As Zanu PF factions destroy each other, the military will have a huge say as to who would take over from President Mugabe.


As Zanu PF factions destroy each other, the military will have a huge say as to who would take over from President Mugabe.


He is a controversial prophet who continues to draw large crowds with his promise of miracles. But as his popularity soars he faces all sorts of allegations. So far he has survived.


Two secretary generals tried to topple him but failed. His wife walked out but returned home. Now MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is plotting his way to State House.


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Friday, 12 February 2016


Determined efforts by Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s allies at Wednesday’s marathon Zanu PF politburo meeting in Harare to bring down the Generation 40 (G40) group, that is rabidly opposed to the Midlands godfather succeeding President Robert Mugabe, came to nought.

The Daily News learnt yesterday that contrary to State media reports that the G40 had received a heavy shellacking, it was in fact Team Lacoste that left with their tails between their legs after the explosive meeting.

In addition, there were suggestions yesterday that a new wave of purgings of some of the embattled VP’s party allies is in the offing, with the political careers of War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa and his wife Monica, among many other Mnangagwa camp storm troopers, hanging in the balance.

Team Lacoste had approached Wednesday’s politburo meeting determined to see to it that G40 members were “crushed once and for all” and that Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo in particular “would be expelled and not live to tweet another day”, as an insider linked to the Mnangagwa camp had put it.

This resolve on the part of Team Lacoste, which is in firm control of State media at the moment, had been nakedly evident over the past fortnight in the government’s unashamedly pro-Zanu PF newspapers — with Moyo a daily target of the camp’s vitriol for the sins of his alleged “frenzied tweeting”.

However, well-placed sources told the Daily News yesterday that G40-linked politburo members, in particular Moyo and the party’s national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, had allegedly “outclassed the successionists (Mnangagwa’s faction) hands down” in the meeting.

Moyo, who apparently went into the meeting “with a thick file of damning evidence against the machinations of Team Lacoste heavies” , is said to have spoken for about two hours, defending himself.

“He was the first to defend himself, putting to the fore how State media had chosen to fight in the corner of a faction in the party, while attacking other party leaders. During the two hours of his defence, he cited examples where the media, particularly The Herald, was being abused by the likes of (under fire Information permanent secretary George) Charamba,” one said.

Influential First Lady Grace Mugabe and Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko, who are said to be sympathetic to the G40, apparently also showed open contempt for the Mnangagwa camp in the heated meeting, including — apparently — when Mnangagwa himself spoke querying the motives of the women’s league who had organised a demonstration to coincide with the meeting.

“Mnangagwa even went to the extent of asking if the intentions of the women’s league had been to embarrass him when he was confronted by the league’s finance secretary Sarah Mahoka earlier, who asked him to come clean on his presidential ambitions.

“This did not impress many people, although (Foreign Affairs minister Simbarashe) Mumbengegwi, tried to jump to Mnangagwa’s defence, claiming that the youths who were campaigning for him were doing so without the VP’s blessing,” another source said.

On his part, Mutsvangwa apparently spoke for about one-and-half hours, accusing the G40 of disrespecting war veterans and the party’s leaders.

“Kasukuwere, who was accused by (party secretary for legal affairs, Patrick) Chinamasa of sanctioning the summary suspensions of party officials without giving them the chance to defend themselves, also came out guns blazing.

“Chinamasa cited the Mashonaland Central case of former youth leader Godfrey Tsenengamu (an avowed Mnangagwa ally) as his prime example of this, but Kasukuwere would have none of it,” the second source added.

It was after this that the party’s national disciplinary committee, which is heavily stacked with G40 members and sympathisers, was directed to deal with the issue of suspended members better by bringing accused persons before properly-constituted hearings, as opposed to the current practice of summary expulsions and suspensions.

Reacting to factional and misleading State media reports yesterday to the effect that the politburo had only taken a dim view to the abuse of social media by members, Moyo said pointedly that this was untrue.

In postings on his Twitter account, he revealed that the politburo meeting had not focused on social media only, but the abuse of mainstream media as well, especially The Herald.

“Rega vaite. Very happy with how PB (politburo) meeting went. Going foward, actions will speak louder than words. Handei tione! (bring it on!) It was agreed after brutal debate that internal fights should not be taken to the press, including twitter & Herald!

“Yes & public fora includes @HeraldZimbabwe. Use of that paper to abuse party members had just gone way too far! Who cares about selective or self-righteous outrage. We are not children. We know what was said & why. Handei tione!

“@HeraldZimbabwe’s self-serving headline is not even supported by their own story. The Herald was discussed big time!” the technology-savvy Moyo tweeted.

One of his followers, a Mathew Dera, asked if the Tsholotsho North legislator would continue using social media, saying, “But certainly no more ‘crocodiles’ or burgers from dead crocos this time around, only Stem maybe otherwise you go herd cattle”.

In response Moyo said, “If people who are not PB members get funny in the Press, we shall deal with them here. Make no mistake about it!” he said in a retort that was believed to have been directed at Charamba.

Another one of his followers, a Tatenda Mashanda said, “Anyone who tries to prohibit use of social media is living in 12th Century mentality,” to which Moyo responded, “Nobody will ever do that. So don’t worry. Be happy!”.


The MDC has savaged President Robert Mugabe for insulting opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Wednesday, instead of focusing on finding solutions for the country’s dying economy and Zanu PF’s seemingly-unstoppable factional and succession wars. 

Addressing Zanu PF supporters in Harare, ahead of the ruling party’s politburo meeting, Mugabe climbed all over Tsvangirai and claimed that the MDC no longer existed as a political party, as he sought to douse his party’s brutal infighting.

“We are giving ammunition to the likes of Tsvangirai who now says government has been paralysed by the factional fights. He now thinks we are more divided than his party, forgetting that his party is no more,” the nonagenarian said.

However, the MDC came out guns blazing yesterday, saying Mugabe should rather put his “waning energies” on Zimbabwe’s current economic woes and his party’s ructions, rather than talk ill of Tsvangirai.

“President Robert Mugabe should just leave Morgan Tsvangirai alone. Instead of attending to the pressing matters in his crumbling and faction-infested Zanu PF, Mugabe is trying to divert attention by making reference to Tsvangirai and the MDC.

“Zanu PF is on fire and the centre can no longer hold. The economy has collapsed and at least three million people are in urgent need of food aid. These are the issues that president Mugabe should be focusing on instead of expending his little energy chasing shadows.

“We would like to bring it to president Mugabe’s attention that Morgan Tsvangirai remains the most popular political leader in Zimbabwe. The MDC-T is the real deal, the only game in town,” MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu told the Daily News.

He also said the ruling party had “totally lost the plot”, adding that as a result, it was now focusing its energy on unimportant issues.

“They are now chasing shadows instead of focusing on real issues such as revamping the collapsed economy, as well as harnessing financial resources to avert the impending food shortages that will affect no less than three million Zimbabweans.

“Anyway, what can you expect from such a divided and factional-ridden political party like Zanu PF? This is the end game. The chickens are coming home to roost,” Gutu said.

Since Zanu PF controversially retained power in the hotly-disputed 2013 national elections, the country has been on a downward spiral, with the economy bleeding hundreds of thousands of badly-needed jobs, and social service delivery hitting an all-time low.

“Zanu PF should also address various macro-economic parameters such as Zimbabwe’s public debt which is well in excess of $10 billion. Our system of doing business is also archaic and unnecessarily bureaucratic and costly.

“Thus, the government should address issues to do with the regulatory framework, the efficacy of the bureaucracy and the nature of business governance.

“For instance, the Nigerian billionaire, Aliko Dangote, is reported to have announced plans to open up some of his businesses in Zimbabwe, but several months down the line, nothing has materialised as yet. There are simply too many bottlenecks in the system, and to make it worse, corruption is endemic.

“Almost every Cabinet minister and senior government official is demanding a hefty kickback from prospective investors, both domestic and foreign, as the entire system is rotten to the core,” the former Chisipite senator added.


Grace Mugabe rally : Live updates by Newsday 

13:52: We agreed at the congress that Mugabe will contest in the 2018 election, dont let confusion cloud you. Mugabe is the only person who is able to keep peace intact in the country. I hate people who tells lies about me muera Soko, Kurevera nhema ini ndakakuappointer, ndinokukicker.
13:50: Grace castigates successionists. “If Mugabe fails to walk I will ferry in to work in a wheelbarrow!, Tichienda kubasa kunoshandira Zimbabwe because vanoda kutungamira zimbabwe havana kukwana.”
13:48:The government wants minerals to be processed in the country rather than exporting them unprocessed,so as to create employment at local refineries. Foreign companies mining in zim should also build refineries and emmploy locals rather than processing them outside the country. 
13:45: Grace blames industrialised countries for global warming and encourages people particularly tobacco farmers to desist from deforestation.
13:42: The Chinese deals signed by Mugabe include the construction and rehabilitation of roads and the construction of a new Parliament building under the ZimAsset cluster of Social Services.
13:42: The Chinese deals signed by Mugabe include the construction and rehabilitation of roads and the construction of a new Parliament building under the ZimAsset cluster of Social Services.
13:37: Grace explains the ZimAsset clusters
ZimAsset seeks to restore Zimbabwe’s breadbasket status. “I had to make donations because the people are starving. My job as a mother is to come and even admit failure if we fail to provide.”
13:31: She launches on vitrolous attack on those who criticize her marriage to Mugabe. “Im abused..hanzi kamukadzi aka hakazi munhu , ko imi mune vakadzi 1000 munotaurwa here. Mugabe munhu, munhu akadzikama. If you see a men bedding multiple women, you dont have respect for women”.
“For one to be called a hero you have have a good moral upstanding.
She professes knowledge of the nickname people have given her “People me nicknamed Mazowe crush, you think I’m s stupid ,I do not know what Mazowe crush means?”
Grace attacks team Lacoste. “Dont abuse mutupo waPresident”
13: 25: People who say Mugabe must go because he is old .. are they young themselves, remove the log in the eye before you remove the speck in someone’s eye.
She attacks war vets who refuse to recognise her authority, “kune vamwe vanoramba kutsiurwa neni… pane vamwe vanoti vakaenda kuhondo ukamuti zvipfure nepfuti anoramba asi achizviti akabata pfuti muhondo.”

13:05: Grace chides the crowd for making noise during the specch ” Amai vanoda kutererwa, mukasateerera amai vanotswinya.She thanks Martin Dinha, Dickson Mafios, and saviour Kasukuwere in particular for his efforts in organisinng the rallies.Ndinovaviva nekugara… ndakapihwa basa and ndichariita… vasingazvifarira ngavasvotwe kusvikira varutsa. Tinoda kuchinja maiitiro ekushandira nyika nemusangano. Ndiri kufamba kuti vanhu vaona kastaira kaMai Mugabe ( She feels the urge to move around conducting rallies because that is her mandate, Those who do not want her to conduct rallies shall be disappointed because she will continue doing them. She wants to change the way things are done in the party and how people serve the country. ) Kana vanhu vachhirwara ngavaone kuti Mai Mugabe vari kurwara vari pamubedga , iye zvineo ndadzoka ndasimba.
Grace justifies the Mazowe trip. She says charity begins at home ‘ndinoda kuswera nevangu.’
13:08: Grace takes to the podium. She thanks the supporters for attending the rally.
13:06: The crowd is dancing to the song ‘Unconquerable.’
13:05: VP Mphoko ends his speech.
12:55: “Zimbabwe ndeyeropa…vahu vakasiya hame dzavo vakafirwa nevamwe kuhondo.The Zanu Pf constitution says the country was liberated by Zanu Pf and Zapu. We are now hearing od disunity, this is not the country we fought for that is Rhodesia. “There are 14 million people in Zimbabwe, at the very apex of those the people there are President Mugabe, then the deputies, that is I and my counterpart Mnangagwa.”
12:52:VP Mphoko is now addressing the supporters. He goes into a narrativ of the sacrifices made during the liberation struggle
12:50: Supporters are singing praise songs.
12:11: Jonathan Moyo takes to the podium. He chants the slogan “Pasi ne vaya vaya.”
12:10: Kasukuwere introduces Jonathan Moyo and the ministry “Thats why muchimuona vari paTwitter ndokubasa kwavo.”
12:03: National political commisar Saviour Kasukuwere is in attendance.
11:58: New slogans “Pasi nekupanduka half half ” and “pasi ne vese vasingakudei are being chanted.”
11:55: Youth and Indigenisation Minister Patrick Zhuwao explains the purpose of the meet the people rallies
“Leadership wants to understand what is happening at a detailed level…Members engaging in uneccessary accusations..The First Lady is making sure that all take the lead and focus on the mandate.”
Grace Mugabe is expected to donate farm implements to supporters. Most of the supporters in attendance are women bringing into speculation that the Women’s League boss may try to garner support for the women’s quota system which should see a woman being appointed Vice-President.

  • Gifts for Grace Mugabe are being presented.
  • Sarah Mahoka says Robert Mugabe and hid wife are anointed by God.
  • Vice President Phelekhezela Mphoko and several ministers are in attendance.


THE Harare City Council demolished houses at Arlington Estate adjacent to the Harare International Airport after a directive from government which marshalled council’s equipment and some of its workers into destroying the houses, Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni has revealed.

The houses were destroyed despite the government approving the allocation of land to Nyikavanhu Housing Co-operative. This was acknowledged by former Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo in a letter dated November 28, 2012, addressed to the Chief Secretary to the Office of the President and Cabinet, Misheck Sibanda.

Responding to questions sent to him by the Zimbabwe Independent through email this week, Manyenyeni said council was not involved in the sale and allocation of the stands at Arlington Estate.
“To the best of my knowledge, that is not council land, the process leaders (land allocators) are not exactly known to council,” he said. 

“The demolition was announced by the President and then actioned by government who marshalled our equipment and some of our workers and the operation was under the direct and effective control of the Ministry of Local Government not city council.”

Mugabe ordered the destruction of the houses on November 25 last year while officially opening the Airport Road. He described the houses as an eyesore and said they gave a bad image of the country. 

Commenting on service delivery, Manyenyeni said council was still affected financially by government’s directive to scrap off water bills in 2013 and was therefore struggling to offer effective services.

“Very few institutions can survive the loss of two years’ revenue. It has been a test of resilience and the negative impact on service delivery has been difficult to conceal,” he said.

“Residents who were compliant in paying their bills feel badly treated and some have sadly lost their commitment to rate payments, but those who think that the 2013 political gimmick will be repeated must be warned.”

Commenting on the water shortages, he said the trend was likely to continue into next year.
“The refurbishment project at Morton Jaffray, which should be fully completed by early next year, will increase our capacity from our current low of 400ml per day to 650ml a day to meet some of the demand.”


A MAN allegedly killed his wife with an axe after she called time on their relationship. Collen Dube, 35, of Makhaza village under Chief Gampu in Tsholotsho allegedly killed Tumelo Ncube, 25, at her parents’ home while her 13-year-old brother watched helplessly.

Her family told The Chronicle that Dube stole into a hut where Ncube was sleeping with the couple’s two children and her younger brother at around 4AM on Tuesday.

He allegedly struck Tumelo across the face with the axe, leaving her for dead with the axe stuck in her face.
The younger brother later told family members that he saw Dube under the light of a torch. Dube fled from the area on a bicycle after allegedly committing the heinous crime on Tuesday morning.

Villagers followed the bicycle tyre tracks up to Manzamyama River, at the border of Tsholotsho and Plumtree, where they vanished. Joseph Ncube, 50, Tumelo’s father, said the couple had been living together for the past three years and have two children.
“Their relationship has never been smooth as Dube was always accusing Tumelo of cheating on him. They were always quarrelling,” said Ncube. He added: “About two weeks ago, they had a serious dispute and the village head had to intervene. My daughter returned to my home.

“The village head brought the issue to me but I insisted he should counsel them as I was tired of Dube’s stories. The following night, my daughter came back home at midnight.”
He said on Monday, Dube came to his homestead saying he had come to fetch his family.
Ncube said he fined his son in law R500 for disrespecting him and his daughter.
“The young man didn’t seem offended. The following day he came back with R200. He was accompanied by a Neighbourhood Watch Committee member. We resolved that he should bring his relatives to witness that he had promised not to repeat his funny behaviour,” said the elderly man.

“I really wonder what then got into the his mind because there is evidence he parted ways with the Neighbourhood Watch officer after 10PM, went and cooked supper at his home and ate,” he said.

“At around 4AM, Dube came back to my home and sneaked into the bedroom hut where his wife, his two kids and my son, Butho, slept. He held a torch up his face and got busy in the hut. Butho couldn’t see what he was up to but he went in and out of the hut two times. He then washed his hands in a bucket which was placed close to the door before going outside once more.
“I was shocked to be called in the wee hours of Wednesday morning to find my bloodied daughter on the brink of death, with an axe stuck in her face.”

He said Dube struck his wife on the left side of her face, left the axe there and ran away.
“Her brother raised the alarm. I found my daughter motionless and her heartbeat was faint,” he said.
Ncube said the family called relatives who live nearby. Tumelo’s aunt, Violet Ndebele, said just as everyone had concluded she was dead, she moved her hand and touched the axe.
“We removed the axe trying to save her but a few minutes later, she breathed her last,” said Ndebele.

She said villagers found certified affidavits at Dube’s homestead, which identified him as Collen Ncube, not Dube.


MACRO Economic Planning and Investment Promotion Minister, Obert Mpofu, is locked in a land dispute with a woman from Sizinda, just outside Victoria Falls town, and her uncle.
Cordelia Ncube claims that her paternal uncle, Bigboy Ncube, grabbed the piece of land from her and sold it to the minister sometime in September 2015.
Mpofu has since fenced off the area.

 Cordelia took the matter to the Victoria Falls Civil Court seeking an order compelling her uncle to return the disputed piece of land to her. The size of the land was not stated.
The woman cited her uncle as the first respondent and Mpofu, his wife Sikhanyisiwe, and son Bukhosi were cited as the second, third and fourth respondents.

Cordelia is seeking an order directing that the land, which she said she inherited from her late father Japhet Ncube, be returned to her.
She also wants Mpofu to be interdicted from developing the piece of land. The matter was heard before Victoria Falls magistrate, Rangarirai Gakanje, yesterday and the hearing will continue next Friday.

Cordelia argued through her lawyer Thulani Nkala that she was the rightful beneficiary of the land.

“What is sought before this court is an interdict on any developments on the land. My client brings the matter to court as someone who stands to benefit from her late father’s estate. She is not bringing the matter as an executor but as someone who is an estate heir,” Nkala said.

He said under African culture, Cordelia should be the beneficiary of the property by virtue of being her father’s eldest daughter.

The lawyer said Ncube had approached the High Court in Bulawayo over the said land.
“The first respondent is seeking a declaration of rights from the High Court so the land could be declared his. This on its own proves lack of confidence that he is the rightful owner of the land. If the land in question is his, one would ask why he would go to the High Court for that,” said the lawyer.

“He submitted minutes purported to be from a meeting of villagers but the document can’t be used as evidence because it is not date stamped. I pray that the minutes be dismissed because village heads and chiefs have stamps that show their authority.”

Ncube’s lawyer, Elvis Mashindi, told the court that the matter lacked merit.
“The applicant became aware that the land was cleared in September 2015 and she didn’t seek to reverse the situation. This court has no jurisdiction to entertain this matter and should be therefore referred to the High Court,” he said.

Nkala said the matter became urgent after Mpofu started developing the land by erecting a fence, hence the need to seek an interdictory order.


FIRST Lady Grace Mugabe today resumes her rallies to mobilise support for the heavily-divided Zanu PF, serving up the latest chapter in the party’s intriguing factional battles, with speculation she will push for the return of the women’s quota, which should see a woman being appointed Vice-President.

Thousands of Zanu PF supporters are expected to attend the Mazowe South rally today, local legislator Fortune Chasi confirmed yesterday. “It’s just the First Lady coming to meet the people in Mazowe South constituency,” he said. 

“She is in my constituency. She will be coming to understand the issues affecting the community at Kanyemba Secondary School.”

Hurungwe East MP and Women’s League finance secretary Sarah Mahoka, who is believed to be organising the function, declined to give details of the rally.

But sources, who declined to be named, said Grace would try to pacify the rival party factions.
“A lot of things are happening now and seeing that this is her first rally, a lot is expected, particularly on the deep-rooted factionalism that is threatening to tear the party apart,” a senior member of the Women’s League said.

Zanu PF is now divided into two distinct factions, with one of them, dubbed Generation-40 (G40), reportedly aligned to Grace, and the other one linked to Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.
But both the First Lady and Mnangagwa have denied any links to any factions.

The Women’s League has been vocal in campaigning that at least one VP post be reserved for them and speculation is rife they are gunning for Mnangagwa’s post.

The rally follows the public undressing of Mnangagwa by Mahoka, who demanded he be open about his presidential ambitions, which his supporters were flaunting, yet he remained quiet.

Mnangagwa’s allies have reacted angrily to the jibe, demanding Mahoka be dragged to a disciplinary committee and this backdrop heightens tensions ahead of today’s meeting.

Suspended Mashonaland Central Zanu PF youth league boss Godfrey Tsenengamu said Mahoka violated the party’s constitution by issuing threats against the VP.

“It is our strongest view that Mahoka ought to be brought before the disciplinary processes of the party for insulting, disrespecting and undermining senior party leadership and fanning divisions and factionalism in the party by chanting a mythical and factional slogan,” Tsenengamu, who is the national co-ordinator of the little-known Save Zanu PF Campaign, said.

He and many others have been suspended from the party for fanning factionalism, a byword for backing Mnangagwa.

After a spirited push in the politburo by the VP’s backers, the Wednesday meeting resolved to invite those facing the party chop for hearings, so their side of the story could be heard.

Several officials, including Women’s League spokesperson Monica Mutsvangwa and the league’s secretary for administration, Espinah Nhari, were purged in the build-up to the party’s annual conference last year.

Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo confirmed that the pending cases would be treated differently.

“The national disciplinary committee report is not yet completed and the cases before it will be heard by the said committee through some hearings from those affected,” he said.

“In other words, those affected will be called before the national disciplinary committee for presentation before the next politburo meeting.”

Previously, those accused of factionalism were axed without as much as a hearing.


TWO Mpilo Central Hospital executives who were suspended last year for abuse of office have been fired. The chairperson of the hospital’s board Sichelesile Moyo-Ncube yesterday confirmed that operations director Duduza Regina Moyo and finance director Charles Govo have been relieved of their duties.

“The Health Services Board has dismissed them following a hearing. We’ve been informed of that decision. That’s all there is to say at this time,” said Moyo-Ncube.
Sources in the Ministry of Health and Childcare told The Chronicle that Moyo was found guilty on a majority of the 11 charges she was facing.

The source revealed that the former operations director has been ordered to repay $35,000 to Mpilo Central Hospital, which is an advance payment that she facilitated for a company that did not provide service to the institution.

“Both Moyo and Govo have been dismissed without pay and benefits for the period they were under suspension,” said the source.

The source said Moyo was found guilty of failing to obey lawful instructions and circulars from the treasury.
Moyo, the source said, was also found guilty of failing to adhere to State Procurement Board band limits for tenders.

“The Procurement Act that guides public institutions stipulates that for goods and services that cost up to $10,000, an institution should obtain a minimum of three competitive quotes from prospective suppliers. Tenders above $10,000 should be advertised in the Government Gazette and a national newspaper that circulates in the public institution’s area of jurisdiction,” said the source.

“Moyo would influence the hospital’s Tender and Procurement Committee to award tenders without getting quotes. She would also award tenders above $10,000 without advertising or splitting a tender into smaller units costing less than $10,000,” said the source.

A tender awarded to Ashton Mpofu’s New Planet for Mpilo’s radiotherapy centre was split into bits and ended up costing nearly $3 million, instead of the budgeted $1,049 million.
“Moyo was indicted for writing letters of demand for payment on behalf of the hospital’s suppliers. She also facilitated payments for services that were not rendered to the hospital,” the source said.

Govo, added the source, was fired for making advance payments to suppliers who never delivered.
“He was also involved in illegally splitting tenders to bypass SPB band limits,” the source said.

The hospital’s chief executive officer Dr Lawrence Mantiziba, Moyo and Govo were suspended without pay last year.
An initial audit had implicated them in a tender scam that reportedly resulted in Mpilo losing millions of dollars.

Mantiziba escaped a disciplinary hearing after his contract with the health institution ran out days before the others appeared before the HSB on September 14 last year.
The source said Mantiziba was found guilty of failing to supervise his subordinates, in absentia.
According to an audit report triggered by the new Mpilo board, the executives could have acted as a syndicate to bleed millions from the hospital’s coffers.

The report shows standards plummeted to an extent that patients were last year subjected to the horror of seeing two mortuary attendants dragging a body down a flight of stairs.
The report indicates the human resources turmoil left supervision gaps that enabled nurses at the institution to carry out illegal abortions for a fee, while nurses and clerks were charging patients and pocketing the money.

The Chronicle broke the story on the alleged corruption in February last year when a $3 million tender, which had been awarded to Bulawayo businessman Ashton Mpofu’s New Planet Company, was cancelled after he allegedly refused to bribe Mantiziba and Moyo.
Mantiziba and Moyo strongly deny allegations of soliciting bribes.
Corruption has always been whispered about at Mpilo Central Hospital but no action was taken until Health Minister David Parirenyatwa appointed a new board last year.

Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko’s son, Siqokoqela, who sits on the operations committee of the board, is believed to have been instrumental in sparking the probe after introducing new systems also used at Choppies Supermarket where he is a director.

The board comprises Moyo-Ncube as chairperson, Siqokoqela Mphoko, Goodness Msimanga, Hudson Hlabangana, Prince Kunaka and Nomathemba Ndiweni.


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe is considering a cabinet reshuffle which government and party insiders say is informed by the need to calm stormy relations within the party as well as read the riot act to warring factions that have taken their factional fights to the public sphere in an unprecedented fashion.

Mugabe, who is said to be under pressure from Zanu PF’s two major factions has to walk a fine line between balancing the interests of the opposing fronts and sending out a clear warning that their public spats which have been played out on social and mainstream media will no longer be tolerated. 

The succession fight pits Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his loyalists against a group of young Turks known as Generation 40 (G40). The group, whose most vocal members are Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo, Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere and Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao, reportedly has the support of First Lady Grace Mugabe and Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko.

“His Excellency has to walk the tight rope to achieve and maintain a balance between the competing interests of the two factions with each seeking to have its opponents kicked out,” one government source said, adding that: “The Mnangagwa group wants a number of ministers kicked out but their major target is Jonathan Moyo. The G40 group, on the other hand, wants (War Veterans minister Christopher) Mutsvangwa to get the boot. There is already a G40-induced vote of no confidence on Mutsvangwa by the Mashonaland West executive, so the push is real.”

If Mugabe buckles to pressure, and reshuffles his cabinet or drops some ministers, it will be the third time since he controversially won elections in 2013. In 2014, he reshuffled his cabinet after axing former vice-president Joice Mujuru and her allies over untested allegations of plotting his ouster and assassination.

In his last reshuffle in September last year, Mugabe, under pressure from the Mnangagwa faction moved Moyo from the information ministry to the Higher Education ministry. The Mnangagwa camp felt Moyo was abusing the media to attack and denigrate the vice-president.

“There is also a push from the G40 side that Mugabe drops his spokesperson George Charamba, whom they feel is firmly in support Mnangagwa. That is the reason why Sarah Mahoka (Women’s League secretary for finance) openly asked the president to confirm whether Charamba was speaking on his behalf when he attacked senior government officials for allegedly fighting Mnangagwa,” said the official.

Charamba however denied Mugabe is contemplating a reshuffle, saying “there will be no cabinet reshuffle”. independent

Thursday, 11 February 2016


Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe head of security Mr Grasham Muradzikwa yesterday revealed that Bikita West legislator Munyaradzi Kereke was yet to officially surrender the pistol suspected to have been used when he allegedly raped an 11-year-old girl in 2010.
Kereke allegedly pointed the gun at the girl and threatened to shoot her if she did not comply with his orders.

 Mr Muradzikwa told the court that there were efforts by the then RBZ head of financial intelligence inspectorate, evaluation and security (FIIES) Mr Mirirai Chiremba to coerce him into recording a wrong date of the gun’s return.

Mr Muradzikwa said he refused to comply with the orders and left the said pistol in Mr Chiremba’s hands. In his defence, Kereke, through his lawyer Mr Erum Mutandiro, denied being in possession of the pistol, arguing that he returned it on June 14, 2010.

But Mr Muradzikwa dismissed the claims, adding that his records did not show that the pistol was returned.

He said the pistol was issued to Kereke on February 3, 2005 for his protection. “Your Worship, our records do not reflect that the gun was returned,” said Mr Muradzikwa. “I am the head of security and I am in charge of issuing and receiving back the firearms. That weapon is still outstanding.”

He added, “I remember sometime in 2010, I was called by my boss Mr Chiremba and he wanted to hand me over the weapon in question. He asked if it was possible for me to record it in and he wanted me to backdate the return date, but I told him it was impossible. I told him the books were audited, therefore it was impossible for me to do what he wanted.
“I then left the pistol with him. I do not know what then happened to it, but what I know is my records do not show that the pistol was returned to RBZ. Procedurally, the accused should have brought the pistol to me and sign for it in our books.”

Private prosecutor handling the matter Mr Charles Warara produced the book which showed the movement of firearms at RBZ and signatures of those who would have been issued with the guns. He wanted Mr Muradzikwa to indicate where Kereke signed when he was given the pistol and the blank space on which he was supposed to sign as indication that he had returned it.

Mr Mutandiro objected to the production of the book, adding that he was doubting its authenticity.

“I insist that this is an attempt to ambush my client with cooked up evidence in order to nail him for a crime he never committed and trampling on his constitutional rights,” he said.
“This is a mere counterbook that anyone can buy and write anything.”
In response, Mr Warara said Kereke was avoiding documentary evidence.

During cross-examination, Mr Mutandiro accused Mr Muradzikwa of lying against Kereke and questioned why he did not report Mr Chiremba’s actions to his superiors. Mr Mutandiro maintained that his client returned the pistol on June 14, 2010, while the alleged offence was said to have been committed on August 22 of the same year.

Regional magistrate Mr Noel Mupeiwa remanded the matter to February 29 for continuation of trial when Mr Chiremba is expected to testify.

Mr Warara alleged that sometime in March 2010, Kereke was alone with the then 11-year-old girl, whom he grabbed by the waist and pushed onto the couch before fondling her breasts.

The girl allegedly screamed, but no one heard her. On August 22, 2010, the girl’s young sister was allegedly asked to baby sit by Kereke’s wife.
When the baby fell asleep, the girl sat on the couch in the bedroom and Kereke allegedly started fondling her.

He allegedly pointed the gun at the girl and threatened to shoot her if she did not comply with his orders and raped her. herald


STATE-owned mobile network operator, NetOne could have lost millions of dollars through dubious procurement of hardware and software materials, highly-placed sources have said.

The firm might have been prejudiced in the procurement of base station towers and software for its mobile money transfer platform, One Wallet.

For One Wallet, the firm reportedly made an advance payment of about $600 000 to the supplier, yet it only makes a profit of about $1 000 per month.

The anomalies were raised by newly-appointed chief finance officer Mrs Sibusisiwe Ndlovu, who is reportedly now under fire from management for raising the issue during a board meeting in December last year.

NetOne board chairperson Mr Alex Marufu confirmed the irregularities, saying investigations were underway.

“The organisation has a new CFO in place, and she has a number of areas where she has indicated that she is unsure if proper procedures were followed,” said Mr Marufu.
“This does not in any way suggest a misappropriation of funds, but has highlighted to the board areas that we need to take a closer look at.

“The board is therefore in the process of investigating these areas. The board is fully supportive of the CFO and the entire management team will continue to work hard to ensure that the positive results that are starting to come out of NetOne are not short-term gains but will result in long-term sustainability and profitability.” herald

Sources said Mrs Ndlovu had picked a number of anomalies.
“Some of the anomalies picked and presented to the board were shocking invoices of fuel from Redan Petroleum which NetOne has been paying on invoice basis and not necessarily on consumption,” said a source.
“For instance, Redan sent an invoice for $250 000 for fuel but the new lady demanded a reconciliation exercise before paying and it was discovered that the institution only owed $90 000, yet she had been instructed by her seniors to pay $250 000. Indications are that NetOne lost millions of dollars to dubious payments.”

The source said the parastatal had also paid over $600 000 to the supplier of One Wallet when the mobile phone operator only generated less than $1 000 profits per month.

“Because of these discoveries, NetOne chief executive officer Mr Reward Kangai is now recommending to the board not to approve the finance director’s permanent appointment,” said the source.

“He is claiming that she can’t be employed on full time basis because she went on maternity leave during the first three months of her employment.

“However, board members hit the roof in protest, arguing that her work performance was more convincing than the negative dossier that Kangai wanted to present to the board.

“Mr Kangai is now going on some political bidding to protect himself because the revelations have exposed him. He has even gone to the Office of the President and Cabinet trying to cover his back.”

Contacted for comment on the developments at NetOne, Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services Minister Supa Mandiwanzira said his ministry was in the process of restructuring the institution.

“There are a lot of things that are wrong at NetOne that the board, with the support of the Ministry, is trying to clean up of which the management restructuring that has taken place there is part of the clean up to bring efficiency,” he said.

“Remember, Government has invested just too much money not to receive a dividend from NetOne. We have told the board that they have to drive the business hard to ensure that we never have to put Government in an embarrassing situation where it borrows $30 million from a private mobile operator when it has invested nearly a billion dollars in its own operator.

“But let me make this clear, I am not aware of the specifics of the matters you have raised, so you may need to speak to the board chairperson and the managing director for finer details.”

Efforts to get a comment from Mr Kangai were fruitless.


War veterans have criticised Higher Education Minister, Jonathan Moyo for continuing to tweet about Zanu PF matters.

 ZNLWVA secretary-general Cde Victor Matemadanda said it was saddening that some Politburo members had already resorted to Twitter barely a day after the ban.

“If followed, this will bring sanity in the party,” said Cde Matemadanda. “Unfortunately, someone who was in that Politburo meeting today (yesterday) has already tweeted something about the party and attacking The Herald.

“I think what the party should focus on at the moment is teaching its members discipline and party ideology. Discipline is important at all levels to avoid careless speeches that we saw some people presenting yesterday.

“People should be taught discipline and not what we are seeing today where one making the loudest noise is the one who carries the day.” Cde Matemadanda said differences might occur in the party, but they should be addressed through party channels.

“Differences might be there, but they should be resolved amicably using structures of the party,” he said. “The public spats that we saw recently by senior members of the party are not good for the country’s image. It actually scares away investors. No one wants to invest in a country where there is discord in the leadership.”
Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo was already on twitter early in the morning yesterday discussing the outcomes of the Politburo meeting.

“Great & brutally frank PB till midnight,” he said in one of his tweets. “Slept like a log. Use not abuse but USE of all PRESS & MEDIA to express grievances was condemned!
“Rega vaite. Very happy with how PB meeting went. Going foward actions will speak louder than words. Handei tione! It was agreed after brutal debate that internal fights should not be taken to the press including twitter & Herald!

“If people who are not PB members get funny in the Press we shall deal with them here. Make no mistake about it!” Prof Moyo charged. Prof Moyo, who is also the party’s secretary for Science and Technology, tourched a storm before the Politburo meeting by attacking fellow members on his twitter account.

Prominent Harare lawyer Mr Jonathan Samkange said constitutionally, there was nothing wrong with banning members of a political party from using social media.
“Zanu-PF is like a club and if you want to remain as a member of a club then you have to abide by the rules and regulations of that club,” he said.

“It is proper and it does not contravene the Constitution in any way. We have freedom of association in this country and anyone who is not happy with that is free to leave the party. There is nothing unconstitutional unless if Zanu-PF had said it was banning everyone in this country from using social media.”

Political analyst Mr Godwine Mureriwa said: “The ban (on social media abuse) is a step in the right direction. There are various departments in the Politburo such as the commissariat, information, production and administration, but it is important that people stick to their portfolios.

“This also helps to maintain the idea of one centre of power in the party. It is important to note that the President himself categorically spoke against the use of social media.

“The behaviour of abandoning party structures and being quoted in the private media is tantamount to indiscipline of the highest order. These Politburo members are also leaders in Government and they again meet in Parliament, so then we wonder why they choose to communicate through social media when they work in the same office almost every day?”

Mr Mureriwa hailed First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe for reminding party leaders that they had a mandate to work for the people rather than engaging in petty and peripheral issues.
Zanu-PF spokesperson, Cde Simon Khaya Moyo, on Wednesday, said party members who failed to heed the party’s directive would be dealt with in line with Zanu-PF’s disciplinary proceddures.



Factions at war are tearing struggling Hwange Colliery Company.

Sources say the acting board chairman and the company’s general manager operations are fighting to unseat the managing director, Engineer Thomas Makore by inciting workers to embark on industrial action.

Hwange Colliery Company general manager operations Mr Victor Rakabopa and the acting board chairman Mr Chininga are alleged to be colluding to get rid of Engineer Makore by inciting workers to embark on an industrial action.

According to sources within the organisation and Ministry of Mines and Mining Development, the acting board chairman has vowed to workers at the mine that he will bounce back either as the substantive managing director or the substantive board chairman.

Chininga is already promising other employees top positions within the organisation with the process said to be a deliberate move to sabotage the current managing director.

Documents in possession of ZBC shows that the acting chairman travelled to South Africa twice since December last year and from the 17th to the 19th of January this year with the intention of meeting officials from Arcelormittal and Motar Engil for the purchase of coking coal which is not being produced by Hwange at the moment.

According to company procedure, such missions can only be undertaken by management not a non-executive director. Mr Chininga is, however, refuting the allegations.

Asked further to comment on his alleged interference with management decisions, Chininga only laughed and hung up his mobile phone.

Other sources in government say nine representatives of the company's workers committee met the Minister of Mines and Mining Development Cde Walter Chidhakwa on the issue last Thursday where they highlighted their displeasure with the confusion being caused by Mr Rakabopa and Mr Chininga.

Sources within the board say there is no decision that Engineer Makore has made which was accepted by the acting board chairman which leaves a lot of questions on the working the relationship of the two.

Efforts to get hold of Engineer Makore proved fruitless as he was said to be in a series of meetings.

Last month, Minister Chidhakwa gave the company’s management three months to shape up or ship out.

Mr Chininga once worked as the acting managing director of Hwange from June 2013 to June 2014, hence speculation is rife that he still wants the substantive position within the organisation.

With such a situation, market watchers say no amount of recapitalisation will see the coalminer returning to its glory days.


Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has reiterated that the alignment of legislation to the constitution is an urgent task and a key success factor of the economic blue print, ZIM ASSET.

He said this in Kadoma while officially opening the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs’ strategic plan review workshop.

Vice President Mnangagwa, who is also the Minister of Justice said the country has not done so well in aligning current laws to the constitution, saying such constitutional obligations must be performed diligently and without delay.

He said the alignment of the laws to the supreme law of the land must also take cognisance of recent decisions of the bench, and more recently, judgements relating to marriage laws and legislation affecting children.

"There is need to make justice available to people at grassroot level. The ministry of justice must ensure that the good of the majority inspire the goals, objectives and output set out in its strategic plan and programmes," said Vice President Mnangagwa.

Cde Mnangagwa also revealed that efforts are on course to decongest the prisons through a project being carried out by the justice, law and order sector.

The Minister of State for Mashonaland West Cde Faber Chidarikire said he hopes the planning process will promote transparency, efficiency and professionalism.

The workshop is aimed at reviewing the performance of the ministry of justice’s various departments in 2015, and is also expected to come up with targets for 2016.


Seventeen cardiac patients aged 1 to 30 years have been screened and will start undergoing open heart surgery starting this Thursday up to Friday next week at Parirenyatwa Hospital. 

This came out during a luncheon that was hosted in honour of the South Korean medical team.

The country is set to resume open heart surgeries this Thursday following the commissioning of state-of-the-art theatre equipment at Parirenyatwa Hospital last month.

A South Korean medical team comprising three professors and seven theatre nurses is in the country and will perform the first 17 surgeries alongside local surgeons.

Speaking at the luncheon, Health and Child Care Minister Dr David Parirenyatwa says the newly acquired surgery equipment is set to put the country back on the world map.

South Korean ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Kwang Chul and leader of the medical team Professor Dong Man Seo say the visit by the team heralds a new relationship, especially in the area of health.

Leader of the local surgeons who will be working with the South Korean team Dr David Chimuka is optimistic the resumption of open heart surgeries locally will bring relief to a lot of Zimbabweans.

The University of Zimbabwe Medical School has also signed a memorandum of understanding with a South Korean university which will see medical students undergoing training in open heart surgery.

The last open heart surgery in the country was conducted in 2003 and since then, Zimbabweans suffering from heart ailments were being referred to South Africa or India for theatre.


Zanu PF’s Young Turks, who are known as the Generation 40 (G40) group, backed by Grace Mugabe, demonstrated beyond doubt yesterday that they currently have the upper hand in their brutal ruling party slugfest with the faction linked to embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

And very ominously for the Midlands godfather and his Zanu PF allies, Mugabe also all but endorsed demands by the party’s women’s league for a return of the quota system, that is set to see the nonagenarian appointing a woman as one of his two deputies this year.

Addressing Zanu PF supporters in Harare yesterday — the majority of whom were G40 and women’s league members — ahead of the brawling ruling party’s keenly-watched politburo meeting, Mugabe emphasised the importance of the women’s league to the former liberation movement, and how it had a deserved history of always getting what it wanted.

This followed concerns by the forthright women’s league secretary for finance, Sarah Mahoka, who bemoaned the fact that there were elements in the party who were accusing the league of plotting against Mnangagwa because they were demanding that one of their own be elevated to the presidium.

She also claimed that Mnangagwa’s allies in the Midlands province had allegedly harassed the league’s members and blocked buses that had been hired to ferry the women to yesterday’s gathering in the capital, to thank Mugabe for his “achievements” during his tenure as African Union chairperson.

“Zvisinei nezvipingaidzo zvamunosangana nazvo apo neapo, maitiro amaita musangano uno maratidza varume kuti mada kuita chiro munobuda shudhu (With the way you have organised this meeting, you have demonstrated to men that when you want something you go for it as a united, determined force).

“We are sorry that some women who were coming for this meeting were beaten up and that is wrong. We do not tolerate that in the party.

“Even at the provincial level there are rules ... and it is those people who must be sanctioned for their behaviour. So, commissar will have to know kuti ndekupi nekupi kwaitwa izvozvo (who has been responsible for the anarchy),” Mugabe said.

The nonagenarian spoke in the wake of the women’s league resolution at the party’s annual conference last December that one of Mugabe’s two deputies should be a woman, and that this must happen in 2016.

Speaking ahead of Mugabe, Mahoka — who was the runaway star of the pre-politburo show — lashed The Herald newspaper for “lying”, savaged Information permanent secretary George Charamba for his factional politics, and panned senior party officials who she said were disrespectful of the First Lady Grace Mugabe.

She also reiterated the league’s challenge to Mnangagwa earlier this week to publicly declare his interest in succeeding Mugabe, in the light of the campaign for him by his allies.

Mahoka added that Mnangagwa’s seeming reluctance to distance himself from the claims that he wanted Mugabe to step down ahead of the 2018 national elections gave the impression that those campaigning for him had his blessings.

“The VP is my brother and today we are asking you to reprimand people abusing your name. Do not behave like a duck that looks down while its children are being eaten. Stand up and say something like what VP Mphoko has done.

“I will say it publicly because I am not afraid to say so, although I know that I am now a target ... tinoona vana vakapfeka ma T-shirts akanzi Team Lacoste (we see youths wearing T-shirts with the Team Lacoste label) and so if you want to be president tell us.

“We also want to know president if you are the one who sent George Charamba to attack Cabinet ministers that you appointed, because he said he was speaking on your behalf,” Mahoka said, as Mnangagwa watched stone-faced.

Responding to this, Mugabe said he expected the party’s leadership to act responsibly and respect women, whom he described as the cornerstone of the ruling party.

“Tisina women’s league chokwadi hatikunde kana election kana kuhwina, saka hamusi vanhu vekutsvinyirwa kwete (Without women we would not win a single election, so we must treat you with respect).

“Mai Mahoka vangobata bata apo neapo asi tazvinzwa zvavanga vachitaura.  (Mahoka has just touched on many things and we all got the gist of what she was saying).

“We need to look at the reasons why the people are complaining against us. We must talk about it so we can see. If the foundation is not well laid imba inodhirika (the house will fall). It will be affected by ants.


Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo yesterday slammed belligerent Information permanent secretary George Charamba on ZiFM Stereo, after the commercial radio station that is owned by ICT minister Supa Mandiwanzira granted him a right of reply to Charamba’s invective of last week.

In the explosive interview, Moyo panned Charamba roundly, suggesting that his former aide was overstepping his mandate as President Robert Mugabe’s press secretary.

Yesterday’s interview came after ZiFM Stereo pulled out of an earlier interview that it had granted Moyo to discuss a government scholarship programme in which the State plans to pay full school and boarding fees for all students in public schools who register for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (Stem) subjects this year.

Stem is being promoted as a key part of Zimbabwe’s long-term human capital development project.

The irate Moyo suggested then that political machinations had been behind the station’s last-minute decision to decline to host him after it aired Charamba’s controversial interview last week, in which the presidential spokesperson denigrated Moyo and other perceived opponents of embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

ZiFM Stereo strongly denied that it had “blacked out” Moyo, leading to the station interviewing him yesterday.

Moyo refuted Charamba’s claims that he had used his interview with the station last week to communicate Mugabe’s deep-seated concerns about Zanu PF factionalism.

“There is a certain decorum associated with the office of the president. He (Charamba) was angry, as if someone had snatched his girlfriend or owed him money,” the sharp-tongued Moyo said, criticising Charamba’s tone in his interview.

The clash between Moyo and Charamba comes as the ruling Zanu PF’s factional and succession wars are getting nastier and more confused by the day, amid growing frustration by the party’s Young Turks known as the Generation 40 group — who are opposed to Mnangagwa — that they are being blacked out by State media and other mass media outlets linked to senior party officials.