First Lady's entry into politics has shaken Zanu PF to the core. Will she grab the throne?


As Zanu PF factions destroy each other, the military will have a huge say as to who would take over from President Mugabe.


He is a controversial prophet who continues to draw large crowds with his promise of miracles. But as his popularity soars he faces all sorts of allegations. So far he has survived.


Two secretary generals tried to topple him but failed. His wife walked out but returned home. Now MDC leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is plotting his way to State House.


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Sunday, 1 March 2015



Officials involved in corruption or caught abusing Government funds will not be spared jail, as they are depriving Zimbabwe of huge benefits, President Mugabe has said.
He said this at the 29th edition of the 21st February Movement which coincided with his 91st birthday celebrations.

In remarks directed at officials who allegedly diverted developmental funds from the Ministry of Finance to personal use, the President said society should not tolerate such malcontents.

“Isu tiri kuti basa riripo. Iyi migodhi iyi put yourselves together and Government will help you to get the equipment. We will do our best to help you get the necessary technology, but what do we get? You put people together even as they work in parastatals, they begin to steal. Ndozvavanongoda. Wovaisa pamwe chete even mumabanks avanoti vakaita, mari dzevanhu vavakuba.

“Are universities and institutions of learning training thieves? “Kubira vanhu vavo. Maisa mari dzenyu mumabanks vanotora vakugovana. Iye zvino tiri kutambudzika, takabata vanosevenzera VaChinamasa (Minister of Finance). Cde Chinamasa is struggling to mobilise finances for agriculture or resuscitate our factories.”

He added: “The money is put in banks for distribution, but those under him create fraudulent companies behind Cde Chinamasa’s back. They then direct the government to transfer the money to those companies.

“Ava vekubank varikungoti tirikuita zvirikudiwa neministry. Uyu ndirector arikutiti transfer our money havarambe voisa mari ikoko. Yaenda mari ikoko vakunogovana. Ndovamwe vatakabata musiuno. Ndovamwe chete, ko vamwe vatisati tabata, baba iwe-e?

“A director in the Ministry of Finance who must exercise utmost honesty? If you are an accountant you are not taught those skills in order for you to go out and steal and if you are not honest, if you are a liar, then you are anti-revolutionary.

“You are just not a people’s leader or even a good neighbour to the ordinary people. So what people are we if as we are given jobs we try to look for chances of cheating?
“If that job is one which makes you manage some money, finance, you must be absolutely honest.”

The President said there were also indications that funds raised for the 2014 Zanu-PF youth and women’s conferences had been abused.

“We are today saying the ‘Gamatox’ wanted to overthrow the President, wanted even to kill. You remember at the meeting of the youth they had not even prepared for it. They had not bought any food and now we discover that money that had been given towards Congress . . .where did it go?

“Those are some of the things that we are now discovering and once we discover that the money was misused, vanofira mujeri. You are not there to be cheating and cheating and cheating and even cheating at the highest level of the Politburo, vanoita divert funds.”
President Mugabe said Zanu-PF’s former Secretary for Administration Didymus Mutasa failed to answer satisfactorily when he questioned him over how funds for the youth and women’s conferences were handled.

“Ndakati ndiratidzei mari, takaita committee imi (vaMutasa) makange muri mucommitee yefinance, organising for women’s and youth conference and congress. What money did you get? ‘Ahh handina kunyatsoziva bvunzai ngana nangana’, but you were aware, our secretary for administration and for that matter not only secretary for administration but the person in the office of the President in charge of intelligence and security.

“Ndichivanzirwa zvakare ndichivakwa. Ndoyakave intelligence and security iyoyo? Zvino ndakati aiwa ndombozvionera.”


I am a 23-year-old young and virgin lady at a local university.
The problem is that last year when we were kuma sports I met a certain guy who proposed love to me and it took me about five months to accept his proposal as I was trying to verify everything about him but hapana chandakaona, varume know how best to conceal things.

I can say we were deeply in love until recently when I got the shock of my life when I received a call from his wife saying she has been going through our WhatsApp conversation with her husband and told me to leave him or else “urikuzofa ndiri muzukuru wen’anga” as she clearly explained.

Mai Chisamba, for real I am failing to dissociate myself from him. I haven’t slept with him. Aah zvinoita varumeka, please help me I’m failing to focus, I’m really hurt. When I talked to him about it he just apologised and admitted, and again continued to do everything he did for me. Yes it may sound silly for someone to continue mujoko rakadai but ndiri kurevesa and I really need help because handisi kuzvidawo but ndorwadziwa kumusiya since I tried it several times zvichiramba kushanda. My mom will be disappointed kunzwa zvakadai, I’m the only girl kumba kwedu, Mai Chisamba, worse still I’m last born. I don’t want to disappoint my mom and the wife also but problem shuwa ndatadza kusiyana naye. Handisi kuzvida, I even pray about it ndotombomu blocker pa phone but after about three weeks will end up takutaura tese.

Aah I’m fed up handichada, I try to move on but I end up turning down one’s proposal, of which vanenge vachitova ve age yangu, unlike that 10-year gap between me and the man. It’s not like I keep on hanging because he brings gifts, etc, no. Hapana chandisingaitirwe kumba. Ndinoenda nezvese kuchikoro kumba vanoita zvidavado kuti ndive mwana pane vamwe but zvinenge zvatovawo nemhepo handizvide ini please help me.

At 23 you are still very young to be involved munyaya dzema small house especially that you now know. Instead of clinging to this man you should be thanking the Lord that you discovered this before you slept with him or even fell pregnant. You are right kuti varume vanogona kuvanza hupenyu hwavo but the oldest trick is to insist to go to his house every now and then.

Get to know his inner circle of friends and a few relatives unozvibata chete. Now that you know the truth about this cheat why can’t you set yourself free? This is a shameful relationship, if he is cheating on his life partner, his wedded wife, why can’t he cheat on you? Please put on your thinking cap kani.

If you really want you can walk away from this guy but you have a problem, you are both greedy and lustful. This guy has admitted that he is married, mind you he is not going to divorce his wife for you saka zvozodini? I felt sick when you said your mom would be disappointed, what about you? We are talking about your life not your mother’s.
Have you ever heard about HIV and AIDS and so many other diseases that are caused by engaging in multiple relationships? Hapana mhepo apa, iwe ndiwe mhepo yacho watadza kumhara uchibvuma chokwadi.

Are you aware that the wife can use the law and sue you for adultery? Do you know this man can rape you? This guy is simply taking advantage of you and many other girls vanodawo twunhu sewe, who knows. You say it may sound silly to continue with this joke, the truth is it does not only sound silly, it is indeed.

The only person who can help is you so for goodness sake do yourself a favour and move on. Chimboedza kunamata kuna Mwari mupenyu, there is power in prayer and you will get the deliverance you need. Good luck.

Saturday, 28 February 2015



A Gweru man has been jailed after he thrashed his wife who refused to answer her phone when it rang in the night.

Hairdresser Sehlulekile Rutambi  ignored her ringing phone and her  husband, Mandla Maphosa (29) of Plot C11 Harben Park and an employee of Falcon Gold Mine in Shurugwi, asked her to answer it. She refused , torching a furious row.

Maphosa  appeared before Gweru Magistrate Vimbai Makora facing charges of domestic violence.

Representing the State, Gracious Rongai told the court that sometime on 19 January, Sehlulekile Rutambi’s phone rang and she ignored it which led to Maphosa asking why she was not picking it up.

This resulted in a misunderstanding and Maphosa took a shoe and hit Rutambi on the head. On a different count, on February 11 around 2200hrs, Rutambi saw a message from her hubby’s mistress who was inviting Maphosa to see her on Valentine’s Day.

Rutambi then asked her husband why he was having an extra marital affair and a misunderstanding arose. Maphosa then assaulted his wife on the chest and left eye several times using clenched fists.

Maphosa was slapped with four months imprisonment with two months suspended on condition that he does not commit a similar crime in the next five years.


Angry workers at Mukundi Plastics have locked up their managers in the factory over non-payment of salaries, amid gross allegations of incompetence on the judicial manager, Mr Christopher Maswi.

The disgruntled workers were milling around the company offices until late in the night after locking management in the factory demanding their salaries.

When the ZBC News arrived, workers were singing and whistling, denigrating the company’s management and accusing it of misplaced priorities. Efforts  to speak to the judicial manager were fruitless.

Mukundi Plastics Finance Manager, Mr Admore Masvosva refused to speak. Workers allege that management is living lavishly at the expense of their welfare. They say business was booming with production at full capacity, yet they don't get paid.

According to workers, management has denied other employees to resign, saying they are critical for the organisation. The firm was overwhelmed by debts and placed under a judicial manager.


Mamelodi Sundowns team manager Peter Ndlovu is alleged to be at the centre of a collapse of a Harare couple’s marriage.

The illicit affair of Mona Dube, 27, who is married to Tinashe Gaza Sithole, 26, with Ndlovhu was exposed by their domestic worker only identified as Tendai. Peter could not be reached for a comment for the whole week.

Tendai exposed the affair when Mona left for South Africa without paying her salary for three months. The domestic worker then told Mona’s husband that Peter Ndlovhu had paid for Mona’s air ticket to South Africa.

Tendai was forced to pack her belongings on Monday after she was confronted over the illicit affair. Mona had lied to Tinashe that her sisters were behind her travel arrangements and that she was going to see an ailing relative.

“I was not aware that Peter Ndlovhu was still after the collapse of my marriage after discovering that he is the one who arranged an air ticket for my wife, said Tinashe.
“I discovered love messages between Peter and my wife three years ago when he was staying in Avondale and I confronted him over the issue and he promised to stop communicating with my wife.

“Our domestic worker is the one who revealed to me that Peter is the one who arranged air ticket for my wife after she questioned me about her outstanding salary.
“Tendai stole my cellphone and cash in an effort to recover the monies we owed her, so when I discovered it, it led her to disclose Peter’s shenanigans.

“I the phoned my wife’s Pastor and he called her back into the country ad we received counselling but I still want to meet Peter over this issue since I had confronted him and he promised to stop this sh*t,” said Tinashe.

“I want to believe my wife is taking advantage of my financial difficulties since I am not working these days,” said Tinashe.

Mona denied the allegations saying Peter was only a friend who came at a time she had some differences with Tinashe over the paternity of her pregnancy.
“I met Peter Ndlovu at Avondale Shops and as a celebrity I asked him for a handshake and we exchanged contacts and I was pregnant by that time,” said Mona.

“We were having marital problems and Tinashe had some questions about my pregnancy so when he discovered my messages with Peter he decided to confront him about it.

“I was not in love with Peter as alleged but only that I threatened to divorce him (Tinashe) ad he is sex starved since our marriage is on shaky ground. I did not disclose to him the person who arranged my air ticket since everything is not well between us and my domestic worker took advantage to further wreck our marriage by giving him false information.
“She has packed her bags and I do not know where she is right now. Maybe she was after Tinashe that is why she told him that information.

“We received counselling but to be honest my marriage is not working well, maybe by grace it will be better. Tinashe is very abusive and I can’t continue being kicked about like a donkey ndiri munhuwo akaita saye,” said Mona. h metro


President Mugabe's birthday bash is on. Watch it here. There is no sound at the moment but, hey, its something.


A small house was bashed when she was found in bed with her lover by his wife.
She has now gone to court seeking a protection order to stop further beatings. Sarudzai Mutsi of Lobengula yesterday dragged her lover’s wife, Thokozile Mpala, of the same suburb to court to stop the woman from physically and verbally abusing her.

She made the application after she was found nude under the sheets after her best friend tipped Mpala about her husband’s extra marital affair. Mutsi told Bulawayo magistrate Evelyn Mashavakure that she had dated Mpala’s husband unaware that he was a married man.

She added that after she discovered that he was cheating on his wife, she ended the relationship.
“Your worship, I ended the relationship with Mpala’s husband but she keeps coming to my residence threatening to beat me up. Two weeks back she arrived with an iron bar intending to assault me but I ran away,” said Mutsi.

“I ‘m applying for a protection order so that she will be barred from physically, verbally abusing me and coming to my residence.” She said Mpala even pounced on her recently and assaulted her on the shoulder.

Mashavakure granted her the protection order and told both parties to maintain peace with each other and cautioned them against going to each other’s residences. Mpala said Mutsi was aware that she was committing adultery when she pounced on her.

“Your worship, Mutsi’s best friend is the one who told me about my husband’s affair with her and when I got the address I went to her house. I was traumatised when I found my husband naked in her blankets and I left them without a word,” said Mpala.

“I went back to the residence three hours later and my husband had disappeared. I confronted Mutsi and asked her why she dated my husband yet knowing he was married to me but she sneered at me. We started fighting because she said they had been having the affair for seven years and she even got pregnant and aborted.”

She told the court that Mutsi was lying that she had ended the relationship with her husband as she still communicates with him. chronicle


Six guards stormed a school in Chiredzi and assaulted pupils whom they accused of stealing sugarcane.

Twenty two pupils at Nandi Primary School in Chiredzi were injured in the attack. The pupils were admitted to Chiredzi Hospital following the brutal assault in which the guards allegedly used baton sticks and tree switches to indiscriminately beat them.

Sources at the school said the guards bulldozed their way into the school playground at break time and savagely beat up the children. A majority of the children bled and could hardly walk or sit down.

They allegedly threatened to assault teachers who tried to intervene. Masvingo acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nkululeko Nduna said the incident happened on Thursday at around 10AM.

“I can confirm receiving a report to that effect. The security guards were arrested and they are assisting police with investigations. They are due to appear in court soon facing charges of child physical abuse,” said Asst Insp Nduna.

A school official told Chronicle he was still struggling to come to terms with the “vicious” assault.

He said: “They accused the children of having stolen sugarcane from the farms the previous day. Some sustained bruises all over their bodies while three of them sustained swollen buttocks. A majority of the children could hardly walk or sit down.”
Menias Chitanga, 23, from Mkwasine told  Chronicle that on Wednesday afternoon at around 2PM security guards who work for indigenous farmers at Mkwasine Estate were on duty manning the sugarcane farms.

“Six security guards saw school children from nearby Nandi primary stealing sugarcane from the fields. The guards confronted the pupils but the children took to their heels. The guards couldn’t catch the children so they gave up the chase,” said Chitanga.

He said the following morning the angry guards went to the school. “Upon arriving at the school, they found children playing at break time. The guards randomly picked 22 pupils without even seeking consent from the school authorities.”

“The assailants threatened teachers who tried to stop them from hurting the children. The teachers were forced to watch helplessly as the guards vented their anger on the pupils,” said Chitanga.

The guards, another school official said, left the injured children screaming and writhing in pain. The guards allegedly boasted that they had disciplined “thieves.”

“Teachers were left nursing pupils, some who were no longer able to stand on their feet,” said the official.

A report was made to the police who attended the scene and rushed the pupils to the hospital. The official said the security guards were tracked down and arrested.


The huge President Mugabe bash is now underway in Victoria Falls. 


President Mugabe says ousted Joice Mujuru hired Nigerian n'angas to kill him. But he said God protected him.

Mugabe ridiculed Didymus Mutasa for trying to set up Zanu Patriotic First. He laughed at the idea and said the court will throw it away. He also said in an interview with ZBC that he thought that his wife spoke too early about Mujuru's corrupt activities. Watch the interview here


Hotels and lodges in Victoria Falls and surrounding areas are fully booked ahead of the 21st February Movement commemorations to be held today to celebrate President Mugabe’s 91st birthday.

President Mugabe turned 91 years on February 21 and the main event of the 21st February Movement celebrations this year will be held at Elephant Hills Golf Course. In an interview, chairperson of the Hospitality Association of Zimbabwe (HAZ, Victoria Falls chapter), Mr Trything Mutyandasvika, confirmed that hotels and lodges were already fully booked ahead of President Mugabe’s birthday celebrations.

“We are battling to accommodate delegates for Friday (yesterday) and Saturday as all hotels and lodges are fully booked, which is very good,” said Mr Mutyandasvika.
Employer’s association of safari and tourism operators president Mr Clement Mukwasi said they were now advocating for the sharing of available accommodation.

“People should find comfort in staying with relatives, which would also go a long way in easing any accommodation problems,” said Mr Mukwasi. He urged visitors to Victoria Falls to celebrate the President’s birthday and also enjoy the hospitality of the resort town.
Last year’s celebrations to mark President Mugabe’s 90th birthday were held at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera.


A FIGHT has erupted in the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T after the party treasurer Theresa Makone reportedly failed to account for US$500 000 disbursed to the party by government in October last year under the Political Parties Finance Act, the Zimbabwe Independent has learnt.

Sources in the MDC-T said this week the US$500 000 issue became contentious at the party’s retreat from Friday to Sunday last week where the National Executive met to strategise the way forward for the party.

“Top of the agenda was the issue of the money, then the Veterans’ Association (MDCVA) which some members wanted disbanded, as well as strategies for the party’s survival ahead of the 2018 elections,” said a close source.

“Party officials spent much of their time discussing the money which the treasurer (Theresa Makone) failed to account for and this resulted in accusations and counter-accusations as fingers were pointed at each other, especially on those alleged to have benefitted from it illegally.”

In October last year, government disbursed US$500 000 from the Political Fund Act to the MDC-T following the 2013 general elections. The funds were shared between Tsvangirai’s MDC-T and the break-away MDC Renewal led by former secretary general Tendai Biti. However, sources in the MDC-T said the national executive wanted to know how the funds were used by the party treasury and that some senior officials (names withheld) were given large sums of money which they converted to their own use.

“Makone failed to account how the funds were used and some officials are said to have been paid for services they did not render to the party,” the source said. In the same meeting MDC-T vice-president Thokozani Khupe reportedly accused Tsvangirai of trying to stir party activities through the MDCVA — formed in 2008 to address social welfare issues of victims of political violence. This came after Tsvangirai donated to flood victims recently in the company of some members of the association instead of the party leadership.

“Khupe and her group are of the opinion that Tsvangirai is now using the association to gain mileage as well as to get their support yet in the past he neglected them,” said the source. In an interview this week, MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu confirmed the retreat took place last weekend.

“The MDC national executive retreat was held in Harare from Friday, February 20 until Sunday, February 22, 2015. It was a highly successful retreat that culminated in the adoption of a roadmap to the next elections,” Gutu said.

“The party deliberated on and then adopted realistic, achievable and measurable objectives. For instance, 2015 has been themed The Year of Planning. 

This is the year during which the party will plan its strategies and programmes. And 2016 has been themed The Year of Building. This is the year in which the party will galvanise and strengthen its various organs and structures.”

“After that 2017 has been themed The Year of Party Power. This is the year in which the party will sharpen its various organs and tools as it prepares to take over power and form the next government. Finally, 2018 has been themed Gore rekutonga. This is the year in which the suffering, oppressed and downtrodden people of Zimbabwe will ultimately reclaim their power.”independent


President Mugabe said former Zanu-PF national chairman Cde Simon Khaya Moyo was poised to land the post of Vice President, but was dropped after people in the party started questioning his close association with former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s cabal.

He said Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko was then appointed instead of Cde Khaya Moyo after he received support from many people in the Matabeleland regions.

President Mugabe said he spoke to all the people who were interested in the Vice President job, including several former senior Zapu officials, before he made his decision on who would fill the seat that became vacant following the death of Cde John Nkomo in 2013.
“When Mphoko finally got in and I appointed him I had listened to a lot of views from Matabeleland,” he said. “Matabeleland North, Matabeleland South, vese kuvabvunza tichicompare.

“Vamwe vaifunga kuti SK was going to get, vamwe vachiti SK has no record chaiyo yestruggle. Vamwe vakapinda vachiti Mohadi. I talked to Mohadi, I talked to iye Mphoko, I talked to NK (Cde Naison Ndhlovu), I talked to anaMsipa (Cde Cephas Msipa), vese vekuZapu side and finally to me the man who had good record in the past and record which sustained itself up to the end it was Mphoko.”

President Mugabe said the race for the post ended up being between Cdes Mphoko and Mohadi after concerns were raised on the suitability of Cde Khaya Moyo.
“It was Mphoko vs Mohadi,” he said. “Mohadi, when I asked him he said yes Mphoko was his instructor at one time, but said now he is ambassador and I am minister, I have had more experience, ndozvaakataura.

“I told SK that no, he was viewed by many as part of the gamatox thing that he was very close kunaMutasa nanaMai Mujuru, but we couldn’t just dump everybody, others we wanted to give a chance, we gave them a chance and we abolished the chairmanship as it was.”
President Mugabe said there was nothing unusual about the decision to do away with the chairmanship in Zanu-PF as it was the case before the signing of the Unity Accord between Zanu-PF and PF Zapu on December 22 1987.

“One of the vice presidents would be chairman of the party, thats how we used to have it in the past anywhere,” he said. “Takazoita zvechairmanship at the time patakaita December 1987 agreement yedu, Unity Agreement tichiti VaNkomo (late former VP Joshua Nkomo) vaVice President, now kuparty kwavo anga ariVice President ndivaMsika (late former VP Joseph Msika), so we decided to give them another position chairman, ndopakavamba huchairman.

“Takangatisinahwo although when we founded Zanu-PF we had made (Cde Herbert) Chitepo the chairman of the party, but we lost it in 1977 when we discussed the restructuring and revival of the party vakomana vakanga vasinakubva kuZambia vabuda.”
On succession, President Mugabe said he would not make any unilateral appointments, but the party would make its choice.

“The party has a choice, not me,” he said. “I don’t choose, I have said, I have said I don’t choose my successor, never. I will discuss with others yes, members of the Politburo, who can we support.

“So, I talk to others and get their views, that’s how I operate, I don’t just sail on my own, aah that so and so is my successor, know ye people of Zimbabwe that so and so who occupies this position is now my successor.

“The successor can come from any level of the party, but usually the top levels, the Central Committee, the Politburo. It may be either of the Vice Presidents, but it’s up to the people who they think at that particular time is the most suitable candidate and we discuss it, that is how it should be.

“I was not appointed successor by anyone, our own party’s tradition haisi yekutsvaga kuti nhaka yangu ichazogarwa nani, haisi nhaka yemunhu kaiyi.”

Friday, 27 February 2015


Kingdom Bank founder Nigel Chanakira says the collapse of AfrAsia Bank — an institution he moulded to iconic status — is a sad development in the history of the financial service institutions in Zimbabwe.

Kingdom was established in the 1990s and grew to become one of the biggest indigenous banks before taking an unfortunate nosedive a few years ago. It was rebranded to AfrAsia Zimbabwe Holdings in 2013 after Mauritian owned AfrAsia Bank Limited bought out Chanakira.

In the face of capitalisation constraints the bank has been struggling to serve its clients, running hide and seek with depositors who had to endure days on queues without getting their cash.

On Tuesday, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) cancelled the ailing institution’s licence after determining that the bank was no longer in a stable condition. “The closure of AfrAsia Bank is very sad. I’m deeply disappointed by the whole event. As you’re aware I sold my shares in September 2013. Since then I was no longer part of the operations at the bank,” said a remorseful Chanakira.

He said the collapse of the banking institution, alongside other ailing banks such as Allied Bank that shut down recently, would have a negative effect on the financial services in the country.

Chanakira said he received the “unfortunate news of AfrAsia collapse” with disappointment.
“When I heard the unfortunate news I was not happy,” he said. “Such unfortunate events come along with a lot of losses. Clients will lose their money, workers also lose their jobs. The confidence that depositors had in our local banking system is destroyed by such occurrences”.

Yesterday workers from the banking institutions who spoke on condition of anonymity said they were told to go home while their offices had been shut with notices saying “closed”.
“I’m at home as we speak because I’m jobless and there’s no one in the office because everyone has been relieved of their duties,” said one of the workers.
Kingdom Bank Zimbabwe Limited was established in 1997 by Chanakira, before it became AfrAsia Bank Zimbabwe Limited.

In 2012, AfrAsia Bank Limited, a financial services provider based in Mauritius, invested $9,5 million into the bank’s holding company thereby acquiring 35 percent ownership in the Zimbabwean financial group.

Until September 2013, the bank was a subsidiary of Kingdom Financial Holdings Limited (KFHL), a publicly traded company on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.
Chanakira left the bank in 2013 when he sold his entire stake and due to changes in ownership, KFHL rebranded to AfrAsia Zimbabwe Holdings Limited (AZHL), a name it upheld to date.

The 35,7 percent shareholding that the holding company previously held in Kingdom Africa Bank Limited, an investment bank in Botswana, was also disposed of in September 2013.
Last year, AfrAsia Holdings sought investors in a bid to resuscitate the struggling bank but there was no breakthrough as the bank’s woes continued to mount, with depositors struggling to withdraw their cash.

The challenges forced the bank to close five of its branches in Belmont, Ruwa, Chitungwiza, Victoria Falls and Newlands.

AfrAsia Bank is one of the four banking institutions that the central bank has said are “ill”, including Allied and Capital banks, whose licences were revoked and Tetrad, which was suspended from undertaking banking activities.chronicle


The Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi and his brother Phillip yesterday made a fourth bid for freedom arguing that the State was infringing on their constitutional right to be tried within a reasonable time.

Edmund and Philip, who are accused of being the main characters behind the shadowy Facebook blog Baba Jukwa, are facing charges of attempting to subvert a constitutionally-elected Government and undermining the authority of the President.

The brothers, through their lawyer Mr Admire Rubaya, accused the State of always postponing the matter under the guise of conducting extra territorial investigations.
Prosecutor Miss Sharon Mashavira sought a further postponement of the matter to March 30 on the basis that there were some extra territorial investigations that were yet to be conducted.

However, Mr Rubaya objected to the postponement of the matter and made an application for further remand refusal. He said the State would not suffer any prejudice if they are made to proceed by a way of summons.

“The State’s indication that there are extra territorial investigations yet to be done is a tired submission. “Your Worship, you will note from the record that they have been proffering the same reason since last year when we started making these applications,” he said.
He added; “The State is alleging that they have applied for mutual legal assistance from the United States of America, but it is not a secret that USA and Zimbabwe’s relations are frosty. I would want to live to see that response, probably the State will get the response when we are all gone.”

He argued that the State was not doing anything rather than trampling on the accused persons’ right to be tried within a reasonable period. Magistrate Mr Milton Serima, will pass his ruling on Monday next week.

It is the State’s case that sometime in April 2013, Edmund hatched a plan with Philip to overthrow the Government through unconstitutional means. It is alleged he created a Gmail account,, using a mobile phone line registered in Philip’s name, but used by Edmund.

The two allegedly formed two separate groups called the Gunda Nleya Brigade and the Zimbabwe Revolutionary Army with the purposes of overthrowing the Government.
Edmund allegedly posted articles on the Baba Jukwa Facebook page, which encouraged rebellion against Government if the July 31, 2013 general election “were stolen”. herald


The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) says it is disappointed to have received just 1471 applications for tax amnesty since the roll out of the tax relief programme.

 The response rate is however worrying, according to the government tax collection agency, which has since warned truant clients that it will evoke stern measures come the end of the amnesty period.

"To date, we have received a total of 1471 applications. We are however disappointed, we expected firms to come in large numbers," said ZIMRA Commissioner General, Gershom Pasi.

With only a month left before the deadline, the revenue authority said it is disappointed with the response rate and failure by clients to take advantage of the relief to offset taxes due to the authority.

The ZIMRA boss said they will stop accepting applications for tax amnesty, come the end of March. The outstanding obligations have so far accumulated to over US$1 billion.

A once-off and rare opportunity for taxpayers to regularise their debts was extended to ZIMRA clients in 2014. However, some firms have failed to take full advantage of the reprieve.

Failure to pay taxes compromises citizens’ right to demand accountability from the government, Mr Pasi.

The ZIMRA boss also challenged Zimbabweans to be accountable, saying corruption remains a major threat to sustainable economic development.

"We need to work on cultivating a new culture of voluntary compliance as paying taxes and duties builds as well dignified Zimbabwe," he said.

Meanwhile, figures from the revenue authority show that net collection from the beginning of the year to date stands at US$468.53 million against a target of US$542.08 million.

The figures translate to a negative variance of 14 percent. Government has set a revenue target of US$3.9 billion of which US$3.7 billion is expected to come in forms of tax.


President Robert Mugabe has been described as the Eighth Wonder of the World as guests at his birthday dinner tucked into a five course meal at a hotel in Victoria Falls tonight. See more pictures here.

The President is in the resort town with his family. Zanu PF bigwigs and supporters have also converged in Vic Falls for the massive bash which is said to have gobbled millions.

Meanwhile, all is set for the main celebrations and the gala which will be held tomorrow at the Elephant Hills golf course and Chinotimba Stadium respecvtively.

Acting Director - Rural Communications in the Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Mr Alois Chamboko expressed satisfaction with preparations for the big event and called on the public to come out in their numbers to celebrate the life and achievements of President Mugabe who turned 91 last saturday.

“We are almost there, everything is set, our stage, our PA system, our water, everything. We are just waiting for tomorrow so that Victoria Falls will be alive especially in the evening after the celebrations in the day,” said Chamboko.

Musicians who will be performing are drawn from all over the country and include gospel star, Shingisai Suluma, Sulumani Chimbetu, IYASA and Sandra Ndebele, among others.

The gala kicks off at 6 O`clock on Saturday evening.


 A Zvishavane man bent on sleeping with his uncle's wife was bashed when a trap was set.

Wilbert Moyo (34) proposed love to his uncle Regis Mvuto's wife. Unbeknown to Moyo, the wife told her husband of the love proposal. Mvuto then advised the wife to accept the proposal and invite Moyo to the matrimonial bedroom at 8pm. 
A horny Moyo then headed to his uncle's most private place. Prosecutor Sternly Ncube of Zvishavane Magistrates Courts said Mvuto's wife undressed and relaxed on the bed and Moyo also took off his clothes.
Little did he know that everything was happening under the watchful eye of his uncle who was hiding in the wardrobe in the same bedroom. Suddenly the uncle menacingly emerged from the wardrobe armed with a knobkerrie which he unleashed onto Moyo's forehead.
Moyo was assaulted with the knobkerrie all over according to details that emerged in the court.
The matter came out into the public domain when the heavily thrashed Moyo reported assault against his uncle to the Police.
Mvuto pleaded guilty to the charge before Magistrate Peter Madiba and the magistrate warned and cautioned him after realising that Mvuto acted under extreme provocation. mirror