As Zanu PF factions destroy each other, the military will have a huge say as to who would take over from President Mugabe.


As Zanu PF factions destroy each other, the military will have a huge say as to who would take over from President Mugabe.


He is a controversial prophet who continues to draw large crowds with his promise of miracles. But as his popularity soars he faces all sorts of allegations. So far he has survived.


Two secretary generals tried to topple him but failed. His wife walked out but returned home. Now MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is plotting his way to State House.


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Thursday, 1 September 2016


Police have launched full-scale investigations into a case in which ammunition manufacturing equipment and thousands of bullet heads and empty cartridges were discovered at a farm in Domboshava on Tuesday. 

The discovery was made following the eviction of white commercial farmer Geofrey Kelly McKinnon (66) from the property by the messenger of court.His farm was recently gazetted and allocated to four beneficiaries under the land reform programme, but he has been refusing to vacate.

Last Friday, the High Court ordered McKinnon and his son Mark to vacate.
“Leave is hereby granted for the applicants to execute the order for eviction. Not withstanding the noting of an appeal by the respondents, the Sheriff is hereby authorised to proceed with the execution of the order of this court as granted on 4 March 2016,” reads part of the order by High Court judge Justice David Mangota.

Police have since been deployed to guard the farm house where the cartridges and the 
 machine were discovered.

It is also suspected that McKinnon could have hidden several other guns, including AK 47 assault rifles, which he was keeping for unknown reasons at the farm house.
Police only discovered four rifles at his house and there were no documents to support the farmer’s ammunition business.

Police sources yesterday said when the messenger of court arrived at the house, McKinnon used the back door to stash some of the weapons in his vehicle, among other various goods and hid them at an unknown place in the city.

When the Herald arrived at the farm house yesterday, the messenger of court was in the process of taking outside, some of the property that McKinnon had left at the house.
The ammunition making machine, which had some gun powder and the cartridges, were in one of the rooms in the house.

Some of the cartridges were packed in small boxes, while others were scattered in the room. Several cartridges for AK 47 assault rifles and other unidentified rifles, were also in the room.

One of McKinnon’s employees who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he was not aware that McKinnon was in the habit of manufacturing ammunition.

“I have been here for more than 20 years and he would not allow anyone especially us his employee to enter his house. This is my first time to enter this house,” said the employee.
By late yesterday night it was still not clear what he wanted the bullets for as security agents were yet to visit his house for further investigations.

In 2006 police discovered an arms cache at Peter Hitschman’s house in Mutare, which included an AK 47 riffle, four FN riffles, seven Uzis, 19 pistols and revolvers, 11 shotguns and an assortment of ammunition.

The dangerous weapons were allegedly meant to commit acts of banditry, insurgency, sabotage, and terrorism.

Hitschman was in 2007 jailed for three years for possessing dangerous weapons but was acquitted on far more serious insurgency and terrorism charges that allegedly involved a plot to kill President Mugabe.

He had one year of his four-year jail term suspended by the High Court judge on circuit in Mutare, Justice Alfas Chitakunye presided. herald


Opposition parties protesting for the “electoral reforms” under the National Electoral Reform Agenda at the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) are in violation of the Constitution that stipulates that independent commissions are not subject to the control or influence of anyone, legal experts have said. MDC-T, MDC and Zimbabwe People First wanted to hold violent demonstrations against the ZEC on Friday last week demanding what they called “electoral reforms”.

But the Constitution on Chapter 12, Section 235 on independence of commissions says: “(1) the independent commissions;
(a) are independent and are not subject to the direction or control of anyone;
(b) must act in accordance with this Constitution; and
(c) must exercise their functions without fear, favour or prejudice; although they are accountable to Parliament for the efficient performance of their functions.
(2) The State and all institutions and agencies of Government at every level, through legislative and other measures, must assist the independent commissions and must protect their independence, impartiality, integrity and effectiveness.
(3) No person may interfere with the functioning of the independent commissions.”

ZEC is one of the independent commissions together with the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission, the Zimbabwe Gender Commission, the Zimbabwe Media Commission and the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission.

Legal practitioners who spoke to The Herald said holding demonstrations against any of these commissions was in contravention of the supreme law of the land.

Mr Tendai Toto said freedom of assembly, demonstrations and expression were fundamental human rights guaranteed in Sections 58, 59 and 61 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

“The exercise and enjoyment of which must be within the bounds and requirements of the law,” said Mr Toto.

“Care and caution must be exercised when allowing demonstrations against the Chapter 12 independent commissions, to do so without a just assessment of the validity, justification and objective reasonability of the compelling causes for the demonstrations consequences of which can create and achieve possible intimidation of commissions in general and interference with the functioning of the independent commissions as provided for in Section 235 (3) of the Constitution.”
He said anyone with genuine complaints against ZEC and its officials could approach the courts to raise their concerns.
“It is self-destructive to our democracy and unjustified initiatives to collapse the Chapter 12 independent commissions if anyone is given the robotic green light to take to the streets a wish list of allegations against, in this case, ZEC without the presentation of evidence of frustrated attempts and willingness to seek lawful and procedural redress in a competent forum such as the Electoral Court and or petitions that seek the invalidation of the composition of ZEC, personnel appointments and or alleged illegal and unlawful activities perpetrated by ZEC.

“Interested parties are often resourced to enforce the legal rights that pertain to electoral processes in Zimbabwe, otherwise Zimbabwe can easily plunge into a pronounced democracy of demonstrations,” said Mr Toto.

Zanu-PF deputy secretary for legal affairs and former co-chairperson of the Parliamentary Constitution Select Committee, Cde Paul Mangwana, said political parties or any organisations were not allowed to interfere with the operations of ZEC.

“It is clear that by demonstrating against ZEC, they are violating that Section (235) of the Constitution,” he said.

“They are trying to influence how the commission runs the elections, which is a contravention of the Constitution and the Electoral Act.

“They are putting undue pressure on the ZEC chairperson and the commission, which is outright interference with the functioning of the com- mission.”

Former Deputy Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs and member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, Cde Fortune Chasi, said all independent commissions were sacrosanct and accountable only to Parliament for the purposes of efficient performance of their duties.

“A broad interpretation of the Constitution suggests a clear duty on the part of everyone and this includes individuals, political parties and the State and all its organs to support and protect independent commissions of which the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is part.

“This is why this commission has a separate budgetary line and this is meant to ensure that it is not controlled by anyone via the provision of its finances.

“And so the Constitution is very explicit in its statement that no “person may interfere with the functioning of the independent Commissions.”

“In my view, given that elections are the gateway to democracy, any conduct that is calculated to interfere with the operational work of the Commission ought to be directly criminalised and supported by severe penalties,” said Cde Chasi.

He said individuals and political entities could make suggestions in electoral reforms to Parliament and not ZEC. herald


CONVICTED rapist Munyaradzi Kereke and the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) are going to share $36 000 in legal costs in a case which took six years to be completed. 

The sharing of costs follows a ruling by regional magistrate Mr Noel Mupeiwa ordering the two parties to share equally 75 percent of legal costs accrued in the former Bikita West legislator’s prosecution and Constitutional Court proceedings.Mr Mupeiwa subtracted 25 percent from the costs on the basis that Kereke was acquitted on the charge of indecent assault.

The first count of indecent assault occupied a quarter of proceedings and Kereke was acquitted.

“The second charge of rape in which he was convicted took a huge chunk of time — three quarters. The private prosecutor is entitled to three quarters of the bill of which Kereke would pay 50 percent and the NPA 50 percent,” he ruled.
Mr Mupeiwa said the Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act only talks of costs and expenses, but not on a scale.

“This is because the private prosecutor asked for costs on a higher scale.”
Kereke was jailed 14 years for raping a 13-year-old relative in 2010 at gunpoint.

However, four years were set aside on condition he does not commit a similar offence within that period.
Private prosecutor Mr Charles Warara said they were going to approach the taxing officer at the civil courts for taxation.

Kereke’s case had to proceed through private prosecution after suspended Prosecutor-General Johannes Tomana refused to prosecute him, saying there was no evidence linking the legislator to the offence.

This led to Tomana being slapped with a 30-day imprisonment by the Constitutional Court for refusing to comply with court orders compelling him to issue certificates for private prosecution where he had declined to prosecute.

However, the sentence was wholly suspended on condition he complied with the court order. herald


OFFICIALS at the Bulawayo Regional court were left in shock recently after a pregnant 12 year-old from Plumtree confidently defended her brother, who impregnated her, saying she did not want him jailed.

The court officials learnt that the pair had been engaging in an incestual relationship since December 2015. The minor’s brother (18) had been arrested for seven counts of rape.
His younger sister, who cannot be named for ethical reasons, allegedly became sexually active when she was 10 years old.

She attracted the attention of a Chronicle news crew on Thursday last week as she boldly told officials at the set-down office that she was prepared to look after the baby with her brother.

“I am prepared to have this child. I love my boyfriend, we have discussed this and we agreed that we are going to look after our child. If you people send him to jail who is going to fend for my child?” she asked.

The girl’s elder sister wailed as she narrated to the court officials that she was having disciplinary problems with the victim.
“We don’t know what to do with her anymore. She started being wild at the age of 10. Sometimes she would sleep at bars and parties. My sister needs help please help her,” pleaded the older sister.

The pregnant girl was referred to victim friendly unit for counselling.
According to the State papers, on the first count of rape the accused met the victim on her way from gathering firewood.

“Accused tripped complainant and he raped her once. Complainant told her mother about the incident. On the second occasion complainant met accused on her way from fetching water.”

“Accused took away her bucket so that they could have sex but she ran away. Accused later went to complainant’s house and lured her to his homestead claiming that he wanted to give her money. They had sex four times during the night and accused accompanied complainant back home at dawn,” read the papers.

On another occasion, the papers further read, accused gave the victim R5 before he took her to his homestead overnight.

“On another occasion, accused gave complainant P100 after having sex with her. They later met at a party where they had sexual intercourse again before proceeding to the complainant’s house for the rest of the night.”

The papers read that complainant’s mother noticed changes in her daughter and she took her to Plumtree District Hospital where her pregnancy was confirmed.  chronicle


A POLICE officer operating an unregistered public transport vehicle allegedly shot past three roadblocks and evaded a tollgate along the Bulawayo-Beitbridge Road.
Constable Felix Matare is now facing a charge of contravening sections 29 and 34 of the Police Act.

He is accused of acting in an unbecoming and disorderly manner prejudicial to good order or engaging in conduct likely to bring discredit to the Police Service.

Cst Matare, who is based at Madlambuzi Police Station, has since filed a court application at the Bulawayo High Court challenging the trial proceedings which are being presided over by one Superintendent E Sibanda.

It is the state case that on April 5 this year at around 8AM, an Inspector Mabhungu was at Mawabeni roadblock site along the Beitbridge-Bulawayo Road when he spotted Cst Matare’s Toyota Granvia approaching from a distance.

When the car got closer, Insp Mabhungu instructed his subordinate to stop but Cst Matare allegedly defied the order and sped past the roadblock.
Insp Mabhungu followed Cst Matare in a police vehicle and caught up with him at the 49km peg and signalled him to stop. Cst Matare allegedly ignored the order and continued towards Bulawayo.

Insp Mabhungu phoned his counterparts at Esigodini tollgate to block Const Matare’s car. On arrival at the tollgate, Cst Matare noticed that he had been blocked by armed police officers.

He allegedly dropped a $2 note and escaped through the far left side of the boom gate and sped off. Cst Matare was again stopped by traffic cops on highway patrol and allegedly did not comply.

In his High Court application, Cst Matare cited the trial officer and Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri as the respondents.

He wants the trial to start anew before a trial officer from a different province.
In his founding affidavit, Const Matare said the trial proceedings were conducted in an irregular and unlawful “militant” manner.

“I did not even plead to the allegations and I ended up seated while the trial prosecutor was proceeding with the trial. The trial officer is the one who was actually leading the state witness until all the witnesses gave their evidence,” he said.

The respondents have not yet filed opposing papers. chronicle


POTRAZ has said a statement which circulated today on social media was a hoax.

It said in a statement: “We have noted with concern that there has been an abusive social media message purporting to be coming from POTRAZ on telecommunications blackouts. We would like to inform all stakeholders that this message is not coming from POTRAZ,” read the statement.

“We advise stakeholders and consumers not to circulate this false message as it causes unnecessary inconvenience to users of telecommunications services in Zimbabwe.”

The fake circulating message comes as the Computer Crime and Cyber Crime Bill is expected to be presented to Parliament, which would protect Zimbabweans from cyber terrorists.
The proposed law comes against the backdrop of some Zimbabweans locally and abroad who are using the internet to communicate subversive material which seeks to unconstitutionally remove Government through violence.


Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission investigations manager Ms Sukai Tongogara has been reassigned to a new post of general manager external relations and international conventions in the commission. Mr Savious Kufandada is tipped to take over as general manager investigations and prosecutions.Ms Tongogara was cleared of charges of misconduct following a disciplinary hearing last month.

She was facing two counts of misconduct. She was accused of being part of the secretariat that formed a private company called Private Mortgage Company (PMC) without the knowledge or resolution of the commission.

It was further alleged that Ms Tongogara and three others diverted $1,7 million from Treasury to buy individual shares in a private company. This was said to be tantamount to theft of public funds and making improper use of public funds. Ms Tongogara denied both allegations against her.

Through her lawyer, Mr Joel Mambara, Ms Tongogara was cleared of both counts after a fully contested disciplinary hearing. Ms Loice Mukunyadzi chaired the disciplinary committee which ruled in favour of Ms Tongogara.

“After assessing all evidence placed before this committee there is nothing to show that respondent participated in the whole scheme,” said Ms Mukunyadza.
“It cannot be ruled out that her name was fraudulently put on CR/14.”

She said at the time the corrupt activities were happening at ZACC, she was not even at work. Ms Mukunyadza also noted that the committee went through the minutes of meetings which were held by PMC directors, and discovered that Ms Tongogara never participated in the meetings.
“It will be improper of this committee to find the respondent guilty of the misconduct charges since there is nothing to suggest that she participated in the whole scheme,” she said.
Ms Tongogara was charged together with three others — Mr Christopher Chisango (general manager finance, administration and human resources), Mr Edwin Mubataripi (general manager, prevention and advocacy) and Mr Gibson Mangwiro — who was the chief accountant/finance manager.

The three managers were convicted of engaging in corrupt activities that involved the former Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) chief executive Ngonidzashe Gumbo.
Gumbo, a former Senior Assistant Commissioner in the Zimbabwe Republic Police, was jailed for two years last year for defrauding the commission of $435 000.

He bought offices to be used by the commission in Mt Pleasant, Harare, using Government funds, but registered the property in the name of a company he jointly owned with the three.
The State proved that in 2010, ZACC approached the Home Affairs Ministry seeking alternative accommodation when their landlords were about to evict them.

The ministry instructed Gumbo to look for alternative property and he identified 872 Betterment Close in Mt Pleasant that belonged to Diane Spalletah. Gumbo then requested $1 680 000 from the ministry to buy the property and Government deposited $1,7 million into a ZACC account.

He instructed his subordinates Mubataripi, Chisango and Mangwiro to form a shelf company called Property Mortgage where they became directors with equal shares. herald


OPERATIONS of Dr Joice Mujuru’s Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) in Masvingo are almost grounded as the wrangle over the recent demotion from the provincial chairpersonship of Retired Colonel Claudius Makova intensifies.

On Tuesday the national executive sent a team of four members for a crisis meeting with the provisional executive to address the dispute. Rtd Col Makova was recently “elevated” to the council of elders in the party but he feels that the promotion is effectively a demotion.

He was replaced by Dr William Zivenge after being accused of lack of commitment, a decision which has been opposed by the national executive.

The other executive members are former MDC-T MP Mr Jeffrey Chitando who is the new provincial secretary for information and publicity, Mr Oliver Chirume (secretary for administration), Mr Moses Mare (secretary for labour), Mr Ernest Mudavanhu (secretary for mass mobilisation) and Mr Tichaona Sithole (secretary for business and economic planning).
Rtd Col Makova has vowed to stay put and declared that he is still in charge.
“I am not aware of the so-called elections held at Dzikamai Mavhaire’s house in Masvingo which demoted me from the provincial chairmanship.

“I am still the provincial chairman of ZimPF,” said Rtd Col Makova. Mr Chitando tried to play down the crisis in the beleaguered party but admitted that Rtd Col Makova was refusing to accept his demotion.

“It is true that we have a new executive led by Dr Zivenge now after Rtd Col Makova was promoted into the council of elders.

Rtd Col Makova is, however, refusing to accept his new role and we are seized with the matter as I speak,” said Mr Chitando.

ZimPF national spokesperson Mr Jealous Mawarire professed ignorance of the new developments and said there have not been any changes in Masvingo.
“As far as we know there are no leadership changes in Masvingo. We have sent a team of four senior officials there in Masvingo to resolve the dispute,” said Mr Mawarir. chronicle

Wednesday, 31 August 2016


MASVINGO-based Miracle Healing and Deliverance (MHD) founder Prophet Isaac Makomichi (21) has advised opposition parties not to expend their energies on fighting President Robert Mugabe as he will win the 2018 elections.

Prophet Makomichi says he has on several occasions been shown in his dreams that President Mugabe will still be at the helm after the 2018 general elections.

Prophet Makomichi told The Chronicle on Wednesday that President Mugabe is the God chosen leader for Zimbabwe. He said the President is an anointed leader, adding that even a coalition of opposition parties will fail to unseat him.

The young prophet said the blunder that local opposition parties made is working with the country’s detractors that include Britain and the United States of America (USA), whose main objective is to replace the present government with a puppet regime.

“I was given this dream and the country had passed the voting period in 2018. It was after 2018 plebiscite and President Mugabe was still in power. A voice resonated saying that only God will remove President Mugabe from his position,” said Prophet Makomichi.
He said President Mugabe is a man on a mission and when the mission is achieved, a new leader will come from Zanu PF. Prophet Makomichi warned opposition parties against inciting violence.
Zimbabwe, said Prophet Makomichi, is alien to violence and God does not want bloodshed.

He also predicted good rains this farming season adding that the obtaining hardships will soon come to pass with the economy experiencing a rebound.

‘’I have a vision of a prosperous Zimbabwe with adequate food and abundant rains. The drought and economic woes presently bedevilling the country will soon come to an end,” said the prophet.

“Violence begets suffering. Opposition parties should stop this madness forthwith as God is against bloodshed.”

The MHD founder made headlines in Masvingo early this year through his healing prowess.
His church members say he has miraculously healed the physically challenged and casts out demons.

Early this year, Prophet Makomichi  revealed that he was seeing PHD Ministry founder Prophet Magaya in his sleep and recently stirred controversy when some of his congregates were quoted in the media saying they had been seen him flying into the sky like an angel, during a prayer vigil.

His prophesy comes in the wake of similar predictions by the Zimbabwe Indigenous Church Leaders Association (Zila) recently.

Speaking during the installation of Zion Christian Church Bishop Jaison Chisemo at Dare Primary School in Chivi over the weekend, Zila president Bishop Lyphet Matenda said the President is invincible.

‘’President Mugabe’s invincibility is an anointment from God and no one will ever unseat him unless he leaves at his own volition. He was given a task to do for the Zimbabweans by God Himself and He still wants him.

“I am told there is coalition of opposition parties, these political outfits are wasting their time because the parties are not united for common purpose. I have received a voice telling me that President Cde Mugabe will still be the president, come 2018 after the elections,” said Bishop Matenda. Chronicle


Following your utterances Mr Saviour Kasukuwere in the state media as reported in the Herald of Thursday the 18th of August 2016 in a story titled *"Kasukuwere Disowns Lumumba, Tsenengamu"* in which article you did seek to disown me and distance yourself from me by saying you never mentored me as an ill-disciplined youth who has no respect for party leadership.
I want to put it on record that before making this response today , I personally called you on Friday the 19th of August 2016 to confirm if indeed the statements attributed to you by the state media were actually your words and you confirmed by saying "aah mhanduwe ndozvave kuitika mu ZANU.PF yacho iyi tinenge tichingopindurana tichienda tozviona mberi ikoko , regai zvinoitika zvingoitika"

Firstly, I don't remember making any claims publicly or privately that you are my political mentor and hardly understands why you would say so today. My assumption now is maybe you were saying so in response to an address by Mrs Grace Mugabe at a party function held in Harare at the City Sports Centre where she alleged that some party leaders were responsible for the rampant indiscipline by some youths whom they have been associated with. Your utterances smacks of a man desperate to cleanse his battered image and is now clutching at straws.

I want to make it clear to you and all that, in my last press statement released on 04 August 2016 I publicly pronounced that you incited me to level certain allegations against Paddy Zhanda, Tendai Savanhu ,Nicholas Goche, the late Amos Midzi, Ministers David Parirenyatwa and Sydney Sekeramayi which allegations I had not elaborated in the previous statement I still stand by what I said as you really did instructed me to expose the above mentioned for being double agents who would then by day stand by Ex-VP Mujuru and then at night meet at Zhanda's premises to plan for the ascendancy of a supposed "Dark-Horse" in the succession race which dark horse you said was Minister Sekeramayi and l did exactly that at the State House meeting. It was by God's grace that the above cadres survived the chop during the 2014 purges in the party ZANU . PF and I am not sure if they ever knew that you were the person behind those attacks.

I have not and would never claim political mentorship from a self -proclaimed biggest political thug and the worst commissar Zanu .pf has ever had .True to your nickname which goes as Tyson,you are the man who has managed to turn the party into a typical boxing ring where political fights have become a permanent feature on the party calendar .

Why would l claim political mentorship.from you as a pronounced tribalist and regionalist who is waging a tribal war against other tribes through your super zezuru agenda . I challenge you to deny that you are waging a tribal war against other party members before l release to the public a recorded audio of you openly boasting of pushing that shameless and filthy tribal agenda .Yes you are pursuing a tribal agenda against the karangas and l have the evidence to expose you.

Why would l claim political mentorship from you, a power -hungry "Mafikizolo" and opportunist politically bankrupt and is an unashamed and ungrateful beneficiary of Mrs Mujuru's political escapades as she is the one ,with the help of the late Border Gezi.who invited you to join the party in the Mashonaland Central Province in 1999 at which point you also fought your own blood brother Dickson Mafios and wrestled the province youth charmanship from him and proceeded to buy out one Chanda to step down and pave way for you ahead of the 1999 National Youth Conference held at the University of Zimbabwe where you got elected to become Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs?

Why would l claim political mentorship.from an alleged gay who didn't come out clean on the gay allegations as was claimed by Mr Temba Mliswa sometime ago. Instead of bothering to distance yourself from me and your self imagined mentorship of Tsenengamu , why wold you not seek to clear air on your alleged unclear relationship with a W .Pritchard, the then Mutare -based original owner of Commercial Transport which you now owns and runs as Com Trans .You must come clean on the above alleged relationship or affair whatever that you may feel free to call it,which relationship ran during your tenure as a driver for the then Manicaland Provincial Intelligence Officer Mr Gwaradzimba.

Why would l claim mentorship from you , a misguided someone and directionless nepotist who is not even ashamed of wanting to turn Mashonaland Central Province into a Kasukuwere province as you openly places your brothers and close relatives into strategic and key party positions while sidelining non-relatives to the peripheries. l can‘t have your as a shameless nepotist for a mentor,never.

If l may ask , when have you become a loyal servant and follower of Mr Mugabe when you are the one who pioneered in rejecting Mr Mugabe's leadership as way back as 2007 and 2008 when you were part ot the bhora - musango crew that wanted to push Mr Mugabe out of office and you were working from behind the scenes encouraging Simba Makoni to challenge Mr Mugabe ? Instead of seeking to disown me, you must instead tell the party and the nation what your role was on the day Simba Makoni launched his MKD party . You must stop the holier than thou attitude and pretend being Mr Mugabe ‘s staunch loyalist and supporter for you were the first to realize that Mr Mugabe has according to you then over -stayed at the helm of the party and nation before some of us did .

Do you remember when l still was district youth chairman for Mt Darwin Urban when l came to your office in 2007 seeking to get t-shirts for a ward clean -up campaign ahead of the 2008 general polls, you instructed me to go and collect the t-shirts with the help of your driver from the Graniteside which t-shirt were inscribed "Centre Striker " with the portrait of Mr Mugabe which move to you was a dummy as you were part of the people who were against President Mugabe for at that point you indicated to me that Mr Mugabe was on his way out and we need not bother ourselves about him and you said so after l had expressed myself on the absence of a vigorous campaign for the President ahead of the 2008 General polls??

Do you still remember what you said about President Mugabe for dropping you from his cabinet in 2008 ? I called you the day your name was missing on the first 2008 Cabinet list before you were sneaked last minute into the Cabinet as Youth Minister and you said this referring to the President "Zvinonetsa kudealer nemunhu asingatende , anyway munhu wacho is on his way out ."

lf l may ask , when has the same ungrateful Mugabe become your man?
In 2014 during the period Mrs Mujuru was being ousted and on the evening before Mrs Mugabe's 2014 rally in Masvingo while we were at Number 53Selous Avenue here in Harare ,in the presence of Sandi Moyo who was helping herself to wine, myself and Batsirai Musona you blamed Mnagwagwa for keeping Mugabe in power for a long time and you indicated then that Mnangagwa has no chance to be the President for he squandered his opportunity by letting Mugabe in power for long .l challenge you to dispute this and l will further expose you.

May you also publicly refute my assertions that you hurt and despise Mrs Grace Mugabe as an "amateur" political boxer who does not know where to direct a blow ,how and when to punch the rival and what has to be said and what must not be said in public. I challenge you to publicly refute what am saying here.

Do you still remember that day we came to your former private office at 53 Selous Avenue when you indicated to us that you were just coming in from a crucial meeting to which you had been summoned and you told us that you were advised to jump ship and abandon Mujuru for President Mugabe had planned a devastating blow to Mujuru by way of unleashing his wife but you then expressed your worry in that you fear that you were not sure to which extent Mrs Mugabe would go as she may become an uncontrollable king-maker or a replacement for Mrs Mujuru as a Woman VP since you were in support of the elevation of Mrs Edna Madzongwe to the vice Presidency as a weaker candidate and you later calmed down saying "First things first izvo zvemukadzi wake tozvozviona pave paye " and my question is since when have you become a sincere and staunch supporter of Mrs Mugabe ?
Mr Kasukuwere are you not the one in 2012 just before the disbandment of the DCCs who instructed the late Dugmore Chimukoko as Mazowe DCC Political Commissar to convene a function in Mazowe to mobilize the Mazowe people against the unending allocation of land to Mrs Mugabe by the then Provincial Governor Mr Martin Dinha?

Lastly Mr Kasukuwere have you forgotten so fast that when it was alleged that the then Harare Provincial leadership had denied Mrs Mugabe the opportunity to rise to her current position via Harare Province you also turned down the suggestion by Batsirai Musona to offer her the chance through Mashonaland Central since she had become part of us through her Mazowe projects and you said we are capable of leading ourselves and don't need to import another problem to the province? Now we see you on the front saying "Munhu wese 
Kuna Amai " and some of us who deeply know you question your sincerity .

Please stop accusing me of doing that which you have always been doing.
l know you very well that you dislike Mr and Mrs Mugabe from long ago and if by any chance you have "repented " and started liking the Mugabe family again please just do so quietly and don't pretend to be holier than all of us .

My free advice to you is , before you try to cleanse yourself before the party and the nation ,instead seek to come clean before your father 's family and put an end to the confusion that you have brought into your father 's family though your alleged power-seeking ritualist tendencies in connection with those graves at your rural homestead in Matope ,Mt Darwin .If that is not enough for you to do ,may you also help to shed light on the Chimoio Shrine rites which you individually did in April 2008 . For now l temporarily rest my case while l await for your response to enable part 2 of my response Yours Awaiting for the response GODFREY TSENENGAMU


THE national shut-down that had been called for Wednesday by anti-government activists turned a big flop after the larger majority of Zimbabweans reported for work at their different work places.

Harare, which last week witnessed wild protests which resulted in the burning of two trucks belonging to ZBC and the police, was normal with most shop owners operating.

There was a conspicuous police presence in the CBD with water cannon trucks on standby to deal with any disturbances.

It was also business as usual in Bulawayo as many supermarkets and government institutions were open.

Just like in Harare, there was heavy police presence in the CBD.

One shop owner who spoke to RadioVOP said he chose to open for business as he tried to close during the last shutdown call only to find people never heeded the call.

“We made loss while others profit,” he told our reporter Dumisani Nyoni on condition of anonymity.

In Mutare, RadioVOP’s Kenneth Matimaire said the situation was also normal with all government departments, health facilities and supermarkets operating at full capacity.

Informal traders at Sakubva Flea Market, which sells second hand clothing, was also fully operational while Chidzere Bar, another popular vending site in the CBD was fully operational.

Most informal traders who spoke to RadioVOP said they could not heed the stay-away call as they had financial commitments to attend to.

“Things are tight my brother, for me and everyone here. In as much as I would have wanted to join in the stay away, I have a landlord who needs his rent, I have children who need food at home. So I have no choice but to be here at work,” said Prosper Rangana, who operates from the Sakubva market.

However, other traders indicated that they were threatened with eviction from their trading places by suspected Zanu PF supporters if they heeded any other stay away calls from anti-government forces.

Manicaland police spokesperson Inspector Tavhiringwa Kakohwa said there was general peace and tranquillity in the city at the moment.

In Gweru, Sydney Gokomere reports nearly all shops and places where people conduct their informal trade were open.

There were no visible deployments of anti-riot police in the streets of Gweru excdpt for the few police officers who usually make patrols.

Most people who spoke to RadioVOP said they were aware of the call for shutdown but questioned its effectiveness saying most people were not formally employed and stood to lose their earnings if they stayed at home.

"I am a vendor and it wouldn't make sense for me to continue participating in these shutdowns," Tendai Chiradzo said.

"The last time I participated in the first national shutdown but then to expect me to repeat the same thing with the nature of my survival would be asking too much."

A flea market trader, James Mavhuza said the timing of the shutdown was a bit problematic since it fell on a month-end when he was busy looking for money to settle bills and rentals.

"The problem is that people think that shutdowns and other protests are done in Harare and since demonstrations started, there has been little participation from Gweru," said James Chiseko, a self-employed motor mechanic.

In Karoi, Nhau Mangirai said the shutdown remained a pipeline dream for organisers as small towns in Mashonaland West remained opened during the day.

The resort town of Kariba and Magunje areas also had normal working days. 

Although some said they were concerned about their security, those who are mostly vendors saw no reason to miss a single dollar during month end.

“Of course some have remained opened out of fear of state security agents but the reality is that the majority of us are vendors and you get paid by displaying your products in the streets and not at home. We have families to feed at the end of the day,’’ said Tobias Magara, a local mobile vendor in Karoi central business center.

Karoi hospital and other Government departments were also opened while the local second hand clothing market was a hive of activity as both locals and Zambians traders mingled with customers.

However, Karoi based human rights defender Godwin Gutsa said civic organisations and government should educate citizens on their basic rights.

“We are calling upon civic societies to gear up their campaign on basic human rights issue.

“Although the police brutality is on top of agenda by those calling for shutdown, is everyone getting clean water? Are we getting required medication in public hospitals? How about those starving without food as basic right and high unemployment? Why is the Government failing to deliver on those rights and who can stand up on your behalf as these are enshrined in the constitution,” said Gutsa.

The August 31 national shutdown has remained without a leader although the firebrand activist group, #Tajamuka/Sesijikile was doing much of the advocacy.

Other groups that has been agitating for a stayaway Pastor Evan Mawarire’s #ThisFlag campaign and the #ThisFlower campaign leader Stern Zvorwadza. Radio Vop


The planned shut down of Zimbabwe did not happen today as it was largely business as usual in Harare and Bulawayo. There were reports of pockets of protests in Mufakose and Bulawayo but these were quickly crushed.

In Bulawayo youths who tried to protest against unemployment were beaten and rounded. Some journalists were also arrested. Zanu PF is saying the failure of the mass stay away is a ringing endorsement of President Mugabe's leadership. Many protestors are now convinced that stay aways will not unseat the Mugabe government.
journalists arrested
some of the young people