Thursday, 27 July 2017


A Zimbabwean woman says her baby has been left with a disfigured head after nurses at a clinic in South Africa failed to deliver her on time.

Nyarai Mandiraya (29) of Motherwell told Daily Sun her sister rushed her to Motherwell Community Health Centre in Port Elizabeth on 5 June when she started experiencing abdominal pains.

“A nurse examining me told me twice to wait for the appropriate time but I kept telling her I had extreme pain and the baby was ready to come out.

“Maybe after realising that I was in deep pain, the nurse then came and ordered me to sit as if I was on a chamber pot. When my baby eventually came out it fell head first onto the bed.

“I noticed that something was wrong when my baby did not cry like other babies do at birth. I was powerless, with blood flowing from me.”

She said they were both transferred to Dora Nginza Hospital the same day. “Doctors rushed me to theatre. My baby was placed in intensive care. They told me that my child’s head had been disfigured and it suffered brain damage as a result of the time I had taken to deliver.”

Her husband, Prince Kache (30) said he wanted a full explanation. Provincial health spokesman Sizwe Kupelo advised the mum to immediately lodge a complaint by phoning 08000 32364.

“She will be assisted and referred to a team of specialists who deal with such allegations,” he said. daily sun


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