Morgan Tsvangirai says the internal MDC strife is over. Many in his party do not believe him as the purge of pro-Biti officials continues.


President Mugabe was so angry when the EU did not invite his wife for the EU-Africa summit. He decided he would rather not go than be without his dearest wife, Grace. He is a 90-year-old man who requires his wife by his side all the time.


Cuthbert Dube has been re-elected the boss of Zifa to a chorus of boos within the football fraternity. Dube said he was not bothered as the people who voted wanted him to lead Zifa again.


Open war has broken out in the ruling party with the two factions, one believed to be led by Joice Mujuru and another by Emmerson Mnangagwa squaring off. Mugabe is on his last five year term and succession is now on the cards.


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Friday, 25 April 2014



LOCAL private firm Spiritage Zimbabwe Limited is suing AfrAsia Bank Zimbabwe for $79 million, on allegations of fraudulently converting to its own use a client’s funds received from the African Export-Import Bank.
Spiritage Zimbabwe, owned by businessman Mr Zach Wazara also dragged the financial institution to the High Court for allegedly falsifying records to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to conceal non-performing loans.

AfrAsia Bank Zimbabwe (formerly Kingdom Bank) is being accused of diverting $3,2 million from the $10 million from Afreximbank for Spiritage’s Valley Technologies to Tetrad Investment bank for the benefit of AfrAsia’s directors and management who then borrowed the same money through a round tripping arrangement.

AfrAsia, cited in court papers as first defendant, is being jointly sued with former AfrAsia chief executive Mr Nigel Chanakira’s Crustmoon Investments and Lalela Trading as second and third defendants, respectively.

Spiritage Telecoms, VNet, Mr Zachary Wazara, Spiritage Zimbabwe and Spiritage Business Solutions are the applicants in the High Court application in which they are jointly claiming damages amounting to $78 541 707.

Mr Wazara and his businesses accused AfrAsia Bank Zimbabwe of diverting Afreximbank loan funds earmarked for Valley Technologies to benefit its management and directors, among a litany of allegations in the court documents.

Spiritage and its joint applicants want AfrAsia, Crustmoon Investments and Lalela Trading to pay $10,7 million in damages arising from the guarantees they had issued, which it said AfrAsia Bank is still wrongfully holding.

The applicants are suing for loss in the value of Valley Technologies, damages arising out of the breach of the bank’s obligations in terms of facility agreements signed between AfrAsia bank and Valley technologies.

Spiritage is also claiming damages arising out of the breach of fiduciary duty owed by AfrAsia Bank as the banker to Valley Technologies as a client and for damages arising out of the wrongful, fraudulent and unlawful conduct on the part of directors of the bank and its partners appointed to the board of Valley Technologies, which resulted in the winding up and liquidation of Valley Technologies. Spiritage wants to be compensated for the loss of the investment in Valley Technologies quantified to the sum of $67,8 million.

In case number 3330 /14 filed at the High Court on 23 April 2014, Mr Wazara and his businesses accuse AfrAsia of failing to provide working capital to Valley Technologies as agreed in line with an approved business plan.

They also alleged that AfrAsia failed to disburse amounts secured for the benefit of Valley Technologies under the Afreximbank loan timeously or at all. AfrAsia Bank acted as the agent for funds raised by Mr Wazara from the Afreximbank which released $10 million for Valley Technologies.

The bank is further accused of failure, refusal, blocking and neglecting to open security to other financial institutions willing to provide working capital finance to Valley Technologies and using its privileged position to reinstate a working capital mandate cancelled for non-performance.
The applicants alleged that the bank misrepresented and fraudulently claimed that the central bank had imposed single obligor limits on it with respect to the $10 million Afreximbank loan such that it could only release $6,8 million when in fact first defendant (AfrAsia Bank Zimbabwe) diverted $3,2 million from the Afreximbank loan (which was cheaper money at 10,75 percent interest) and paid it to Tetrad Investment bank.

Spiritage and associates also alleged the bank replaced the loan with more expensive funds from NSSA, which prejudiced Valley Technologies, but benefited first defendant and its directors/management who then borrowed the same money from Tetrad through what is known as “round tripping” or a “pass through arrangement”.

AfrAsia is also being accused of making defamatory allegations against Mr Wazara and his businesses by alleging that he misappropriated $4,7 million and causing significant emotional, reputational and commercial harm to Valley Technologies.


Chitungwiza Municipality was yesterday barred from proceeding with the demolition of houses it said were built on undesignated sites.  Through their lawyer, Mr Marufu Mandevere, the Chitungwiza Residents’ Trust (Chitrest) filed an application seeking an interdict order barring the local authority from demolishing houses.

Chitungwiza Municipality was represented by Mr Takudzwa Mafongoya. Chitungwiza Civil Court magistrate Ms Marehwanazvo Gofa granted Chitrest’s application and dismissed council’s arguments that the court lacked jurisdiction, the applicants had no locus standi and that the wrong procedure was used.

Ms Gofa said the applicant cited that the homes were their only shelter and demolishing them was an infringement of their constitutional rights. “The court rules that respondent has no power to demolish homes as stipulated in Section 74 of the Constitution which states that: ‘No person may be evicted from their home, or have their home demolished, without an order of court made after considering all the relevant circumstances’. “Thus, the interdict order is granted and respondent is barred from demolishing the houses of applicants,” ruled Ms Gofa.

Chitrest said the municipality could not destroy houses in Zengeza 5 without a court order.
“This application challenges the constitutionality and lawfulness of council’s actions in the light of Section 74 of the new Constitution,” read part of the application.

The applicants argued that they entered into agreement of sale of stands with the second respondent, Glory to Glory Housing Co-operative. In response, council’s lawyer Mr Mafongoya said the court lacked jurisdiction to hear the case.

“First respondent submits that the applicants have neither established the value of the property in question beside the unsubstantial US$1 500 which is evident in the purported agreement of sale.
“It is submitted that substantial improvements were made to the stand to improve its value and the house that was built exceeds $10 000 in value,” he added.


A two-year-old Marondera girl who went missing on April 8 was found dead last Saturday without her right leg and private parts. Mashonaland East assistant provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Tendai Mwanza yesterday confirmed the incident.

 He identified the toddler as Nokutenda Kunofarume of Gwamura Village under Chief Chikwaka in Juru. Asst Insp Mwanza said investigations into the matter were in progress. On the day in question Kunofarume was left by her mother in the custody of Magret Kunyarima (38) who is their neighbour while she went to work in the field.

Kunofarume started playing outside with other children and at around 2pm Kunyarima discovered that she was missing, prompting her to conduct a search. During the search it is reported that she met a villager who informed her that Kunofarume had been spotted walking through Dzvete Road.
On April 10 a missing person report was made at Juru Police Station.

Kunyarime and Kunofarume’s mother teamed up with other villagers and they continued with the search until April 19 when a pant and a blue pair of jeans which matched the clothes Kunofarume was wearing where found near Munwahuku River.

On April 20 police went to search the area and found the mutilated body of the toddler lying naked about 3km from the river. Police discovered that girl’s right leg was amputated from the hip and her private parts were cut off and that the body was in an advanced state of decomposition.

Police also discovered a spoor of tarmac close to the body. The body was taken to Murehwa Hospital mortuary for post-mortem. herald


It has taken 30 days for Zimbabwe to receive payment for diamonds sold to Dubai merchants last month, a period observers in the industry say is too long for such deals. Normally the money is processed in a few days.

It is also understood that the delays crippled Government and diamond firms’ operations, justifying calls for the country to conduct local auctions.  Zimbabwe had its maiden tender of 380 626,24 carats at the Dubai Diamond Exchange Centre in Almas Towers, United Arab Emirates on March 24, earning US$29,3 million.

Investigations by The Herald show that the facilitator of the sale, Global Diamond Tenders, had problems transferring the money to Zimbabwe. Proof of funds transfer was only received yesterday.
Mines and Mining Development Minister Walter Chidhakwa confirmed the delay saying: “They were supposed to have transferred the money before Easter; maybe due to inefficiency on the part of the facilitator hence the delay.

“However, I understand the facilitator has now collected the money from the buyers and is now transmitting it.” Marange Resources acting chief executive Mr Mark Mabhudhu added, “It has taken long for the payment to come through. We do not know the logistical problems the facilitator had, but he has just sent proof of transfer today (yesterday).”

Mr Mabhudhu said the facilitator did not explain the reason for the delays.
Sources said diamond mining firms that sent their consignments to Dubai were now facing operational challenges with most of them struggling to settle debts and pay salaries.
“This delay has had a negative effect on companies because they were expecting payment immediately after the sale,” he said. “Usually the payments should come after a few days like what happened with the Antwerp (Belgium) tenders but this one took a month.”

Thursday, 24 April 2014


A Zimbabwean star of a new advert for the UK Independence Party has been suspended for expressing ‘repellent’ racist and anti-Islamic views on social media.

Zimbabwean decorator Andre Lampitt posed in a builder's hard hat to complain that ‘lads from Eastern Europe’ were undercutting him.
But in a string of shocking posts on Twitter, the Ukip member claimed Ed Miliband is ‘not British’, condemned Islam as ‘evil’, branded the Prophet Mohammed a paedophile and said he wanted Africans to ‘kill themselves off’.
It is a devastating blow for Ukip after repeated attempts to improve the party’s image and prevent a repeat of last year’s local election campaign which was dominated by controversy about the outburst and behaviour of candidates.
Mr Lampitt should have undergone background checks before appearing in the flagship party political broadcast to coincide with the launch of Ukip’s £1.5million anti-immigration campaign. 
But on his Twitter account – which has since been deleted – he described the Islam as ‘an evil organisation respecting a prophet who was a pedo’.
Attacking the Labour leader, he added: ‘Miliband is not a real Brit. I hope he never gets to be PM! He was only born here.’
He said Mr Miliband, the son of a Polish refugee, was ‘Polish and not British’.
He also wrote that ‘Most Nigerians are generally bad people’ and added: ‘I was born and grew up in Africa. Please leave Africa for the Africans. Let them kill themselves off.’
A Ukip spokesman said: ‘We are deeply shocked that Mr Lampitt has expressed such repellent views.
‘His membership of the party has been suspended immediately pending a full disciplinary process.’
The party said it is aware of at least six posts expressing ‘various extreme racist views’ including anti-Islamic sentiments. daily mail


Alick Macheso’s second wife, Tafadzwa has revealed the real reason the couple are getting divorced – his small manhood.

The giant musician, Tafadzwa Mapako claimed, had never satisfied her between the sheets. As a result of Tafadzwa’s constant complaints about the size of his manhood, Macheso is demanding paternity tests for the couple’s two children. Tafadzwa maintains that the children were sired by Macheso.
The parties yesterday finally held explosive out-of-court talks which all but confirmed the end of their marriage. Both parties fired  off damaging claims against each other.
A furious Macheso yesterday insisted on quick paternity tests to put his mind at rest. Tafadzwa is said to have taunted Macheso saying he was no match to her previous husband and boyfriends in bed. She told him to his face that his manhood was like a caterpillar worm.  As a result the two reportedly never slept together after Tafadzwa gave birth for the second time.
Tafadzwa was also not comfortable with Macheso’s Nyau traditions especially when it came to treating 'nhova'. She felt it amounted to abuse. She threatened to report the musician to the police but was silenced with a new car.
Sources said Macheso was also angry as Tafadzwa constantly insulted his mother because of her Malawi origins. He said she had lied throughout their marriage and he was done with her.


A Bulawayo man, sucked into a new fake High Court order scam that has rocked the judiciary system, has been arrested.

Vision Sithole was arrested after the High Court launched investigations into the suspected fake High Court order scam.

The order was purportedly granted in Harare despite the fact that both the applicant and the respondent in the case, reside in Bulawayo.

The fake High Court order was discovered after a Bulawayo woman, Siphatisiwe Dube, who was the respondent in the matter, wrote a letter to the High Court in Harare to verify the authenticity of the order.

In the letter which was addressed to the Registrar of the High Court, Dube queried how the purported order came from Harare yet both the applicant and the respondent stay in Bulawayo.

She further stated that she had not been served with any form of communication from the High Court prior to the discovery of a photocopy of the order which she found in a letter box.

According to court papers, the order is purported to have been granted by Justice Ben Hlatshwayo on the 5th of December last year in Harare and had the registrar of the High Court Civil Division’s date stamp.

The order was to the effect that the respondent, Dube should release a vehicle to Vision Sithole and if she fails to do so, the Deputy Sheriff Bulawayo was to immediately take custody of the said vehicle.

The ZBC News has also established that the spelling of ‘sheriff’ was wrong, an unusual mistake found on official court papers.
Cases of fake High Court orders have become rampant in the country and despite the introduction of High Court orders with security features, innocent citizens continue to be duped.


The Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Patrick Chinamasa says government has no capacity to clear its international arrears and principal debts with the Bretton Woods institutions that include the International Monitory Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.

The debts amount to US$8 billion. The amount excludes debts owed to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), various sectors in the domestic market, as well as bilateral debts owed to various nations with whom the country enjoys good bilateral relations.

Speaking at a media briefing in Bulawayo, Chinamasa said while the global financial institutions blame the poor state of the economy on poor policies, the real issue began when the government implemented the land reform programme, whose implementation led to the imposition of illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe by the West.

“We went through the land reform programme and had sanctions imposed on us, then we began to fail to honour our financial obligations. They say it is all because of poor policies but the real issue is that sanctions killed the economy and we are still in that situation now,” said Chinamasa.

The Finance Minister said while efforts have been made to find other avenues of accessing finance from the IMF, it has been impossible for the country, as the framework to assist poor countries have requirements in which Zimbabwe does not qualify.

He said out of the few options remaining for the country to access funds, foreign direct investment and the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange are the best options since the risk remains with the investor, adding that consistency and clarity on economic policies are also a must as they boost investor confidence.

Chinamasa said the government is also focused on recapitalising the RBZ to enable it to fulfill its mandate of being the lender of last resort, as well as becoming the banker for the government.

On the mining sector, Chinamasa said government is in the process of adopting a ‘Use or Lose It Policy’ for claim holders as it seeks to stimulate productivity.

He said there are thousands of mining claims that are not productive whose holders pay renewal fees for speculative purposes.

He said the decision is in line with the amendments contained in the Mines and Minerals Act as it will boost investor confidence in the mining industry, adding that government is also prioritising issues of linkages with other sectors of the economy.

The government is also working towards ensuring that there is accountability in diamond mining in order to realise more revenue from the sector.

The mining sector is currently the biggest driver of the economy as it attracted investments of up to US$67 million during the first quarter of this year.


Air Zimbabwe has fired its Human Resources Manager, Oswald Madziwa for negligently performing a transaction which led to the national airliner losing millions of dollars.

Madziwa was dismissed after appearing before a disciplinary hearing, charged with gross incompetence and inefficiency in the performance of his work.

The national airline revealed that Madziwa had cost the company millions of dollars through a transaction authorising payments to Navistar Insurance Brokers (Pvt) Ltd (Navistar).

Air Zimbabwe claims that Madziwa authorised payments to Navistar between 2009 and 2011, thereby prejudicing the company of more than €2,6 million and US$3,9 million.

According to the termination of contract document shown to the ZBC News, Madziwa had committed an act of conduct or commission inconsistent with the fulfilment of the express or implied conditions of his contract.

The disciplinary authority therefore found him guilty and recommended his dismissal from employment with effect from the 27th of January. According to the same document, Madziwa was also ordered to surrender the airline’s vehicle and laptop.

Madziwa pleaded not guilty to the charges.  He said his only duty as a signatory was only to facilitate payment. But, Air Zimbabwe said no payment could have been made without Madziwa’s authorisation.


A Philippines based university from which a host of prominent local people received their doctorates has hit back at the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education (Zimche) over claims it has been deregistered.

In a statement titled Setting the Record Straight Tuesday, St Linus University said it did not require local registration to offer certificates to Zimbabweans. The university was responding to a press release by Zimche last month in which the state regulator reportedly said it did not recognise all degree programmes offered by St Linus.

“To the uninformed person the press statement by Zimche may have negative and unfortunate effect of making the public think that St Linus University is not a legitimate institution of Higher learning of international repute,” the statement said.

“It is our intention to make the record straight and to show that St Linus University is a very legitimate and reputable international institution of higher learning offering internationally recognised degrees whose graduates and PHD holders have been enlisted as professors in various international reputable universities, including some domiciled in South Africa.”

Businessman Philip Chiyangwa obtained his doctorate degree from St Linus University and other prominent Zimbabweans who received their qualifications from the institution include exiled business mogul and former broadcaster James Makamba. Chiyangwa was two years ago awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Business Leadership by the Philippines-based University.

Yesterday’s statement was issued by a shadowy local institution called Pythias Global Education Consultants claiming to be the official recruitment agents for the Philippines based university. The statement did not have contact details of the issuing institution.
“It is important to note that the press statement by Zimche did not put St Linus University degree programmes on the category of unregistered degree teaching institutions, but under unrecognised degrees.

“This is so because St Linus University has no campus in Zimbabwe, has no local arm and has not partnered with any local institution to offer its degree programmes and to award certificates on its behalf as in the Zimche Act.

“As such St Linus University does not require any registration in Zimbabwe as it does not offer training services in Zimbabwe. As a transnational educational registered and accredited institution it works with recruitment agents internationally,” the statement added.
In the March 30 2014 Zimche said the law required that all institutions, including foreign-based ones, offering such services also be registered locally.



His mother
Three-year-old Niel Tanatswa Mutyora, who was was run over by a commuter onmibus fleeing a ‘menacing police officer’ on Tuesday evening, was buried in Mbudzi today.


Sexy Angels front- lady  Beverly Sibanda, says she is prepared to surrender the boutique handed to her by Walter Magaya’s Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Church if the ministry insists on stopping her from going back to the pubs.

Sibanda, who has gone back to striptease after a short repentance, told the Daily News yesterday that she was forced to return to stripping because PHD Church members refused to accept her as a born-again Christian.

“I do not have a problem with Prophet Magaya, but his church members stigmatised me,” Bev said. “They are failing to understand that I have repented. As a result, I always felt unwanted in the church.

“Apart from suffering from isolation, I did not get enough advice and mentorship from the church on how to run the shop, hence I was struggling to keep the shop open.
“The business is getting low each day because of a lack of knowledge on how to run it on my part.

“PHD just gave me a shop but they did not educate me on how to run it and as a result I failed to realise the desired profits.” Bev said PHD Ministries will remain a church of choice for her but she is not going to allow them to bar her from pole-dancing.

“I am still loyal to the church, but if they insist on stopping me from entering bars and night clubs, I am prepared to hand over the shop they opened for me,” she said.
The dancer said she had already lined-up at least five shows in South Africa and is expected to leave today.

The church’s official comment is that they will let her be. “If she wants to leave we cannot stop her, as for the shop, we will just let it be,” the church said in a statement.


A Harare man is on the run following the grisly murder of his 39 year old wife, Isabel Masuka.

Masuka, was found dead at her place of residence by her parents in Waterfalls on the eve of April 19, 2014. A family spokesperson who refused to be identified told The Zimbabwean that the deceased suffered extensive head injuries but her husband is the only one who knows what happened on the fateful night."

Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba referred all questions to Inspector Tedius Chibanda, who was not aware of the murder as he is out of town on national duty.

Said the family spokesperson: “I am at a loss of words but whatever happened, her husband is better placed to tell us who killed her but he is nowhere to be found since Saturday.”

Neighbours claimed the couple was experiencing marital problems and quarreled often, adding that the husband used a fire extinguisher to attack his wife.The deceased, who was a third year student at the Women’s University in Africa worked at the National Blood Services Zimbabwe and she had been recently promoted to a higher position in the human resources department.She was laid to rest at Glen Forest cemetery in Harare. Masuka is survived by two children aged 15 and 9.


The MDC Team has dismissed as baseless and reckless their party President Morgan Tsvangirai’s statements linking the leadership change wing of the party with Zanu (PF).

The Team accused Tsvangirai of entering into an unholy alliance with Zanu (PF) and said he wanted to protect himself from being evicted from the government house in Highlands, Harare where he is staying for free. A statement issued by the MDC Team spokesperson, Jacob Mafume, described Tsvangirai as an undemocratic leader bent on blocking the MDC structures from freely upholding their constitutional obligations.""

“The MDC Team will never work with Zanu (PF) but it is actually Tsvangirai who has gone to bed with that murderous and corrupt party.He has done this to cushion him from being evicted from the lavish government house in Highlands where he staying for free besides benefitting from the land reform after he took a farm in Zhombe,” read the statement.

Calls for leadership change within the MDC intensified over the past few months although Tsvangirai was quoted saying the party had resolved its differences.The party’s national council expelled the former energy minister, Elton Mangoma, national executive member, Last Maengahama, youth assembly secretary general, Promise Mkwananzi and Mafume, former director in the then Prime Minister Tsvangirai’s office.

“The team dismisses with contempt Tsvangirai’s statements that the Team is working with Zanu PF in calling for constitutional reforms in the MDC.”Mafume described the MDC Team as a people’s project that seeks to ensure that the MDC sticks to its democratic principles and values in defeating Zanu (PF) in the 2018 elections and usher in a new prosperous country.“The idea to form the MDC in 1999 was not to create a monarchy where the party leader sees himself in divine rule until his eyes fail him and die in office as clearly as others are intending to do,” read the statement.

Giving his speech at the country’s 34th independence celebrations at the National Sports Stadium in Harare last week, President Robert Mugabe was visibly struggling with his eyesight.His right eye seemed shut for most of his one and half hour long speech forcing him to remove his spectacles at least three times and he spoke for a long time without glasses.The leadership change wing of the party said although Tsvangirai wanted to create a state of denial and separation from the reality on the ground, the MDC Team would not take Tsvangirai’s statements seriously.

“What we are witnessing from Tsvangirai is a serious “Zanufication” of the party processes as those who hold opposing views from him are being expelled without due processes,” said Mafume.The Team accused Tsvangirai of engaging in violence acts and intimidating those of divergent views in his bid to maintain the party’s presidency.“He is an undemocratic leader who has resorted to the use of violence, purges and intimidation to cow party organs into submission in pursuit of his selfish interest of maintaining his authoritarian grip on power.

“We know of people wanting to protect Tsvangirai at the expense of the party for fear of losing at the annual Congress.”The Team called for unity of purpose saying that this would revive the people’s democratic project and restore the people’s hope in a credible and democratic alternative that can deliver jobs, better health, education and a better life for all in a truly democratic Zimbabwe.“We believe in a united democratic movement that builds a broad social movement, delivers democratic transition and economic independence in Zimbabwe and the time for such a movement is now,” read the statement. zimbabwean


A HARARE man, Philosophy Nyapfumbi, who went for more than a week on hunger strike earlier this year over reinstatement of Harare town clerk Tendai Mahachi yesterday said he was taking his fight to Parliament to ensure justice prevails.
Nyapfumbi was also protesting against corruption and poor service delivery by the local authority.

He went on strike in protest over the reinstatement of Mahachi by Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo after he had been suspended by Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni for failing to submit a salary schedule for the top management.He said then he was fighting to make sure Mahachi remained suspended to pave way for investigations at Town House.Nyapfumbi told NewsDay yesterday that despite the mayor assuring him that he would deal with his concerns, nothing had been done prompting him to take the fight to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Local Government. The committee is chaired by Mutasa South MP Irene Zindi.

“Nothing has been done on what we agreed on. Directors, including [health service director Dr Stanley] Mungofa, are now back at work despite being retired for reaching the age of retirement. I spoke to the portfolio committee and I’m now waiting for Parliament to open then engage them further,” he said.“If we fail to agree, I will take action, but I will not speak more on that now. There is still a crisis in the city, Mahachi is still there, he has failed to pay the workers, burst pipes are still visible and workers are saying they can’t work without getting their salaries.” newsday


MDC founder member,Freggy Dhungwa, popularly known as Mudhara Matumbu was buried yesterday in Harare. 

MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai who paid his respects on Tuesday at the family home was absent at the burial. It was left to Morgen Komichi, the MDC deputy National Chairperson, to deliver the speech. 

“The old man we lay today, is a hero for real change. He was passionate about the party and truly believed unto his death that the MDC will change the face of Zimbabwe, and it is this hope and belief that will keep the MDC alive, united and focused for real change,” he said.

Komichi urged the people to remain hopeful even under the current liquidity crunch that has hit the country.

“The MDC has the solution to turnaround the face of Zimbabwe because we believe in uplifting the people by giving them jobs, re-opening industries and opening investment opportunities for every Zimbabwean and also foreign Direct Investment which is vital for economic revival. Right now the state of our hospitals and clinics is sad. Our children are not going to school yet with our minerals we can send every child to school for free. Nothing is working; even most of the people are in need of food aid. Until when should we remain dependent on other nations to feed our people? It shows a serious leadership crisis in the country,”  Komichi said.


A 31-YEAR-OLD Lupane man allegedly hanged himself in the presence of his wife after suspecting that she was bedding another man.

Nqobile Mpofu tried to strangle his wife, Viola Mpofu, 23, but failed as she escaped to a nearby bush.  He then took the same rope he had intended to use on his wife and hanged himself as Viola watched from a distance.

Matabeleland North provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Siphiwe Makonese yesterday said the incident occurred in Ngcono Village under Chief Mabikwa.

“A 31-year-old man from Ngcono village was found hanging from a tree on Thursday last week after he accused his wife of infidelity. It is believed that he questioned her over rumours of her extra-marital affair and she denied the allegations.

“Nqobile Mpofu then took a rope and tried strangling his wife Viola Mpofu. He however failed as the wife managed to free herself and escaped and stood a few metres away from him,” said Asst Insp Makonese.

“The wife screamed and rushed to notify other villagers and when they got to the scene he was dead.  A police report was made and Lupane police attended the scene. No foul play is suspected,” added Asst Insp Makonese.

The police spokesperson bemoaned soaring domestic cases of this nature and urged members of the public to engage third parties in resolving their issues.


AN Inyathi man escaped death by a whisker when his wife’s ex-husband fired gun shots at him but missed while demanding her and their child back.Phineas Chiruvigwa, a security guard at Jena Mine, allegedly confronted Nqabalezwe Ncube, who married his estranged wife in January and demanded his family back.

Ncube reportedly resisted and Chiruvigwa opened fire, using a pistol he had taken at his workplace.
He missed. Villagers managed to disarm the mine guard and hand him to police. Chiruvigwa appeared before regional magistrate Mark Dzira facing charges of attempted murder and possession of a firearm without a licence.

He pleaded guilty on the firearm charge, but denied attempting to murder Ncube. Taking the witness stand, Ncube said, “Your worship, this man is using juju on me as I saw him tying some notches and I am sure he wants to weaken my testimony. He approached me and my wife at night saying he wanted his wife and child. I told him it was late to discuss that but he forcibly entered my homestead.
“We then tried reprimanding him but he opened fire and tried shooting me though he missed,” said Ncube.

In his defence, Chiruvigwa said his wife called begging him to come and collect his child as Ncube had turned violent. “Prudence Mashena called me the day before this incident saying Ncube had turned violent towards my two-year-old child. I then went to the homestead and asked for my child back and Ncube ganged up on me with two other men.

“I did not shoot him and I am only guilty of possessing the pistol without proper licence.”
The trial continues today. The State’s case led by Tinashe Dzipe is that on January 17, Chiruvigwa went to the complainant’s homestead armed with a Star pistol with five rounds of ammunition.
The firearm belonged to the accused’s employer.

He is alleged to have taken it on the pretext of doing patrol duty within the mine premises.
On arrival at the complainant’s place of residence, the accused demanded to see his former wife who was at the homestead and fired at the complainant.


THE Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services (ZPCS) has been forced to halt its recruitment drive due to funding constraints.

ZPCS was forced to abort its planned recruitment of people to train as prison wardens in February.
While the ZPCS has suspended recruitment of trainee prison wardens, the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) and Air Force of Zimbabwe are continuing to recruit trainee soldiers and air personnel.
ZPCS chief prison officer Simon Kaondo on Tuesday said the prisons’ body would only start recruiting new prison guards once funding was made available.

“At the moment, there is no recruitment exercise going on as funds have not been made available,” Kaondo told Southern Eye at the ZPCS stand at the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair.
In the 2014 national budget, ZPCS was allocated $2,5 million compared to the $21 million it had requested for.

Underfunding has always battered the ZPCS resulting in it suffering severe fuel shortages and failing to transport prisoners to courts. Food shortages have also affected the organisation and prison officials told Parliament late last year that over 100 convicts died due to hunger-related deaths.
About $1,2 million is reportedly required monthly to feed prisoners countrywide, but the ZPCS is only getting about $300 000.

According to Kaondo, there are close to 11 000 prison guards, a figure he said was far less than the ZPCS requirement of more than  15 000 personnel. “We were supposed to recruit in February, but due to the unavailability of funds the exercise was put on hold. We are not yet sure as to when we will have the next exercise,” Kaondo added.

Humanitarian organisations and human rights groups blame the paucity and poor quality of prison food on the general underfunding of prisons. The Zimbabwe Association of Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation of Offenders and the International Committee of the Red Cross had to intervene in 2009 to save prisoners from starvation.