Wednesday, 26 July 2017


I went to Harare Central Police Station today after I was summoned to report to the CID section.

I met with officers who are a part of the team which is purpotedly presiding over Itai Dzamara's abduction and disapperance 'investigations'. The team comprises of representatives from the CID, CIO, Office of the President, military, prisons, our lawyers and myself.
I was informed that the reason they summoned me for a meeting was for them to find out if i have any new information about Itai. I laughed out loud and asked them to buy sadza for us to eat together other than pretending and killing time.

I told them that I found it ludicrous and curious for the purpoted 'investigators' to think that I can do their job better than them or that I should be doing their job. I was actually looking forward to getting an update from them not for me to give them an update.

After all was said and done, I insisted on them getting me sadza so as to at least make the visit worthwhile.
I have never minced my words from the onset that the so called investigations are a mere facade. All security departments know what transpired to Itai and I wish to reiterate for the umpteenth time that the military intelligence is responsible for Itai's abduction.

Itai's birthday is on the 7th of August and on that day I shall give a comprehensive report regarding what is and what is not based on what we have gathered thus far.
For some strange reasons, word doing the rounds in certain circles is that I was summoned to the police over an indecent assult charge for fondling a 15 year old girl. That is not only a malicious lie, it's mischievous.
My heart goes out to everyone who has stood with us through the twists and turns of Itai's saga. Thank you.
The truth shall come out. A new and better Zimbabwe is possible in our lifetime.


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