Monday, 31 July 2017


CLOSE to 100 residents in Marondera’s Lendy View Park risk losing their stands after council claimed the land was illegally sold to them by a suspended councillor.
Lendy View Park is a low-density suburb and the stands were allegedly sold by Cllr Kennedy Muraicho.

In a statement recently, Marondera Town Clerk Mr Josiah Musuwo urged those who purchased the stands from Swandev (Private) Limited to get refunds.
Swandev (Private) Limited is owned by Clr Muraicho.

“It has come to the attention of the Municipality of Marondera that Swandev (Private) Limited and its partners, namely Mashonaland East Mahanadi Social Club, have partitioned and sold portions of municipal land being Marandellas Township lands behind Lendy View low-density residential area without being allocated the area by the Municipality of Marondera,” said the Mr Musuwo.

“This notice serves to inform members of the public and those who bought stands from the above companies that the developments are illegal and council is taking legal action against the perpetrators of this illegal exercise.”

On June 26, council issued letters to the settlers ordering them to stop any developments.
“Take note that in terms of Section 34 of the Regional Town and Country Planning Act (Chapter 29:12), you are hereby ordered with effect from 26th June 2017, which shall be the date from which this order takes effect, to discontinue the construction of the said temporary structure on the said portion of municipal land being Marandellas Township lands behind and abutting to Lendy View low-density residential area,” said the council.

“This order shall continue in force until withdrawn by the said local planning authority or until the enforcement order annexed hereto is withdrawn, set aside or becomes operative.”

The Herald Eastern Edition established that Cllr Muraicho was given 8,5 hectares in Lendy View Park by council as part payment of $1,6 million owed to him after Government took over the company’s land for the Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle housing programme.

The land dispute came about after Cllr Muraicho reportedly sold over 150 stands exceeding the 8,5 hectares given to him by council. Clr Muraicho was not available for a comment yesterday. Herald


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