As Zanu PF factions destroy each other, the military will have a huge say as to who would take over from President Mugabe.


As Zanu PF factions destroy each other, the military will have a huge say as to who would take over from President Mugabe.


He is a controversial prophet who continues to draw large crowds with his promise of miracles. But as his popularity soars he faces all sorts of allegations. So far he has survived.


Two secretary generals tried to topple him but failed. His wife walked out but returned home. Now MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is plotting his way to State House.


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Friday, 20 January 2017


The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has halted a joint military operation on Thursday for final mediation talks with immediate past Gambian President Yahya Jammeh who has refused to step down.

Jammeh has been given until Friday noon to cede power or face military operation to remove him from the country’s seat of government and install the new President Adama Barrow, Head of the ECOWAS Commission Marcel de Souza told the media.

The final mediation mission on Friday will be led by Guinea’s President Alpha Conde and other African leaders including Presidents of Liberia, Mauritania and officials of the United Nations.

Jammeh will not be allowed to stay in The Gambia and if mediation is successful, he will travel to Guinea and then choose a country of exile, de Souza said, adding that ECOWAS is open to possible amnesty for Jammeh as part of the deal.

It was agreed that the new President Adama Barrow will not return to the country until the 7000-men joint military operation ends.

The decision to engage in a final mediation followed a reported strike by the ECOWAS force after entering the country Thursday evening.

Senegalese army spokesperson Colonel Abdou Ndiaye confirmed the strike in a statement without giving details, Reuters reported.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Thursday called on the new President of the Gambia, Adama Barrow, to express his support after the Security Council backed ECOWAS’ intervention.

He expressed supported for the decision of ECOWAS and deep concern at the refusal of Yahya Jammeh to surrender power.

The United States also supported the ECOWAS military intervention describing it as important to stabilize a tense situation in The Gambia.

The Chairperson of the African Union Commission, Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma congratulated Adama Barrow and hoped that Yahya Jammeh will “in the interest of The Gambia, bow out peacefully in accordance with the constitution.


HARARE Magistrate Vongai Muchuchutu yesterday denied bail to Kariba pastor, Patrick Mugadza, who prophesied that President Mugabe will die in October this year.
In denying bail to Pastor Mugadza, who is represented by Gift Mtisi of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, Magistrate Muchuchutu ruled that the clergyman has a propensity to commit similar offences.

Earlier on, Magistrate Muchuchutu dismissed an application filed by Mtisi challenging the lawfulness of the clergyman’s arrest and detention. Mtisi had argued that the clergyman’s constitutional right to be brought to court from police cells within 48 hours had been violated as he was only hauled to court after 51 hours.

Magistrate Muchuchutu also dismissed Mtisi’s application for refusal of placement of Pastor Mugadza on remand.

Pastor Mugadza was arrested on Monday and charged with contravening Section 42 (2) of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23 alternatively criminal nuisance as defined in Section 46 (2) (v) of the third schedule to the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23.

Prosecutors charged that Pastor Mugadza caused the publication of a story in an online publication, The Zimbabwe Mail on Friday 13 January 2017 entitled “Pastor Mugadza says President Mugabe to die in October 2017, thus says the Lord”.

Prosecutors claimed that Pastor Mugadza allegedly insulted the Christian religion and the African traditon by uttering some words which are a taboo to predict someone’s death and words to the effect that; “It was on the 26th December 2016 when I was in prayer and God said to me this coming 2017 the President is dying and he told me that he is dying on 17 October 2017, like I said earlier on that am not happy for someone to die but this is something that is going to happen. People may ask me if what he does not die. I do not know how much he believes in prayer but he has to do something about this prophecy”.


The case of a Beitbridge businesswoman accused of hiring four men, including South Africans, to kidnap her married boyfriend has been struck off remand. This was after the State failed to provide a trial date.

 Tapiwa Priscillah Hillary Moyo stood accused of hiring the quartet, who allegedly kidnapped and thoroughly beat up Gibson Karonga after he refused to divorce his wife. They took away his car.

The gang is said to have bundled Karonga into the trunk of a Toyota Mark X vehicle when he was dropping off Moyo at her house.

Beitbridge resident magistrate Mr Langton Mukwengi removed the case from further remand after the State led by Mr Oswell Arufandi failed to dispense the trial in conformity with the provisions of the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act.

Allegations are that Moyo, who co-owns Kaomogkelo Clearing Services with her sister, was in a relationship with Karonga for the past two years. Karonga was one of the senior managers at the company.

The State further alleged that the woman had been forcing Karonga to leave his lawfully wedded wife without success. The accused allegedly hired four men on December 5 last year to kidnap Karonga, whom they bundled into the trunk of his car and drove him to an unknown area in the bush.
Upon getting to the bush, they allegedly tortured him for seven hours, threatening to burn him alive if he refused to give in to Moyo’s demands.

During the process, the woman ordered Karonga to hand over the vehicle and papers of a house he built during their happy days, claiming that she funded the projects. The court further heard that at some point, the men shoved papers in Karonga’s hip pockets, which they lit up in a attempt to burn him.

One of them later had a change of heart and put the fire off. The gang later released Karonga into Moyo’s custody after coercing him to sign off his properties under duress.

The man was rescued after he managed to send a text message to his brother, who 
promptly informed the police.

In her defence, Moyo disputed that she had hired the assailants, but said she had fought with Karonga after he received a suspicious text message on his mobile phone.
She said she picked an empty bottle and hit Karonga when she felt she was being overpowered.

Moyo also stated that the vehicle and the house belonged to her clearing company and not to Karonga. herald


Zanu-PF’s Matabeleland South Province has started fundraising for the 21st February Movement celebrations slated for next month in the province. 

This follows the setting up of 10 committees to spearhead preparations for the event set to be held at Matopos National Park. The party’s Matabeleland South provincial secretary for information and publicity, Cde William Dewa, said that the green light for the coordinating committees to start fundraising for the event has already been given.

“Yes, fundraising is underway because when we set up the committees last week we gave the coordinating committees the gree nlight to start right away to fundraise,” he said.
“Everything is in overdrive to raise money for the event. Unfortunately, at the moment I cannot divulge the budget because it’s up to the organising committee to come up with the final figure.”
Zanu PF Gwanda Youth League secretary for commissariat Cde Emmanuel Ncube urged his colleagues who are in business to donate towards the successful hosting of the event.
“As youths who were empowered by President Mugabe’s youth empowerment policy, we should not wait to be requested to donate for this cause,” he said. “The event is ours, we should all support the event with whatever we have, be it financially or materially, so that it becomes a success.

“The event is ours and we should be proud of it and raise the province’s flag high.” President Mugabe celebrates his 93rd birthday next month.
Started in 1986, the 21st February Movement seeks to inspire young people to emulate the exemplary character of President Mugabe, its patron.


Prophet Walter Magaya was honoured on Wednesday evening by several church groups under the banner of My Zimbabwe Prayer Campaign for his outstanding spiritual and corporate work. Prophet Magaya, accompanied by his wife, was given a certificate and a moving citation at a colourful event held at his Waterfalls base soon after he had held his Wednesday church service.

Several pastors, bishops, prophets and apostles under the My Zimbabwe Prayer Campaign attended the event amid rapturous applause from congregants.
Coordinator for the church grouping, Apostle Quintine Gwashavanhu said they felt duty bound to recognise Prophet Magaya for his sterling leadership both as a spiritual father and as a corporate executive.

As one of his several achievements, they cited the completion of a multi-million dollar hotel in record four months.

“We want to congratulate you for the recently constructed and launched hotel, the Yadah Village Guest House, which also have been said to have broken record in the field of construction after having been constructed from April 30, 2016 and officially launched on September 2, 2016.

“Such a great and massive work achieved with such great speed beyond human capacity, it can only be God,” said Apostle Gwashavanhu while reading the citation.
“The impact you have made currently in developing our nation through building and by transforming people’s lives, above all spreading the gospel and manifesting the power of our Lord Jesus Christ to set captives free.

“Our prayer is that God will continue guiding you in his paths, by his spirit and word of salvation, direction and power to build lives and the nation as a whole.”

He said Prophet Magaya had proved to be a selfless man and father, a man of God who considered the comfort, joy and peace of the people ahead of himself.

“You have consistently projected a humble spirit and personality, giving regard to other great men who have gone ahead of you in ministry or those in authority of God. The amazing thing of all is your ability to mingle with the lesser, even in your days of plenty,” said Apostle 
Gwashavanhu amid applause from the floor.

“Studying your personality, I figure out, you are not a man driven by fashion but driven greatly by passion.

“Passionate men do not fail. They are known for making history, undeniable impact and lifelong results. You are a man in full practise of faith, your words are always accompanied with tremendous breathtaking actions,” said Apostle Gwashavanhu.

Prophet Magaya said he felt humbled by the recognition and paid tribute to followers of his ministry and his wife among others.

“They approached me today (Wednesday) saying man of God, we have something for you, we want to recognise you for what you are doing,” Prophet Magaya said.

Thursday, 19 January 2017


The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has agreed to allow civil servants a once-off $300 withdrawal of their salaries to minimise bank charges and transport costs. 

Civil servants’ representatives under the banner of the Apex Council on Wednesday met RBZ Governor Dr John Mangudya and argued that they were losing productive time in bank queues and a lot of money by withdrawing their salaries in tranches.

According to Apex council chairperson Mrs Cecilia Alexander, Dr Mangudya later met with banks which agreed to implement the request. The RBZ last month set the withdrawal limit at $100 per day and $300 per week, but most banks are failing to comply with the directive.
Most banks have instead continued giving depositors their money in tranches, resulting in the resurfacing of queues despite the injection of bond notes worth about $73 million by RBZ.

Speaking after meeting Dr Mangudya, Mrs Alexander said their income was being eroded by exorbitant bank charges and transport costs. “We met with the RBZ Governor and requested for a withdrawal limit of $300 for civil servants which will be dispensed in one transaction, commencing this month,” she said.

“We saw this move as a way of decongesting banking halls whilst simultaneously enhancing effective service delivery and productivity through minimising the precious working time spent at the bank. While the withdrawal limit should officially be $300, most banks are still lagging behind and all we have seen are queues on a daily basis.”
Mrs Alexander said she had been informed that banks had agreed to take on board their request. “We appreciate the positive response we received from the governor to give this facility to State workers,” she said.

“l am also informed that the governor subsequently met with the banks and they have agreed to implement this positive move.”

She added: “Apex Council believes that this welcome development together with the measures such as the use of plastic money will certainly see a decline in long queues as well as allow people to concentrate on their work. We also urge civil servants not to be abused by unscrupulous individuals who would wish to use civil servants account as conduits for their transactions.”

Asked if they had deliberated on their 2016 annual bonuses with Dr Mangudya, Mrs Alexander said: “We touched on the issue generally but the actual position would be known when we meet with him, Ministers (Prisca) Mupfumira (Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare) and Patrick Chinamasa (Finance and Economic Development) next Wednesday.”

Minister Mupfumira yesterday confirmed next week’s meeting. “We are meeting with the workers on Wednesday and those two parties, Minister Chinamasa and Dr Mangudya will be present so that we give the workers the actual position. The meeting will map the way forward.”

While Government is yet to announce the modalities on the payment of bonuses, indications are that payment of the 13th cheque would be staggered as was the case last year. Some civil servants got their 2015 bonuses mid-last year. herald


LOCAL authorities should not evict villagers without first conducting consultations and having a compensation plan, a Cabinet Minister has said.

Addressing a Zanu-PF star rally attended by thousands of supporters at Gwindingwi High School in Bikita on Wednesday, the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and Urban Development, Cde Saviours Kasukuwere, said rural district councils should respect villagers despite having legal control over land in their respective areas.

The Minister said it was inhumane for councils to leave villagers homeless under the guise of urban expansion programmes.
Cde Kasukuwere said this during a rally addressed by Acting President Cde Phelekezela Mphoko meant to drum up support for Zanu PF candidate, Cde Beauty Chabaya, ahead of the Bikita West by–election set for tomorrow.

“Local authorities’ especially rural district councils have a tendency of arbitrarily evicting villagers living within their jurisdiction for expansion purposes.

While council has control over the land in question, it is prudent for them to engage the community first,” said Cde Kasukuwere.

He said all council evictions should be procedural to avoid plunging villagers into a social crisis.

“Before any eviction is carried out by council, villagers should get their compensation so as not to create any social challenges. Villagers’ welfare should take precedence and land for their resettlement should be secured first before they are evicted.

“Given the fact that the villagers in most cases would have built their homesteads, they have to be compensated by the council concerned,” Cde Kasukuwere said. Herald


ZANU-PF has dismissed claims that its supporters assaulted National Constitutional Assembly candidate, Mr Madock Chivasa ahead of tomorrow’s by-election in Bikita West constituency while police say they are still investigating the causes of the violence.

Police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said police had received a report of assault but were still investigating the whereabouts of the assailants.

“We have received an assault report with case number 64/1/17 and we are investigating the identity of the assailants and the causes. After reporting the case, Chivasa was treated and discharged the same night in Masvingo. He was not admitted as reported in some quarters. 
As I am talking to you, Chivasa is attending a multiparty meeting of the candidates that is being chaired by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission,” said Snr Asst Comm Charamba.
Zec Masvingo provincial manager Mr Zex Pudurai said no report of Mr Chivasa’s alleged assault had been made to the multi-party liaison committee for the Bikita West by-election as of yesterday.

The committee comprises aspiring candidates in an election or their election agents together with representatives of the police and the electoral body with the aim of harmonising operations prior to, during and after polls.

In an interview with our Harare Bureau, Mr Chivasa claimed that he was assaulted by Zanu-PF supporters who were allegedly bused from Marondera by Marondera Central MP, Cde Lawrence Katsiru.

He alleged he was assaulted at Tongonya Bar at Nyika Growth Point.
However, Masvingo Zanu-PF provincial chairperson, Cde Amasa Nhenjana said Zanu-PF had nothing to do with the people who allegedly assaulted Mr Chivasa.

“We are told that he was assaulted at Tongonya Bar, which is a place that has nothing to do with us. If he told us he had been assaulted at our rally or his rally, we would have understood not someone who was assaulted at a bar.
“Our leadership has been camped in Bikita for days now and to be honest, we have not heard of any violence around this area. We have told our members to be peaceful and they have been so even in the face of clear provocation from Kudakwashe Gopo (Zimbabwe People First candidate). (Mr) Gopo has been coming to our rallies but we made it clear that we will not fall for the trap because we could see that they wanted our supporters to attack them so that they discredit the by-election,” said Cde Nhenjana.

He also dismissed as childish allegations that the ruling party was buying votes in Bikita West using agricultural inputs.

‘’Seed and fertilisers are not being given to people in Bikita West only but even in Hurungwe, Kariba, Gokwe and other parts of the country but are there by-elections in those areas? The Zanu-PF Government is giving people inputs because it during the rainy season. Maybe the opposition parties that want to get into power want to rule a nation of dead bodies. What will people eat if they are not given inputs to produce their own food?’’
He said opposition parties were aware that they would lose against Zanu-PF in a peaceful election but were now concocting reports of violence to discredit the poll.

Cde Katsiru said he just heard of rumours about his involvement from the media. “I went to Bikita on Saturday and spoke to leaders from my church (Johanne Masowe eChishanu) where I encouraged them to vote for Zanu-PF candidate. After the meeting, I went to Flamboyant Hotel in Masvingo where I slept.

“I never encouraged anyone to be violent. Why would I want to take violence to other people’s province when I have just come from a by-election that was the most peaceful?

“Besides, the vehicle that they claim I used to ferry people from Marondera was in the garage in Marondera. I used a Honda Fit to Bikita for the Acting President’s rally. My mission was to talk members of my church to vote for the Zanu-PF candidate. If they accuse me of encouraging those people of my church to vote for Zanu-PF, then I admit,” said Cde Katsiru.

Besides the Zanu-PF candidate Cde Betty Chabaya and Mr Chivasa, other candidates vying for the Bikita West parliamentary seat are Mr Kudakwashe Gopo of ZimPF, Terrence Makumbo (Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe) together with independent candidates Mr Innocent Muzvimbiri and Mr Heya Shoko who is an ex-Member of Parliament for the constituency.

The by-election is being held to fill a vacancy created after the jailing of Munyaradzi Kereke who was the legislator for the area-for an effective 10 years-for rape. Herald


A 60 year-old Inter-Africa driver has been jailed for an effective 12 months after a bus he was driving was involved in an accident that killed four people.

Esigodini magistrate Mr Tawanda Muchemwa jailed Makawa Ronald Hamuzofi for culpable homicide following the October 2016 accident that occurred in Esigodini.

The bus was heading to Bulawayo from Chipinge when it was involved in a head-on collision with a Mazda Demio at the 47km peg along the Beitbridge-Bulawayo road.
Hamuzofi had pleaded guilty to culpable homicide.

In passing sentence, Mr Muchemwa said Hamuzofi’s conduct was grossly negligent resulting in the death of four people.

“The accused person despite that he has been a driver for the past 18 years was grossly negligent because it was raining and he tried to stop to pick a passenger and applied emergency brakes.  This resulted in the bus encroaching to the other lane killing four people on the spot and injuring 52 others who were on board,” said Mr Muchemwa.

The magistrate sentenced Makawa to 18 months imprisonment, but suspended six months on condition of good behaviour within the next five years.
Prosecuting, Mr Jafta Nyika told the court that on October 2 last year at the 47-kilometre peg along the Beitbridge-Bulawayo road, Hamuzofi negligently drove an Inter-Africa Yutong bus with 62 passengers on board.

Mr Nyika said the bus swerved to the right side of the road colliding with the Mazda Demio resulting in the death of the driver and three other passengers in the car.

The prosecutor said Hamuzofi’s negligence included “failing to keep a proper lookout in the circumstances, failing to act reasonably when an accident seemed imminent, travelling at an excessive speed under the circumstances and failure to keep the vehicle under proper control.”

In mitigation, Hamuzofi through his lawyer Mr Thulani Ndlovu of Sansole and Senda legal practitioners said he was travelling below the designated speed of about 60 kilometres per hour and was not grossly negligent.

“The circumstances that led to this charge are unfortunate in that the accused applied brakes intending to pick a passenger on the left who was being drenched by rain but the bus swerved to the right, a situation that can be attributed to the fact that the road was wet,” said Hamuzofi.

In addition, Hamuzofi said he was a breadwinner with seven children and has to live with emotional stress, pain and suffering for contributing to the death of another human being.
He said he had already lost his job of 18 years and had no prior conviction. Chronicle


The Zanu PF candidate for Bikita East, Beauty Chabaya has rubbished reports that she is a novice imposed by G40.

 “I am not an alien in politics as some prophets of doom may choose to believe. I have a rich history of political activism through my father and mother. My late father Adam Chabaya and my 72-year-old surviving mother were actively involved in the liberation struggle since the 1960 as they helped in waging a stiff resistance against the [Ian] Smith regime in Bikita District,” she said.

 Chabaya (41, a mother of two said her first real experience in politics was during the 2008 Senatorial elections when she served as her mother’s campaign manager.  Her mother, Cde Cecilia Chabaya, who served in the Masvingo provincial women’s league executive for 22 years, however lost the election to MDC-T’s Dr Kokerai Rugara.  Cde Chabaya believes the time has come for the pendulum to shift in her favour.

“It took me by surprise when my mother lost in 2008 but that has motivated me to contest for the Bikita West by-election. Victory is certain, I have nothing to fear as I am capable to steer our ship to stardom. I have all it takes to change the lives of the electorate in my constituency,” said Cde Chabaya.

A member of the ruling party provincial women’s league in Masvingo, Cde Chabaya said she acceded to requests to contest in the Zanu-PF primary elections and won convincingly.

“I was nurtured into a politician by my mother and wish to pay back by having a political office through becoming an MP for Bikita West. I did not think twice when I was asked to contest in the primaries and members in my constituency supported my candidature and I beat other five male contestants to become Zanu- PF’s sole candidate.
“As if that is not enough I have been secretary for economic affairs in Masvingo women’s league provincial executive since 2012. That speaks volumes on me as a tried and tested party cadre,” she said.

Chibaya said her inspiration is derived from First Secretary and President of the party President Mugabe whose vision for the country is unparalleled.

She described him as a highly principled statesman whose policies are spot-on and promote the emancipation of women in business and Zimbabwean populace at large.

Many black people now own companies, a feat which Chibaya said was rarely achieved during colonial rule and that could be attributed to President Mugabe’s policies which promote local businesses.

She also declared her commitment to finish all the projects left unfinished by her former senior at high school and predecessor, Kereke,  and also come up with new initiatives so that Bikita West can be counted among developed constituencies in the district and country at large.




Adama Barrow has been sworn in as the new President of Gambia.

The ceremony at the Gambian Embassy in Senegal was administered by Sheriff Tambadou, president of the Gambian Bar Association.

The tiny West African state now has two men claiming to be president. Its parliament voted earlier this week to extend Yahya Jammeh’s rule by 90 days while he challenges his election defeat at the hands of Barrow, a former estate agent, in the courts.

Regional forces, led by Senegal, have threatened to enter the country to oust Mr Jammeh.