A war has broken out within the MDC tent. Leader Morgan Tsvangirai and Secretary General Tendai Biti are at each other's throats. The only one smiling is ageing leader, President Robert Mugabe.


Musician Alick Macheso whos is divorcing his wife, Tafadzwa, could be in trouble after his treatment of nhova was exposed. The treatment could be seen as child abuse and Macheso could, possibly, face arrest.


Cuthbert Dube has been re-elected the boss of Zifa to a chorus of boos within the football fraternity. Dube said he was not bothered as the people who voted wanted him to lead Zifa again.


Open war has broken out in the ruling party with the two factions, one believed to be led by Joice Mujuru and another by Emmerson Mnangagwa squaring off. Mugabe is on his last five year term and succession is now on the cards.


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Saturday, 25 October 2014


Urban local authorities want some churches to pay commercial rates arguing they were operating like businesses and are generating high revenue. The local authorities under the Zimbabwe Local Government Association Urban inconclusively discussed the matter at an executive committee meeting recently. The issue would be further digested at a meeting of the Zilga executive next month. A source within the Zilga Urban executive said it was time for councils to derive meaningful benefits from the business like operations of some churches.

“What we discussed as urban councils was that we have seen that prime areas and even buildings in our towns have been turned into churches. Even in the industrial areas, they have taken over. We are supposed to get meaningful revenue from the prime areas. If you have turned an industrial area into a church that does not change the element that it is an industrial area”, the source said.
Added the Zilga Urban executive official: “A number of buildings in town are now churches. What is happening there?

“They are making a killing. Are we still in the business of praying or we are manufacturing cash under the banner of worshipping? The thinking is that areas that are supposed to be prime are supposed to generate revenue for council. Let them pay commercial rates.” Zilga Urban held its meeting at the beginning of this month.

It is meeting again next month to finalise on this and other matters. Zilga Urban acting secretary-general Mr Tserayi Machinda confirmed the development.

“The item is going to be discussed further by the Zilga executive committee for us to arrive at a decision. We are meeting in November. We decided we could include that in the local government bill. All churches that are business-like must be taxed by councils (unit tax)”, Mr Machinda said.
Out-going Zimbabwe Heads of Christian Denomination chairperson and Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe president Dr Goodwill Shana said funds collected by churches were meant to cater for their activities and it would be unfair to charge them commercial rates or any tax.


Premier Service Medical Aid Society has pulled out of the Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe over the latter’s resistance to implement a Government directive on new medical tariffs, it has been learnt.

PSMAS is currently under the management of a curator, Dr Gibson Mhlanga, who is also director for Curative Services in the Ministry of Health and Child Care and is mandated to implement Government directives.

Although it is agreed that the current tariffs were unsustainable, PSMAS indicated it was not going to defy Government.

“I represent Government in Premier (Service Medical Aid Society) and there is no way I can be there and at the same time go against resolutions that are made by Government.
“My job there is to implement directives,” said Dr Mhlanga.

“The official position is that we are implementing the gazetted tariffs but when it comes to practice, because the money is not there we are paying what we are able to.”
Dr Mhlanga said specifically for that reason, PSMAS had to pull out of AHFoZ for now as it could not be in an association which goes against its position.
He said since they were in agreement that the gazetted tariffs were too high, PSMAS has also started its negotiations with service providers with a “viable” tariff proposal. “We are in full agreement that the new gazetted tariffs are unsustainable and they will lead to the collapse of the entire medical aid industry in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Dr Mhlanga said PSMAS’ financial status had also improved, particularly with regards to clearing the debt owed to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority. PSMAS had now reduced its debt to ZIMRA by half to US$50 million.

A 100 percent penalty interest had been charged. The institution would continue negotiations to enter into a contra arrangement with the Ministry of Finance, which owed the society about US$80 million in unpaid member subscriptions.

“I am happy to say that through negotiations, we have managed to reduce the penalty amount. Its no longer 100 percent for PSMAS, it has been reduced to 15 percent and for PSMI the penalty has been reduced to 20 percent. That has significantly reduced the amount of money that we owe ZIMRA,” he said.

“Our major hurdle will be to see how to service what we owe service providers,” he said. Problems at PSMAS started when the organisation’s top management remuneration structure was exposed, showing that the former group chief executive Dr Cuthbert Dube earned an average of US$500 000 a month.

This happened at a time PSMAS failed to pay up service providers, resulting in its members failing to access healthcare. Following the disclosures, Dr Dube and the society’s chairman were forced to step down. Subsequently, the whole board of directors resigned.
Government then appointed a management team led by Dr Mhlanga to run the society’s affairs in the interim. herald


The Chitungwiza Civil Court has granted Alick Macheso’s daughter Sharon a provisional order against her husband Kudakwashe Munetsi.
The pair have only been married for two months but the union has collapsed due to violence and constant bickering. The provisional order granted by Chitungwiza Civil Court magistrate Ms Marehwanazvo Gofa on Monday, will be confirmed next Friday.

“Take note that on October 31 application will be made for the confirmation of the provisional order granted on 20 October,” reads part of the order. Sharon approached the courts seeking recourse after she and Munetsi were embroiled in a bitter domestic dispute.
“Barely a month into the marriage the conduct of the respondent (Munetsi) has been hostile towards me in that he has on several occasions perpetrated acts of physical violence as well as verbal assault on my person,” Sharon said. She said Munetsi’s actions were a result of alcohol and drug abuse.

“He has a penchant for drinking broncleer, he also smokes cannabis and abuses amtriplin pills,” she said.

“After taking these drugs, he becomes violent, unco-operative and acts in an unbecoming manner.” She said the last incident took place on October 12 after Munetsi spent most of the day drinking and verbally abused her after she censured his behaviour.

“He then went on to physically assault me using open palms, fists . . . while I lay helplessly on the floor.

“The most despicable thing is that he directed his assault on my abdomen when he fully knows that I am pregnant,” she said. The assault case is on-going at the Harare Magistrates’ Court.

Munetsi has said Sharon infected him with an STI and was also violent.

Friday, 24 October 2014


President Mugabe has jokingly told Secretary for Women’s League Cde Oppah Muchinguri to manage the situation with regards to the First Lady savage attacks of VP Mujuru.

“Ndimi makativambira mashoko kaimi kumadzimai?…apokaapo the fire is on, manage it,” said President Mugabe to Cde Muchinguri before he moved on to greet Cdes Gumbo, Nicholas Goche and Webster Shamu.

Cde Muchinguri, the outgoing leader of the Women’s League, recently announced the position taken by the organ that the First lady become its secretary. Grace Mugabe then made some insights into the unacceptable behaviour of VP Mujuru which included incompetence and undermining the authority of the President before asking her to resign or risk being fired at the National People’s Congress in December.

Cde Muchinguri was expected to table a report on the First Lady’s rallies in the country’s 10 provinces, but had requested for postponement to next week just before the power blackout.
It was during the debate that VP Mujuru’s shananigans were to be discussed.

Expectations were high that the issue would be discussed in the meeting, with an unprecedented high number of journalists arriving at the Zanu-PF headquarters by mid-morning. VP Mujuru was there by 9am.

Politburo members are known to arrive just when the meeting is about to start, but VP Mujuru chose to break with tradition and arrive almost six hours before it started. President Mugabe arrived around midday and expressed surprise at the high number of journalists before he proceeded to his office.

He then went to the main boardroom where Politburo meetings are held at around 3pm and exchanged pleasantries with a number of Politburo members and jokingly told Cde Muchinguri that she had to manage the fires she had started.

He then moved to the top table where he greeted Cde Mutasa, VP Mujuru and Cde Khaya Moyo.


The Zanu-PF Politburo yesterday upheld the dismissal of Mashonaland West provincial chairman Temba Mliswa and appointed his deputy Cde Ziyambi Ziyambi as the acting chairperson.

Politburo sources said it was concluded that the no-confidence vote passed on Cde Mliswa by the provincial committee recently be upheld.

“The matter involving Cde Mliswa came up for discussion and President Mugabe said the no-confidence vote should stand and that deputy provincial chairperson Cde Ziyambi Ziyambi be the acting chairperson of the province,” said the source.

But party spokesperson Cde Rugare Gumbo said the matter was still to be finalised.
“President Mugabe inquired about the issue and was told that the matter was supposed to have been discussed in the morning (yesterday), but the disciplinary committee could not proceed with the matter because some documents related to the matter were missing,” he said.

“So, the matter will be handled in the coming few days by Cde SK Moyo and Cde Mnangagwa and we expect a report on the issue during Wednesday’s Politburo meeting.”
However, sources said Cde Gumbo was not being sincere.

The Zanu-PF Mashonaland West provincial executive passed a vote of no-confidence in Cde Mliswa early this month, with 27 out of 48 members attending the meeting which surpassed the 26-member quorum required in the case.

Thereafter, the executive members signed a petition which they took to national chairman Cde Simon Khaya Moyo and secretary for administration Cde Didymus Mutasa.
Cde Mliswa was booted out mainly for disrespecting the party leadership through statements in the media and involvement with the American spy agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, one of whose operatives he took to his constituency to meet village heads.

Cde Mliswa was recently named among 12 Zanu-PF legislators who received funds and leaked intelligence information to US embassy official Mr Eric Little in exchange for funding. herald


The Zanu PF politburo meeting ended prematurely after the Zanu PF headquarters was plunged into darkness after a power outage in Harare.

Party spokesman, Rugare Gumbo said "it was a normal Politburo meeting." Explosive allegations against Vice President Joice Mujuru were not discussed. First Lady, Grace Mugabe had said her husband should sack Mujuru because she was corrupt and incompetent.

But many had cautioned that as with previous politburo meetings which promised a lot but delivered little, the Politiburo meeting might see President Mugabe bottling it. He is not known for firing his team. 

 Gumbo said the Mujuru issue might be on the agenda next week. "We did not discuss that issue. We await the report from the Secretary for the Women's League. That will open the debate on the rallies," Gumbo said.

During the meeting, the Politburo was informed that the party had so far raised US$3 million against a target of US$8 million needed for the successful holding of the congress.

The 6th Zanu PF elective congress will now be held from the 2nd to the 7th of December.

"We were looking at preparations for the congress. Cde S.K Moyo gave his report and everything seems to be on course. We also looked at the venue, it's the City Sports Centre open grounds. The dates have been changed - our congress will start on the 2nd to the 7th of December. The theme for the congress is: 'Accelerated Implementation of ZIM ASSET," said Gumbo.


War veterans have passed a vote of no confidence in their national chairman Jabulani Sibanda, accusing him of making the association dysfunctional.

The war veterans elders said the non-participation of Sibanda in the war veterans meeting with Grace Mugabe at Mazowe on Thursday and at previous rallies countrywide shows that he sympathises with those being condemned by the First Lady for deviating from the principles of the party and destroying it from within.

The group included Patrick Nyaruwata from Harare Province, George Mlala of Bulawayo Province, Nelson Chadamoyo of Mashonaland Central, George Matenda and Victor Matemadanda, both from the Midlands.

The group of war veterans said Sibanda’s leadership has rendered the war veterans association dysfunctional in all important national issues, adding that he cannot claim to love the President without embracing the First Lady.

They alleged that Sibanda has forgotten the mandate he was given to stand up for the welfare of war veterans among others.

Among some of the accusations against Sibanda are his failure to address issues about lack of medical aid facilities and non-payment of fees for their children and access to land.

The war veterans’ elders also implored the President to go ahead with the appointment of the two vice presidents in accordance with the terms of the Unity Accord of 1987.

They said Cde Mugabe should choose a leader who is principled and upright and not those who use their privileges to undermine him.


Their love was brewed in the Big Brother House but it appears Pokello and Elikem's love affair is in trouble. Read all about it here


MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s woes continue to mount amid reports the former premier is broke and failing to maintain the plush government Highlands mansion in which he has been living since being appointed prime minister in the unity government which ended last year, while he faces eviction.

Sources close to the former premier said this week he is struggling to maintain the house, although he is desperate to keep it. When the Zimbabwe Independent visited the premises yesterday, reporters observed the property is now deteriorating.

The lawn and some of the vegetation outside the house were in a bad state because of the summer heat, lack of water and neglect.

The property has no borehole and Tsvangirai is reportedly struggling to buy bulk water to water flowers and the lawn, whereas during the inclusive government era, government maintained the mansion.

Tsvangirai’s spokesman Luke Tamborinyoka, however, said the state of the house was not important, but rather focus should be on the state of the economy.

“The house has nothing to do with the national crisis Zimbabwe finds itself in. Government is failing to pay civil servants on time and Zimbabweans are struggling to put food on the table; so it does not matter much if someone visits and says you did not sweep the floor or water the gardens especially when Zanu PF has no solution to the economic malaise affecting this country,” he said.

Tsvangirai has reportedly sought meetings with Mugabe several times to encourage government to sell the house to him, but Mugabe has turned down requests for meetings, initially citing Tsvangirai’s failure to acknowledge his July 31 general elections last year.

Top official sources said Tsvangirai has been calling Munhumutapa and State House seeking an appointment with Mugabe, but to no avail.

“He is becoming increasingly concerned with acquiring the Highlands mansion,” said a source. “He is living in suspense because government has not made it clear whether it intends to evict him or sell the house to him. There is clearly psychological warfare here.”

Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba said the house remained government property which could be allocated at any given time, fuelling Tsvangirai’s insecurity as a sitting tenant.

“It is not the president who does not want Tsvangirai to have that house,” Charamba said. “Some time last year when this issue was raised in government, Tsvangirai indicated that he will not be bribed by a house so as to accept that he lost elections to Mugabe; so if anyone applies for that house through the government house scheme, Tsvangirai will surely be evicted.”

Tamborinyoka denied that his boss is trying to meet Mugabe over the Highlands home.

“There is nothing like that. The house still remains a state house until everything is sorted out. As of now, no talks concerning it have taken place,” Tamborinyoka said.

The house was bought by the state at a time Tsvangirai was serving as the country’s premier under a shaky coalition arrangement sponsored by regional power broker Sadc following a sham presidential poll run-off in June 2008.

The purchase of the house was mired in controversy amid claims the MDC-T leader “double-dipped” after receiving money from Treasury and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to purchase the property.

At the expiry of the inclusive government, the house was not included in his exit package although there was an agreement that he could purchase it if he so wished. independent


Information showing President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace — who was last month controversially conferred a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) qualification — finished her undergraduate degree in 2011 and had not registered for a PhD by June 2012 all but confirms she was irregularly awarded the doctorate by the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) recently.

In an interview which Grace had with the state-controlled Sunday Mail in June 2012, the First Lady revealed she had enrolled to study the Chinese language (Mandarin) with the People’s (Renmin) University of China in 2007 on a four-year programme, which means she completed her degree in 2011.

She admitted that even after finishing the degree she was not proficient in Chinese.

Supposing she actually studied for her doctorate soon after the interview, it would mean that Grace completed her studies in one-and-half years given that it takes up to six months to do a proposal for a PhD.

In terms of UZ requirements, a Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) candidate requires a good master’s degree, which Grace does not have. A Master of Philosophy (MPhil) student who excels can, however, have his or her studies upgraded to a PhD. But this only happens in exceptional circumstances where the student is distinguished.

Even then, the minimum study period for a DPhil full-time student is three years — four years for part-time studies.

If Grace had registered in 2013 as a part-time student, she should have at least finished her PhD in 2017.

In the interview, Grace revealed she had been travelling to and from China on a regular basis before doing her studies locally when she learnt of the Confucius Institute at UZ.

The Chinese embassy assisted in her studies by providing professors to teach her daily.

“I enrolled at the People’s University of China. It was just the Chinese language I wanted to study because I wanted to understand the Chinese people. I have a lot of respect for them. They are hard workers and big achievers,” she said in the interview published in the Sunday Mail on June 10, 2012, after being asked if she was studying.

“I had the opportunity to visit China before it was as developed as it is today. I felt the only way to understand them was to learn their culture, traditions, history and geography, among other aspects. I appreciate the opportunity I got. I enrolled in 2007 for a four-year stint, of course.”

Grace, who spoke glowingly of the Chinese, said the decision to study Mandarin was good because everyone was looking East.
She said her husband was a visionary as he was the “first person” to speak about the Look East policy.

“Even those in the Western world who were looking down on China are now looking up to them in terms of development. I said to myself I must be well-versed with the issues that are taking place there if this is what is happening in that part of the world. I have gained a lot from interacting with the Chinese,” she said, before revealing that the Chinese friends she made while studying in the Asian country assisted in building her Mazowe orphanage.

Grace also said she would spend up to two months studying in China before she started studying locally.

“I would attend school and then come back here. But, later, I took advantage of the Confucius College (Institute) that was established here. I arranged with the Chinese Embassy and they would send some professors to teach me every day,” she said. “It was very difficult, quite exacting for me because the Chinese language is a very difficult language to learn, moreso for an adult like me; an old woman like me having to learn a language from scratch. It was not easy, but, I suppose, I have a passion for languages.”

According to information on the UZ website, the Confucius Institute was integrated into the university’s academic structures and has provided the bridge for the establishment of linkages and exchange between the UZ and Chinese universities.

The UZ has been offering Chinese Language and Cultural Studies at a Bachelor of Arts degree level since 2007.

Grace said in the interview that Mugabe believes she is fluent in Chinese although she says she is not fluent, but can communicate.
“I do not need an interpreter. I can read of course, but some of the characters I cannot identify. Unlike in Shona or English where we use an alphabet with fewer letters, each Chinese word is represented by a character,” she said.

“So, you have to know four, five, six, eight thousand characters.
They expect you to be able to identify four to five thousand characters by the time you graduate. This, I can do: writing is difficult. It requires someone with the passion for studying the language.”

Grace said she studied under a lot of pressure as she had to make the sacrifice of leaving her children and husband in Zimbabwe while studying in China. She said her orphanage was also built while she was studying, hence she had to study while also ensuring that work was done at the orphanage.

“However, I must say, it was worthwhile to study the language and mingle with the Chinese, get ideas from them,” she said.

There has been confusion on when Grace did her first degree while there were also question marks on whether she had a master’s degree. But given the short timeframe between the time she completed her first degree and the time she received her doctorate, it becomes clear her sociology PhD is practically a fraud.

It is now beyond doubt Grace was conferred the doctorate without following the required academic procedures. A number of academics on the 15-member academic committee, which awards PhDs and other degrees, have confirmed to the Independent in a series of interviews the committee never met over her controversial PhD, which makes it fraudulent and thus a nullity. independent



As President Robert Mugabe chairs an explosive Zanu PF politburo meeting today, the social media has gone viral with some going to the extent of setting up imaginary football line-ups.
In the joke which has become popular with social media users, two teams named Chipfukuto — Weevils (the Emmerson Mnangagwa) faction clashes  with the Gamatox team (Joice Mujuru faction) in the battle for honours at the December Congress in Harare.
The match is scheduled for December 5 and the referee is Mugabe himself assisted by war veterans Jabulani Sibanda and Joseph Chinotimba.
In the popular joke, the teams are lining up as follows:
1. Joice Mujuru
2. Simon Khaya-Moyo
3. Didymus Mutasa
4. Sydney Sekeramayi
5. Dzikamai Mavhaire
6. Webster Shamu
7. Nicholas Goche
8. Ray Kaukonde
9. Amos Midzi
10. Francis Nhema
11. Temba Mliswa

1. Grace Mugabe
2. Emmerson
3. Oppah Muchinguri
4. Obert Mpofu
5. Ignatius Chombo
6. Saviour Kasukuwere
7. Patrick Chinamasa
8. Josiah Hungwe
9. Jonathan Moyo
10. Phillip Chiyangwa
11. Patrick Zhuwawo

daily news


President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF is refusing to ditch full scale British pageantry when Parliament opens on Tuesday, even though the new Constitution outlaws such pomp and pageantry.

Austin Zvoma, clerk of Parliament told the Daily News yesterday that traditional rituals will be followed when the eighth parliament resumes for its second session on Tuesday, even though the new Constitution outlaws this pageantry.

Mugabe is expected to arrive at Parliament in his gleaming Rolls Royce once used by Lord Soames, the last governor of Rhodesia prior to the country’s independence in 1980.

Accompanied by 200 soldiers and escorted by 32 mounted policemen dressed in the 1890-style uniform of the British South Africa Police, complete with with helmets, Mugabe will make his way to Parliament escorted by horse and carriage and his wife, Grace.

The 90-year-old will travel from State House to the Parliament building in a royal procession to perform the official opening starting at 12 noon in the House of Assembly.

At its heart, the official opening of Parly is a symbolic reminder of the historical relationship between the British colonial masters and the Zimbabwe government, and includes a military parade accompanied by unprecedented British splendour synonymous with a royal celebration.

The opposition is outraged, and all questioning whether the ruling party is attempting to amend the new Constitution.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, the Justice and Legal Affairs minister and leader of government business in the House, said Mugabe should be allowed to continue  presiding over the lavish ceremonies when he uses centuries-old British pageantry to open Zimbabwe’s Parliament.

He told legislators at the close of the first session of the eighth Parliament recently that it was important to keep the tradition as it afforded legislators an opportunity  to be briefed on the legislative programme of government in the ensuing year by Mugabe.

“We all recall that under the previous Constitution, there was provision for His Excellency, the President, to officially open sessions of Parliament,” Mnangagwa said.

“This provision does not exist under the current Constitution, but we recognise the opening of Parliament by the president as a very important convention that is desirable to continue under our democracy.

“We would like the convention to be maintained to have His Excellency, the President to grace this House and open it every year.

“We seek, therefore, that the president of the Senate Edna Madzongwe and the Speaker of the National Assembly, Jacob Mudenda invite His Excellency, the President to open Parliament on a day that is convenient to this House.”

Mnangagwa, the Chirumanzi Zibagwe legislator, acknowledged that it was no longer a constitutional requirement for Mugabe to open the august House but insisted that Zanu PF was keen to maintain the traditional convention.

His deputy Fortune Chasi also moved the same motion in the Senate seeking indulgence from the Senators.

Chasi said the practice enabled Parliament to effectively plan for its legislative and oversight role.

However, opposition MDC MP for Southerton Gift Chimanikire objected to the request, arguing that the current Constitution does not provide for the President to officially open Parliament.

“I am confused, whether the minister is proposing an amendment to the current Constitution, or he is short circuiting the procedures of Parliament,” Chimanikire asked.

“I just wondered whether he is proposing an amendment to the Constitution and whether the Speaker of the National Assembly and the president of the Senate can amend the Constitution unilaterally.”

Mnangagwa denied that he wanted to unilaterally amend the Constitution.

“We are not seeking an amendment to the Constitution,” he said. “We do not believe that it is either necessary or desirable. We are simply saying that the Speaker and the president of the Senate could maintain the convention that we have had for a very long time.

“We have known that this practice has now become a convention in this Parliament and does give an opportunity to the honourable members and to the president to communicate and plan on the legislative agenda of this House. So, we are not seeking an amendment, neither is it a breach of the Constitution.”

Zanu PF, which has a nearly two-thirds majority, eventually had its way, and Mugabe will officially open the second session on October 27 amid pomp and ceremony. daily news


FIRST LADY Grace Mugabe was lost and may have been misinformed when she spoke of the divisions within the Zanu PF province, the party’s provincial chairman, Callistus Ndlovu has said.
In his first remarks following the public rebuke from Grace, Ndlovu said it was unfortunate that the First Lady’s remarks were one-sided.

“She was expressing her own opinion and it is unfortunate that her views were one-sided,” he said.

Ndlovu said the problem with Grace’s rebuke was that she failed to take into historical consideration that Zapu and Zanu were once different parties and this could explain why there seemed to be factionalism in Bulawayo.

“There is a fault line between the two parties,” he said, acknowledging the Unity Accord was being undermined by these historical divisions.

“There are two camps within Zanu PF, there are those who call themselves ‘old Zanu PF’ and there are former Zapu who are fighting for positioning.”

Ndlovu said Grace’s remarks showed that she was unaware of the history of Zanu PF and Zapu, leading to her ill-informed rant, declining to discuss the First Lady’s rebuke further. southern eye


A GRADE Seven teacher from Chimanimani is alleged to have abused the trust bestowed on him after he indecently assaulted his pupil. Webster Mandhlazi (42) of House Number 346, Ngangu, Chimanimani, a teacher at Ngangu Primary School, appeared before Chipinge magistrate Mr Noah Gwatidzo on Monday. He pleaded not guilty to the offence.

He is expected back in the dock for sentencing next Wednesday. The State, led by Mr Themba Dhliwayo, argued that on October 7, the complainant, who is a 13-year-old juvenile, went to nearby shops at Ngangu to buy sandals.

It is alleged that on her way to the shops, she met Mandhlazi, her class teacher, along the road. “The accused forced the complainant to greet him with a hug and a kiss. She refused,” he said.
Mr Dhliwayo said Mandhlazi forcibly grabbed the complainant, hugged her and proceeded to fondle her breasts as well as kissing her. “Soon after the incident, Mandhlazi threatened the complainant not to reveal any information concerning the incident to anybody.

“The complainant proceeded to the shops and upon returning home, she revealed everything to her guardian, Lawrence Zhou, who then took the victim to ZRP Chimanimani where he reported the matter. Police reacted swiftly and arrested the accused.”

In his defence, Madhlazi said he never met the complainant on that particular day.
He said he was in the company of his friends doing school assignments. He also added that there was no shop that opened up to 7pm in that area.


A Mutare soldier doused his wife with petrol before setting her on fire, in a horror incident that also left him heavily burnt by the raging flames. The resultant inferno left his wife’s family house, a shell as property worth thousands of dollars was reduced to ashes.

Police confirmed the incident and said Tawanda Chigodora Gwidibira (32) a.k.a Madzibaba Gabriel, who resides at ZNA 3 Brigade Headquarters, is under police guard at Mutare Provincial Hospital Male Ward B, where he is battling for life while his wife, Deliwe Nyamunokora (25), has since been transferred to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals in Harare where she is reportedly in a critical condition.

Tawanda Chigodora is facing attempted murder charges. He was last week remanded to October 30 from his hospital bed by Mutare magistrate, Mr Langton Mukwengi.  Mr Cuthbert Bosha prosecuted.

When The Weekender visited the neighbourhood soon after the incident, witnesses said Chigodora was determined to kill his wife and commit suicide thereafter because of prolonged marital disputes they had.

They have been married for five years and have two children. On the day in question, it is alleged that Chigodora went to his wife’s family home in the Avenues section of Sakubva at around 3pm.

He allegedly forcibly took his two children from his wife and sent them to his best friend, identified as Madzibaba John, who stays in Dangamvura. At around 1am, the following morning, he allegedly brought five litres petrol to Sakubva where his wife was staying.
“He forcibly entered the house in which Deliwe was asleep.

“In a fit of rage, he sprinkled petrol all over the room, with Deliwe inside, before setting it on fire. The room was engulfed by a fire ball which also burnt him. His wife screamed for help, alerting neighbours who rushed to the scene and came to her rescue,” said a relative who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Neighbours said the attack was pre-planned, adding that Chigodora was agitated because his wife constantly blocked him from paying lobola because of his violent nature.

Before he carried out the gruesome act, he is alleged to have sent a text message to one of the neighbours. “Tawanda wanted to pay lobola, but Deliwe would not allow him.

“He had told me earlier that he had sold his car and other belongings to raise money for lobola, but his wife would have none of it. I received a message from him towards midnight which read: ‘Mota ndakatengesa, mafertiliser 35 ndakatengesa ndichida kugadzirisa nyaya dzangu. Hazvina mhosva shamwari. Mukoma. Alec ari kuHobhouse. mumuti atore hembe dzangu dziri kwaRutendo. Sara zvakanaka hama,” said the neighbour who requested not to be named.

When approached to comment about the incident, Chigodora’s friend, Madzibaba John, refused to shed more light. Instead, he expressed bitterness towards the police, whom he said were not co-operating with him over the fate of Chigodora’s children who were left in his care.

“I cannot say anything about what happened, rather I can confirm that I am the one staying with Madzibaba Gabriel’s (church name) two children. However, I will not hide my bitterness towards the police because since the whole saga began, they have not helped me anyhow despite knowing fully well that I have the children at my place. The children’s relatives have been approaching me to take them, but I cannot hand them over unless the police approve of it,” he said.

Those conversant with the matter said the couple’s relationship was a time bomb as they were always at each other’s throat.

“This guy was violent and he was always beating up his wife. The two were always at loggerheads despite the fact that they have been living together for close to five years now.

“It did not come as a surprise to me when I heard that he had burnt his wife like that because I knew his behaviour,” said a neighbour. manica post


A PRISONER serving a jail term for rape and indecent assault at Khami Maximum Prison yesterday pleaded guilty to sodomising a fellow inmate whom he allegedly threatened to kill.

Obert Sibanda, 31, from Plumtree, who is facing two counts of aggravated indecent assault, admitted to regional magistrate Mark Dzira that he sodomised a 23-year-old inmate who woke up with semen on his privates.

“I do admit that I sexually abused an inmate in August and I plead guilty to the aggravated indecent assault charges laid on me,” said Sibanda. He, however, denied that he sodomised another inmate aged 42 saying he was being framed as the victim was aware that Sibanda once sexually abused another man.

“I deny sodomising the other inmate. He woke up with semen on his privates while I was sleeping next to him and since he knew I had sodomised someone, he then concluded that I had sexually abused him,” said Sibanda.

In his testimony, the man told the court that Sibanda slept next to him and that he sodomised him. “I was sleeping next to him and we were separated by bottles. When I woke up, I felt something hot on my anus and discovered that it was semen,” he said.

“Since he was sleeping next to me, I told Sibanda about what had just happened and he simply covered himself with blankets. I then woke up and notified other inmates and that is when prison guards came and shifted Sibanda to another cell.”

Magistrate Dzira remanded Sibanda in custody to October 28. Prosecuting, Tinashe Dzipe told how Sibanda would make life miserable for the two men who are aged 23 and 42 with whom he shared a cell at the prison.

He said on August 29 this year, Sibanda and the 23-year-old victim were sleeping in separate blankets when he woke up and sneaked into the victim’s blankets. “The victim woke up and found Sibanda in his blankets and there was semen on his anus. He then confronted Sibanda demanding for an explanation,” said Dzipe.

Sibanda apologised and the victim reported the matter to a prison officer the following morning but the matter was allegedly swept under the carpet. The court heard that on September 14 shortly after midnight, the other victim aged 42 was sleeping when he started experiencing anal pain. He woke up and discovered that his buttocks were stained with semen. He then spotted Sibanda as he was returning to his blankets and became suspicious.

A report was made to prison authorities and Sibanda was arrested. The court heard that Sibanda was in the habit of waking his victims and sodomising them before threatening to kill them if they reported the matter. chronicle


A MAID who had an affair with her late employer for 12 years, allegedly withdrew $1,786 from his estate after she misrepresented herself to ZB bank as the surviving spouse.

The employer’s wife discovered the fraud and reported the matter to the police. Lucy Ncube, 54, of Sizinda suburb, on Wednesday appeared before Bulawayo provincial magistrate Sibongile Msipa facing fraud charges. She pleaded not guilty.

Prosecuting, Charles Danda told the court that on June 8, 2012, Leonard Dube, who is legally married to Marble Dube, 60, of Pumula, passed away.

“Ncube took the burial order with her claiming that she was the wife of the late Dube. She thereafter clandestinely registered the estate of the late Dube after she purported to be the surviving wife,” said Danda.“Then between June 25, 2012 and November 7, 2012, Ncube went to ZB bank at 8th Avenue/ Jason Moyo Street Bulawayo. She presented documents she had obtained from the late Dube’s estate and fraudulently withdrew cash amounting to $1,786.71 and converted it to her own use.”

Magistrate Msipa asked Ncube, “What do you say about the charges against you?” Ncube responded: “I’ve been the wife to the late Ncube for 12 years and we’ve been living together. I conceived two children with him.”

The magistrate then queried how that was possible because the late Dube had a wife and the couple had married under chapter 5:11 which states that a person ought to have one woman and one wife.

“We were married customarily and he had told me that he had divorced Marble,” said Ncube.

Magistrate Msipa called Marble Dube to the stand and she told the court she was married to the late Dube and proved it with a marriage certificate. “I met Ncube at the funeral and she told me she was my husband’s wife. She said they had two children.

“I was shocked because I’ve known her since 1993 as my neighbour. I employed her as my housemaid,” said Marble. Ncube admitted she took the $1,786.71 from the bank but argued that she did it legally as the late Dube’s wife.

“As far as the law is concerned you don’t exist as the wife. Marble is the only surviving spouse to Leonard Dube. You should’ve settled the matter before his death. I don’t blame you because you were ignorant,” said Msipa.

“The High Court application is favouring the legal wife, Marble. You’re remanded to October 28 out of custody. If you default we will send you to Grey holding cells because you’re fighting for money belonging to a dead person.” chronicle


GOVERNMENT-OWNED mobile phone operator NetOne generated a paltry US$1 194 in revenue from its mobile money transfer platform OneWallet for the year-ending December 31 2012 after investing close to a quarter of a million dollars in the product.

This translates to a mere 0,005% return on investment for the country’s oldest mobile operator, according to an audit report on state enterprises and parastatals prepared by Auditor and Comptroller-General Mildred Chiri. 

“Revenue of US$1 194 was earned from the One Wallet product for the year ended 2012. The cost of implementing this product was US$225 867 and the return on investment thereof was 0,005% in 2012. 

“An analysis of the product performance revealed that the One Wallet product did not have the facility to transfer funds across other networks and customers had to swap their old sim cards with new ones in order to access the new product,” Chiri wrote in the report.
NetOne’s competitor Econet Wireless (Econet) has managed to generate millions from its mobile money transfer platform, EcoCash. As of June this year, Ecocash had handled over US$4,5 billion worth of transactions translating into millions in commission and charges, with over 170 million transactions processed since its launch in 2011.

Over a million accounts have been opened since EcoCash was launched with over 10 000 agents countrywide as of June 2014. In addition, NetOne was found to have debts amounting to US$43 947 589 for the same period with Chiri expressing concern that the company is “financing its operations using borrowings”. 

The value of mobile and internet based transactions rose by 44,6% in June from the previous month as the wave of electronic payments continued gathering momentum, according to the Reserve Bank’s monthly July review.

Mobile and internet transactions rose to US$388,46 million last month from US$268,62 million in May. The growing use of mobile devices in the country has opened the door for advanced financial products with consumers now able to access financial services at any time even in the previously unbanked remote areas.

Econet Wireless said its mobile money transfer platform Ecocash now boasts 3,5 million subscribers. Telecel Zimbabwe subscribers on its similar platform has reached 600 000 since its launch in January. It is targeting 1,2 million subscribers by year end.

The value of transactions processed through RTGS system in June increased by 9% to US$3,7 billion from US$3,4 billion in May, while the volume of transactions registered a decline of 3% from 200 146 to 193 582 in the same period.

The total value of card based transactions increased by 21,04% to US$361,25 million in June, from US$298,46 million in May and the value of cheque transactions increased to US$13,65 million in June from US$12,42 million the month before.

Total mobile subscribers increased from 13,6 million to reach 13,9 million subscribers at the end of June, raising the mobile penetration rate to 106,4%, according to Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa’s mid-term fiscal policy review statement.

The OneWallet failure is yet another clear demonstration of how government enterprises and institutions have suffered as a result of bad investment decisions and poor corporate governance.
This was also pointed out by Chiri who found that Net One had operated without a substantive board in violation of sound corporate governance practices that require companies with public interest to have a board of directors that meets at least once quarterly.

Chiri said her enquiries had led her to the conclusion that there was an interim board which had met only twice the whole year, and failed to set up committees to deliberate and implement decisions.

The mobile operator’s management responded to Chiri’s findings by saying it could only recommend to government the need for a substantive board as it has “no power or influence in the appointment of the board of directors. It is a matter entirely within the jurisdiction of the shareholder”.

Although it is the country’s oldest mobile operator launched with 500 lines during the World Solar Summit in September 1996 in Harare, Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe figures issued in July show that NetOne subscribers, which has about 2,33 million subscribers) has fallen behind rivals Econet (9 million) and Telecel (2,5 million) subscribers. independent


ZAPU leader Dumiso Dabengwa believes Zanu PF’s problems have mounted since 2008, when he left the party, with infighting escalating and clear battle lines being drawn.

Dabengwa’s remarks come in the wake of the open warfare that has erupted in the party ahead of the December elective congress. Battle lines have been drawn since First lady Grace Mugabe’s endorsement for the women’s wing of the party as she has since gone on a nationwide tour rebuking everyone she accused of factionalism. 

“There is a big difference between the present Zanu PF problems and those that were there during the time when we were still in that party,” Dabengwa said, adding that the problems were now fierce and overwhelming.

“During our time in Zanu PF, we could talk as members at the 2007 congress. We were realistic that we faced defeat by the MDC in the (2008) elections.”

Dabengwa said although there were disagreements at that time, members were disciplined and personal attacks were limited to central committee and politburo meetings.
“We were disciplined and we could talk in politburo and central committee meetings,” he said.

“Even people could campaign in structures without publicly attacking each other. What is happening now, where they attack each other on public podiums, shows that the situation is worse and there is serious lack of discipline.”

Pressed on Grace’s public attacks on party members, Dabengwa declined to comment, saying he had since resolved not to talk about her.

“I have since refused to talk about her because I will end up like her, all I can say is ‘hamba juba bazakucutha phambili’ (she can go ahead, but her deeds will catch up with her),” he said.

Turning to the former PF Zapu members who remained in Zanu PF when he and other discontent members pulled out, he said those members were now Zanu PF and should desist calling themselves former Zapu.

“Zapu members who remained in Zanu PF are now fully Zanu PF,” he said.
“They must not waste their time saying they came from Zapu because that does not work, they must forget it. 

“The only Zapu that exists is the one that pulled out of the Unity Accord.”
Dabangwa said he was surprised when he heard suggestions that Zanu PF intended to amend its constitution to have the elections done through secret ballot, which he advocated for while still in the party, but this was rejected. southern eye