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Friday, 27 March 2015


Mujuru family lawyer Mr Thakor Kewada has revealed that the late General Solomon Mujuru’s widow, Dr Joice Mujuru, has his will, but is refusing to avail it to the court, a move that has led the High Court to appoint an independent executor of his estate, Mr Stern Mufara.

Mr Kewada said in a letter to the Master of High Court, Mr Eldard Mutasa, on Tuesday that Dr Mujuru once read the will to her daughters, but was clinging to it.
This was after the Mujuru family was given five days last week to produce the will at the court.

Mr Mufara is a renowned professional executor who operates from Nyika, Kanengoni and Partners Legal Practitioners in Harare.

Mr Mutasa, in a letter to Mr Kewada, said the family had delayed in registering Gen Mujuru’s estate and producing the Will, to the prejudice of potential beneficiaries and creditors, hence the need to appoint an executor to wind up the process.

“Mindful of the fact that it has taken almost four years without anyone producing the purported Will, if ever it does really exist, my office, on the background of your confirmation that you do not have a Will, but rather a trust deed, has to proceed as resolved at the aforementioned edict meeting,” he said.

“Further delays in winding up this estate will not only be prejudicial to potential beneficiaries, but also to potential creditors and the fiscus in the form of death duties.

“Accordingly, pursuant to the resolution made at the edict meeting, my office, by copy of this letter, hereby appoints Mr Stern Mufara of Messrs Nyika Kanengoni and Partners Legal Practitioners, 155 Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, to be the executor of the estate of the late Solomon T. Mujuru.”

Mr Mufara, according to Mr Mutasa’s letter, is expected to deal with all matters affecting the estate as required by law.

In a letter to Mr Mutasa dated March 24, 2015, Mr Kewada said he did not have the last will executed by the late Gen Mujuru, but he had a duplicate of the original copy of the Solomon Mujuru Family Trust in which 13 beneficiaries were listed.

Dr Mujuru and 12 children with birth certificates bearing the name of the late Gen Mujuru’s name as their father were listed in the document as beneficiaries.
The 12 are: Maidei Mujuru (born 01-05-74), Kumbirai Mujuru (02-08-78), Chipo Mujuru (21-08-79), Tendayi Mujuru (02-07-81), Nyasha Mujuru (24-07-84), Kuzivakwashe Mujuru (21-09-89), Takunda Arthur Mujuru (17-01-88), Tsitsi Mujuru (23-03-79), Bianca Mujuru (28-03-79), Naomi Mujuru (12-04-94), Ngonidzashe Mujuru (20-03-84) and Tawanda Mujuru (23-03-94).

Mr Kewada indicated that some years back, he drew a will for the late Gen Mujuru in which he was nominated as executor, but the will was kept at the late national hero’s Churchill Avenue offices.

He said efforts to get the will from Dr Mujuru were fruitless despite information that she even read it to her children after Gen Mujuru’s death.

“I have on at least two occasions before his death seen the said will at his office in Churchill Avenue, Harare,” said Mr Kewada.

“After the General’s death, I requested his widow, Dr Joice Mujuru, to let me have the original will to lodge with the Master’s office and have his estate formally registered.
“Dr Mujuru informed me that she was going through all the documents at the late General’s office and will let me have the will when she had located it.

“On a number of occasions over the past four years, I requested Dr Mujuru and/or her daughters to let me have the will.

“She said she was still going through the documents and had not located it.”
Mr Kewada said some two years ago, Dr Mujuru’s daughters told him the their mother had the will.

“About two years ago, the General’s daughter Nyasha told me Dr Mujuru had the will as she had gathered her four daughters together and read out the will at a will reading meeting,” he said.

“I requested Nyasha to inform her mother to let me have the will, but the will has to this day, never been delivered to me despite my several requests.”

Mr Kewada said on Friday last week, he communicated with Dr Mujuru over the edict meeting held on the same day and she indicated that she had the will.

“I advised Dr Mujuru that she and her four daughters should attend the edict meeting and she should let the Master of the High Court have the will of the late General,” he said.
“Dr Mujuru replied to my text message stating: ‘You took a copy and we were supposed to meet’. This presupposes Dr Mujuru has the will. I certainly did not take or get a copy of the signed will. If I had, I would have lodged the copy and registered the estate immediately. I informed Dr Mujuru of this.”

Mr Kewada said he told the Mujuru family members that if he was to be appointed the executor of the estate, he would cease to represent them while only attending to winding up the estate.

General Mujuru died in an inferno at his Beatrice Farm in 2011 and was buried at the National Heroes Acre. herald

Thursday, 26 March 2015


THE Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) has embarked on a nationwide recruitment of officer cadets in a move meant to further strengthen the country’s defence forces.

Speaking on the sidelines of national tree planting day commemorations held in Bulawayo yesterday, 1 Infantry Brigade Acting Commander Colonel Mpulaeng Siziba said the national army had started accepting applications for officer cadets who would undergo an intensive 18 months military training programme.

“Applications are invited from qualified candidates to train as officer cadets. Upon completion of training, these candidates will be commissioned as lieutenants. We encourage youths from Matabeland to come and join the force on time. In the past we had cases where youths started applying when the deadline had elapsed. The deadline for recruitment is April, 5,” said Col Siziba.

A notice issued by the army said interested candidates should have a minimum of 5 “O” levels including Mathematics and English and a minimum of 6 points at A-Level in any subjects.
They should be between the ages of 18 and 22 for A Level certificate holders and up to 24 years old for diploma and degree holders.


The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation has instructed its lawyers Scanlen and Holderness to withdraw the $58 million summons issued against former board chairman Dr Cuthbert Dube and five others to allow the deletion of the Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services that was erroneously listed as the second applicant.

In the summons filed at the High Court on Wednesday, chief executive officer Happison Muchechetere, general manager news and current affairs Tazzen Mandizvidza, general manager finance Elliot Kasu, general manager radio services Allan Chiweshe and head of finance Ralph Nyambudzi, – who are all suspended – were listed as co-defendants with Dube.

The defendants, according to the summons, are accused of being reckless in their management of the entity and unjustifiably enriching themselves through hefty salaries and loans.

It is argued that they carried out ZBC’s business in a negligent and reckless manner that caused financial prejudice to the company. ZBC was listed as the first plaintiff in the application and the Information, Media and Broadcasting Services ministry as the second plaintiff.

ZBC now wants its lawyers to remove the ministry from the papers after it emerged that they had no instructions to represent it. The public broadcaster also wants the lawyers to remove the name of Mr Mandizvidza from the list of co-defendants because he had agreed to co-operate with the employers, and an out of court settlement was under way.
In a letter dated March 26 2015, ZBC chairman Father Gibson Munyoro told Scanlen and Holderness that the ministry had nothing to do with the case.

“We want to categorically state that we did not instruct the lawyers representing ZBC in the Muchechetere and others case to represent the Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services,” he said.

“There is no privity of contract between Scanlen and Holderness and the Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services. Therefore, it is wrong for the former to claim or intend to represent the latter in any way.
“Accordingly, we instruct Scanlen and Holderness to remove the ministry from being the second plaintiff in the summons papers.

“On the basis of the out of court settlement and negotiations between Mr Tazzen Mandizvidza and ZBC, we instruct you to remove Mr Mandizvidza from the list of defendants.

“Mr Mandizvidza has opted to co-operate with the ZBC in the prosecution of Muchechetere and others.”

Once the summons is withdrawn and corrected, Fr Munyoro said, the draft must be submitted to him for review before resubmission at the High Court.
Scanlen and Holderness have been given 24 hours to issue a statement correcting the information and to file fresh summons.

“We expect your statement before end of working day today (yesterday) and a draft of your corrected summons by tomorrow 27 March 2015,” said Fr Munyoro.

“Kindly note that this issue has already attracted a lot of media attention and we have to correct the summons and re-issue within the next 24 hours, at the least.”

Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo said correction of the mess at ZBC should be done with strict observance of the rule of law.

‘‘As far as we are concerned, Government commissioned a comprehensive forensic audit of ZBC in order to clean up the rot there once and for all. We don’t want that process to be contaminated by other irregularities on our behalf. We, therefore, insist that the correction of the mess be done in accordance with the strictest adherence to the rule of law.

“No one should act on our behalf without our instruction. We have our own lawyers and we do not use ZBC lawyers to act for us,’’ Prof Moyo said.

The public broadcaster contends that the top ZBC brass acted extravagantly and allocated themselves hefty loans at a time the company was bleeding and in a dire financial state.
The largest amount being claimed by ZBC is $28 million which the accused are said to have connived not to remit to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority in respect of statutory obligations.
The managers are also accused of abusing $23 million which they took fraudulently from the company, among other figures. herald


POLICE are biased against men who report cases of gender based violence (GBV) perpetrated against them by abusive wives, in a development that pushes some of them to suffer in silence.

Participants at a GBV coordinating meeting held yesterday in Gwanda that was organised by the Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development urged the police to cooperate and treat cases reported by men in an impartial manner.

They said there is a risk that lack of assistance from the police would push some men to fight back, leading them to commit serious crimes such as murder.
A business community representative, Misheck Ndlovu said police actions discourage abused men from reporting the cases.

“Men who make reports of abuse by their wives are made fun of by some police officers. Such kind of treatment is so discouraging and police need to take such issues seriously,” said Ndlovu.

Alaska Mafuka from the Legal Resources Foundation said their organisation had dealt with some matters involving men who were abused by their wives, but had failed to get assistance from police.
“There are men who are being battered by their wives at home and when they report their cases they claim they are not being taken seriously by police and perpetrators are not arrested. As a result, such men end up retaliating resulting in them being arrested,” he said.

Another participant said it was not solely the duty of the police to protect male victims of domestic violence, but also the surrounding communities.

The meeting also heard that male involvement in domestic violence awareness campaigns was also low.

A police officer from the Victim Friendly Unit said they had not received any reports of ill treatment of men intending to report their cases by police officers.
He said police treat all cases equally making such allegations unbelievable, as there was no evidence.

The police officer said in January and February, Gwanda District recorded an increase in cases of domestic and sexual violence.

He said juveniles were mostly affected and neighbours and relatives were often the perpetrators.

“Gwanda district recorded an 80 percent increase in GBV cases in February as compared to January this year. This increase was because there were some cases that were not being reported but are coming up now,” he said.

“Cases are being withdrawn before plea because perpetrators would have apologised to the survivors.” chronicle


THE Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority has dismissed as false, reports circulating on both print and electronic media platforms alleging that some elephants and lions were recently translocated to Manzou Game Park. Yesterday’s edition of the dying Southern Eye newspaper alleged that lions and baby elephants were captured at the Hwange National Park and moved to a game reserve it alleged is linked to First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe.

The Southern Eye reported that Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force chairman Mr Johnny Rodrigues said the animal rights group had it on good authority that the captured elephants had not been exported, with some of them being sent to the alleged First Lady’s game reserve.

In a statement yesterday, ZPWMA yesterday the authority’s personnel have never submitted any reports of elephants and lion sightings nor their spoor in Manzou Park.

“It is important to take note that communities adjacent to Manzou have also never reported sightings of such big and dangerous animals hence the allegations are nothing but falsehoods being perpetrated by individuals masquerading as conservationists and should be dismissed with the contempt they deserve.
“The authority wants to make it clear that it will continue to work with organisations that have Zimbabwe’s wildlife at heart and not those elements that are bent on not only tarnishing the image of the country but its leadership. Further, the same individuals and organisations prioritise raising funds for their personal benefits, in the name of the country’s wildlife and at the expense of conservation,” read the statement.

The authority said it was in-human that wildlife continued to suffer when some organisations and individuals, some of whom do not have conservancies, continue to live large yet they pretend to be supporting wildlife.

“Let it be known that ZPWMA has a mandate to manage the entire wildlife population of Zimbabwe, whether on private or communal lands. It is further mandated with the protection, management and administration of the wildlife of Zimbabwe.

“The authority has had a proud history of sound management that endeavours to preserve the unique flora and fauna heritage of Zimbabwe,” said the statement.

Last week, Minister of Environment, Water and Climate Cde Saviour Kasukuwere attacked Mr Rodrigues for fighting Government’s decision to export baby elephants to China, France and the United Arab Emirates. He said the move by Government was meant to control the ballooning elephant population.

Addressing representatives from various Government ministries, organisations and villagers at the launch of the Hwange-Sanyati Biological Corridor Project, Cde Kasukuwere said the country was selling its elephants as a way of empowering communities that were impoverished by the Western-imposed illegal sanctions.


Brainworks Capital Management has withdrawn the offer that it had made to Empowerment Corporation to purchase its 40 percent shareholding in Telecel Zimbabwe due to protracted shareholder wrangles which have not provided a clear decision on the transaction. Brainworks had sought to acquire the shareholding for $20 million but failure to get a concrete agreement for EC shareholders saw the investment management company withdrawing its offer for the stake.

The transaction was affected by an urgent court application with respect to the sale of the Telecel shares, dispute in terms of the valuation of the company and the authority of certain shareholders representatives, chief among them business persons Mr James Makamba and Mrs Jane Mutasa.

The EC shareholder disputes originate from the various reorganisations the company went through during the formative years dating back to 1998.

The withdrawal also comes at a time the mobile telecoms company is facing imminent closure over its failure to pay for an operating licence as stated under the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe Act. In addition Telecel Zimbabwe is practically bankrupt with no ability to meet its short term and long term liabilities.

In a letter dated March 19, 2015 to EC’s company secretary, which The Herald Business is in possession of, Brainworks said it had become subject of court processes and a sustained public onslaught on its business.

As a result of the disputes, EC had to date not responded to the offer with various parties making conflicting statements both in private and the media. This is in spite of a resolution once reported by this paper that shareholders had given their unconditional approval to the sale of shares to Brainworks.

It has, however, emerged that after the February 27 resolution, which agreed to the transaction, two of the main EC shareholders Mr Makamba representing Kestrel Corporation and Mrs Mutasa who stands for the Indigenous Business Women’s Organisation had held a secret meeting at the Saxon Hotel in Sandton South Africa. Lawyer Gerald Mlotshwa and EC company secretary Carlton Chikosi also attended the meeting.

The meeting resolved that it would dispose of the shareholding as at least two of the shareholders of the company having a majority in value of the company’s issued and paid up shares shall agree. The two agreed that they would now accept bids for the stake which should be submitted within seven days from March 10.
However, Brainworks in the letter said it was surprised that it was now being invited to a bidding process when the process had initially been guided by the offer which had been submitted to EC, the terms of which had not been fulfilled.

Pursuant to that EC managing director Mr Patrick Zhuwao called for the unbundling of the investment vehicle as the best way of resolving the shareholder disputes.

“In light of the criminal act and in the process of exercising my fiduciary responsibility of protecting the Empowerment Corporation and its shareholders, I’m left with no option but to recommend that the beneficial shareholders of Telecel Zimbabwe hold their interest directly without having to go through Mr (James) Makamba and Mrs (Jane) Mutasa who have persistently and consistently failed to distinguish their individual persona from their fiduciary persona as directors who are legally required to uphold the interest of the company and all shareholders.

“This is primarily why Telecel Zimbabwe is found to be in a negative equity position as compared to Econet’s net asset value of $700 million.
“The case of EC reflects a classic case of the failure of corporate governance such that the continued existence of EC as an entity is prejudicial and detrimental to the interests of the shareholders who include ware veterans, farmers, small scale miners and indigenous businesswomen.

It is unfortunate that Mr Makamba and Mrs Mutasa are so personally conflicted in the pursuit of their private interests that the failed to protect and safeguard the interests of shareholders,” said Mr Zhuwao.

If the EC is unbundled the shareholding structure will see Kestrel Corporation holing 8,57 percent, Independent Engineering group 5,71 percent, Affirmative Action Group 5,14 percent, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association 5,14 percent, National Miners Association 5,14 percent, Indigenous Business Women’s Organisation 5,14 percent and Zimbabwe Farmers Union 5,14 percent.

Mr Zhuwao said pressure groups empowered by Government should have access to the opportunity given to them directly without having to access it through Mr Makamba and Mrs Mutasa.

ZFU represents more 1,5 million farmers. “The pressure groups will have direct benefit of 25,7 percent which is enough to represent a significant say in the operations of any company,” said Mr Zhuwao.

When contacted for comment Brainworks CEO George Manyere said the discontinuance of negotiations with EC does not otherwise affect the company’s view of the opportunity in the telecoms sector. herald


The businessman who duped Airforce of Zimbabwe boss, Perence Shiri of $50 000 has been sent to prison.

Hemming Worth Cartwright (Private) Limited Chief Executive, Brian Kambasha duped Shiri in a  botched solar power system deal has been sentenced to 5 years in prison.

In passing sentence, Magistrate Milton Serima said Kambasha’s case is very serious, adding the accused is a malcontent trickster out to dupe people of their money. The magistrate said a lesser sentence will not make him reform.

Kambasha will serve an effective 4 years after 1 year of the sentence was suspended for 5 years on condition of good behaviour.

If Kambasha is able to reimburse Air Marshal Shiri US$50 125 on or before the 29th of May 2015, his sentence will be reduced by a further 1 year.


A Zimbabwean soldier in the British Army sexually assaulted two female colleagues, creeping into bed with one and licking her nipple as she slept, a court martial heard Wednesday.
Private Taaziva Mutekedza, 37, allegedly entered the woman’s room, took his jeans off and climbed into her single bed after a night out. The woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was naked and felt “angry” and ‘scared’ when she woke to find Mutekedza on top of her.

She pushed him away and told him to “get off’ but he then tried to calm her down by saying “it’s OK” and offered her a cigarette to help her relax, the court heard.

Bulford Military Court Centre in Wiltshire heard the alleged incident took place in October 2013 at the New Normandy Barracks in Aldershot, Hants, after Mutekedza had been drinking in the town until 2am.

Opening the case, Commander Caroline Kenyon, prosecuting, told the court Mutekedza denies two charges of sexual assault against two separate female soldiers.
On the other occasion, Mutekedza is accused of knocking on a woman’s door in the early hours of the morning, pulling her head towards him and asking her why she was not “going to give him a cuddle”.

Detailing the first alleged offence, Cdr Kenyon told the court: “In the early hours of the morning the woman returned alone to her room.

“She took her clothes off and fell asleep naked; she did not lock her door as she felt safe. She was sleeping in a single bed but she awoke to find the defendant on top of her wearing boxer shorts.

“The defendant was licking her right breast and was feeling her naked body with his hands. He said: ‘It’s fine’. “She challenged him but the defendant told her she returned to her room with him.

“She denied this and felt upset and scared. She told him to get out of her room and he eventually did.”

The woman, who was in her early twenties at the time, told the court she felt “shocked” and “angry”.

She said: “The night before the incident I went out into Aldershot for a few drinks and did not return until the early hours of the morning.

“Private Mutekedza was out but he was not out with us. I had had a lot to drink but I knew exactly what I was doing at the time and I arrived back at my room between 2 and 3am.
“I entered my room, shut my door and undressed down to nothing and was naked and I got into bed. I did not lock my door because I thought I was in a safe place.

“The lights were off and I went to sleep and I remember waking up with Private Mutekedza on top of me. He was wearing boxer shorts and socks. He was licking my right breast; he was using his tongue. He was feeling me with his hands; he was feeling my chest area.
“I was quite shocked to be honest. I pushed him off me and asked him what he was doing. He tried to say that he came back with me which I know he did not.

“He tried to calm me down, he tried to say ‘It’s OK’ and tried to get me to go out for a cigarette. I said it’s not OK and I was more concerned about getting him out of my room - I was angry.

“There was a pair of his jeans on my floor. I had to ask him to leave several times; he was in my room for five minutes.”

She reported the incident and was later interviewed by the service police. The defence suggest she invited Private Mutekedza back to her room to have a drink after sharing a taxi home from the Yates’s pub in Aldershot.

She says this is not true. Mutekedza is accused of sexually assaulting a second young female soldier in the early hours in January, 2014. Cdr Kenyon added: “A woman heard a knock on her door in New Normandy Barracks and the defendant was outside and appeared drunk.

“He said words of this affect ‘You know I really like you’. “He grabbed her hand and she tried to close the door but the defendant blocked her doorway and pulled his hand back when it was on the back of her head.

“The defendant said ‘why are you not going to give me a cuddle?’ “He tried to pull her head towards him and she told him to go away.

“He left and again said ‘you know I really like you’.” Private Mutekedza, of 22 Field Hospital, based at the New Normandy Barracks, denies two counts of sexual assault.

The Zimbabwe national was a combat medical technician at the time of the alleged first incident. The trial continues.zimbabwean


The co-pilot of Germanwings flight 4U9525 "intentionally" crashed the Airbus with 150 people on board into the French Alps, Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin said Thursday.
 The co-pilot's "intention was to destroy this plane," Robin told a press conference in the southern French city.

By pressing the button "he triggered the plane to go down." Robin named the co-pilot as Andreas Lubitz. The incident was being treated as a case of involuntary homicide, with the prosecutor stressing that the co-pilot was not considered a terrorist.

 While avoiding the use of the word "suicide," the prosecutor said the co-pilot had taken control of the aircraft after the captain left the cockpit and "voluntarily allowed the plane to descend."

 Lubitz was conscious before impact. "His breathing was normally. It was not the breathing of someone about to carry out an act. He did not utter a word," he said. The passengers were likely not aware of a crash until just before impact, the prosecutor said.

 "We could hear the cries [of the passengers] just minutes before the plane crash," he said. "The co-pilot refused to open the door to let the captain back in," even though the pilot was "violently" knocking on the door.


Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has resolved to stage demonstrations on April 11, to protest against the economic meltdown.

Japhet Moyo, ZCTU secretary-general, told the Daily News yesterday that the general council met last week and resolved to take to the streets. “In the meeting, we decided that we are going to demonstrate in six regional centres in the country.

The format we are going to use is that we are going to march from our regional offices and follow an agreed path with police to give our petition to the ministry of Labour,” said Moyo.

 “Obviously, if what we are proposing is not taken aboard by authorities it might be the beginning. My point is we might demonstrate in the near future again if our needs are not addressed,” added Moyo.

 He went on to say workers in the country have a lot of complaints which the government has failed to address. Moyo also said the decision to demonstrate came after the ZCTU leadership met workers all over the country and a consensus was reached that they have to take to the streets and register their displeasure.

 “I need to indicate that ZCTU has been over the past four months consulting wildly, the president of ZCTU and his team met workers in all six regions and further went down and we met the districts,’’ he said.

 “We were trying to find out how best we, as labour movement, can respond to amongst other issues the decaying economy, public utterances by certain authorities who are clearly undermining certain processes, as an example when the government talks about cutting wages this interferes with collective bargaining.”

 He said governments’ pronouncements were causing problems with the employers. Moyo also said ZCTU was not happy with the courts’ ruling that workers can be dismissed on notice.

 “We are not happy with these public utterances and judgments from courts that workers can be dismissed on notice. This means they can be sent home without retrenchment packages,” he said adding that the police had been notified of the demonstrations.

 The country over the last few weeks has been hit by a wave of demonstrations as unrest swells over the economic collapse. This comes as Zanu PF has failed to fulfil its electoral promises of growing the economy and creating two million jobs.

President Robert Mugabe, whose trips have so far gobbled up millions, has come under fire from opposition parties who say his trips are not only immoral but a gross dereliction of duty


Former Vice President Joice Mujuru has dismissed as “outright madness” unrelenting State media reports that she is working with opposition parties, some prominent Zimbabweans and foreign governments to plunge the country into unprecedented chaos in a bid to trigger early polls.

The murky claim that analysts have dismissed as “far-fetched” and “fit for Bollywood skits”, is the latest in a long line of widely-discredited allegations — ranging from treason to witchcraft — that President Robert Mugabe, his wife Grace and Zanu PF hardliners have made against her, and that lickspittle State media have carried with glee over the past few months.

Unsurprisingly, police have not moved to either charge or arrest her and any of her allies, despite the battery of serious allegations that her Zanu PF enemies, including Mugabe, have consistently and repeatedly thrown at her.

Asked by the Daily News yesterday to comment on the latest allegation against her that she was working with opposition parties, some prominent Zimbabweans and foreign powers to plunge the country into unprecedented chaos in a bid to trigger early polls, Mujuru said the continuing fixation that her erstwhile Zanu PF comrades had on her was disconcerting.

Insinuating that her continued harassment by the powers-that-be was meant to hound her out of Zanu PF altogether, having been ousted from both her party and government positions last December, Mujuru said this would not work as Zanu PF was “the only party” that she had ever known.

Prodded further whether she was working with others to fan chaos in the country, Mujuru described the latest claims as “outright madness”, adding that she was getting used to the malicious allegations.

“I am home, ndakanyarara (and am quiet). It is now the order of the day to lie about me, which is what idle minds do. Next time, somebody whose wife would have been impregnated will say it’s Mai Mujuru,” she quipped.

Questioned if she was talking to and working with some opposition parties as alleged by the lapdog State media, Mujuru asked rhetorically, “When, where and for what purpose?”

Typically quoting unnamed sources on stories of this nature, the lickspittle State media have claimed that Mujuru and her allies were working with the MDC, foreign governments and civic society organisations to destabilise the country.

The accusations followed the recent demonstrations at the University of Zimbabwe and violent riots over food and other conditions at Chikurubi Maximum Prison, that saw five inmates being shot dead by authorities, as well as the mass demonstrations that rocked central Harare following the abduction of pro-democracy activist Itai Dzamara, whose whereabouts remain unknown.

The attacks on Mujuru have also escalated as tensions within Zanu PF continue to worsen at a time that the country’s economy is plummeting precipitously, causing untold pain to millions of long-suffering Zimbabweans.

This has seen increasing calls by some Zanu PF hardliners for Mujuru’s expulsion from the ruling party, as recently happened to former Cabinet minister Didymus Mutasa and ex-party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo — a move that would benefit her senior party opponents and completely eliminate her from ever being considered for high office in the party.

In the telephone interview with the Daily News yesterday, Mujuru also dismissed as “mere speculation”  claims by Mugabe and other Zanu PF bigwigs that she was about to form her own political party.

“I am Zanu PF and no one will remove me from that party because I did no one any wrong,” she said emphatically.

Among other bizarre claims, Mugabe recently alleged that Mujuru had consulted Nigerian witch doctors, “half-naked”, in a vain bid to topple him from power.

Previously, Mugabe and his wife Grace had also claimed that Mujuru, Gumbo and Mutasa had connived to oust him from power and to have him killed.

Commenting on the latest Zanu PF conspiracy yesterday, MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu said the ruling party should not drag the main opposition party into its “dirty factional fights”.

“For the record, the MDC is not working in cahoots with any of the numerous factions within the beleaguered and terminally-fractured Zanu PF party.

“It is a fact that there are at least two main factions within Zanu PF: the Gamatox (Mujuru) faction and the Weevils (VP Emmerson Mnangagwa) faction. There are also other smaller factions,” Gutu said.

He said even after the Weevils had ganged up with Grace to eject Mujuru from her party and State positions, Zanu PF remained in the “vicious throes” of its succession wars, with the party’s ostensibly victorious faction now split along tribal and generational lines.

As a result, Gutu said, Zanu PF’s days were numbered and it would soon “collapse like the proverbial deck of cards”.

“Zanu PF is a sunset political formation that is faced by an inevitable and crushing collapse.

“The allegation that the MDC is planning protests to destabilise the country is palpably false, spurious, frivolous and utterly vexatious.”


A POLICEWOMAN based in Mashava has been arraigned before the courts for faking her husband’s death in a bid to defraud First Mutual Life of $1 500 in funeral policy benefits.

Mary Matare (32), whose rank was not given in court papers, was last Friday jointly charged with her husband Maxwell Mataire (32) and Victor Chademana (32), an employee at the Registrar-General’s office.

Prosecutor Taonga Musina told the court that on November 17 last year, the cop connived with Chademana and got a fake burial order for her “late husband” Maxwell.

Mary, the court further heard, approached First Mutual the following day and claimed the money from the funeral policy as the wife of the “deceased”. She provided a picture of Maxwell identifying him as her “late” husband.

However, the three ran out of luck after officials from First Mutual Life smelt a rat as Maxwell’s name matched that of someone who had come to their offices three days before enquiring about his funeral policy. 

The officials decided to verify the burial order with the district registrar’s offices before cashing out and discovered that the burial order was fake, as it contained Maxwell’s late father’s name, yet the claim form had the cop’s husband’s name.

First Mutual Life officials reported the matter to the police, leading to the arrest of the three. Magistrate Sibonginkosi Mnkandla remanded them out of custody to April 10 for further trial.


JOHANNESBURG — King Goodwill Zwelithini meant each and every word when he said foreigners must pack their bags and get out of South Africa.

So said Zwelithini’s spokesman, Prince Thulani Zulu, who said yesterday the king had nothing to be sorry for. The Zulu king’s outburst came on Saturday during his speech at a moral regeneration event in Pongola, northern Kwa-Zulu Natal.

In the presence of both Police minister Nathi Nhleko and provincial Member of the Executive Council Willies Mchunu, the king was reported to have told the gathering that it was time foreigners were told to return to their countries.

The king accused them of messing up the country’s towns by hanging their fake clothing brands on the streets. Now when you walk down the street you can’t recognise a shop you used to know because it has been taken over by foreigners who mess it up by hanging up rags,” the king said.
His remarks were widely condemned as encouraging hatred towards foreigners, which may result in more violent behaviour towards them.

But Prince Thulani said the king won’t apologise because he stood by what he said. “I think the people who are complaining are misinterpreting his speech,” he said.

“He didn’t say foreigners must be attacked or harassed. The king was talking about foreigners who are here illegally. Some are involved in serious crimes like drug and human trafficking.
“We don’t need such people in our country, so the king is right.

The king’s speech has been strongly criticised for fuelling hatred against foreigners by the Somali Association of South Africa and the Congolese Solidarity Campaign. The provincial government distanced itself from the king’s speech. 

It said it was guided by the Constitution, which guarantees human rights for all in SA.


A RAPE suspect yesterday revealed the extent of homosexuality in prisons, claiming other inmates proposed love to fellow inmates with the intention of engaging in homosexuality, while prison officials turned a blind eye to rampant gay relations.

The suspect, Munyaradzi Nyoni, revealed that if newer inmates dared spurn the proposals, they were threatened with death, confined within the prison and in some extreme cases, their meals were laced with poison.

Nyoni, in revealing the extent of sodomy and homosexuality in prison, shocked the courts when he asked the magistrate if he looked like a woman because he was worried as he had been proposed to by other inmates.

“Do I look like a woman or am structured like one?” he asked. “I am worried that prison officials are aware that senior convicts sodomise other inmates and they don’t take action to stop that.” Nyoni sarcastically told the magistrate that maybe sodomy had been legalised in prison and only they had not been told about it.

“Maybe sodomy was legalised in prison without our consent, but if it wasn’t, the justice system should do something about it,” he said.

Western Commonage provincial magistrate Willard Mafios Moyo promised the prisoner that he would institute full investigations concerning homosexuality in prison cells. “I will look seriously into the case since we have been notified of what has been happening in the prisons cells of late,” he said.

A prison officer, however, told the Southern Eye that they had heard reports of homosexuality in prison, but it was difficult to stem the practice as in some cases prisoners would be in agreement and the sex would be consensual.

“We are always alert, but most of the time individuals do it in agreement when we are all asleep,” he said. The prison cannot allow such acts, but prisoners or victims choose not to report such cases.”
Nyoni is on remand after he allegedly raped a minor and is waiting for a trial date at Bulawayo’s Tredgold Magistrates’ Courts.

He was not asked to plead, but was remanded in custody to April 8. southern eye


LIONS and baby elephants have reportedly been captured at the Hwange National Park and moved to a game reserve linked to First Lady Grace Mugabe, a wildlife activist has claimed.

This comes days after Environment, Water and Climate minister Saviour Kasikuwere said 20 baby elephants and other animals had been captured for export to China, France and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force chairman Johnny Rodrigues said the animal rights group had it on good authority that the captured elephants had not been exported, with some of them being sent to the First Lady’s game reserve.

Rodrigues, however, said it could not be verified whether the elephants and lions sent to Grace’s Manzou Farm in Mazowe were part of the 20 that are supposed to be exported to countries like China, France and the UAE.

“As far as we know, the baby elephants have not yet been exported,” he said in a statement. There are apparently some being held in the boma in Hwange National Park and some more in Victoria Falls, although it is said that some have been moved to Grace Mugabe’s new game reserve, as well as nine lions.

“We don’t know if the elephants moved to Grace’s game reserve are part of the captured group.”
Kasukuwere refused to comment on the issue yesterday, claiming that he was busy attending meetings in neighbouring Botswana, before hanging up his mobile phone.

Wild animals were last year released into Manzou Farm, reportedly to chase away villagers who were resisting eviction to pave way for Grace to turn the property into a game reserve. Government officials, however, denied reports that Grace was behind the evictions and instead blamed villagers for causing land degradation through illegal gold panning activities.

Rodrigues said they had it on good authority that authorities were forced to capture baby elephants after the bigger jumbos “proved too difficult to handle”.

 Some of the bigger elephants captured proved too difficult to handle, so they were released back into the bush and some smaller ones were captured to make up the numbers. “We have heard that the export will begin by the end of March,” he added.

Animal conservation groups are against moves by the government to export baby elephants, but the Environment minister on Friday said there was no going back.

Kasukuwere said the shipments will comply with regulations put in place by the United Nations’ Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna, known as CITES. southern eye


THE husband to one of the women allegedly raped by Abundant Global Life Ministries founder Bishop Danmore Magorimbo yesterday told Harare magistrate Adonia Masawi that his wife apologised to him for having sexual intercourse with the cleric.

 Speaking during cross-examination by Magorimbo’s lawyer, Witness Chinyama, the man, however, admitted that a rape victim would under normal circumstances not apologise to society.
Chinyama said it did not make sense that the woman would apologise for having been raped.
Asked what he did after learning that his wife had had sexual intercourse with her pastor, the man said he did not take any action against her, but sought legal help. 

He also told the court that he asked his wife to write a report and he went through it before it was presented to his lawyers. 

He said initially when he asked his wife if she had had intercourse with Magorimbo, she denied it, but he was later told by his lawyers after listening to the audio conversation that there were criminal elements in the conversation.

The incident is said to have occurred in April last year at the church’s premises in Belvedere where Magorimbo allegedly approached the woman who was in the prayer room and told her he wanted to chase out evil spirits planted into her by her husband during sex before inviting her to his office.
Magorimbo was allegedly helped to rape the woman by his head intercessor and co-accused Leeshalow Kambiro.

Magorimbo allegedly repeated the act again the following day, saying she needed a second dose of the anointing before Kambiro threatened the woman not to make the matter public otherwise she risked the wrath of God. 

The matter is expected to continue on Monday with two other witnesses expected to testify during the trial. newsday


THERE has been an outpouring of anger from different quarters over the MDC-T’s stance not to participate in the by-elections in the 14 seats that fell vacant following the expulsion of MDC Renewal Team MPs from Parliament.

Many yesterday accused MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai of being “petty” and vindictive, while others felt the move had the potential to cause another split in the opposition party amid reports that rival camps have emerged over the issue.

Impeccable party sources told NewsDay that the decision to push for the recall of 21 MPs and not to fight for the vacant seats had exposed the party and a serious rift had emerged in the movement.
Followers on social media said the development would weaken the MDC-T as the main opposition and given the growing animosity in the party over the developments, another split was imminent.
Analyst Takura Zhangazha, writing on his blog, said the MDC-T had acted out of anger and malice in the matter while the MDC Renewal Team had shown lack of confidence in standing alone as a political party.

“It can only be argued that in its actions, the MDC-T acted largely out of anger that borders on malice as opposed to principle. If it believes in parliamentary democracy and the new Constitution that it co-authored, it would have been a logical course of action for it to immediately then say we are still committed to representing our constituents as a party,” Zhangazha said. 

“The political implications are another matter altogether. In the first instance, it is a huge contradiction to seek ascendancy over rivals and then not want to reclaim political space that all along they have been clamouring for.”

Commenting on various social platforms, several commentators attacked Tsvangirai and said would mark the end of opposition in the country.

“So what have you won? You were just vindictive for nothing. So donating seats to Zanu PF is better than leaving them in the hands of opposition? Are you saying (MDC Renewal Team secretary-general Tendai) Biti and company are worse than Zanu PF? You are a setback to democracy! You are being childish and petty,” fumed one reader on the NewsDay website.

Another reader who identified himself as Fabion Magamba said: “This is clear evidence that Tsvangirai and his friends cannot think strategically. All he wants is to take away food from Biti’s mouth. If he had any brain, he would have realised that Biti was a better devil. The move will only help in humiliating the residents of Harare and Bulawayo and make them shun opposition politics.”

Another reader said: “So what was the point of recalling MDC Renewal Team MPs from Parliament if the MDC-T knew they would not participate? National leaders are not mired in petty politics, they rise above it! This is childish and vindictive.”

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


The Ministry of Information together with the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, have filed a lawsuit demanding $58 million from the public broadcaster’s former chairman Cuthbert Dube and five top managers.

Chief executive Happison Muchechetere, general manager news and current affairs Tazzen Mandizvidza, general manager finance Elliot Kasu, general manager radio services Allan Chiweshe and head of finance Ralph Nyambudzi, who are all suspended, were listed as co-defendants with Dube.

In the lawsuit, ZBC is listed as the First Applicant and the Information, Media and Broadcasting Services ministry as the Second Applicant.
They are accused of being reckless in their management of the entity and unjustifiably enriching themselves through hefty salaries and loans.

It is argued that the six carried out ZBC’s business in a negligent and reckless manner that caused financial prejudice to the company.

ZBC contends that the top brass acted extravagantly and allocated themselves hefty loans at the time the company was bleeding and in a dire financial state.

The largest amount being claimed by ZBC is that of $28 million which the accused are said to have connived not to remit to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority in respect of statutory obligations.

The managers are also accused of abusing $23 million which they took fraudulently from the company.

According to the plaintiff’s declaration, on January 19, 2010, the five managers with the approval of Dube, took a loan of $618,000 from CBZ Bank for the purchase of executive vehicles.

It is ZBC’s argument that the six misrepresented that the loan had been approved by the board when it was their own initiative and decision.

They are also alleged to have unlawfully approved a housing loan scheme agreement between ZBC and CBZ Bank on May 5, 2010.

The housing loans, according to ZBC and the ministry, was unlawfully guaranteed in the name of ZBC without the approval of the board of directors.
The five managers benefited from the fraudulent housing scheme and the company suffered prejudice to the tune of $300,000.

The loans in question attracted $24,583 as a three percent administration fees, which was borne by ZBC.

Despite receiving the said loans, the managers in connivance with Dube, continued to unlawfully access housing allowances, thereby double dipping.

ZBC suffered financial prejudice to the tune of $441,400 as a result of the continued receipt of housing allowances.

In January 2010, the ZBC board approved the chief executive’s salary increase by 10 percent, but Dube and Muchechetere unlawfully increased the salary by 93,869 percent to the prejudice of the company.

On June 1, 2011, Dube and Muchechetere unilaterally increased Muchechetere’s salary by 365,579 percent.

In March 2010, the ZBC board of directors approved salary increment of 10 percent for general managers, but Muchechetere and his fellow managers disregarded the board resolution and increased it by 77,11 percent.

In June 2011, the management unlawfully awarded general managers 297,85 percent salary increase without any approval from the board.

In January 2010, the managers and heads of departments were awarded a 72 percent salary increment in total disregard of the 10 percent that had been approved by the board of directors.

A year later, the managers and heads of departments were also treated to a 77,21 percent salary increment.

The board of directors approved a 20 percent salary increment for the general staff in March 2010, but the workers ended up getting 30,52 percent.

In March 2011, the workers were awarded 89,175 percent salary increase without the board’s approval, while they got another 22,546 percent increment in March 2012.
On July 25, 2013, Muchechetere reportedly received an irregular cash payment of $50,000 as part of his purported back pay, but no tax was deducted from the amount.
Between 2009 and 2013, the management recklessly and negligently failed to remit tax (Pay As You Earn) to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority in breach of the Income Tax Act.
Failure to remit tax is likely to cost ZBC up to $10,759,494.

During the same period, the management failed to withhold 10 percent tax on the fees paid to artists and authors.

ZBC paid $1,364,393 to artists and authors between 2009 and 2013, but failed to remit $136,493,33 to ZIMRA.

Dube is being accused of theft after taking furniture belonging to the company worth $5,072. The property was acquired through some barter trade arrangement between ZBC and Teachers’ Furniture where a Samsung 65-inch LED television set, Opus Plasma stand, four Eland side stools and one Eland coffee table were delivered to ZBC.
It is alleged that Dube took the furniture and kept it for himself to the prejudice of ZBC.