to kill herself by drinking poison after she was impregnated by a trainee priest in Masvingo.

The girl was admitted at Musiso Hospital where she battled for life before being discharged. The pupil had reportedly gone through a traumatic experience after it was discovered that 
she had been impregnated by a trainee priest at the Catholic-run institution.

It is said that the affair came to light when the pupil's father discovered that his daughter had a smartphone which the priest had bought for her, and he was able to go through the messages.

Sources said the priest would often be seen canoodling with the girl at the grinding mill close to the priests' quarters at odd hours of the day.

 "The trainee priest bought her a phone and sim card which he registered in his name but the girl revealed everything when she was beaten by her father," said.

After some resolutions to send the girl away and bury the matter, the girl is said to have drank poison as she could not stand the humiliation.

Another source said the trainee father will soon be expelled from the institution. tellzim


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