Thursday, 18 October 2018


Zimdancehall star Soul Jah Love is in panic mode. This comes as he released the single Chisingaperi Chinonaka yesterday without giving his latest studio album Naka Dhula Dhaka time to sizzle the market.

The latest album, which was launched a fortnight ago in Harare, is still to make an impact on the market.

As a result, he released the single Chisingaperi Chinonaka hoping the track will do the trick.

Prior to Naka Dhula Dhaka’s launch, Soul Jah Love released single ED Pfee — meant to glorify President Emmerson Mnangagwa — but still the project failed to hold its own in music circles.

At his peak, the Pamamonya Ipapo hitmaker produced songs bent on glorifying former president Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace, much to the annoyance of his fans.
Just like oil and water, music and politics seem to be unlike poles that do not meet.

True to the assertion, several Zimbabwean musicians — not only Soul Jah Love —  always hit the bottom low every time they delve into politics.

During Mugabe’s era, the Ndini Uya Uya hitmaker was a regular feature at Zanu PF functions, including birthday parties of high-profile politicians and political rallies among others.
Since Mugabe’s departure in November last year, the controversial chanter has rarely performed at Zanu PF functions.

Lately, he has been struggling to make a hit. Meanwhile, Soul Jah Love recently told this publication that unlike other musicians, he does not write lyrics but he just goes into recording studio and he starts to chant.

“It’s an in-born talent, you cannot rehearse talent but it simply flows out,” he said then.
Though there is a general belief that Jah Love’s music is influenced by drugs, he said his upbringing plays a crucial part on his lyrics.

 Soul Jah Love’s creativity in the music industry earned him several accolades, including Best Collaboration and Best Upcoming at Zimdancehall Awards among others.  Daily News


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