Wednesday, 25 July 2018


MOURNERS were forced to conduct a burial service in a field after the deceased’s former wife forced them out of her house. 

The incident took place at Mangwena village under chief Svosve in Wedza where the deceased Dominic Makoreke’s body spent the night outside as his ex-wife only identified as Betty refused to accommodate mourners in her only hut demanding a fine.

One of the mourners told H-Metro that mourners were forced to make a temporary shelter to cover the coffin since it was raining. “We have learnt a lesson that we must build homes because what we have experienced here is unbearable,” said the mourner.

“We were forced to find ways to protect the coffin since it was raining and all mourners were humiliated as we looked helpless outside the hut,” added the mourner.
Village head Jomaya Albert Mangwena confirmed the incident saying it is against their traditional custom.

“Hatisati tambozviona kuti mufi anochemerwa panze apa mvura yanga ichinaya mudzimai wake mukuru waakaramba arambidza mutumbi kupinda mumba make,” said Mangwena.

“She was divorced sometime back and the deceased married another wife and they failed to build another house since they were using the hut left by the divorced wife.

“Family members failed to raise money wanted by Betty as fine forcing mourners to set a temporary shelter outside to put the coffin and this is against our traditional custom.

“Burial is going ahead today (yesterday) and there was nothing we could do since our culture does not allow neighbours to accommodate the deceased in their houses,” said Mangwena.

Dominic died on Sunday and was buried yesterday in Mangwena village.


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