A war has broken out within the MDC tent. Leader Morgan Tsvangirai and Secretary General Tendai Biti are at each other's throats. The only one smiling is ageing leader, President Robert Mugabe.


Musician Alick Macheso whos is divorcing his wife, Tafadzwa, could be in trouble after his treatment of nhova was exposed. The treatment could be seen as child abuse and Macheso could, possibly, face arrest.


Cuthbert Dube has been re-elected the boss of Zifa to a chorus of boos within the football fraternity. Dube said he was not bothered as the people who voted wanted him to lead Zifa again.


Open war has broken out in the ruling party with the two factions, one believed to be led by Joice Mujuru and another by Emmerson Mnangagwa squaring off. Mugabe is on his last five year term and succession is now on the cards.


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Wednesday, 1 October 2014



Zanu PF’s vicious succession battles on Tuesday spilled into court after one of the 37 apostolic sect members on trial for public violence claimed the group was being persecuted for declining to support Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s presidential ambitions.

The Johanne Masowe eChishanu sect led by Madzibaba Ishmael Mufani members ran amok on May 30 after police details under the leadership of the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ)’s Johannes Ndanga bludgeoned five police officers, a journalist and a church elder, following a botched attempt to ban them.

One of the accused, Takavengwa Gwenzi (46) of Green Valley in Epworth, told magistrate Tendai Mahwe, while outlining his defence in the on-going trial, that “Ndanga had threatened to fix us”.

“He (Ndanga) told us that he would fix us (the sect) because we had refused to pray for Mujuru to assume the presidency,” said Gwenzi.

“Ndanga told us that President (Robert Mugabe) would resign, and would be replaced by Mujuru, with him (Ndanga) as the vice. He (Ndanga) also mentioned that

he was tired of being led by non-Christian leaders, and would represent members of the apostolic faith once in government.”

Gwenzi said his church declined to bow to the pressure from Ndanga hence the persecution. Ndanga claimed he wanted to ban the sect on allegations of child and women abuse.

“It was in 2013 that l became aware of the reason behind the attack. Ndanga has a delegation of four people that includes Lameck Chitope. He would send them to us, stating that he (Ndanga) heads 789 denominations and that within the country’s hierarchy, he (Ndanga) occupies the third most important position after President Mugabe and Mujuru,” Gwenzi added.

“We refused, and told him (Ndanga) that our religion does not meddle in politics.”

The sect member also pointed out that all the charges being preferred against the sect members were fabricated by Ndanga following the stand-off.

“He then mentioned that there were several allegations that had been raised against us by other apostolic sect members. He said some of us should visit his offices so we could sit down and talk. Other members who included Ishmael Mufani later visited Ndanga’s offices, but refused his demands,” said Gwenzi.

“In March this year, we were suddenly surrounded by police . . . Ndanga later told us that he was powerful and could either release or take us to court.

“We were later taken to Mbare (magistrate’s) court and were told that the matter would proceed by way of summons.”

All the 37 accused members of the sect pleaded not guilty to the charges of public violence, and categorically denied ever assaulting Ndanga and his delegation.

Top Zanu PF officials, among them Mujuru and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, who allegedly both lead the two most prominent factions in the party, are locked in a bitter war to succeed President Mugabe.

The two have, however, denied habouring presidential ambitions, at least while President Mugabe is still in charge. Zanu PF is slowly trudging towards a watershed elective congress set for December, which promises to be the biggest since the party’s formation over 50 years ago.

Public prosecutor Fransisca Mukumbiri further alleged that the accused were part of male congregants at the sect’s shrine who ran amok and turned their shrine into a war zone on the day in question.

The court further heard that part of the congregants challenged Ndanga to read his speech in Shona, claiming they were not conversant with the English language.

Ndanga then ordered police to arrest one of the congregants who kept interjecting as he read the speech. The Apostolic sect members immediately broke into a militant song, Umambo hwepfumo neropa (the Kingdom of spears and blood).

In the chaos that followed, six police officers, and other delegates were assaulted and sustained serious injuries. The trial is set to continue on October 6. Zimbabwe mail


The MDC-T top brass has barred its organising secretary Nelson Chamisa from taking charge of its elective congress set for this month, while a senior party official is under probe for 'vote buying' during a nomination process in Masvingo.

The party has roped in the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions to organise and run the congress after the standing committee turned down moves to engage the Zimbabwe Electoral Commision (Zec).

Douglas Mwonzora, the party spokesperson, yesterday confirmed that the standing committee met on Monday in the capital and resolved to bar Chamisa and his department staff from handling the processes leading to the congress.

"During the nomination process, the organising department is not going to have a role, they (ZCTU) will accredit, do the balloting without anyone of us having a say because we are interested parties," Mwonzora said.

"There are a number of candidates, not only those vying for the same posts, but all candidates have raised concerns. We have also agreed that even the staff of the organising department should not be allowed to have anything to do with the process."

Asked whether nominations done in Harare and Chitungwiza would be nullified, given that they were conducted by the organising department amid allegations of irregularities, Mwonzora said the party was yet to receive complaints. Reporters were that Chamisa and Mwonzora, who are vying for the secretary-general's post, came close to exchanging blows.

Mwonzora clashed with Chamisa following reports that he had initially won Harare's nomination to become party secretary general before a re-run confirmed Chamisa for the post.

While Mwonzora seemed to infer that he had been underdone by the decision to hold the nomination process in Harare at a time he was away in Rusape for his political violence trial, Chamisa argued that the spokesperson's presence would not have made a difference.

The former Nyanga North legislator said while the party had considered bringing in Zec to take charge of the internal polls but given the chaotic nature of its primaries in the run-up to the harmonised polls last July, the idea had suffered a stillbirth.

"The confidence of the candidates is important, we do not want an election that generates other problems afterwards," Mwonzora said.

"Had we enjoyed good working relations with Zec, we would have asked them to run our congress but we still have problems with the credibility and impartiality of Zec. The system in South Africa is good, where parties can request the Independent Electoral Commission to assist and pay a fee

He also confirmed that the MDC-T was also investigating reports of vote buying after a group of provincial council members were reportedly taken for a beer binge hours before the crucial vote to nominate the party's top hierarchy a few days ago.

"Nobody has been mentioned by name, but the standing committee also received reports that there may have been a case of vote buying in Masvingo as well as undue interference in which people from other provinces were allowed to vote," added Mwonzora.

Chamisa is leading the pack in the fight to land the coveted post of secretary-general, previously held by former Finance minister Tendai Biti, who now heads another faction of the splintered former parliamentary majority party.

However as if to illustrate the deep seated divisions rocking the faction and the level of confusion, Chamisa claimed the party's leadership never met and Mwonzora was parroting his personal opinion.

"The standing committee did not meet on Monday, it will meet on Wednesday (today)," Chamisa said last night. "That is the view of an individual to justify a particular narrative and I think we must now begin to distinguish between the views of an individual and those of the party."

Chamisa has also been blamed for the party's humiliating poll loss in the elections last year, won resoundingly by President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF.  Zimbabwe mail



A woman granted a protection order against her abusive ex-cop husband was dead seven days later when he pounded her with a hammer in a fight over his mistress.

The former police officer allegedly used a claw hammer to pulverise his wife's head in Lupane on Saturday.

Police sources told Chronicle Dubilizwe Mkandla, 46, of Gomoza under chief Mabhikwa, fled from the scene after covering his wife, Sambulo Mkandla's "hideously" disfigured face with a jacket.

He and went and told his mother what he had done.

His mother reported the crime at Gomoza police base, leading to Dubilizwe's arrest.

The sources said seven days before her death, Sambulo had sought a protection order against her husband, who she said was abusive and involved in multiple extra-marital affairs.

"She was granted the order and left Dubilizwe, a former police inspector to stay with her parents. However, he continued to visit her at her parents' homestead resulting in altercation with her father Taron Ndlovu who demanded a cow as payment for his disrespect," said the source.

The source said Dubilizwe settled the demand.

"However, on September 27 at around 9AM Sambulo went to Dubilizwe's homestead to collect her belongings. A misunderstanding ensued after Dubilizwe tried to stop Sambulo from leaving."

Sambulo allegedly accused her husband of allowing his girlfriend to terrorise her, alleging that she had been assaulted by her on several occasions at Dubilizwe's instigation, narrated the source.

"In a fit of rage he picked up a hammer and struck her on the head several times until her head was reduced to pulp and she lay lifeless in a pool of blood.

"He then used his jacket to cover her face which was now flattened and unrecognisable, before fleeing the scene. He used excessive force. He then proceeded to his mother's homestead where he told her what he had done before she reported the matter leading to his arrest later that evening," said another police source.

Villagers said the incident had shocked everyone in surrounding areas, leaving people wondering what drove the former police chief to kill his wife in cold blood.

Dubilizwe is expected to appear in court on today.

Matabeleland North Provincial police spokesperson Inspector Siphiwe Makonese could not be reached for comment as her mobile phone went unanswered. - See more at:
A woman granted a protection order against her abusive ex-cop husband was dead seven days later when he pounded her with a hammer in a fight over his mistress.

The former police officer allegedly used a claw hammer to pulverise his wife's head in Lupane on Saturday.

Police sources told Chronicle Dubilizwe Mkandla, 46, of Gomoza under chief Mabhikwa, fled from the scene after covering his wife, Sambulo Mkandla's "hideously" disfigured face with a jacket.

He and went and told his mother what he had done.

His mother reported the crime at Gomoza police base, leading to Dubilizwe's arrest.

The sources said seven days before her death, Sambulo had sought a protection order against her husband, who she said was abusive and involved in multiple extra-marital affairs.

"She was granted the order and left Dubilizwe, a former police inspector to stay with her parents. However, he continued to visit her at her parents' homestead resulting in altercation with her father Taron Ndlovu who demanded a cow as payment for his disrespect," said the source.

The source said Dubilizwe settled the demand.

"However, on September 27 at around 9AM Sambulo went to Dubilizwe's homestead to collect her belongings. A misunderstanding ensued after Dubilizwe tried to stop Sambulo from leaving."

Sambulo allegedly accused her husband of allowing his girlfriend to terrorise her, alleging that she had been assaulted by her on several occasions at Dubilizwe's instigation, narrated the source.

"In a fit of rage he picked up a hammer and struck her on the head several times until her head was reduced to pulp and she lay lifeless in a pool of blood.

"He then used his jacket to cover her face which was now flattened and unrecognisable, before fleeing the scene. He used excessive force. He then proceeded to his mother's homestead where he told her what he had done before she reported the matter leading to his arrest later that evening," said another police source.

Villagers said the incident had shocked everyone in surrounding areas, leaving people wondering what drove the former police chief to kill his wife in cold blood.

Dubilizwe is expected to appear in court on today. Matabeleland North Provincial police spokesperson Inspector Siphiwe Makonese could not be reached for comment as her mobile phone went unanswered. chronicle


A Grade Three pupil in Gweru was yesterday run over by a truck and died on the spot while her friend sustained serious injuries while attempting to cross a busy road, police have said.

The accident occurred at 6AM yesterday at Mkoba 16 business centre. Witnesses said the two pupils, both girls aged nine, were on their way to their school, Takunda Primary School.

A woman who operates a flea market close to the scene of the accident said there was a Toyota Hiace commuter omnibus which was parked at the junction loading passengers.

"The kombi was obstructing people who wanted to cross the busy road as they could not see the other side properly. The two girls attempted to cross the road and that is when an oncoming truck ran over them resulting in the death of one of the kids while the other sustained serious injuries. I am still to come to terms with what I saw this morning. The two girls were coming from Mkoba 12 on their way to Takunda Primary when the truck hit them," she said yesterday.

Midlands police spokesperson, Inspector Joel Goko said Trust Chiketa, 26, was driving a Toyota Dyna truck and had no passengers on board when he hit two school girls.

"I can confirm that there was a fatal accident that took place at Mkoba 16 business centre where one pedestrian was killed while the other was seriously injured. The driver of the truck, Trust Chiketa, was approaching the intersection as the two children were crossing the road. He hit the two children resulting in one of them sustaining serious head injuries and died on the spot. The other girl sustained serious injuries and was rushed to Gweru Provincial Hospital where she is admitted. There was a stationary vehicle which obstructed the two children from seeing what was happening from the other side," said Insp Goko.

He appealed to motorists to be always alert and be on the lookout for children when driving.

"We appeal to the motoring public to exercise extra caution when using roads. Children are the responsibility of every adult in the country. We also urge parents and guardians to always accompany children on their way to school. They should help them cross busy roads," he said. chronicle



HOME Affairs minister Kembo Mohadi has been accused of storming the Beitbridge Police Station and threatening to kill an employee of a South African investor who had been tasked with conducting an asset assessment of liquidated fuel company Red Queen Trading (Pvt) Ltd.
The fuel company was sold to the investor for $2,3 million. Mohadi has been trying to grab the property from Beitbridge businessman Reginald McGillivray Dawson, who set up the enterprise together with his wife Jane using their personal funds.

Dawson was subsequently forced to liquidate the company together with two others — Spoornet (Pvt) Ltd and Nerry Investments — because of Mohadi’s constant threats. However, Mohadi was left stranded after the High Court last year stripped him of influence in all the companies he was trying to seize from Dawson.

Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Lawrence Kamocha ordered the liquidation of the companies, Red Queen Trading (Pvt) Ltd, Nerry Investments and Spoornet (Pvt) Ltd and appointed Barbra Lunga of Impact Trust and Executors as the liquidator.

Lunga went on to liquidate the companies and recently found buyers for Red Queen Trading, which operates a fuel depot in the border town. The investor, AfricOil Petroleum, has already paid a deposit of $169 000, but Mohadi is allegedly eager to stop the investment.

This forced Lunga to approach the High Court yesterday seeking an interdict barring Mohadi and his associates from interfering with her execution of duties as the liquidator. Mohadi, his wife Tambudzani, business partners Alistair Moyo, John Josias Moyo, Brian Moyo and TK Moyo are cited as first, second, third, fourth and fifth respondents respectively.

The latest High Court application seen by Southern Eye contains explosive allegations against the minister including claims he issued death threats.

“Pursuant to my duties and obligations as liquidator, I advertised the assets of the three companies which I had been instructed to liquidate and I subsequently entered into an agreement of sale of assets in respect of the business assets of (a) Red Queen Trading (Pvt) Ltd (b) Spoornet Investments (Pvt) Ltd (c) Nerry Investments (Pvt) Ltd.

The first respondent (Mohadi) and others purported to appeal against the judgment, but the purported appeal was abandoned,” said Lunga in the application.

“I was then surprised late in the afternoon/early evening of Friday 26th September 2014 to receive a call from a person, who identified himself as the first respondent (Mohadi), who sounded very angry and rumbled on at length that Stand 1418 belonged to him personally and that he would not allow anybody else to take possession of it.

“I pointed out to him that the aforesaid stand was not registered in his name and perusals of the documents show that this stand is, in fact, registered in the name of Red Queen Trading (Pvt) Ltd.
“I also pointed out to him that these issues had ventilated and finalised in the courts.

“I then received a report from Never Ndlovu, a director of AfricOil, advising that he had received reports that the five respondents had acted in a way that deprived me of my control and possession of stand 1418 and stand 1419 and other assets on stands 1418 and 1419,” Lunga said.
In his supporting affidavit, Craig Hunter Pott, who was acting on behalf of the investors AfricOil Petroleum, told the court that Mohadi threatened to kill him the same way he killed white men during the liberation struggle.

“I was also instructed to report to the dispol (district police commander) at Beitbridge Police Station during the course of the day,” he said. “I went to the police station accompanied by my legal representative Winston Tshakalisa.

“Upon arrival at the police station, I presented myself to the dispol. After that I was taken downstairs to see Chief Superintendent (Patrick) Majuta where he took my statement.
“While my statement was being taken, first respondent (Mohadi) stormed into the office and confronted me asking who I was.

“The first respondent advised me that he had killed white men during the liberation war and he could do the same to me.

“He further claimed that the property was his and that I was attempting to strip assets from the aforesaid property. After the first respondent threatened and almost assaulted my legal representative, he turned on me again and stated with a pointing finger that he was going to deal with me.”
Pott said he was terrified by Mohadi’s actions as the threats were made at a police station in the presence of senior police officers with impunity.

Ndlovu, a director with AfricOil Petroleum, in his affidavit supporting Lunga’s application confirmed that they had bought the company from the liquidator.

“It will be seen that the purchase for the assets is $2,3 million and we have already disbursed a fair amount being $169 000 and we intend to release the outstanding balance within the next few weeks to the applicant (Lunga) in terms of the sale agreement,” said Ndlovu.

“The actions of the five respondents as described by Pott are highly prejudicial to AfricOil Petroleum (Pvt) Ltd in terms of the monies already disbursed and also the large sum of monies which is immediately available and is about to be disbursed to the applicant.

“I, therefore, support in its entirety the application filed by the applicant.”
AfricOil Petroleum has already paid a combined $56 000 to the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority, Environment Management Agency and Zimbabwe Investment Authority to operate the business.

The battle between Mohadi and Dawson is so intense that the businessman and his wife were recently arrested in Harare after winning their case against Mohadi at the High Court.
They were accused of selling Red Queen assets worth over $1 million without the knowledge of other directors despite the fact that the company was theirs. They are out on $2 000 bail each.
In December 2012, Justice Kamocha divested Mohadi and his business partner Josias Moyo of the directorship of the companies.

He ordered Mohadi and his business associates to reimburse more than $340 000 they allegedly swindled from Nerry Investments, another company already under liquidation whose bank account the minister had allegedly turned into a “piggy bank”.

Mohadi was found to have authorised the company to pay for his son Campbell Junior Mohadi’s rental expenses in South Africa.

Campbell had enrolled at Lanseria Flight Centre at the Grand Central Airport in Midrand, Johannesburg, where he is training as a pilot. He was allegedly getting $680 for personal use every month from company coffers. southern eye


JOCELYN Chiwenga, the former wife of Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander General Constantine Chiwenga, yesterday said she now feared for her life after receiving several threatening phone calls from anonymous persons over the past few weeks.

Chiwenga yesterday said the phone calls escalated after her eviction from the family farm in Goromonzi last month. The army has stayed put at the farm since the eviction and allegedly been harassing farm workers and other workers from nearby farms.

Jocelyn alleged that she was receiving calls even in the middle of the night from private numbers, but vowed that justice would prevail.

“I am living in fear. My life is in danger and I am receiving suspicious calls from people I don’t know,” she said, but added she had not reported the matter to the police. I am seeking justice on why I was evicted from my farm without a court order and why soldiers are still on the farm.”

Jocelyn said she had taken the matter of the threats to her lawyers and was yet to make a police report. “At one time, a caller said to me, ‘Who do you think you are?’ Sometimes the person keeps quiet while he is on line,” she alleged.

Sources told NewsDay that the soldiers were still camped at Dockson Farm and last week allegedly beat up workers from other farms for collecting firewood from the farm, a situation they said should be addressed.

Recently, soldiers from the Presidential Guard were deployed to guard the farm and denied Jocelyn access. The soldiers were said to have blocked the workers from the farm, raising fears that the crop she had planted would go to waste.

Jocelyn recently said she was suing Chiwenga and his new wife, Marry Mubaiwa, for bigamy.
Jocelyn married Chiwenga in November 1998 before their marriage irretrievably broke down in 2012, with Chiwenga filing for divorce, citing Jocelyn’s alleged violent behaviour.
Chiwenga is now customary married to Mubaiwa, a former model.

There has been no media coverage of the divorce case after Chiwenga’s lawyers, Scanlen and Holderness, obtained a High Court order barring journalists from reporting on the divorce proceedings. newsday


A policeman and a prison officer based at Chivi Growth Point have been arrested after they allegedly took turns to be intimate with a 14-year-old girl. 

The two had sex with the minor on separate occasions in return for freedom from performing community service at Chivi Rural District Council offices for unlawful entry. Henry Washaya (27), who is based at Chivi Police Station and a Zimbabwe Prisons Service officer based at Chivi Satellite Prison, Benson Muderedzwa (25), have since appeared in court facing charges of indulging in sexual intercourse with a minor.They were not asked to plead when they appeared before Chivi resident magistrate Mr Francis Mapfumo last Friday.
The two, who were represented by Mr Collins Maboke of Ruvengo and Partners, were remanded in custody to tomorrow when they are expected to apply for bail. Allegations against the pair are that sometime this month they separately approached the 14-year-old girl while she was doing community service for unlawful entry at the Chivi Rural District Council offices.
The State alleges that Washaya and Muderedzwa proposed love to the girl and coaxed her into being intimate with them on separate occasions after promising to shield her from completing the unpaid work. The girl allegedly was intimate with the accused persons on several occasions and stopped performing the community service at the council offices.
An investigation to establish why the girl was no longer doing her community service allegedly revealed that Washaya and Muderedzwa had told her to stop working in return for sex.
 A report was made to police leading to the two’s arrest.


The First Lady, Grace Mugabe’s thesis will only be available after a year, a senior academic at the University of Zimbabwe has said. 

He said the process of authenticating, indexing and publishing dissertations and the theses took at least 12 months after graduation. “When the student’s final thesis has been accepted by the supervisor or nominated academic (by the Panel of Examiners) the student submits bound copies and a CD to the Post-Graduate Centre. These items are then submitted or deposited to the library.  

“The library will also place the thesis in a queue so that it can be processed (indexing and cataloguing are carried out by the library) until the thesis is finally placed on the shelf and the university’s e-resources. These processes take a while after graduation. “Some thesis will take about a year or more to be available on the shelves of the library. There is, however, no stipulated time on how long it will take to have a thesis available in the library. But surely it cannot be found in the library’s shelf immediately after graduation. It is highly unusual and raises eyebrows,” the academic said. 

Vice President Joice Mujuru’s thesis is already available. Investigations by The Herald, however, show that out of the 12 doctorates, only the VP’s thesis titled “A Strategic Exploratory Entrepreneurship Study of Sustainable Agricultural Business: Case Studies of Mitchel and Mitchel in Mashonaland East and Dotito Irrigation Scheme in Mashonaland Central Province’’ is on the library shelf and has been archived. 

The First Lady and Vice President were part of the 12 doctorate holders capped by UZ Chancellor, President Mugabe on September 12, the others being:

Masaka Johnson,

Dokora Lazarus, 

Maposa Richard,

Mlambo Obert, 

Nhamo Ancila, 

Zengeya Fadzai,

Icishahayo David, 

Munyati Shungu,

Gumbe Samuel

Marunda Edmond  

A staffer in the Great Library also said whoever was behind the mysterious appearance of the VP’s thesis wanted the spotlight on the First Lady’s doctorate by virtue of the absence of her thesis.“It’s a clear abuse of the VP and the First Lady. The move is meant to raise questions about the authenticity of the First Lady’s academic achievements, yet the records are there to prove that she went through all the processes.’’ Mugabe’s thesis is titled ‘‘The Changing Social Structure of the Family: The Case of Children’s Homes in Zimbabwe’’ obviously motivated by her philanthropic work countrywide and at the state-of-the-art orphanage and children’s home she built in Mazowe.



Zanu-PF factions are set to square off once again as the Politburo meets today to discuss several issues, among them the altercation between Mashonaland West provincial chairman Cde Temba Mliswa and provincial executive committee member Cde Beauty Zhuwawo on Monday. 

The Politburo is also expected to be seized with discussions on the fate of former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Dr Gideon Gono whose bid to become a Senator for Manicaland was scuppered recently after it emerged that he was not a registered voter in the province as required by the law. 

ZEC chairperson Justice Rita Makarau said even if Dr Gono tried to transfer his registration to Manicaland, there was no legal framework for anyone to do so at the moment.

Zanu-PF national spokesperson Cde Rugare Gumbo yesterday said though he was not privy to the agenda drafted by secretary for administration Cde Didymus Mutasa, Cde Mliswa and Dr Gono’s issues were likely to be discussed as they were in the public domain.“Yes, we are going to have a Politburo meeting tomorrow (today),” said Cde Gumbo. “I have not seen the agenda of the meeting, but it is possible that those issues (Dr Gono and Cde Mliswa) will come out because they are in the public domain.”

Cde Gumbo said they were reading about Cde Mliswa’s altercation with Cde Zhuwawo in the media and there was no formal communication that was made to the party.

Fresh details show that the fateful provincial executive committee meeting that was aborted when Cde Mliswa verbally abused Cde Beauty Zhuwawo who in turn slapped him for the insults, had been convened by Cde Mliswa to discuss preparations for the First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe’s rally at Chinhoyi Stadium tomorrow according to fresh details emanating from a source close to developments.Unbeknown to Cde Mliswa, however, members of the provincial executive planned to pass a vote of no confidence in his leadership.

“Mliswa had not been aware of this move but is aware of the growing disgruntlement with his leadership of the province,’’ said a source who attended the meeting, but who spoke on condition of anonymity, as he is not authorised to speak to the media.“Cde Temba Mliswa was literally slapped in the face by provincial executive member Cde Beauty Zhuwawo after a verbal exchange almost degenerated into a physical scuffle. Cde Zhuwawo is wife to President Mugabe’s nephew Cde Patrick Zhuwawo.

“The meeting, which had been convened by Mliswa himself to discuss the First Lady Amai Dr Grace Mugabe’s debut political rally, which will be held at Chinhoyi Stadium on Thursday, 2 October, became chaotic soon after Cde Mliswa revealed that not a single donation in cash had been made by any member of parliament in the province towards Dr Mugabe’s debut rally. In reaction to this comment, provincial youth league chairman Cde Vengai Musengi questioned how Mliswa himself as an MP would fail to make a donation even after receiving money from the Americans,” the source said.

It was after Cde Musengi’s remarks that Cde Zhuwawo moved a motion to have Cde Mliswa’s chairmanship revoked until his name was cleared of links with the CIA.

“The motion was supported by the majority of the members in attendance, but vehemently opposed by Mliswa, Kindness Paradza and a few other members. Cde Zhuwawo charged that as long as Mliswa’s name remained mired in spy allegations, he had no basis to chair any meeting in the province,” he said. It was after the remarks that a war of words between Cde Mliswa and Zhuwawo ensured. “Mliswa alleged that he would not be humiliated by a woman whose husband had no political history in the party and had been elevated solely because of his relationship with the President. Mliswa charged that Cde Patrick Zhuwawo held a bogus degree which was worthless and this angered Mai Zhuwawo. However, it was when Mliswa described Mai Zhwawo as “a disgrace to the First Family” that she stood up, picked a bottle of mineral water which she apparently wanted to throw at Mliswa but suddenly put it down and walked over to where Mliswa was standing before daring him to repeat his words. Before Mliswa could say anything Mai Zhuwawo landed a slap on Mliswa’s face, a move which no one had been expecting. Mai Zhuwawo was led back to her seat amid the disbelief and chaos,” the source added.He added that a visibly angry Cde Mliswa said the meeting could not go on as long as Cde Zhuwawo was in attendance.

 “Mai Zhuwawo scoffed at this but was led outside by members of the police and president’s office, who feared the situation would deteriorate further if she stayed in the meeting. Soon after Mai Zhuwawo left a truckload of 12 drunk and rowdy youths, known to be Mliswa’s supporters arrived at the meeting venue but were not allowed entry into the meeting,” he said.

Mr Nyagumbo added that after Cde Zhuwawo had left Deputy Home Affairs Minister Mr Ziyambi Ziyambi, who is also Zanu-PF’s provincial chairman supported her motion that Cde Mliswa needed to clear his name first before he could chair any meeting. “Mliswa then turned his anger to the Deputy Minister, also alleging that he had no traceable history in the party and also held a bogus degree. Ziyambi shot back, charging that if Mliswa was not happy with his appointment as Deputy Minister, then it showed that he was not happy with the person who had made the appointment. “In an attempt to quell the rising tempers, Provincial Administrator Cde Christopher Shumba, tried to calm the situation by asking Cde Mliswa to desist from making personal attacks on people whose opinions differed from his own. Mliswa now drenched in sweat, rudely told the PA to leave the room since he was in breach of the constitution by holding posts both as a civil servant and party official. “Mliswa then left with Kindness Paradza, apparently to make a report to the police about the assault by Mai Zhuwawo, who is also said to have made a report of her own against Mliswa,” he said.Various committees that were set UP to organise Zanu-PF’s December National People’s Congress would also make their first report back to the Politburo today. herald

Tuesday, 30 September 2014


The Trauma Centre ownership wrangle has taken a new twist with Dr Vivek Solanki, who lost the court battle to retain ownership of the medical institution, vowing to stay put despite attempts to evict him.

There was drama at the Trauma Centre on Tuesday afternoon when Dr Solanki refused to vacate the premises despite a Supreme Court ruling issued on the 23rd of September which ordered him to vacate.

Dr Solanki insists he is the legitimate owner of the institution.

When Sherrif Mandengu delivered the written eviction order to Dr Solanki this Tuesday afternoon, Dr Solanki refused claiming he owns both Streamsleigh and Autoband investments, the two parties at the centre of the ownership dispute.

The lawyer representing African Medical Investments and Sable Minings, who have won the court case, Beatrice Mutetwa was also at the premises and said the courts made a ruling which should be obeyed.

Sable Minings Chairman, Mr Andy Mhlanga said Dr Solanki was a tenant when the project was started and African Medical Investments brought in US$10 million as capital to construct the centre into a state of the art institution.

He said it is surprising that Dr Solanki now claims to be the legitimate owner.

The case was heard in the Supreme Court in June under case no CC43 of 2014 and Dr Solanki appealed to the Constitutional Court.

However, the Chief Justice referred the case back to the Supreme Court which made its ruling on the 23rd of September.

Despite the ownership wrangle, business was going on as normal at the hospital which is located at number 15 Lanark road in Avondale, Harare.


The state is calling for a jail term for a maid who lied that she had been raped. The maid lied that Engineer Manhuwa had raped her.

Nyasha Vambe appeared at the Harare Magistrate Court facing charges of making a false police report. The state called for a custodial sentence to be imposed on Vambe, saying her crime of making a false report should not be taken lightly.The state further stated that Manhuwa suffered after he was incarcerated yet she knew she was lying against him and proposed a lengthy custodial sentence for her.

The state argued if Manhuwa was to be convicted, he could have been sentenced to a lengthy custodial sentence.  The controversial rape case was reported last week and the matter was withdrawn at the court after Vambe indicated that they were in love and she wanted to extort money from Manhuwa.

Vambe was then arrested for making a false report and the magistrate sent her for an assessment for a possible community service.


EFF leader Julius Malema is ready to stand trial, he told hundreds of supporters in Polokwane following the postponement of his court case on Tuesday.

"I tried to plead with them that I should be separated... and tried alone," he said. "If others are not ready I am, the State must bring this case closer."

The trial against Malema and his co-accused was earlier postponed in the High Court in Polokwane to August 3, 2015 because not all counsel were available.

Malema, On-Point Engineering directors Lesiba Gwangwa and Kagisho Dichabe and two companies, On-Point Engineering and Gwama Properties, face charges of racketeering and 52 other counts, including fraud.

In March, corruption charges against Malema's business associates -- Selbie Manthatha, his wife Helen Moreroa and his brother Makgetsi Manthatha -- were dropped.

The two brothers and Moreroa were initially charged with Malema, Gwangwa and Dichabe in September 2012. They were accused of misrepresenting themselves to the Limpopo roads and transport department, leading to a R52 million contract being awarded to On-Point Engineering.

It is alleged in court papers that Malema had business ties with Gwangwa, and that Malema's Ratanang Family Trust was an indirect shareholder in On-Point.

The State alleges Malema substantially benefited from the tender payment to On-Point, using it to buy a farm and a Mercedes-Benz.

Following his appearance on Tuesday, Malema walked up the road to where his supporters, who held a night vigil for him, were waiting.

The crowed cheered as he walked onto the stage erected in a car park across the road from the Polokwane police station.

He was accompanied by Economic Freedom Fighters MPs. EFF spokesman Mbuyiseni Ndlozi began chanting "Hands off our commander and chief, hands off".

The crowd, in red berets and EFF T-shirts, took up the chant. Ndlozi then led them in song.

People took pictures with cellphones as Malema, dressed in a dark suit, white shirt and red tie, danced on stage.

Malema told the crowd he was not afraid and had nothing to hide.

"We have nothing to fear. We want this case to be held as in yesterday because we have nothing to hide.

"If they had a case they would have trialled (sic) us long ago."

He said his lawyer had asked the judge to try Malema earlier but was told there was no sooner available date.

Malema took the opportunity to accuse Gauteng judge president Dunstan Mlambo of interfering in matters which involved the EFF. He named a few cases including his own.

He warned Mlambo and said he would write to the Judicial Service Commission regarding his "conduct".

"They must never think we don't know what they up to. The State is against us... but don't be scared we will overcome."

Malema also took a swipe at the African National Congress and President Jacob Zuma.

He said the ANC was no longer relevant.

"My ambition is to show that there is life outside the ANC.

"They try by all means to isolate you and make sure you become irrelevant. We want to challenge the ANC and show society that the ANC has become irrelevant."

He said the governing party did not lead any discussions in society, unlike the EFF.

Malema said in future people would remember the ANC because of allegations of corruption.

"The ANC is at its weakest point in history."

EFF members had to submit themselves to parliamentary discipline but Malema said it was Zuma who should be facing a disciplinary hearing because he had "brought Parliament into disrepute".

However, "those who do right get punished and those who do wrong get celebrated", he said.



WOMEN were in shock and kids were talking about the size of the men manhoods. 

It happened when cops allegedly ordered some men to strip and run naked through Sophiatown zone 3 in Tembisa, Ekurhuleni on Friday. 

“The kids were saying one guy has a big thing and another one a small one,” Lucia Moshoeshoe (55) told Daily Sun. 

“We couldn’t believe what was happening.” Angry Thobane Mtungwa (24) said he was with his friends when Rabie Ridge cops raided his place. 

“They ordered us to lie down and we did what they wanted,” Thobane said. “They came looking for drugs but didn’t find anything. They told us to strip naked so they could see if we were hiding drugs in our bums. 

“When they couldn’t find drugs they told us to lie on top of each other. One cop said that’s how we rape women.” 

The police then allegedly told the men to run around completely naked. 

Thobane and his five friends, Mduduzi Sithole (23), Tshepang Qwabe (21), Nkosana Mahlangu (29), Xolani Masekwana (24) and Lucky Khumalo (18), said the cops should have arrested them if they did something wrong. 

Nkosana said: “The police humiliated us. People in the kasi no longer look at us in the same way. We tried to open a case of harassment but the same cops turned us away.”

Gauteng police spokesman Captain Kabelo Marumo advised the men to visit the station commander at Rabie Ridge to lay a formal grievance so that an investigation can be done into their claims. 

He added that the registration number provided by the men, is not part of the SAPS fleet. daily sun



Saviour Kasukuwere who was branded a gay gangster by Themba Mliswa said he does not take the parliamentarian seriously.

“That one is now crazy, I don’t take him seriously,” he said before hanging up.

Mliswa had fired his broadside“The question… is whether the party has become a party of gay gangsters because it is not a secret that Kasukuwere and Jonathan Moyo are close.”

“It is a whole syndicate of gay people, otherwise what would you be doing shopping in New York with another man, leaving your wife behind and the man is excited about having to go shopping with you?” Mliswa asked rhetorically, adding that this was the reason why suspended Sunday Mail Editor Edmund Kudzayi, “a 29 year-old man without a wife” had been hired by Moyo.

Mliswa alleged that Moyo was behind a smear campaign against him, which was meant to mask his (Moyo’s) own links to the American spy agency.

Independent political analyst Blessing Vava says Zanu PF’s worsening infighting is threatening national security and development.

“The bad thing is that currently we have no opposition in the country taking advantage of the problem in Zanu PF,” said Vava.

“The infighting in Zanu PF means the cabinet ministers are focusing on taking over power and not concentrating on reviving the ailing economy and related issues.”

Factions in Zanu PF are battling to position themselves ahead of the elective congress. Deputy President Joice Mujuru and Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa are said to be fighting for vantage positions to take over from 90-year old President Robert Mugabe. Both have previously denied leading factions.



A PLUMTREE man, who forced two sisters to drink opaque beer and raped them in their drunken stupor, will spent the next 20 years in jail. 
Pint-sized Zenzo Ndebele, 38, from Mayobodo area pounced on his neighbour’s two daughters aged 16 and 10 and raped them before he threatened to assault them if they reported the matter.

Ndebele, who pleaded not guilty to rape, was convicted by regional magistrate Sikhumbuzo Nyathi and sentenced to 30 years in jail. He will, however, serve 20 years in prison after 10 years were suspended for five years on condition that he does not within that period commit a similar crime.

Nyathi noted there was an increase in rape cases involving child victims. “I regard that Ndebele’s moral turpitude is high. He is a bad neighbour who pounced on two innocent girls while their parents were away. Rape cases are prevalent thus justifying deterrent sentences because rape is a serious crime,” said Nyathi.

“Ndebele exposed the victims to STIs and because they are unsophisticated rural people, they took long to report the crime thereby depriving the girls of benefiting from the window period to post exposure prophylaxis. In the circumstances, a lengthy prison term is justified,” ruled the magistrate.

Prosecuting, Dumisani Ndlovu told the court that on September 5 shortly after 5PM, Ndebele approached the girls while they were playing in their yard in the absence of their parents. He demanded sex from the eldest sister after sending her siblings, who included a 12-year-old brother, to a nearby homestead to buy opaque beer.

“Ndebele grabbed the girl, tripped her and laid her on the floor in the kitchen hut before raping her once without protection. The victim tried to scream but he closed her mouth while pinning her down by her neck,” said Ndlovu.

Ndebele also threatened to assault the girl, the court heard.

When the younger siblings came back with the opaque beer, Ndebele forced the three siblings to drink it threatening to beat them up if they refused.

“The eldest got drunk and fell asleep and Ndebele then asked the 10-year-old girl to accompany him to his homestead and the girl refused. He forcibly took the girl and placed her on his bicycle and travelled for about 75 metres into a bushy area where he ordered the girl to remove her clothes before raping her,” said Ndlovu.

Soon after committing the crime, the court was told, Ndebele fished out 10 condoms from his pockets and gave the victim so that she could play with them. In her evidence, the 10-year-old girl said Ndebele forced them to drink five litres of opaque beer.

“I left our home with my brother and Ndebele stayed behind with my elder sister. We came back with five litres of opaque beer and he forced the three of us to drink it,” said the girl.

“He got hold of me and put me on a bicycle carrier and pushed it for a distance before stopping. He raped me and gave me 10 condoms to play with.”

The girl said she screamed for help but no one heard her. When the girls’ parents returned two days later, the girls related their ordeal and Ndebele was arrested five days later.




Nissan Zimbabwe (Pvt) Limited has lost the franchise as the official distributor of Nissan vehicles in the country and is embarking on a clearance sale for its stock.

The clearance sale would see prices being reduced by between 5% and 22%. The biggest beneficiary of the clearance sale is the QASHQAI Crossover whose price has been reduced by 22% to $28 000.

A QASHQAI +2 vehicle will now be sold for $37 000 from $45 100. Prior to that, Nissan Zimbabwe was the intermediary between Nissan South Africa and local dealers.

It was responsible for the importation of vehicles and spare parts. The country has four officials Nissan dealers - Nissan Clover Leaf Motors, Croco Motors, Amtec and AMC.

The clearance sale of vehicles comes as Nissan Zimbabwe has also contracted Auction City to do a sale by tender of Nissan spares and accessories.

The tender would include the entire stockholding of new Nissan spares and accessories.  Viewing was done on Friday and Saturday.

The tender closed yesterday. newsday



A 41-year-old man has refused to have sex with his wife for 10 months because he fears she might conceive and increase the number of children, escalating the burden of looking after them.

Jubert Tshuma and wife Prisca Saiti, 34, have two children aged eight and two. Tshuma was in April this year dragged to the Maintenance Court by Saiti for failing to provide for the children and was supposed to pay $60 per month for their upkeep.

He failed to pay. Saiti complained to Victoria Falls magistrate Sharon Rosemani in the Maintenance Court on Friday that her husband had refused to have sex with her for the past 10 months - his excuse being he feared he would impregnate her and have more children.

"For 10 months we have had no sex. He avoids me claiming if we sleep together we might have another child and he would not be able to provide for the child since he is struggling with the two we have," said Saiti who has two other children from her previous marriage.

Asked about the issue after court, Saiti said Tshuma would sometimes turn violent trying to force her out of their customary marriage.

"He says if he sleeps with me he might make me pregnant and he doesn't want that because he cannot afford to take care of many children," said Saiti.

"We have been married for 10 years but he did not pay lobola to my parents. I am just staying with him because we have children together but the problem now is his parents want him to marry another woman. His mother has always wanted me to leave and at some point my husband beat me up and fractured my arm trying to evict me over a girlfriend."

Saiti said she was willing to drop the maintenance case if her husband could change his behaviour and provide for the family or agree to move out from their lodgings at Mkhosana township.

Coming to court, Tshuma was charged with failure to pay maintenance after being ordered to pay $60 per month for the two children in April this year.

He failed to pay resulting in a warrant of arrest against him and he told the court that he could not afford the money since he only made $20 per month from his job as an assistant builder.

Rosemani sentenced him to two months which were commuted to 70 hours of community service at the Victoria Falls magistrates' courts starting yesterday.

"I would rather not sleep with her because if I do, we will have another child and I won't be able to provide for the child," Tshuma told the magistrate.

Outside court Tshuma said: "We are failing to agree on a number of issues. I am not working and at some point she came from the rural areas and dumped the children and went away. As for not sleeping with her, it could be true because she was in the rural areas for most of the time and you know sometimes that if you are stressed there are some things you cannot do. I am struggling so I am afraid of having more children." chronicle


WAR veterans' leader Jabulani Sibanda has warned MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai to rethink his planned mass demonstrations against the government saying it was political suicide.

Tsvangirai and his supporters in civic society are calling on Zimbabweans to engage in mass action after his troubled party's congress next month.

Sibanda said Tsvangirai and his party had no sound policies to offer the country but were good at holding the nation to ransom through threats of disturbing peace.

"I don't understand why Tsvangirai thinks he can hold the country to ransom. He will be fiercely resisted by the people. If that is the thing he wants to do, the answer that he will get will be equal or more than what he is looking for. The whole thing will backfire," he said.

Sibanda said the problem was that Tsvangirai liked threatening the people of Zimbabwe adding: "Every time, he threatens the people.

The only thing he can do is threaten the people and disturb their peace."

"He is not driven by ideas to compare with what is being implemented in Zanu-PF. He wants to cause chaos and invite more sanctions. Zanu-PF is a grouping of people who want to empower their people and not violence. It is an ideas party and not a violent one."

Sibanda said when Tsvangirai threatens Zanu-PF, he threatens the nation as the party holds two thirds majority in parliament and a majority in Senate.

He said if Tsvangirai disagreed or had grievances with the government, that was not a reason to engage in actions that destabilised the nation.

"There are some things that I personally am not happy about like failure to deal with corrupt government officials but that does not mean that one has to destabilise the nation," he said.

"Such actions could be the starting point in bringing chaos that could lead to the destruction of the country. He is threatening the sovereignty of the people something that cannot be allowed. If I were him, I would sit and think, think, think and think again about what I was planning to do."

Prophetic Healing Deliverance Ministries leader Prophet Walter Magaya on Sunday urged Zimbabweans to take heed of God's word delivered through Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa last week that they should be peaceful and shun mass protests.

This followed a prophecy by the United Family International Church leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa that mass protests would result in bloodshed.

Prophet Magaya urged people to pray for the nation and its leadership as espoused in the Bible chronicle


A 36-YEAR-OLD Chivi man appeared before Masvingo regional magistrate Collet Ncube last Friday facing incest and rape charges after he impregnated his 13-year-old daughter.

The man, from Tagwirei village under Chief Watumwa, was remanded in custody to October 3. The State alleges that in January, the man allegedly slept with his daughter on several occasions without anyone knowing and the probability of him threatening her not to reveal the abuse to anyone was high.

On September 15, the mother discovered that her daughter was pregnant and interrogated her to disclose the person responsible. The juvenile lied to her mother by implicating a schoolmate.

When the mother ordered her daughter to escort her to the responsible schoolmate, it was then that she revealed her father was responsible for the pregnancy, adding that she had had numerous sexual encounters with him.

The enraged woman then confronted her husband, who reacted angrily to the accusations and beat her up. The girl later informed her teacher, who immediately reported the matter to the police.