First Lady's entry into politics has shaken Zanu PF to the core. Will she grab the throne?


As Zanu PF factions destroy each other, the military will have a huge say as to who would take over from President Mugabe.


He is a controversial prophet who continues to draw large crowds with his promise of miracles. But as his popularity soars he faces all sorts of allegations. So far he has survived.


Two secretary generals tried to topple him but failed. His wife walked out but returned home. Now MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is plotting his way to State House.


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Thursday, 18 December 2014


Dear Faith Mutema
I just watched the video posted by your husband Patrick with much sadness in my heart. I want you to know that I am writing this open letter to you as a woman who has been shamed and publicly humiliated by a sister in law who was supposed to protect me. Darling Faith, your husband taking a video of you crying begging for forgiveness then posting it on social media, including your private Whats App messages shows that this man is evil to the core, not only is he ugly outside, hes also very ugly inside and he never loved you dear. Please take it from a woman who has walked this road. 
My blog is not only about fighting spiritual and sexual abuse, my blog is about fighting emotional and domestic abuse too and enlightening my readers on the issues surrounding all forms of abuse facing women especially in the African society. Often in Zimbabwe, when a woman marries a man, unfortunately she marries his mother and sisters too, the entire clan. Its so bad that the mother and sister at times will even have a say on what happens on the matrimonial bed. I am writing this because I am talking from experience. Its a culture that's rotten to the core, and I hate it!  I have also found that its not as common in other African societies, Zimbabwe seems to have the biggest problem regarding this issue. Zimbabwe seems to be extremely harsh on women within the society.  

Faith dear, read the book of John, there was a woman caught in the very act of adultery. She was brought to Christ so that they would stone her. But Christ said he who was without sin should cast the first stone. Everyone fled, and there was not even one person left to condemn her. Why, because they were worse off sinners than her. Christ told the poor woman that he did not even condemn her, but she should go and sin no more. Faith dear, I am telling you today that JESUS CHRIST DOES NOT CONDEMN YOU either. I saw your tears and shame, you repented and its over. God remembers your sin no more. You said sorry to your husband, he chose not to forgive you but to divorce you publicly and humiliate you. The man is pure evil. No man with a good heart does that to the mother of his children. The bible says even Joseph was a good man. Do you know why Faith, because he chose to put away Mary privately when he thought she had committed adultery. The bible specifically says Joseph did not want to publicly humiliate his wife! A man who does that has a wicked heart. 
Now Faith, I pray you read this letter. You were shamed on social media, I am supporting you on social media! I want you to dry those tears, girl you have cried enough. Stop crying, and find it within yourself to fight back. God is close to the broken hearted, and He is moved by your tears. Faith darling, do you know that the tears of a woman forsaken are so powerful that they move the heart of God? Heaven literally stopped when you cried like that. God loves women, and He hates it when His Princesses are treated like dirt. In the video you said you wanted to die. You said you would rather die. No darling, no humiliation is worth you taking your life, and no man is worth you taking your life either. You have three beautiful babies who adore you. Be strong for them. You do not need a man to define who you are or to bring you happiness. You can find inner piece and happiness within yourself. 
God can turn this tragedy and public humiliation into a triumph okay. Yes its a man's world darling, I get it. I know so. Your husband Patrick is a well known serial womanizer, but that okay, forget him. We as women live in a man's world. But as women, God has given us the power to turn mockery into victory. Thats something men can never do. When a man falls, hes fallen, he can never rise from that. But we women are so different. God has a soft spot for us. Thats why Jesus Christ ONLY ever ministered to women with pasts. Women who were publicly humiliated by society. Thats why there are only five women mentioned in Mathew's genealogy of Christ. Among those women is Rahab the harlot. Faith darling, did you know that Rahab the harlot is today one of the most powerful women to ever be used by God in the bible. She is a hero of faith, and the only woman to be mentioned on the hall of faith in Hebrews 11. God turned a prostitute into a powerful spiritual woman who became a wife and mother in her own right. And her husband was blessed to have Rahab as wife, she was actually a virtuous woman. 
Please take it from me Faith, firstly that Patrick guy is way too ugly for you darling you are too damn pretty for him. Where on earth did you pick him Faith, he's as ugly as hell. Not only is he a total loser who doesn't know how to make you feel good, hes also a douche bag, an ugly one for that! Secondly you are way too strong a woman for his family too, they are all a bunch of baboons, trust me I am talking from experience. Faith, being publicly put away by your husband is probably the best thing to ever happen to you. If you are smart enough, and I think you are and stay in your prayer closet, this will work out for your own good. Trust me. 
Right now stay away from men, that lover boy of yours is no good for you either. He too doesn't love you. Purify yourself, get close to God, smile, be happy, look after your children, stay with the people who love you, get your hair and nails done, watch a movie (I recommend Think Like A Man), stay positive and you will be just fine. I know its hard, but you can do it. Right now you are very vulnerable, and men can take advantage of you easily. So you need to stay clear off men, and find yourself, and be strong. Trust me darling, God will give you a husband in the fullness of time. A husband who will not put you away, okay. A husband who will adore you, and worship the ground you walk on. A husband with a family who will love you and treat you like a daughter.  A husband who will redeem you and take away your reproach. A husband who will not deny you. You will be the one saying, "not tonight babe I have so much work to do." 
We now live in the era of social media. People are practically making a career off social media and reality. Dont let social media destroy you hun, but use it to your advantage. Right now as I am writing this blog post, GOOGLE is paying me! Thats the power of social media. I am trying to say something to you here darling, be smart. I am not saying do a Pokello or a Kim Kardishian. You don't have to go to the extreme lol. But use social media to your advantage! Patrick thought he was being smart by posting the video of you crying, but he just showed the world what a douche bag he is. You are so beautiful and young. Even with your three kids you will get a hunk of man who will love you, better looking than Patrick as well lol, am talking from experience too, haha. But you need to be in the right place mentally and emotionally, it will happen. 
If you ever read this Faith, contact me personally via email and I will give you ideas and help you on how you can turn this saga for your own good and move on with your life. By the way you looked absolutely stunning in the video, even when you cry you still pretty, and the dress you were wearing was just ace, you see you have a good fashion sense, and I personally think that horrible tete of yours is just jealous of you, she's probably challenged in the looks department by the sounds of it. On a positive note Faith,  at least you were given your token of divorce (gupuro) by that tete woman face to face,  mine was given over the phone by some  woman called Lucy Mukucha Musuka who then threatened to burn my house down in the process. All because I reported Walter Masocha to the police.   At least no one is threatening to kill you hun. Stay strong and keep your head high, weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. 
Yours truly from experience
Jean Gasho


Pritchard Zimondi has been found guilty by the High Court of brutally killing Monalisa Chinomona in 2012. Zimondi was accussed of stabbing her 15 times at her parent's home. He is expected to be sentenced tomorrow. More to follow


The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) is mulling joining forces with other opposition parties ahead of elections in 2018.

Saddened by its inability to unseat the ruling party Zanu PF in the 2013 election after Zanu PF secured a landslide victory, the MDC is now pinning any hopes of assuming power on a coalition with other parties.

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangir
ai revealed his hopes of a coalition party in his end of year address at Harvest House.

“I see my friends talking about coalitions. The MDC believe in unity of purpose and this approach means all democratic forces must unite regardless of our personal opinions. I for one myself would be prepared to consider that very seriously, the sooner people start talking about how to unite, how to form a formidable force to find a national solution, the better,” said Mr Tsvangirai.

The MDC-T leader who said he is not going to celebrate Christmas said his party will mobilise people when the timing is right to get a solution to what he termed a “national crisis”.


Zimbabwe National Students Union (Zinasu) has rejected the new Higher Education minister Oppah Muchinguri, saying she is not qualified to hold that post.

Makomborero Haruzivishe, the Zinasu spokesperson, told the Daily News that the appointment of Muchinguri to replace Olivia Muchena, who was sacked last week, was a retrogressive step.

“As Zinasu, we mourn the appointment of Oppah Muchinguri as the minister of Higher Education,” he said.

“This dubious appointment literally highlights the burial of higher educational system whose massacre we witnessed with pain a few months ago with the equally dubious distribution of dubious doctorates.”

Haruzivishe further accused the government of deliberately running down universities and colleges.
“As Zinasu, we are strongly against the current trend of perpetuation of mediocrity which is resulting in the depreciation of our educational standards in Zimbabwe. “This perpetuation has been embodied in the doctoring of doctorates for academically shy political individuals and now the appointment of Muchinguri who neither  knows the basic concepts of appreciating modern day academic and educational systems nor can help pioneer the development of our higher educational system to spearhead socio-economic revival,” Haruzivishe said.

Although Muchinguri does not hold a doctorate, she holds a masters degree from the University of Zimbabwe. Haruzivishe said government is not committed to improving the standards of education and welfare of students.

“As Zinasu, we have now come to terms with the fact that our government is totally not committed to our welfare and as such is doing all it can to sabotage us,” he said.
“The appointment of Muchinguri to the post of minister of Higher Education should not have been treated as just a mere seat filling exercise for our universities.

“It requires a real academic with the requisite acumen to revolutionise our educational system and spearhead its growth for the sustainable development of the Republic of Zimbabwe. Thus an academic is required not a baby sitter.”

The Zinasu spokesperson said the students’ body is holding a meeting this week to chart a way forward following the appointment of Muchinguri.

“We denounce this irresponsible appointment in the strongest possible terms and we are to hold our general council meeting this week to come up with a clear way-forward to make our government wake up from this deep slumber they are in and view academics and education with a more responsible eye,” he said.


Former Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa says he and others who were recently ousted from the party for allegedly plotting to overthrow President Robert Mugabe from power and assassinate the nonagenarian will not be forced out of the party.
At the same time, Zimbabwe could soon find itself back on Sadc’s political agenda after Mutasa wrote a hard-hitting letter to regional leaders on Tuesday, imploring them to intervene in the country’s deepening political crisis spawned by the ruling party’s brutal and sometimes violent infighting.

Speaking in a telephone interview yesterday from India, where his wife is receiving medical attention, a miffed Mutasa also rubbished State media reports that he and other former party bigwigs perceived to be close to dismissed former Vice President Joice Mujuru were working with the MDC and “regime change” organisations funded by the West, ostensibly to remove Mugabe and Zanu PF from power illegally.
“How can we rope in MDC as if Zanu PF is no more. What we are doing is to correct what is wrong in the party, the mistakes that have been done by very few and new people in the party.

“Nobody can push us out of the party that we formed ... in my case, I have been in the struggle since around 1957 during the days of the Southern Rhodesia ANC (SRANC), moving from one party to the other after they were banned.

“The fact that they (his Zanu PF opponents) are now fighting amongst themselves should tell you that we surely will bring the party back on track and our president will always be VaMugabe and we are engaging him through Sadc as he is the chairman.

“It’s a pity that now we can only talk to you, the independent media because you tell it like it is unlike our own media. I have never heard them say the truth.

“What they are claiming is not true and the people they allege I talked to have written to them to register their displeasure and I hope they will publish that,” a fuming Mutasa said.

In his blunt letter to Sadc on Tuesday — which was ironically addressed to Mugabe and copied to all regional heads of state — Mutasa described the political environment pertaining in the country as “critical” and said pointedly that Zanu PF’s damp squib “elective” congress that was held in Harare earlier this month was “a farce.”

The letter shows that far from ending Zanu PF’s ugly factional and succession wars, as party leaders had hoped, the congress may have in fact once again internationalised Zimbabwe’s political crisis.
Until his ouster, Mutasa was regarded both as a close aide of Mugabe and also a key advisor to Mujuru who was until recently touted as the most likely successor to the country’s long-ruling nonagenarian.

“We write to you at a critical time for the Republic of Zimbabwe. After a number of weeks of what might be regarded as ‘political squabbling’ in the Republic of Zimbabwe, events have taken a much more severe turn. We refuse to simply stand by and watch as constitutional democracy and due process are tossed aside for political expediency.

“Even the most impartial observer could not fail to regard the recent Congress of the governing party, Zanu PF, as a farce.

“In the days leading up to the congress, significant changes to the electoral process of the party leadership were introduced, with limited consultation.

“These changes were part of a wider campaign to discredit and then force out a number of good men and women, comrades who have served their country and party with loyalty, under the distinguished leadership of His Excellency, President R.G Mugabe.

“To suggest that (former) Vice President (Joice) Mujuru, ministers serving in the government and other party members are somehow plotting to oust our President from office, as has been relentlessly and recklessly reported and repeated in recent weeks, is ridiculous.

“Further, it is offensive to insinuate that those who put their lives and families at risk to fight for a free and fair Zimbabwe would now somehow put themselves before their country. Such actions are outrageous to those of us represented by this letter.

“Unfortunately, recent weeks have demonstrated that the same cannot be said of others in Zanu PF. They are the ones putting their own careers ahead of democracy, due process and the stability of the country, destroying as it were, the party from within.

“As the governing party of Zimbabwe, Zanu PF has a responsibility to hold itself to the highest standards of transparency and integrity. The decisions the party takes ultimately have implications for millions of Zimbabweans.

“Therefore we would like to stress to the Sadc Community that those for whom this letter speaks denounce the flagrant abuse of party procedure and the subversion of due process as a means of exercising personal political ambition and score-settling.

“Given its constitutional implications, we are appealing to the Sadc Community to provide oversight in this on-going dispute. It despairs us to say that we have completely lost confidence in our party, government and legislature to deliver proper justice,” Mutasa’s letter said.
Specifically, Mutasa added in his letter, he and other ousted officials wanted Sadc to be aware of their position on a number of matters.

“We refuse to be expelled from Zanu PF. We have sacrificed too much over five decades, to be forced out on the basis of completely fabricated allegations.

“We demand the restoration of the principle of “one man, one vote” to the constitution of Zanu PF. The recent amendments adopted at the 6th congress surrender all votes to the President. It is a violation of the supreme law of the Republic of Zimbabwe and therefore invalidates all binding decisions taken at the 6th congress.

“By implication, we demand that the Party immediately re-establish the exact constitutional, operational and procedural principles extant before the 6th congress.
“We require impartial oversight by the (Sadc) Community, or another appropriate body, to ensure the peaceful resolution of this matter.

“Most importantly, we would like the Community and others to be aware that we do not endorse violence or intimidation of any sort in the name of our cause to restore constitutional order to Zimbabwe. We fought in the liberation struggle so we would never have to fight again,” Mutasa’s letter added.

Although efforts to solicit comment from new Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo were unsuccessful yesterday, it is anticipated that the letter will exacerbate the party’s brutal infighting.
Before this letter to Sadc, it had been reported that Mutasa had attempted to engage Zuma to intervene once again in Zimbabwe’s deepening political crisis.

In an interview at the weekend with South African media, Mutasa called on Zuma to alert other regional governments about Zanu PF’s controversial congress, again pointedly stating that his ouster from power and that of other officials such as Mujuru had been both “unprocedural and undemocratic”.

Mujuru, Mutasa and other senior officials were removed from their party positions and subsequently sacked from government after they were accused of plotting to oust and assassinate Mugabe, among a litany of other damaging but untested allegations. daily news


SIXTY-NINE employees at a Gweru-based Chinese-owned Ferro Alloy Smelter Company, Nelson Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, have been awarded $106 693 in salary arrears by an arbitrator.

The award is for underpayment of salaries for the period January 2013 to September 2014 in which the employer paid workers $193 against the $220 minimum wage stipulated by the mining industry.

Documents seen by the Southern Eye indicate that Nelson Holdings (Pvt) Ltd company had applied to National Employment Council to be exempted from making payments after a hearing conducted on August 5 2014.

“We are doing everything we can to resolve the issue,” part of the letter written by the company to the arbitrator, Matthias Ruziwa reads.

“However, we would like to wait for the response from NEC (National Employment Council) before we can make payments.”

In his judgment, Ruziwa said Nelson Holdings had showed arrogance in its application to be exempted from paying.

“Having taken into full account the facts and evidence placed before me by the parties, claimants should be paid NEC minimum wages for the period January 2013 to September 2014 as per the collective agreement for Ferro Alloy Industry dated August 30, 2013,” he said in his arbitration award.

“The total amount payable to 69 claimants is $106 693.”

Scores of workers told this paper on condition of anonymity that their employer was still to honour the arbitration award.

“They are even threatening workers with dismissal for fighting for their labour rights,” one worker said.

Efforts to get comment from the Chinese company were in vain


FORMER Vice-President Joice Mujuru has finally lost her Mt Darwin West constituency after Parliament on Tuesday wrote to President Robert Mugabe declaring the seat vacant.

This completes Mujuru’s total humiliation, as just two weeks ago she was the second most powerful Zimbabwean, yet she has been reduced to an ordinary Zanu PF member with no political office and little authority.

Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda, said Mugabe has been notified that Mujuru and Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’ seats are vacant in terms of the Constitution and the Electoral Act.
“We have written to the president in terms of the Constitution and the Electoral Act,” he said in response to questions from Southern Eye.

“The Constitution says she is no longer an MP. The same applies to Mnangagwa who lost his seat after appointment to be VP.” Mnangagwa was the legislator for Chirumanzi-Chibagwe constituency.
Mudenda, however, said he could not reveal the contents of the letter he sent to Mugabe informing him of the parliamentary vacancies.

This means by-elections in the two constituencies should be held within 90 days from Tuesday, according to the law.
Efforts to get a comment from Mujuru yesterday were fruitless, although last week she said it was too soon to comment on her future plans.

Were she to contest, win her seat again and take up office, she would forfeit her lifelong pension from the State, which she earned by being vice-president.
“Section 103 of the Constitution prohibits a serving or former vice-president from holding public office while they are in office or receiving a State pension,” constitutional law expert and university lecturer, Alex Magaisa, explained.

“The question is whether being an MP is a public office. A public office is defined in the Constitution Section 332 as a paid office in the service of the State.
“If an MP is regarded as a paid officer in the service of the State, then yes, she would have to forfeit her pension to hold office as MP.”

Magaisa said Mujuru could run and not lose her pension, as she could only lose it if she assumed office.
“So she might contest and lose and still retain her pension or win and lose her pension,” he said.

However, Magaisa said he did not see why Mujuru should contest elections as an MP, saying she “has had a higher station and if anything, she must be aiming to contest for the presidency”.
“It does not bolster her political stock to contest a parliamentary seat,” he said. “She needs to be selling herself as a national leader, not as a constituency MP.”

Law experts had indicated that Parliament erred last year by not declaring Mujuru’s seat vacant to pave way for by-election, in terms of the Constitution.
Experts cite Section 129 (1) (c) of the Charter dealing with a legislators’ tenure in Parliament, indicating that a seat becomes vacant upon one member becoming a vice-president or president.


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s cash-strapped Zanu PF has pledged to pay all its workers’ outstanding salaries and bonuses before year-end.

This was revealed by newly-appointed Zanu PF secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo in Harare yesterday.

Addressing the workers at the party headquarters before a luncheon hosted for them, Chombo said he was compiling a list of the grievances the workers were facing with the hope of addressing them.

Chief among them, Chombo said, was to adjust workers’ salaries to make them competitive.
“I am assured by the person who is in charge of the finance and we are going to pay you all the salary arrears and bonuses before the end of the year,” Chombo said, amid wild cheers from the impoverished workers.

The party is believed to have last paid its workers three months ago with most of its business ventures facing collapse. A report tabled by the party’s finance department to the central committee at the just-ended congress indicated that the party owed its creditors over $11 million.

The report stated that the party was relying on a $6 million bank overdraft for the 2014 financial year, which had accrued interest in the margin of half a million dollars. The party spent $11, 1 million against income of $3,9 million — creating a $7 million deficit.

In August, delegates to the national youth conference in Harare were bailed out by the First Family after going without food as the party coffers were dry. But Chombo yesterday said he was aware of the challenges that the workers were facing, from limited office space to antiquated office equipment.
Meanwhile, Chombo admitted that the party had been duped into presiding over a farm input joint venture involving members of its Youth League and Lasch Enterprises Private Limited that eventually led to the creaming off of over 7 000 desperate of over a million dollars.

He said the matter was now under police investigation while the party through the security department led by Kembo Mohadi would be holding its own probe.

“As a party we condemn the abuse of the hard earned resources of our populace. Any empowerment initiatives must be the interest of the majority not for the benefit of a selected few and must be clear, transparent, fair legal and above board,” Chombo said.

“Affected farmers and the public are advised that the police have been accordingly informed and the law will take its course without fear and favour.”


The government is set to spend almost $9 million on an unbudgeted traditional chiefs’ vehicle scheme after a Parliamentary portfolio committee recommended that each of them receive $35 000 instead of $18 000 to buy vehicles.

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Local Government recommended that the 250 traditional chiefs should be allocated $35 000 each to procure vehicles of their choice, as their terms of office were much longer than those of MPs.

Committee chairperson Irene Zindi on Tuesday told Parliament that the committee heard that $18 000 was not enough, as it could only buy single-cab trucks instead of the twin cabs the chiefs desired.

According to a Parliamentary record, while debating the 2015 National Budget in the National Assembly, Zindi said the committee was of the conviction that since the tenure of chiefs was longer than that of parliamentarians, they should be given the $35 000 and repay over a longer period.

“Furthermore, the officials informed your committee that chiefs could only get vehicle loans up to $18 000 instead of $35 000 based on their current allowances,” Zindi said.

“With $18 000, they can only buy single-cab trucks rather than the twin cabs they desire. Your committee was of the conviction that since the tenure of chiefs is longer than that of parliamentarians, they should be given the $35 000 and pay over a longer period.

“On the same note, chiefs also felt that it was high time that their allowances were reviewed.”
During the chiefs’ annual conference in Gweru recently, President Robert Mugabe told them they could get any car they wanted and government would bankroll the purchases.

If the government approves this, it will further raise questions on where its priorities lie, as, for example, the authorities only spent $205 000 on schools last year and $180 000 on HIV and Aids awareness programmes.

In 2012, the more than 250 traditional leaders made shock demands to be given diplomatic passports and firearms for personal security. The chiefs, who are paid $300 in monthly allowances and drive government-issue vehicles, stand accused by Mugabe’s opponents of dabbling in partisan politics.
Also this year, chiefs demanded that government treats them the same way as judges and magistrates, arguing that they handle a lot of cases in rural areas, where the majority of the people live and that they bring justice to the grassroots. newsday


THE MDC-T-dominated Harare City Council has set itself on a collision course with the Zanu PF government after proposing to name a new suburb in Budiriro, Harare, and some of the capital’s roads after liberation war heroes and democracy campaigners among them the late Retired General Solomon Mujuru and the late MDC-T spokesperson Learnmore Jongwe.
The issue was raised during a full council meeting on Tuesday where councillors said it was improper for the roads in the city’s suburbs to be named after birds and trees while there were deserving people who sacrificed their all for Zimbabwe.

The move came a day after city mayor Bernard Manyenyeni blasted Zanu PF for naming some parts of Harare after President Robert Mugabe and his wife, First Lady Grace.
Manyenyeni on Monday indicated the Zanu PF move was illegal and ordered the ruling party to pull down its signposts at the Civic Centre Grounds in Harare, which were renamed Robert Mugabe Square and the main access road as Dr Grace Mugabe Way.

The local authority argued that the naming of city roads and other infrastructure within its area of jurisdiction was the sole prerogative of city fathers.

Debating the issue, Glen Norah councillor Herbert Gomba cited the late decorated liberation war hero Mujuru who died in a mysterious inferno in 2011 as befitting the status of having a city road named after him.

“We should be seen to be naming some of those roads after people who played critical roles in the history and development of our country. For example, there are people here who played critical roles in the project (Budiriro housing project) like former mayor Muchadeyi Masunda and town clerk Tendai Mahachi.

“We have focused on animals and some of the names are all over, if you look at Mufakose, Mbare and other areas, there are the same names,” Gomba said.

Council chief whip councillor Peter Moyo, while seconding Gomba’s statement, said: “Look at what Masunda did for this city. Look at Solomon Mujuru, people who fought for this country. Look at Learnmore Jongwe who fought for democracy in this country.”

Moyo said there was need to have some of the places named after these personalities.
The debate came after Old Mutual project managers had sent through a list seeking approval for suburb and street names for the roads providing access to the Budiriro stands created in the CABS project.

“The names were derived from names of indigenous trees, fruit trees and birds. The naming of the suburb and roads is very important for identification purposes,” the project managers said.
Council and CABS jointly built more than 3 000 houses in Budiriro, a suburb they wanted to name Ruvheneko Park until the debate on Tuesday.

Other roads were supposed to be named Muchakata, Muchechetere, Muuyu, Muzhanje, Mukwakwa and Mupani, among other names.

Before the expiry of their term of office last year, the Masunda-led council was pushing for the renaming of some of the roads after luminaries.
Other luminaries council has identified include slain United States human rights activist Martin Luther King Junior, the late Zanu-Ndonga leader Ndabaningi Sithole and the late career civil servant Sarah Kachingwe. newsday



MAKONI farmer Dumisani Daniel Mliswa has filed an urgent High Court application seeking an interdict and spoliation order against Zanu PF youths who allegedly invaded his farm last month.

Mliswa, who is a brother of the party’s deposed Mashonaland West provincial chairperson Temba Mliswa, said the Zanu PF youths invaded his 543-hectare Mepo Farm in Makoni district accusing him of being related to ousted Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa.

In his application filed last week, Mliswa cited Hunzvi district war veterans’ security head and treasurer, Samuel Chirinda alongside other party activists, Roderick Erengwe, Marshal Erengwe, Norbert Kuwanda, Israel Zvomwoyo and the Land and Rural Resettlement minister Douglas Mombeshora, as respondents.

Mliswa said sometime in 2007 he was issued with an offer letter for the farm. But he said the farm was invaded on November 23 this year.

“My farm was invaded by a group of people led by the first to fifth respondents. The group indicated that they were invading the farm on account of who I was related to. I have an uncle who is a prominent politician who is not popular with these so-called land invaders,” Mliswa said in apparent reference to Mutasa.

“I advised the police of the farm invasion immediately, but was not favoured with an immediate response to my plight. On November 25 2014, I wrote to the Senior Assistant Commissioner together with the Officer Commanding PROPOL Manicaland imploring them to uphold the rule of law and provide me with the protection I am entitled to from the invaders.”

Mliswa said the invaders temporarily left after which he discovered that some of his cattle were missing.

“In assessing the damage, I established that three head of cattle were missing. In addition to the cattle, the invaders had also helped themselves to at least 41 asbestos sheets and 7, six-metre-long gum poles. I reported the matter at the local police station and a docket was opened under reference number RB 2215644,” Mliswa said.

On December 1 2014, Mliswa further said, the invaders returned to occupy his farm and when he engaged the police to assist he was advised to approach the courts.

In his opposing affidavit, Chirinda said: “I do not know the applicant (Mliswa), but I have been made to understand that he does not reside in Zimbabwe and is currently in the United Kingdom. It is to my knowledge that the applicant’s name is being used as a front by the real people interested in the farm.”

He further said the farm had been lying idle since 2007 when the previous white owner was ejected.
“The farm was purportedly allocated to applicant with the involvement of his uncle then Minister of Lands Didymus Mutasa in 2007. As far as I know, I have not invaded his farm or any farm at all. The applicant made a report to police who came to the farm and found out that there were no such occupiers as alleged." newsday


ZANU-PF has warned ousted secretary for administration Cde Didymus Mutasa against the path he has chosen to court foreigners in his bid to discredit the party’s 6th National People’s Congress held early this month and have its resolutions reversed.

Cde Mutasa was effectively ruled out of the Politburo after he failed to land a Central Committee seat in his home district, before being relieved of his duties as Minister of State for Presidential Affairs after being implicated in fanning factionalism and plotting to depose and even assassinate President Mugabe.

Cde Mutasa is said to have been lobbying former liberation movements in Southern Africa not to recognise the congress resolutions on the basis that Cde Mujuru, several other ministers and himself were unjustly ejected from the Politburo and and government.
He is said to have requested for asylum from South Africa’s Matthews Phosa – a former treasurer general of the ruling ANC.

Newly appointed Zanu-PF secretary for administration Cde Ignatius Chombo yesterday warned Cde Mutasa against his “wishful thinking” and lobbying for the reversal of the congress resolutions and the new status quo.

Speaking in an interview at the Zanu-PF headquarters yesterday, Cde Chombo said the Congress resolutions were binding and irreversible.

“Everyone is aware of the massive attendance of more than 12, 000 people who attended our Congress where issues were deliberated,” he said.

“The decisions that were taken by Congress are constitutional and binding. The massive attendance tells you of the democratic nature of Zanu-PF. It’s mere wishful thinking to imagine that Congress’ decisions can be reversed.”

Contacted from India where his wife is receiving treatment, Cde Mutasa yesterday accused The Herald of peddling lies. He said he now preferred granting interviews to the private press.

“I’ll not talk to you because you always write lies about me,” he said. “However, all I can say is that Phosa has since written to your Editor about the issue.”

In a statement, Phosa denied meeting Cde Mutasa and discussing possibilities of him going into exile in South Africa.

Without elaboration, Phosa said: “I deny I met with Mutasa and discussed the possibility of him going into exile in South Africa. I deny that Mutasa asked me to house him at my farm. I deny that I’m the former secretary general of the ANC (our story correctly identified him as former treasurer general). I deny that I travelled to Angola with Mr Mutasa in October 2014 to meet with MPLA”. herald


AN extra-marital affair between a 34-year-old woman and her domestic worker ended in tragedy after the man brutally axed her to death and then committed suicide at her homestead in Mangwe.Dereck Ncube, 36, also axed Pretty Moyo, his lover’s 12-year-old niece, three times leaving her for dead before taking his life leaving a bloody scene.
The late Loveness Moyo’s five-year-old daughter woke up to find her mother’s bloody lifeless body and her unconscious cousin.

Relatives told The Chronicle that Ncube, who was employed to herd cattle by Moyo, was bitter after Moyo called time on their relationship. They said the two were high school sweethearts but parted ways and rekindled their affair after Moyo got married.

Matabeleland South acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nkosilathi Sibanda confirmed the incident which happened on Tuesday morning. He said police were yet to establish the motive for the bloodbath.

Yesterday, mourners were gathered at Moyo’s homestead in Vaka area, awaiting the arrival of Moyo’s husband who works in Botswana. Moyo’s sister, Ruth, said her five-year-old niece rushed to her homestead on Tuesday morning and told her that her mother had been “slaughtered.”

She said the child, who was carrying her six-month-old baby brother on her back, was hysterical. “My niece came rushing to my homestead in the morning and she called out my name and told me that her mother and her cousin sister were dead. I was chilled by her tone and behaviour. She said they had been butchered with an axe,” said Ruth.
She said she took the baby from the toddler and ran to her elder sister’s homestead to tell her the news.

They then proceeded to Moyo’s homestead together with relatives and neighbours. The cloying smell of blood, Ruth said, met them at her sister’s bedroom hut.
“Her feet were partially blocking the door and we had to push it open. I felt weak in the knees when I saw that my sister had been murdered in her own bedroom hut,” she said with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“My sister’s lifeless body was just lying there. There was blood everywhere. She was naked and my 12-year-old niece Pretty Moyo was half naked. Pretty couldn’t talk. Her eyes were just wide open.”

Ruth said her niece raised her hand and they realised she was alive. She was rushed to the United Bulawayo Hospitals where she is admitted in the Intensive Care Unit.
Ruth said her elder sister discovered Ncube’s body hanging from the roof of a bedroom hut.
“I couldn’t think of a way the situation could’ve been worse but my elder sister came rushing to tell us Ncube had hanged himself in his bedroom hut,” she said.

Ruth said she had heard rumours that her sister was having an affair with her domestic worker but she had always denied the allegations.

She said despite the denial, the affair was known throughout the community.
Ruth said she had warned her sister about Ncube after he started behaving like the man of the house, ordering Moyo around.

Moyo’s elder sister, Bekezela, described her sister’s death as a tragedy as she had left three children behind, with the eldest being 18. She said Ncube and her family were originally from the same area in Bulilima District.

Bekezela said her sister invited him to come and work for her in Mangwe about two years ago. The area’s village head, Julius Nkomo, described the incident as a terrible tragedy which had left the community shaken. chronicle


TOP Zanu-PF officials were yesterday arrested for allegedly defrauding more than 15,000 farmers of their hard-earned cash through a dubious input scheme.

Police arrested Zanu-PF national youth league director Cde Tapiwa Zengeya and Patience Chipere — one of the directors of Lasch Investments — a company engaged to supply farmers with some inputs.

Police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba, yesterday confirmed the arrests saying two other people wanted in connection with the case were on the run.

“We’ve arrested two officials and police are keen to investigate Nelson and Sylvester Mahupete,” she said.

Zanu-PF secretary for administration Cde Ignatius Chombo, condemned the corrupt conduct of the officials saying the party would take necessary disciplinary measures.
Addressing journalists at Zanu-PF headquarters yesterday, Cde Chombo said the party would take necessary disciplinary measures against the accused officials and that police already had been briefed about the matter.

“As a party, we condemn the abuse of hard earned resources of our populace. Any empowerment initiatives must be in the interest of the majority and not for the benefit of a selected few and must be clear, transparent, fair, legal and above board,” said Cde Chombo.

Cde Chombo deplored Lasch Investments for failing to meet their obligations, leaving farmers stranded with no recourse against a background of the commencement of a promising rainy season.

He said Lasch Investments Company had approached the party’s Youth League to enter into a joint venture support with farmers so as to increase production and productivity through an input support scheme.

It was envisaged that farmers would make contributions and in turn get agricultural inputs. herald


A video has emerged of yet another woman being harassed and stripped by rowdy hwindis in Harare. Watch it here

Wednesday, 17 December 2014


An abusive man poured paraffin on the entire house, his wife Kudakwashe Masharu and two children, in a bid to set them ablaze following a misunderstanding, the Harare Civil Court heard. Masharu claimed at the court that her husband Robert Chapita was in the habit of assaulting her with an iron bar. She was seeking a protection order against Chapita whom she accused of breaching her peace.

“He once poured paraffin on the entire house, me and the children before trying to set us ablaze,” she said. Masharu told magistrate Mrs Babra Masinire that Chapita was in the habit of verbally and physically abusing her with an iron bar in front of their children.
“My husband is violent towards me at all times,” she said.

“He embarrasses me in front of our children and this is now affecting their performance at school.” Masharu said she was now living in fear of losing her life because of Chapita’s violent behaviour.

“I want this honourable court to bar him from verbally and physically abusing me because he is making my life horrible,” she said. Chapita failed to show up at the court.
Mrs Masinire granted the protection order in default which barred Chapita from verbally or physically abusing Masharu.

She also ordered Chapita to keep peace towards Masharu at all times.


Funding for the newly-established ministries created following a Cabinet reshuffle last week, will come from the National Budget announced last month as most of their functions were part of existing ministries, Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa told the National Assembly yesterday.

Minister Chinamasa said this during debate on the budget following questions by Kuwadzana legislator Mr Nelson Chamisa and his Binga North counterpart Mr Prince Dubeko Sibanda.

President Mugabe created the Ministry of Economic Planning led by Minister Simon Khaya Moyo and that of Welfare Services for War Veterans, War Collaborators, Former Detainees and Restrictees.

“Some of the elements within that ministry (Economic Planning) will come from my ministry and all the cost items embedded in that budget will automatically go to that ministry.
“The same applies to the new ministry of war veterans. As you know, they are currently under the Ministry of Defence so the provision of war veterans would be hived off without any additional budget allocation,” Minister Chinamasa said.

He also said he was allowed to make any adjustments by law and re-allocate resources as the need arises. As you know, as changes are made, I also have the authority to re-allocate resources within the same budget envelope,” he said.

The new ministries were established following the dismissal of former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her cabal accused of trying to illegally remove President Mugabe from office and planning his assassination. herald


Debate on the 2015 National Budget briefly came to a halt amid chaos after zanu-pf Buhera Central representative Cde Ronald Muderedzwa, labelled some opposition parties in the country “a security threat” after legislators from the MDC factions objected to the funds allocated to the Ministry of Defence. The disturbances arose when the House was in Committee stage debating funds allocated to the various ministries by Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa.

The Ministry of Defence was allocated US$309 105 000 in the 2015 Budget, a sum the MDC formations legislators argued was too high. “We are not in a war. Our defence budget is too big. Some of the money should have been allocated to the ministries of education and health,” said Mr Thamsanqa Mahlangu MDC-T representative for Nkulumane.

He was immediately supported by other legislators among them Mr Innocent Gonese (MDC-T Chief Whip), Mr Settlement Chikwinya (MDC -T). In his debate, Cde Muderedzwa, however, defended the allocation saying it was actually low considering the military needs. This raised the ire of the MDC formations with Bulawayo East legislator Ms Dorcas Sibanda (MDC-T) raising a point of order that Cde Muderedzwa had used unparliamentary language.

However, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Cde Mabel Chinomona, overruled the objection. This resulted in chaotic scenes as the MDC formations legislators led by Mr Chikwinya attempted to leave the House.

They were encouraged to leave by the Zanu-pf legislators who resorted to shouting, “Go! Go!” The MDC legislators then broke into song for a few minutes before order was eventually restored and debate continued.

In his response Minister Chinamasa, refuted the allegations that the defence budget was too high saying he had actually left out most of the military requirements.

“I have cut to the bone on the defence budget where I have not provided for purchase of new equipment. In fact, what cost more is not paying salaries but equipment.
“There is no uniformed forces in the whole world which don’t recruit on a planned basis otherwise you will have an army of old people which can’t go to the front.

“An army which doesn’t train becomes even a danger to itself and I haven’t provided for training in the Budget because when they train, they use live ammunition and real guns,” Minister Chinamasa said.

Turning to the other issues Minister Chinamasa reiterated that the fiscal space was tight resulting in low allocations to all ministries.

Meanwhile, the National Assembly adopted the various appropriations to the various ministries as contained in the Estimates of Expenditure while the Finance Bill that will effect the various policy measures announced in the Budget was referred to the Parliamentary Legal Committee yesterday.

Debate on the Budget resumes today. herald


POLICE have intensified investigations into allegations of corruption and abuse of office levelled against former Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru, who was recently fired from Government for behaviour inconsistent with the discharge of her duties. The Herald is reliably informed that a number of officials who worked with the ex-VP have been put on forced leave as investigations gather momentum.

Over the past few weeks, allegations of high-level corruption and abuse of office have been raised against Dr Mujuru, while she avoided giving direct responses to the allegations.

She is accused of extorting shareholding from companies, demanding 10 percent bribes, illicit dealings in diamonds and gold, attempting to defeat the course of justice, extorting investors, undermining the authority of President Mugabe and seeking to depose the President through unconstitutional means.
Police sources said yesterday that they were in the process of gathering evidence over the allegations in the matter being handled by the Criminal Investigations Department.
Detectives are keen to question some of the people who were victims in some of the cases allegedly perpetrated by Dr Mujuru.
“The investigations are on and police will take action depending on the outcome," said a police source.
“The allegations warrant investigations for us to establish the truth and find out if she has a case to answer.”
Chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba yesterday said she would speak on the matter today after getting details.
“I am still trying to get the details and I will only be able to furnish you with the proper position tomorrow (today),” she said.
Cde Mujuru, who was fired by President Mugabe last week, was allegedly involved in a number of underhand dealings that include corruption, extortion, abuse of office and fanning factionalism within Zanu-PF and plotting to assassinate the President.
First Lady Grace Mugabe was the first to take the bold step of exposing the former vice president’s shenanigans when she addressed war veterans at the Grace Mugabe Children’s Home in Mazowe in October.
During her address, the First Lady told the former freedom fighters that Cde Mujuru was not only involved in illicit diamond and gold deals, but also coerced foreign owned companies using her office to dispose 10 percent shareholding in organisations she has interest in for protection.
The other allegations that were levelled against Cde Mujuru included working with the MDC-T and Western governments that are hostile to Zimbabwe.
The First Lady revealed that Cde Mujuru duped the ruler of Ras al Khaimah, Sheikh Saud Al Qasimi, of millions of dollars in a botched diamonds deal.
The illicit diamond deals were done through Africa Consolidated Resources, a company the Mujuru family has interests in.
The First Lady also accused Cde Mujuru of dividing Zanu-PF in an effort to depose President Mugabe using former Mashonaland East provincial chairman Cde Ray Kaukonde who used his financial muscle to subvert party structures.
Cde Mujuru, together with her allies Cdes Nicholas Goche and Didymus Mutasa, who were also fired from Government, was also implicated in a plot to assassinate President Mugabe.
Cde Mujuru also allegedly received cash payments from Kenyan and Indian financiers who had invested in the Mujuru family owned duty-free-shops at Harare International Airport before elbowing them out in a manner that bordered on extortion.
The former vice president did not only receive the cash payments in violation of the Companies Act and income tax regulations, but is accused of having used her political status to force the lawyers of the aggrieved parties, Musunga and Associates to renounce agency and forcing the investors out of the country after they had pumped over $1 million into the company.
In 2011, Cde Mujuru reportedly directed Secretary for Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development Mr Ringson Chitsiko to issue her family business with a permit to import chickens from Brazil against a Government ban on such imports.
This was after she had allegedly struck a deal to import chickens from Brazil when she travelled to that country on official Government business in 2011.
The permit was issued despite there being a legal instrument banning the important of chickens as a way of protecting local farmers.
Some of the chickens were reportedly delivered to the Zimbabwe National Army in her efforts to buy their allegiance in her illegal regime change efforts.
In another case of abuse of office, the disgraced former vice president was also fingered in a $105 000 loan dispute pitting her family mining venture, Great Zimbabwe Mining Circle Trust against a Harare businesswoman Anne Thokozani Ncube.
The former vice president’s daughter Noreen Nyorovai Mujuru, Dumisani Nkosi Nyoni, Clive Kudakwashe Madzikanda and Valentine Garacho used an unregistered Notarial Deed of Trust to swindle the businesswoman of her money.
Ms Ncube, sometime in December 2012 she was introduced to Nyasha by Garacho and they allegedly told her that they wanted to borrow the money for their mining venture and promised to repay the loan within a month, plus interest.
Ms Ncube said she gave Garacho $10 000 in cash and transferred $95 000 to Nyasha into an NMB Bank Account, but repeated efforts to get her money back have been in vain since then, with Cde Mujuru’s name being invoked whenever she made enquiries.
Ms Ncube was later enticed to buy an Amarok vehicle from Mr Tirivanhu Mudariki, a business associate of Cde Mujuru, but was stopped by police who advised her that the vehicle had been reported as stolen.
Ms Ncube said she made all efforts to recover her money, but could not get any help once people heard that Cde Mujuru was involved.
Cde Mujuru was also accused of covering up a fatal accident involving her daughter Chipo Mujuru-Makoni in December 2012.
Mrs Mujuru-Makoni was allegedly unlicensed when she was involved in the accident along Enterprise Road in Harare that claimed the lives of two people, the daughter of Iranian doctor Amin Hamidzadeh and the driver of the vehicle they were travelling in, Joseph Ngonji.
At the accident scene, Mrs Mujuru Makoni failed to produce a drivers’ license and was whisked away by security details who ostensibly acted on the instruction of her mother who was in Dubai at the time.
When the Hamidzadeh’s made a follow up on the case with Highlands police who attended to the accident scene, they found the name of the driver now listed as only Chipo Makoni, while the vehicle was registered as a Government vehicle, a clear attempt to remove any link of the Mujuru name.
They were later referred to Mabvuku Police Station who were said to be handling the matter, but did not get any joy and were only informed in June this that the matter had been taken to court and the driver fined $800 and prohibited from driving for six months. herald


Dear Zimbabweans, we have come to the end of yet another tempestuous year; a year in which our faith and belief in the capacity of government to stand by its word has been seriously betrayed.

Zimbabweans are suffering. The carnival atmosphere synonymous with this time of the year is sorely absent in the country. In the run-up to this festive season, we are not seeing housewives pushing full trolleys out of supermarkets and food chains as they did during the inclusive government era. All we see are hard working vendors crowding our streets and struggling to survive.

We have simply become a poor nation of vendors; a country where everyone is trying to sell something to someone.The people have no money in their pockets; there is no food in our homes and yet the shops and supermarkets are full of goods and products we cannot afford. Only last year, those in the seat of government, after stealing yet another election, promised to create 2,2 million jobs, increase productivity in our industries and more disposable income in people’s pockets, among many other promises.But the reality is something completely different; companies are closing, all hope is now completely shattered and the economic prospects remain dim for the country and its people.In my state of the nation address on 24 January this year, I warned that the prospects for the country would remain bleak as long as we did not address the elephant in the room; a government without the people’s mandate that pretended to be steering the affairs of the State.

Added to that is a senile President with a vituperative wife and a party that has prioritized in-fighting at the expense of the problems facing the ordinary citizens of this country. The net result is a despondent people with a clueless party in the seat of government. That is the sorry national circumstance under which we must “celebrate” this year’s Christmas.

It is under this heavy cloud of despondency that we must rejoice and rekindle our faith in the Lord and Jesus Christ whose birth we will remember and cherish on Christmas day next Thursday. Our current situationIndeed, we are a nation in dire straits. All the promises made in the run-up to the last election have gone up the drain and even projected growth figures have had to be drastically reduced downwards.Even conservative official statistics have failed to mask the gravity of our sad predicament.

Apart from the US$1 billion spirited out of this economy weeks after the stolen election due to lost confidence, over 4 000 companies have closed and more than 55 000 people have lost their jobs.In the recently announced budget, about 81 percent is going towards recurrent expenditure, crowding out the productive sector and other pressing needs to do with infrastructure development and economic revival.

To cap our embarrassment, we have just been told our diplomats have not been paid for over 20 months and our diplomatic missions risk being ejected from properties we occupy in foreign capitals around the world. We have failed to pay our annual subscriptions to the African Union as well as our SADC mandatory pledges, even though President Mugabe is at the helm of both institutions.

Our current sad reality is worlds apart from the make-believe world depicted in ZimAsset, a Zanu PF policy programme that has failed to assume any life outside the neatly packed blueprints in government offices.The ambitious programme had promised the creation of 2,2 million jobs, the construction of 250 000 low-income homes, a growth rate of nine percent per annum, 310 public schools and 300 more clinics up to 2018.But there has been a huge chasm between that dream and the sad reality. There has been no statecraft in the cockpit of State and the mediocrity in the corridors of government is alarming, even by Zanu PF’s usual poor standards.

Last-week’s so-called cabinet reshuffle failed to inspire any confidence in the nation as it was simply a shuffling of the chairs in the Titanic. The ‘new’ brooms are the same ‘old’ characters who have failed to deliver over the years.Mugabe has lived true to the adage that there is always so much deadwood in a Zanu PF Cabinet that one can make an ark!

The MDC moment in government
The current dark clouds under a Zanu PF government are in stark contrast to the progress registered under what I would call “the MDC magic moment in government.” Zimbabweans have no doubt whatsoever about our capacity to deliver.In 2009, we restored the people’s battered hope and faith in government.

We gave government workers some semblance of dignity, opened schools and hospitals that had closed and increased revenue collection from $280 million in 2008 to $4 billion by 2012.We restored relations with multilateral institutions and the broader international community, which is why we were able to mobilize resources for the Education Transition Fund (ETF) and the Health Transition Fund (HTF) through which we were able to resuscitate those critical social sectors. We restored the value of honesty, transparency and accountability which is why even as they trade accusations of graft and corruption at each other, they have no scandal to tell about us during our period in government.We know we ought to have done more as a government, but Zimbabweans know how Zanu PF stood in the way of everything progressive, particularly in the area of reforms.

But we remain proud of our moment in government and Zimbabweans will testify to how life was far much better during the days of the MDC in government. But we also learnt our lessons. While we formed the inclusive government to give respite to the people, we were in the end taken for granted and we gave Zanu PF a lifeline in the process.

 For the avoidance of doubt, we will not repeat the mistake of implanting a government on top of a Zanu PF hegemonic super-structure.In short, we will never agree to any invitation to government that will give Zanu PF a kiss of life without the addressing the fundamentals of key reforms and dismantling the partisan bureaucracy that impeded progress under the previous inclusive dispensation.

The MDC has just concluded its Congress where we discussed substantive issues and took far-reaching decisions on many key issues. We discussed the institutional realignment of the party guided by our experience for the past 15 years. We also discussed the new paradigm that we must adopt to win the next election, the review of our party constitution in order to enhance role clarity, and a comprehensive review of the party’s policies and the MDC government agenda.

In our comprehensive policy review, the party adopted a clear and unequivocal position as we make the case for a comprehensive land reform programme, war veterans support, clarity on our agenda for the social sectors such as water and sanitation, health and education. Our position on all these issues, guided by our experience in government and our social democratic ethos, is part of our resolutions of the MDC’s 4th Congress held last month.

Having learnt a lot from our painful experience, we also adopted far-reaching resolutions including one which says that as a party, we will never again participate in any election in the absence of comprehensive reforms that enhance both the framework and environment for free and fair elections.

As I said in my treatise entitled “Personal Reflections”, while we knew that Zanu PF would attempt to steal the election, we were of the mistaken view last year that our sheer numbers were going to overwhelm any planned electoral mischief.Regrettably, we were wrong and our 4th congress has now resolved that we will only participate in a truly free and fair election.

Moreover, our Congress adopted a roadmap to legitimacy with signposts such as a national convergence conference where people of all diversity will be invited to discuss and agree on the national grievances and collectively chart the way forward.The signposts also make it clear that the people would need to take action through petitions and demonstrations, permitted under the new Constitution, and culminate in a free and fair election as a penultimate condition for the return to legitimacy, which is at the centre of the national crisis.

We in the MDC have resolved that the situation in the country will not take care of itself without us doing anything about it. We have a plan to determine the endgame so that the country returns to full legitimacy and regains lost confidence.The national convergence is already palpable and clear for everyone to see. If the minority in Zanu PF are now suspending and firing the majority on the basis that those being suspended are against the status quo, it confirms that there is now national consensus beyond just the MDC that the country needs to start on a new slate.

Students, workers, the unemployed, housewives, vendors and every other Zimbabwean must know that it is us who will rectify our own situation. Ultimately, the fate of this country is in our hands and we must be prepared for that ultimate action, permissible under the laws of this land; indeed action that will demand, shape and determine the environment in which people will freely give a mandate and legitimacy to a government of their choice.We in the MDC will not let down the people; we are clear on our national mandate and the complex dictates of the current political moment.

We are not resting on our laurels. I have just gone around the entire country conversing with all the newly elected provincial leaderships of the party, discussing a lot of issues including our policies, vision, the strategy for the endgame and how we hope to achieve positive change for the people of this country.The faith that the millions of Zimbabweans have invested in the MDC is not misplaced.

We will definitely deliver on the mandate that history has placed on our shoulders; the mandate for the positive transformation of lives of the people of this country that we so much love.Let us all use this festive season to reassure ourselves that we are all masters of our own destiny. As we ponder over the country’s current sad predicament, let us continue to show the values of love, solidarity and togetherness that have always characterized the festive season.

Let us share the food we have with others and show true love to those close to us, including the elderly, the mothers and the innocent children who are bearing the brunt of this national crisis.

Let us strengthen the gift of love by spending the holidays with our families, our parents and all our loved ones, including the infirm and the destitute. This time of suffering must bring all of us together in the true spirit of love and solidarity.I, Morgan Tsvangirai, may be despondent like everyone other Zimbabwean, but my spirit is not broken. This being the month when Christ was born, let us keep the hope and faith that God will continue to lead and guide us.

Like most Zimbabweans, I will be going to my rural home in Buhera this tough festive season to spend time with my family and my beloved mother, Mbuya Tsvangirai. Let us maintain the spirit and faith both in the Lord and in the chastity of our own struggle for a better Zimbabwe.Let us pray for this nation and its leadership in government so that their quest for power and control does not distract them from their responsibility to govern us well.

 Let us pray for President Robert Mugabe so that he understands the enormity of the national plight; so that he considers the national crisis more important than any other needless political sideshow because it is his party that is in government.Let us pray for our families.

And please pray for those of us in the MDC and the broader democratic movement so that individual ambitions do not become greater than the plight of the people.Pray for us so that we may deliver democracy and the positive change that the people of this country so much desire and deserve. I have no doubt in my mind about the capacity of the MDC to deliver a new country with a new, democratic governance culture.

We in the MDC are passionate about creating opportunities for all Zimbabweans, regardless of our diversity. We want to create a country with opportunities for the right and the poor, the farmer, the student, the housewife, the worker, the economically disabled and even the disabled and the infirm.Yes, our catchword is the creation of a stable, prosperous country with abundant opportunities for all.

Together, we will do it.

Merry Christmas, Zimbabwe.

I thank you