Morgan Tsvangirai says the internal MDC strife is over. Many in his party do not believe him as the purge of pro-Biti officials continues.


President Mugabe was so angry when the EU did not invite his wife for the EU-Africa summit. He decided he would rather not go than be without his dearest wife, Grace. He is a 90-year-old man who requires his wife by his side all the time.


Cuthbert Dube has been re-elected the boss of Zifa to a chorus of boos within the football fraternity. Dube said he was not bothered as the people who voted wanted him to lead Zifa again.


Open war has broken out in the ruling party with the two factions, one believed to be led by Joice Mujuru and another by Emmerson Mnangagwa squaring off. Mugabe is on his last five year term and succession is now on the cards.


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Monday, 21 April 2014


Two Indians who operate a hardware shop in Harare appeared in court last week facing charges of contravening the Trademarks Act by selling counterfeited, substandard locksets with a Chubb Locks Union of Zimbabwe logo.

The owners of Lucky Electrical Hardware in Harare Street were selling locksets branded as Union and Yale, which are manufactured by Chubb Locks. Harare magistrate Mr Donald Ndirowei remanded Salim Patel (38) and Anwar Ismail Haveliwala (43) out of custody to May 8.

Chubb Locks Union of Zimbabwe was represented by its finance director, Clive Majoni.
The court heard that Chubb Locks is the only manufacturer and trader of Union and Locks locksets worldwide.

On April 2, Chubb Locks sales representative Bishop Nyaruwata came across imitations of Union and Yale brands being sold by Patel and Haveliwala. Nyaruwata bought some of the locks and discovered that they had Chubb Locks codes and logos, although they were substandard, the court heard.

It is alleged that the counterfeit locksets were made of weak raw material and were of substandard weight. On April 11, Nyaruwata went to hardware Lucky Electrical Hardware and and bought 20 Union and 30 Yale locksets valued at $225 and $240 respectively.

Chubb Locks took these to the police leading to the arrest of Patel and Haveliwala. Police recovered 430 boxes containing 30 units of counterfeit.


Zimbabwe’S economy is set for a major breakthrough and people must prepare for the good times that are set to roll again, with industries getting back to maximum production, preacher Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has said.

Speaking to more than 160 000 people at the United Family International Church’s all-night event dubbed Judgment Night 2 at the National Sports Stadium in Harare early yesterday morning, Prophet Makandiwa said Zimbabweans will cry no more.

“I see in the helm of the spirit that this nation will not go back to where it was,” he said. “God is giving this nation a better platform. We need to pray now for this. As we experience the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, he will begin to resurrect this country.

“Industries shall begin to run again. I see production. You shall remember these words. You will be able to move around the city and be able to do your shopping even during the night. Industries shall no longer be closing shop, selling goods in the afternoon and in the evening.

“You shall see it happening in your lifetime. Jesus is following us, coming to a place of recovering us from the graveyard, restoring us back to our position,” Prophet Makandiwa said.

He said instead of complaining, Zimbabweans must invite Jesus to lead them forward.
“Nobody shall lay his filthy hands on you from tonight,” he said. “Jesus is coming to that place to restore us. We were there for a very long time, suffering for a very long time.

“You are going to present this nation before God and begin to plead the blood of Jesus over the policies, the economy and relationships. You will know and you will see that this God is alive.” 

Prophet Makandiwa’s spiritual father, Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng, said the power of hell that sought to cripple Zimbabwe was being judged. “So, Zimbabwe will never be the same again,” he said.
“There is judgment from the Supreme Court of Heaven and the destiny of Zimbabwe is being determined in this Judgment Night.”

Prophet Boateng said it was not a coincidence that Judgment Night 2 came a day after the Independence Day celebrations, saying the two events signified the physical and the spiritual well-being of the country.

Judgment Night 2 was oversubscribed, with the 60 000-seater National Sports Stadium full by 1pm on Saturday. With the help of the police, those who failed to enter the stadium were convinced to watch proceedings from the B Arena where giant screens were set up.

However, B Arena was full within minutes and organisers had to create a second overflow with more screens. Judgment Night 2 was attended by thousands of international visitors from Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, the DRC, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Australia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Lesotho, Spain, Ukraine, Britain, the United States and Afghanistan.

Government ministers who attended the event included Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Walter Mzembi, Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Ignatius Chombo, Minister of State for Mashonaland West Ferber Chidarikire, Minister of State for Harare Miriaam Chikukwa, Minister of State for Midlands Jason Machaya.

Senior Minister Simon Khaya Moyo’s wife Margaret, several deputy ministers, Members of Parliament and prominent businesspeople were also in attendance. Minister Machaya, who was in attendance, said: “We welcome the prophecy and it gives the nation hope. This is what is needed at this time.”

Sunday, 20 April 2014


Young Gava with a gun
Zanu-PF legislator for Mhondoro-Ngezi Mike Gava (32) was remanded in custody on Saturday by a Kadoma magistrate for allegedly discharging his gun in public and kidnapping a woman from a bar in the town.

Gava will appear in court again tomorrow when a ruling on his bail application is likely to be made. The State alleges that Gava fired a Star pistol in a Kadoma casino before force-marching an unidentified woman, believed to be his ex-girlfriend, to his car at gunpoint while threatening to sexually assault her .

Gava allegedly brandished his gun several times in the casino and placed it on the table.
He allegedly “tested” the pistol by firing a shot at a window, sending patrons scampering for cover.

Gava then allegedly force-marched the female patron to his Ford Ranger at gunpoint and drove her to his farm in Kadoma. It is said he disembarked from the vehicle and left the gun on his seat as he went looking for his house keys.

The woman hid the gun in the vehicle and ran away, but Gava allegedly noticed it and gave chase. He caught up with her and assaulted her, before leaving her at the farm as he drove off, the court was told.

The woman reportedly called for a taxi and reported the case to the police. herald


Government has dismissed talk of an imminent Cabinet reshuffle triggered by alleged under-performance of some ministers, while also brushing off suggestions that Zim-Asset is not working according to plan and that the indigenisation policy could soon be reversed.
Some sections of the private media have been claiming that President Mugabe will soon drop some ministers and reshuffle others, while also questioning the efficacy of Zim-Asset and indigenisation.

In an interview with The Herald at the weekend, Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo said there was a strong sense of inspiration in Government on implementation of the Zimbabwe Agenda for Socio-Economic Transformation, reminiscent of the work ethic of the early 1980s when the Zanu-PF administration took over Government.

“This issue about a Cabinet reshuffle and calls for its review or reshuffle by His Excellency is something that is not confusing anybody or getting any serious attention from anyone in Government.
“After all, everyone knows we serve in Cabinet at the pleasure of His Excellency and it is his prerogative to reshuffle as and when he deems fit or necessary. When you know that such is the prerogative of the President, there is no reason why you should be bothered by media speculation or orchestration either about or for such a thing.

“One thing we all know though is that President Mugabe is one leader whose decisions are not made by the media. He makes them himself. So this is a non-issue,” said Prof Moyo.

He also snuffed speculation of a review of the indigenisation and economic empowerment policy saying that it formed the bedrock of the Zanu-PF Government’s economic strategy.
Prof Moyo said the policy would not be changed to serve some people who were fronting foreign interests.

“There are some people who are suggesting that we rethink or realign the indigenisation and economic empowerment policy and it is quite strange to have this against the background that it is that which won elections,” said Prof Moyo.

“I cannot imagine a wise person wanting to rethink where their bread and butter is coming from. I am not aware of any policy changes but I have been reading in the newspapers where the suggestions are being made that we need to rethink indigenisation. In sport, you don’t change a winning team and in policy you don’t rethink a winning policy,” he explained.

He said what would be welcome would be fine-tuning and sharpening indigenisation so that it would better serve the electorate that endorsed the policy.

“We cannot say we must rethink indigenisation in order to advantage or benefit our friends – worse if they are foreigners who are trying to find an easy way into the economy and trying to avoid to meeting the requirements of policy or law.

“I also think it is a repudiation of Zim-Asset to say we must rethink indigenisation meaning let’s do away with it . . . if people say let’s rethink it in order to change it and move away from it that is unacceptable and it has to be said in the strongest terms that we cannot do that. We cannot say one thing during election campaigns and do the opposite after elections,” he said.

He said the indigenisation policy was well-grounded and was attracting the attention of African countries as the resource nationalism wave swept the continent.


President Mugabe says he has assessed aspirants angling to succeed him and has no preferred candidate as the people will choose their next leader. The President, who was speaking in an interview with Ghanaian-born British film-maker Roy Agyemang for a BBC documentary, “Robert Mugabe @ 90” that was aired on Saturday evening, said people will elect their leader.

Asked if he had any person he favoured to take over from him when he retires, President Mugabe said: “I have people in mind who would want to be. But I have looked at them. I have not come to any conclusion as to which one, really, should be. I leave it to the choice of people. Perhaps when we get close to the election I will have some in mind.”

President Mugabe reiterated his long-held position that leaders should come from the people.
“It must be leadership that derives from the people, chosen by the people, goes back to the people, listens to the people and is guided by the demands of the people,” he said.

Vice President Joice Mujuru, and Justice Minister and Zanu-PF secretary for legal affairs Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa have been touted as front runners to succeed President Mugabe in various sections of the media.

Earlier this month President Mugabe said neither of the two had an automatic ticket to take over leadership of the ruling party and country, as the people were the ultimate arbiters of who would assume the reins.

Addressing the Gushungo clan at Murombedzi Growth Point, President Mugabe said Presidential aspirants would be elected through the Zanu-PF congress. President Mugabe said VP Mujuru and Cde Mnangagwa were not the only people who could take over from him as the pool of potential leaders was wide.

In the BBC interview, President Mugabe said Britain – which funded the formation and launch of the MDC in 1999 through the Westminster Foundation in a bid to effect regime change in ZImbabwe – had degenerated over the years.

“What has happened to Britain? They have grown small in mind, small in intellect, that wisdom which the likes of Churchill had, where is it?” he asked.

“You can’t see it at all. You can’t see it in people now with gay habits – shame on them. I pity the one lady I admire, the Queen, that she is in these circumstances. I’m sure down deep she must be groaning (at) the loss of values in Britain. They’ve gone to the dogs. No respect, gone.”
President Mugabe also castigated some indigenous farmers leasing land to white farmers. He said while the number of the culprits doing it was small, the practice still worried Government and it was being dealt with.

The fast-track land reform programme, which triggered the row with Britain that London subsequently internationalised to bring in the wider European Union, the United States and their allies – resulted in some 300 000 black families taking over farms previously owned by 6 000 whites.
However, some of the beneficiaries are leasing land to white former owners.


Durban - A North Coast man who was allegedly gang-raped at gunpoint by three women says he was able to cope because of muti he had taken days earlier.

Mocked by some listeners when he was interviewed on radio this week, he has been praised by a gender activist for his bravery in discussing his ordeal.

The 25-year-old father of two on Friday night told The Independent on Saturday that taking a traditional remedy to treat his erectile dysfunction was how he was able to perform during the four-hour “torture session” when he was allegedly raped by each of the women, three times.

“I had had a bit of a problem with my manhood and had sought help from a Zulu traditionalist who mixed some herbs for me,” he said.

Although he was reluctant to report the alleged rape to the police, he said in retrospect he was pleased that he had. “Talking about it has helped with the healing process,” he said, adding that some men had mocked him, while others said he should be grateful that the women had freely offered themselves to him. He was interviewed by Gagasi FM, a Durban radio station.

The man, who does odd jobs, said he was still receiving counselling and has been on anti-retroviral treatment since being raped.

“My body has healed but I still think and have nightmares about what happened to me,” he said. “Sometimes I wake up at night sweating.”

He said his girlfriend was initially sceptical when he told her about the assault which occurred last Saturday. “But she supported me and we went to the clinic and she now knows and believes what happened,” he said.

Given the chance, the man said he would like to open a support centre for men who have experienced the same problem.

“Most people don’t understand how a man can be raped, but it does happen. It’s just that we are afraid to speak out about it.”

Mbuyiselo Botha, spokesman for the Sonke Gender Justice Network, commended the man for his bravery in reporting the incident and speaking about it openly.

“There would be a stigma around a man who reported such a rape and said he had not enjoyed it.”

Many such instances therefore probably went unreported, he said.

Botha added such inappropriate and absurd reactions were a reflection of South African society’s not sufficiently acknowledging the existence of rape of men.

After the alleged rape, the women had said that they would contact him when they need him. He said the women had not yet called. They remain at large.

“The case is still under investigation,” said police spokesman Captain Thulani Zwane. “No arrests have been made.”

The man claimed that each of the women raped him three times on towels they had especially laid out beside their car on the side of a road. They appeared sober and did not smell of alcohol, he said.

He also said they spoke a language he could not understand. He suspected it could have either been Sesotho or Setswana.

In 2011 incidents of hitch-hikers being forced into sex by women made the news in Zimbabwe. The women appeared to have been after their victims’ semen, possibly for traditional medicinal purposes.

Reports at the time say that the men were forced into sex with the women, sometimes unprotected and at gunpoint, before the women collected their semen and dumped victims by the roadside.

Botha recalled a similar incident in Kagiso, near Krugersdorp, about three years ago when three women raped a man after a hijacking incident.

“I have no idea of their motive. I don’t recall them being arrested.”

He also stressed that male-on- male rape remained a serious problem, often with serious consequences. “Two years ago, a man came to our offices after having been released from prison where he was constantly raped.”

“Even the authorities ridiculed him and when he came out he wanted to reclaim his manhood, he wanted to test his virility and see if his attraction to women was still there.

“So, he started raping women.”

Catherin Venter, a clinical psychologist specialising in sexual issues who is based on the South Coast, said when a gun is at a man’s head and three women are demanding sex from him without his consent, it’s not impossible for him to perform.

There are times when “the body takes over” and stimulation can happen without consent.

“Sometimes, if someone is mentally offended an erection will fail. But it is possible with mental stimulation,” said Venter.

“Sometimes the body takes over and a man can have an erection.”

She said she had heard of such incidents but had not encountered it among her patients in Port Shepstone, nor in Durban North where she was previously based.

“I don’t think it is common, women in a group raping a man. ”

However, she said rape was always related to violence and control. “They certain tried to control and overpower him, especially with a gun.”

Durban urologist GM Hoosen said one would have to be excited to get an erection but that this would not be difficult for a 25 year old. - Independent on Saturday


First Family's dairy firm made roaring business at the giant National Sports Stadium where thousands converged for Prophet Makandiwa's Judgment Night.

The Mugabe’s Alpha and Omega trucks disgorged loads of dairy products for sale.  Other equally enterprising Harare residents transformed the stadium and its environs into a hotbed of business.
Thousands seeking prosperity and life changing spiritual experiences trekked to the stadium. Prophet Makandiwa promised that their troubles would end yesterday. Dubbed “Free At Last”, organisers said those in bondage were set to be set free.

Many are not convinced about the promised miracles dismissing Makandiwa's claims as a con. They say people will still be carrying their burdens of life today as they were yesterday when the prophet claimed they will be set free.


President Mugabe’s eyes are the subject of intense speculation after he took off his glasses and revealed a shocker.

Some say the ageing leader has glaucoma, a condition that eventually leads to blindness. There is no cure for it. On Friday Mugabe struggled to use his right eye which seemed to be nearly shut.While Mugabe appeared to be highly alert and jocular, he looked like he was experiencing difficulties with his right eye while delivering his speech during national commemorations to mark Zimbabwe’s 34th Independence Day at the National Sports Stadium in Harare.
Throughout his one-and-half-hour-long speech, Mugabe seemed uneasy with his right eye and was forced to remove his spectacles at least three times. He then spoke for a long time without glasses.

Mugabe reportedly had cataract surgery in Singapore in January 2011 and has made several other trips to the Asian country thereafter for check-ups.
In November last year, Mugabe flew to Singapore after another visit in June, sparking speculation about his health. Government officials said Mugabe had gone for a “routine eye check”.
This followed several visits in 2011 and succeeding years reportedly for the same eye problem.
When he flew again to Singapore on the eve of his 90th birthday celebrations this year, his spokesperson George Charamba revealed that he had gone for check-ups.
“He is going for the second eye procedure, the right eye was operated on, so he is now going for the second operation,” Charamba was quoted as saying.
“This is a routine check-up, a routine cataract operation for his left eye whose date was set down more than a year ago and the president has gone to fulfill that appointment.”
But it was the same right eye that seemed to have given Mugabe problems on Friday. It appeared as if the eye was struggling to blink while at times it was not opening at all.
Mugabe’s health concerns had been a subject of speculation each time he flew out of the country for health check-ups. His critics claimed he was visiting the Asian country for prostate cancer treatment.
The 90-year-old Zanu PF leader has on several occasions been rumoured, particularly by the Western media, to be dead while in Singapore or Malaysia for holidays or medical check-ups. But Mugabe always laughs off such rumours declaring himself “as fit as a fiddle.”



WORKERS at a leading Bulawayo hotel were last Thursday left shellshocked after a corpse of a 66-year-old Australian tourist was found in a room.

Police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi confirmed the death of John Rodney Deyer. He said police did not suspect any foul play as a post mortem had revealed that he died of natural causes. “I can confirm that the police received a report of a 66-year-old foreign man who was found dead at his hotel room and the post mortem suggested that he died due to natural causes and there is no foul play in his death,” Nyathi said.

A source at the hotel said a lot of tablets were found in the hotel room leading to some speculation that he could have committed suicide. However, the post mortem according to the police has discounted suicide. “The staff and the management were really shocked about the incident,” a hotel employee said.“We believe that the man committed suicide through an overdose of tablets because there were lot of drugs in his room.”Detectives from Bulawayo Central Police Station removed Deyer’s body from the hotel room.


ZANU PF secretary for administration and Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa has said some officials in the ruling party Zanu PF wished him dead during his recent illness.

Mutasa also said Zanu PF officials trying to torpedo Vice-President Joice Mujuru in the race to succeed President Robert Mugabe were literally daydreaming. Mutasa, currently the fourth most senior person in Zanu PF after Mugabe, Mujuru and party national chairman Simon Khaya Moyo, said he was now “fit as a fiddle” and ready to steer party programmes.

In an interview on the sidelines of the Manicaland women’s league inter-district conference at Marymount Teachers’ College last week, Mutasa confirmed that he recently flew to India for treatment after getting unwell.Mutasa said while some of his colleagues in Zanu PF had wished him dead during the time of his illness, he had since fully recovered. “I know there are some people who have taken interest in my illness. There are others that were actually looking forward to my death,” the veteran politician said.

“Is my illness all that very important?“ I was not around because I was not feeling well. I went to India and received treatment. I am back and in good health. Nyathi is alive and lively.”Nyathi is Mutasa’s totem. Mutasa could, however, not disclose the nature of his recent ailment which forced him to fly to India for treatment. He also did not disclose those in Zanu PF who wished him dead. But it is believed he was referring to opponents who belong to a rival faction in Zanu PF.Mutasa is considered the Zanu PF “godfather” in Manicaland and is linked to a faction loyal to Mujuru.


A man has struck and killed his brother as they fought over the ownership of their late parents' home in Bulawayo.

Eddington Muchayiri (39) died after being hit on the head with a hoe by his younger brother Tongoona (37) following an argument over the ownership of their late parents’ home in Entumbane.
Cossor, the youngest in the family, says if his sister, Tragedy (32), had not come home that day, tragedy would not have struck.
On 4 April, the day of the alleged attack, Cossor says his sister came home and began arguing with Eddington, who was living in the family home. Tragedy and Tongoona are said to have had a war of words with the deceased which resulted in him being attacked with a hoe on the head before he died two days later.

“If Tragedy had not come home that day, Eddington would have been alive today. There was never going to be a fight,” he said. The story of the Muchayiri family reads like that of a sad movie script. One of their aunts died in a horrific car accident on her way to Eddington’s burial in Buhera, Manicaland province. It was indeed a double tragedy.

According to Cossor, after Tongoona attacked his brother with a hoe, he fled the scene and was nowhere to be found. He was later arrested by cops in the rural areas of Ntabazinduna.
He appeared at Western Commonage courts last week on a murder charge and was remanded to 28 April.

The death of Eddington sent shock waves across Entumbane as people were trying to understand why so much hatred could exist within a family. The wife to the deceased, Ms Tryphine Mthunzi, said she was deeply hurt by the death of her husband and even more hurt by the fact that she failed to attend his burial in Buhera.

“I did not go to Buhera because I was not formally married to Eddington. My family asked the Muchayiris to first pay a bit of some bride price so that I could be released for the burial but they failed to do so, so I did not go,” said Ms Mthunzi.

She said she was extremely hurt by the fact that the Muchayiris had failed to come and negotiate with her family so that she could be released for her husband’s funeral.

“I heard that Tongoona phoned Tragedy saying he had US$100 that he wanted to give her to assist with funeral arrangements. He did not show up with the said money until they arrested him,” she said.

Another sad development is that Eddington died without securing birth certificates for his two infant children. Ms Mthunzi said the children aged four and two had no birth certificates because she owed Mpilo Central Hospital $270.

“When I delivered my first born, I was left with a debt of US$270 so Mpilo Hospital is holding on to the birth record such that I cannot go and get a birth certificate. The second child also does not have a birth certificate as I do not have an identity card,” she explained.

Although she has failed to get identity documents for her children, her name, Tryphine, is derived from a legendary Breton saint who is widely revered as a patron saint of sick children and those whose birth is overdue.

A tenant at the Muchayiri family home said she was still failing to come to terms with Eddington’s death.

“When this happened I was away so it is still hard for me to come to terms with it. I feel empty without him here. He was such a pleasant person who was always there for us. I feel like he has just visited elsewhere and he will be back. It’s sad that brothers turn against each other,” she said.
Cossor said life would now be a struggle as the man he looked up to as a brother was no more.
“Eddington was the father figure I was looking up to as we are orphans, but now he is gone. I do not know where to turn to,” he said.

He has not made any contact with his sister since their brother’s burial.
“I think it is better it remains like this because she cannot give me answers for the questions that I have,” he said.




Obert gutu, MDC Harare province spokesman says President Mugabe has reached his sell by date and must be removed from power.
He said :"When everything has been said and done, I am increasingly convinced that the old man has reached his zenith; he is way beyond sell-by date. In fact, he is decidedly no longer fit for purpose.

"The situation that is presently confronting us is desperate. What makes it even more sad is the apparent debilitating deficit of patriotic leadership. We are caught in a catch 22 situation. Things are falling apart. The centre can no longer hold. Surely, at that advanced age and in that state of distinctly failing health, you would be expecting too much if you expect the old man to be able to turn around the country's fortunes. This is the time for all patriots to take their position and to do whatever is lawful and constitutional to ensure that we have regime change sooner rather than later. Doing anything less, would be a gross betrayal of the wishes and aspirations of the toiling masses of Zimbabwe."

Job Sikhala also had this to say about the Zimbabwean leader.  "A person who should be immediately renewed is Robert Mugabe. 34 years of national destruction and colossal dictatorship. Today, with his hand unable to shuffle papers of his prepared speech he was encouraging infighting in the MDC, urging us to fight and be suspicious of each other when the coterie of his idealess fools were giggling like a scorned wife at a family gathering. The person we want to deal with, is him, the bloody despot whose hands are dripping with blood of hundred of thousands!!!"
When everything has been said and done, I am increasingly convinced that the old man has reached his zenith; he is way beyond sell-by date. In fact, he is decidedly no longer fit for purpose.


SIXTEEN gold panners from Empress in Zhombe spent three days trapped underground after the owner of a mine where they were conducting illegal mining hired an excavator and covered the tunnel which they had used to go underground.

Relatives of the trapped miners approached police at Zhombe after spending two days trying to rescue their trapped loved ones. The incident occurred between Saturday and Monday last week when all the 16 were later rescued through the assistance of the police.

According to witnesses, the police intervened and ordered the miner, only identified as Mr Gleeman, to use the excavator to reopen the tunnel which he had covered so as to rescue the trapped group.
“It took three days for the trapped miners to be rescued through the same tunnel following police intervention. Mr Gleeman, who claimed that he was not aware that there were people conducting mining activities underground when he covered the tunnel, told the police that he had covered the tunnel to block illegal panners who were wreaking havoc at his mine and he got away with that,” said a witness.

The witnesses, however, insisted that Mr Gleeman knew that there were people underground.
“Mr Gleeman was aware that there were people who were underground when he hired an excavator and covered the only tunnel which is used at the mine to go underground,” said the witness.

Some of the miners who survived a three-day horror experience under the earth said they were surprised that the police did not move in to arrest Mr Gleeman following the incident.

“It is clear that Mr Gleeman’s intention was to kill us because we could have suffocated while underground. It was through God’s grace that we survived and we all expected to see Mr Gleeman behind bars following this incident. We are surprised that until now no arrest has been made,” said Mr Andrew Chuma.

Mr Chuma said there were three groups which were operating at the mining claim and it was during their group’s turn to go underground when they met their fate. “There three syndicates which have been operating at this mine and these three groups are registered. We have been having problems with Mr Gleeman who is claiming that the area is his private property, but we least expected him to act in the manner he did,” he said.

Another miner and chairman of the Pamela syndicate, which was trapped, Mr Shepherd Tuundura, said at first they thought the mine tunnel had collapsed.
“We spent the first day trying to rescue ourselves but we stopped digging when we realised that the rubble we were digging was actually reducing the open space we had underground.
We were praying knowing that some of our colleagues outside were aware of our fate and they were doing something to try and rescue us,” he said.

Another survivor, Mr Mandla Ndlovu, said they were surviving on water while encouraging each other that they would be eventually rescued.
“Everyone was confused we did not know what happened and fatigue was beginning to strike. We heaved a sigh on the third day when we were finally rescued only to learn with disgust that it was someone who wanted to kill us,” he said.

The survivors said they were worried that the police did not arrest Mr Gleeman.
Police spokesperson for Midlands province Inspector Joel Goko said he was not aware of the incident.

Police in Zhombe, however, told Sunday News that there were no criminal charges which could be preferred against Mr Gleeman after he indicated that he was not aware that there were people underground at his mine when he hired an excavator to cover the tunnel.

“The papers shown to us confirm that Mr Gleeman is entitled to that mining claim. He is arguing that when he hired an excavator to cover the tunnel which some illegal panners used to go underground, he was not aware that there were people underground,” said the police officer.
Efforts to get a comment from Mr Gleeman were fruitless.

 Mr Robert Masundire, the manager of the Pamala Mining Claims owned by Mr Gleeman, said they were sealing the tunnel following running battles with illegal panners.
“We are having problems here with illegal gold panners and the police are aware of the challenge. They conduct routine patrols to drive away panners and the police can give you full details on what transpired,” he said.

Saturday, 19 April 2014



Pumula man was arrested on Wednesday for axing his 19-year-old gardener Mncedisi Sibindi after catching him in bed with his wife.
In a police statement, Patrick Mbedzi, 48, said his wife Bridget Ndlovu was having an affair with Sibindi and he had caught them pants down in his bedroom before he took his axe and struck his gardener on the arm in a fit of rage.

It is alleged that on Wednesday at around 1pm, Ndlovu and Sibindi were alone in the house when they decided to be intimate in the family bedroom. Mbedzi returned home to fetch his other cell phone he had forgotten in the morning while he rushed to work.

It is alleged that he found the main gate locked and used his spare keys to unlock the gate and entered.  He called out his wife but did not get any response. Mbedzi stated that he became suspicious when he found his bedroom door also locked.  He fetched an axe from the veranda and cut the door down to find Ndlovu and Sibindi naked in bed.

But both Ndlovu and Sibindi in a statement denied having sexual intercourse and claimed that they were putting up curtains in the bedroom and Mbedzi suspected that they were intimate.
Sibindi stated that the door was not locked and neither were they naked. Mbedzi insisted that he had an affair with his wife.

He said Mbedzi became violent when he found them in the bedroom, slapping and kicking Ndlovu all over the body before he took an axe and struck him. Ndlovu also pressed other charges of assault against Mbedzi stating that he had no right to be violent and she denies having an affair with Sibindi or being intimate with him on the day.
Mbedzi is in police custody and the matter will be heard in the courts on April 24.


Mike Gava, Zanu PF’s Mhondoro Ngezi Member of Parliament, is being held in police custody after running amok at the Kadoma Hotel and Conference Centre on Thursday, firing a volley of bullets, before kidnapping his ex-girlfriend.
Gava on his wedding day

The Daily News is reliably informed that Gava was arrested after he fired three shots in the sky in the hotel casino following a heated altercation with his ex-girlfriend, only identified as Thandeka.
The legislator, who was said to be tipsy, reportedly met Thandeka at the hotel and started charging that she had refused to sire a child with him.
After getting a cold shoulder from the girl, the former youth leader allegedly used force, threatening Thandeka, verbally and physically abusing her.
Witnesses in the casino said there were attempts to restrain the lawmaker from assaulting and insulting the woman, but Gava allegedly pulled out his gun and fired three shots in the sky, causing pandemonium in the casino.
After causing havoc at the hotel, it is alleged Gava kidnapped Thandeka and drove to his farm in Kadoma, where she managed to escape.
A police report was lodged by Thandeka, leading to Gava’s arrest. The Daily News understands he is currently detained at Kadoma Central Police Station awaiting his court appearance, possibly on Tuesday.
The legislator is facing charges of discharging a gun in public and kidnapping. Mashonaland West police spokesperson Clemence Mabgweazara said he did not immediately have details on the incident since he was in Bulawayo, but referred questions to police spokesperson, Paul Nyathi, who was not immediately available for comment.


The young man was murdered in cold blood by an angry mob on  January 22, 2011 in Diepsloot, north of Johannesburg in South Africa. He left behind a wife and two daughters, Tracy and Nancy (aged 4 and four months respectively at that time). The reason for killing him was that he was a Zimbabwean in the “wrong” place at the “wrong” time.

 Farai’s death made headlines internationally and people from various sections of life condemned the assailants.

The video of Farai’s gruesome murder entitled “South Africans execute INNOCENT KUJIRICHITA for being Zimbabwean can be viewed on YouTube.
Last Thursday, The Manica Post paid a visit at the Kujirichita family home in Musaonyerwa village in Mukukuzi to check on the family that Farai left behind. It was an emotional moment as Mbuya Kujirichita relived Farai’s last days.

Said Mbuya Kujirichita: “Farai’s wife went to South Africa last January to look for employment. She had to fend for her orphans. We had no choice. Right now, the two kids have visited their mother’s parents.

“Farai’s death was a big loss to the whole family. He was hard working and so loving to his family. I don’t know what befell him but I admit that he had been foreseeing his death. On three different occasions he said something about his departing from this world.

The day I was really worried was the last day we worked together in my maize field. I quote his speech which he emphasised on what I should do after his death: ‘If I happen to die, I want you to keep my wife and if she feels like being re-married, it must be in our family’.

“I asked what he meant and he said it was just a wish. May I say that was the last serious discussion I had with my son. Farai’s brother Clemence and other people who came for Farai’s funeral showed the family the video of how Farai died.

“I could not believe seeing my son being beaten like a snake. Whenever his death comes to my mind, I see apparitions.”
On how the kids are doing, Mbuya Kujirichita said: “Life is very tough for them. I have no source of income. We sold the few goats which Farai left behind in order to provide for his children but they took us nowhere.

“That’s why we allowed his widow to trek down South for work. She hasn’t found the much anticipated work as I speak right now,” said Mbuya Kujirichita.

Farai’s children are at their other grandparents’ home. Mbuya Chitavala was in custody of the two kids.

Said Mbuya Chitavala: “After Farai’s death, my daughter decided to return and live with me here. But for reasons known to her, she reversed her decision and returned to the Kujirichita home. I accepted it.

“Now it is Tracy’s schooling that is worrying us. She is doing Grade One and we don’t have money for her uniforms, books and school fees. She didn’t qualify for Better Education Assistance Module (BEAM) and this is making her schooling difficult,” said Mbuya Chitavala.

Two Zimbabweans died in February this year at the hands of a mob of South Africans in Thohoyandou in the Limpopo province. Three others were injured.

The two men who were killed had been abducted from their homes, taken to a secluded area and assaulted. One died instantly, the other died later in hospital.

South African police commander, General Nyiketani Baloyi confirmed the incident:”We received reports of attacks on foreigners during which two Zimbabweans were killed. We have taken a decision that this matter be thoroughly investigated. We have since launched an operation to clear the area. What is happening cannot be allowed in South Africa and we will leave no stone unturned and all perpetrators of violence will be brought to book.”

For some time foreigners living in the area have been blamed for an increase in crime. Zimbabweans were quoted saying they were being ‘chased’ from one township to another. Another Zimbabwean said told our sister paper The Chronicle: “Not all foreigners are criminals and most of us are here in South Africa legally. We are law-abiding and making an honest living.”

The incident has raised fears of the return of the chaotic situation where 62 foreigners were brutally killed and thousands others displaced during similar attacks in May 2008.


The MDC- T has revealed it will boycott this year’s Independence celebrations to avoid being ‘humiliated’ by President Robert Mugabe and other Zanu PF officials.

In an interview with The Zimbabwe Mail yesterday, MDC-T spokesperson, Douglas Mwonzora, said that Zanu PF has over the years turned national events into huge political rallies.
“We wanted to attend the Independence celebrations with the rest of the nation, unfortunately will not be part of them,” Mwonzora said.

“We know the celebrations are going to be converted into a big Zanu PF rally where (President Robert) Mugabe and other speakers will take turns to churn hate language against others, especially our party president Morgan Tsvangirai.

“We don’t want to give Mugabe an opportunity to humiliate us….we will not take part in Independence celebrations in the provinces.”

Zapu said while the day was an important occasion for the country, the party will not be taking part in the commemorations, as Zanu PF had ‘monopolised’ the event.
“We are not going to be part and parcel of the celebrations,” said Zapu secretary for information, Publicity and Marketing, Mjobisa Noko “Zanu PF has monopolised the event and that is very unfair to stakeholders.

“While we cherish our independence as a country, we believe that we cannot have true independence unless we have total freedom and emancipation,” said Noko.
However, MDC deputy spokesperson Sibongile Mgijima, said they would be attending the celebrations, as the day was important for all Zimbabweans.

“We will be attending the celebrations for Independence as it was not attained by Zanu PF alone, this is special day for all Zimbabweans,” Mgijima said. “Zanu PF officials might denigrate others in their speeches and call us all sorts of names on the occasion, but that won’t change anything.

“We have always attended any national events in the past and will continue to do so…this year will not be an exception,” said Mgijima.

Simba Makoni, president of Mavambo-Kusile-Dawn (MKD), said his party members were free to attend the celebrations of their own free will.
“Independence Day is a national event and our party members are free to attend. We do not have a policy of forbidding members from attending Independence celebrations. It’s their own choice to attend or not attend national events,” said Makoni.