Morgan Tsvangirai says the internal MDC strife is over. Many in his party do not believe him as the purge of pro-Biti officials continues.


President Mugabe was so angry when the EU did not invite his wife for the EU-Africa summit. He decided he would rather not go than be without his dearest wife, Grace. He is a 90-year-old man who requires his wife by his side all the time.


Cuthbert Dube has been re-elected the boss of Zifa to a chorus of boos within the football fraternity. Dube said he was not bothered as the people who voted wanted him to lead Zifa again.


Open war has broken out in the ruling party with the two factions, one believed to be led by Joice Mujuru and another by Emmerson Mnangagwa squaring off. Mugabe is on his last five year term and succession is now on the cards.


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Friday, 18 April 2014


Zimbabwe's strong man Robert Mugabe has lashed out at Europe's "homosexual nonsense" and condemned the refusal of its leaders to accept his grip on power in his latest marathon tirade

"The Europe of yesterday is gone, we have a Europe of today which has no principles at all," the 90-year-old told a crowd of thousands gathered in a Harare stadium on Friday to mark 34 years since the country's independence from Britain.Mugabe, who has been Zimbabwe's ruler since independence, faces EU sanctions as a result of his authoritarian rule.He refused to attend an EU-Africa summit earlier this month after his wife was denied a visa to enter Europe.

"The Europeans will never ever accept a ZANU-PF government in this country," referring to the political party he dominates."What is natural is made unnatural. And what is unnatural they want to say it is natural," he said in the speech, which lasted an hour and a half.Mugabe repeated his claims that Europe is trying to force gay rights on Africa."(Europe says) If you pass a law that rejects homosexual marriages we will punish you like they are doing to Uganda and us," he said.

"Let Europe keep their homosexual nonsense there and not cross over with it here."Mugabe, who once said gays and lesbians are worse than pigs and dogs, warned Western diplomats in Zimbabwe against preaching gay rights, saying they would be deported.


President Robert Mugabe has condemned corruption saying people should be disciplined and not take what does not belong to them.He was addressing thousands of people gathered at the National Sports Stadium where the 34th independence celebrations were being held.
The President said those in positions of management should not award themselves more than what they deserve. “We want a clean Government. I want to assure you that where will find corruption people will be punished. We can’t punish people just because you want them punished when some are innocent, but where cases have been proven and proven beyond doubt then they will be punished.”

 He said government will establish community information centres throughout the country which will have some interaction between government and the people.The centres will assist in establishing what the people want and what the government intends to do.He spoke strongly against political violence following reports of intra-party clashes within the MDC-T and warned that those who plan to hold violent demonstrations will face the law.

"If there are going to be protests that are non violent that the police have given then that’s a different matter. But if people are going to create violence at the instigation of some NGOs that don’t like the Zanu PF government then they are misguided. They should not see us and say because we are quiet and believe we are a spent force then they are wrong.”
The President also appealed to Zimbabwean farmers to work hard to avoid the importation of food stuffs.He said most provinces are promising good harvests following the good rains this season.He thanked all those who assisted the Tokwe-Mukosi flood victims who are now being relocated by government.

The President said Zimbabweans should practice their social responsibility by not cutting down trees which causes deforestation.He said the government is prioritising electricity generation, adding that it is “now also reorganising the mining sector so as to make it more transparent and efficient.”President Mugabe said journalists should not create, exaggerate or sensationalise stories for the papers to be bought.He said journalists should write the truth about developments in the country and expose issues of rape and murder to curb scourge.


THREE Khami Prison guards allegedly instructed an inmate to steal property worth $5,486 from the prison quartermasters’ stores while they stood guard.

Danmore Murima, Navison Masendeke and Phibeon Mkanjela appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Tancy Dube yesterday facing charges of theft and unlawful entry.

Prosecuting, Frank Ncube said the trio used Makhulela Sibanda, an inmate to steal from the prison. “The trio instructed Sibanda who was serving as an inmate attached at the quartermasters’ stores to steal uniforms and food meant for prison use whilst they stood guard,” he said.

The court heard that between January to March 2014 the trio and the inmate used pliers to cut open a closed storeroom screen door to gain entry and steal.

The prison wardens were implicated by the inmate they were using to steal the property, said Ncube.

“The prison officers were implicated by Sibanda and a search was conducted at their households. The stolen property was recovered at Murima and Mkanjela’s households,” he said.

Sibanda who is standing in as a State witness is not being charged for the offence. The trio who are out on bail pleaded not guilty and the trial continues on April 30.


MUTASA villagers were left shocked following the recent discovery of the remains, minus some body parts, of a fellow villager who had mysteriously disappeared. 

 The body of Moses Nyamutata, which had a missing left palm while his eyes had been removed, was only discovered following the intervention of the men of cloth who were hired to unravel the mystery.

The Nyamutatas could not take the disappearance of their sibling lightly and vowed to leave no stone unturned to bring those suspected to be behind what they believed was a ritual murder to book. They are convinced that the people behind Moses’ murder were close to him.

What added more mystery to Moses’ disappearance was that the hat and other clothes he was wearing on the day he vanished were found dumped about 300 metres away from his remains.

Family members who were interviewed last Thursday claimed that they also discovered a 750ml bottle which contained sheep fat (mafuta ehwayi) as well as a feather besides Moses’ remains.

On the day he was last seen, Moses’ friend and fellow villager (name withheld) allegedly visited him and the two went for a beer drink at a bottle store at Domborutinhira Business Centre.

“They went for a beer drink with a friend, but that was the last time he was seen alive. His friend could not explain to us why he had left Moses behind, yet they had gone together to the bottle store. A herdboy, Munyaradzi Tangwena, later met Moses who was struggling to walk because of his ‘drunken stupor’ and tried to escort him home. He dismissed Munyaradzi saying he wanted to rest briefly before completing his journey home.

His hat was recovered about 300 metres away from where he was last seen,” said family spokesman and Moses’ brother, Munyaradzi (34).
He added: “We got worried and decided to consult Madzibaba Nyenyedzi church members and prophets over his whereabouts. That is when we discovered his body. His body was in an advanced state of decomposition. It  was about 5km away from the business centre. His left palm was missing and his head was bruised. His eyes were tampered with. It was a sorry sight.”

Munyaradzi, who was accompanied by his brother-in-law, Paddington Nemaunga and Moses Murowe during the interview, said they were suspecting foul play.

They laid blame on police officers from Mutasa, saying the law enforcers had put “zero effort” to bring the culprits to book, or at least assist them with possible leads surrounding the mysterious death.

“We have more questions than answers. We strongly feel that he was murdered. Someone killed him. Where is the missing palm and the eyes? The head was bruised. Just two days after his disappearance and he was found with missing body parts, that is strange. What of the container which had a strange concoction of sheep fat? What of the feather which was also near his body,” he said.

He said the prophets led by one Madzibaba Johane had promised to name and shame the hand behind their brother’s murder.

“We need the help of the police, traditional leaders and fellow villagers to unravel this mystery. We feel that we are alone in the quest. Police participation is next to zero and it is worrying. The prophets are, however, ready to tell us the person who murdered Moses,” said Nemaunga.

He said Moses’ mysterious death came barely two months after a baby from the same village disappeared on February 6.

In a typical Shona culture and belief that there is communication between the dead and the living especially when one dies in unclear circumstances, the family members said they were waiting for Moses’ spirit to “communicate” before they act.

Moses, who was not married, was laid to rest in Odzani on April 2.  But is there any affinity, whatsoever, between the feather and mixed concoction which were in a 750ml bottle as well as the missing palm and bruised head to Moses’ ritual killing?

When contacted for comment, assistant Manicaland provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Muzondiwa Clean said they had not received the report.

Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers’ Association acting president Mr George Kandiero said there was a high possibility that Moses was killed for ritual purposes.

“The presence of sheep fat speaks a lot. That is normally used for rituals and exorcism. It is most likely that Moses was killed for ritual purposes,” said Kandiero.


A CHIKANGA man caused a scene at the Mutare Civil Courts last week after giving a string of inconsistencies in his frantic efforts to evade the $100 maintenance which was being demanded by his ex-wife.

Appearing before Mutare magistrate Ms Anniah Ndiraya, Solomon Rafemoyo pretended to be confused when the magistrate asked him the amount of money he was prepared to pay for the upkeep of a two-month-old baby he sired with Abishell Gondo.

“Right now I cannot respond to that question because there is bereavement in my family. I am not ready to deal with this issue now. I need more time,” said Rafemoyo.

The magistrate, however, rubbished Rafemoyo’s excuse saying he should answer questions directed to him since he was able to attend the court session despite the bereavement in his family.

“Since you are already here, you can go ahead and tell us how much you can afford to pay and after that you will be free to go back and attend the funeral,” said Ms Ndiraya.

Seeing that his first move had hit a dead end, Rafemoyo made another attempt saying, “Your Worship, I cannot pay maintenance for this child because the child is not mine. I never slept with her and so I cannot give her any money.”

Asked to respond, the applicant, Gondo, told the court that she had cohabited with Rafemoyo from January to about September last year, adding that when she left him she was already pregnant. Rafemoyo, however, vehemently denied the allegations and labelled Gondo a liar. He said she was a gold digger who wanted to rip him off.

Mrs Ndiraya cleared the confusion when she called Rafemoyo’s mother, Mrs Martha Rafemoyo, to testify.

“These two were staying together since last year. Though they had misunderstandings over an alleged extramarital affair between Gondo and a church elder from their church, they said they had amicably solved it. May this court allow me to ask my son this question: ‘Hauchadi mukadzi here, mwanangu (are you saying you no longer love your wife)’?,” asked an aggrieved Mrs Rafemoyo.

In her ruling, Ms Ndiraya told Rafemoyo that it was his right to go for a paternity test to determine whether the child was his or not. She ordered him to pay $50 while waiting for the paternity tests and results.


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe may have let his daughter Bona go in marriage, but he appears to make sure his favourite child keeps safe at her new home along Quorn Avenue in the leafy suburb of Mt Pleasant, Harare.

The Zimbabwe Independent visited the area yesterday and saw massive cutting down of pine trees which had become hallmarks of the greenery along the road. The towering pine trees, which lined Quorn Avenue since the 1950s, gave the area a scenic vista and the greenery that has been there since then is now just going to be a fading memory.

Sources say the clearing of the area is meant to enhance security as she enjoys married life with her husband Simba Chikore, an Emirates pilot, whom she married on March 1. She also enjoys 24-hour security provided by armed police officers from the Police Protection Unit, which provides security to VIPs such as cabinet ministers, High Court and Supreme Court judges as well as security sector bosses.

A source in goverment said the tree-cutting exercise along the avenue is meant to ensure the road is clear for security reasons. “There are huge pine trees along the street and from a security point of view, it’s advisable that they are cleared,” said the source.

The official line though is that the trees are being cut because they are old and are therefore a threat to lives and property. Council spokesperson Leslie Gwindi said he would not comment on security issues, but suggested that the trees were being cut down because some of the residents made a request to the city fathers.

“I don’t have the reasons at hand, but you may find out that the residents asked for the trees to be cut down. I understand they are not very firm underneath, so they are a danger to property and lives. Some of the residents may have asked the city council to cut the trees down,” said Gwindi.

However, residents in the area believe the pine trees are being cut down for security reasons.
Bona, who seems to be Mugabe’s favourite child, going by his public remarks, was given the historic Mt Pleasant house where Mugabe lived just after Independence in 1980.

The house has since been renovated and to enhance security, a new high security wall was erected, with 15 external lights mounted two metres apart to light up the grounds at night.
Pines are evergreen, coniferous resinous trees which grow between three and metres tall. Many pine trees live for more than 100 years.

Thanks to Bona, city fathers have also put cat’s eyes (a retro-reflective safety device used in road marking) along Quorn Avenue to enhance safety at night. Bona is Mugabe’s first born (with his wife Grace) and only daughter. He has two sons Robert Jnr and Bellarmine Chatunga.
On a number of occasions he has expressed his public admiration of his daughter. He says she is “very obedient” and “absolutely trustworthy”.

His wife Grace has publicly applauded Bona for her moral rectitude and being well-behaved. Bona, unlike most children from wealthy and influential families has generally avoided a controversial lifestyle.


FORMER Parliamentary Affairs minister Eric Matinenga has urged the MDC-T to start an open debate on leadership renewal, adding his voice to calls by a group of senior party officials pushing for discussion on party leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s succession.

In an interview with the Zimbabwe Independent, Matinenga revealed he met Tsvangirai to discuss his succession plan and problems rocking the party.

“I have discussed with president Tsvangirai after the Mangoma incident and advised him that we need a mediating process so that we resolve the issues. We have all made mistakes at one point or another and no one is a saint so it must not be taboo to express one’s views,” he said.

“I spoke to Tsvangirai and asked him about his plans and he said he has a plan and he encouraged the succession debate to be discussed…It was an open meeting where I wanted to understand his plan because this is what any democratic party should discuss so that we paint a different picture from that of Zanu PF.”

He said he was alive to the succession issues. He said he had a plan and a time frame for it. He said he had engaged with the younger generation in the party and told them that they should be ready to take over the leadership of the party in the near future.

 I don’t know to what extent that has been discussed in the organs of the party. But if it has not been discussed, then we would have lost an opportunity to address crucial issues for the good of the party and for the good of Zimbabwe. We did it in Buhera West and we thought all the functionaries of the party will look at this and replicate it. It was a success in my constituency. I believe if MDC is to take the Zimbabweans to a promised land, then there is need to deliberately discuss succession. We cannot run away from it if we are to deliver anything. Everyone knows the MDC is the only visible opposition party that can bring hope to the generality of Zimbabweans and we need to exploit that strength in order to bring about democracy.


A Police officer has been forcing his girlfriend to perform oral sex on him at knife point, the court heard yesterday. Steven Manunure allegedly forced his girlfriend Tracy Maguri to perform oral sex on him threatening to kill her if she refuses.

Maguri revealed this after Manurure hauled her before the Harare Civil Court seeking a protection order against her. She told magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi that Manunure sexually-abused her, claiming he is not liable to arrest because he was a policeman.

Maguri said she had been forced to perform oral sex over the past five years and Manunure would assault her if she resisted. “He forced me to lick his manhood at knife point threatening to kill me if I refuse,” Maguri said.

“I have been his victim of oral sex for five years now since we started dating. He also forces me to make love to him even when I am not in the mood and assaults me if I refused. Sometimes he forcefully penetrates his manhood into my mouth saying that is the kind of love he wants.”

Manunure told the court his girlfriend called him asking for reconciliation. He said Maguri had framed allegations against him and had approached the police with the same allegations.
“I want this woman to stop calling me and be barred from coming to my house because she is humiliating me and my wife,” he said.  “She calls my wife threatening her and I want that to stop.”
Magistrate Siwardi ordered Maguri to stop committing any form of violence towards Manunure and his family.

Maguri was also ordered to stop calling Manunure on his mobile phone and or visit him.


The lifeless body of a 43-year-old Zimbabwe woman was discovered alongside the B1 Windhoek-Okahandja main road near the Okapuka Lodge, while her 42-year-old boyfriend’s body was found hanging in his corrugated iron shack on Tuesday.

The Namibian Police (Nampol) suspect that the woman was killed by her boyfriend sometime during the weekend before he hanged himself. NamPol’s Deputy Commissioner Sylvanus Nghishidimbwa said the victim’s employers reported her missing on Tuesday.

The woman, a domestic worker in Klein Windhoek, was allegedly left at her employers’ house after they went out of town for the weekend. The man was also employed in Windhoek, but Nghishidimbwa could not say where.

The woman and her boyfriend then decided to take one of the motor-vehicles belonging to her employers and left town as well, the top officer said. A source from said two children who were in the care of the victim in Klein, Windhoek were left behind at the house.

They then received a text message from their mother’s phone, requesting them to send the pin-code of her ATM card. “They found it strange that she would ask for the pin-code, but sent it anyway,” the source said.

Nghishidimbwa said both the employers of the two deceased as well as the children became suspicious after the duo did not show up for work on Monday morning.
They then reported the man and his girlfriend as missing persons, as well as the motor-vehicle.
“An abandoned car with the same description was reported found in the Havana informal settlement, and the man’s lifeless body was later discovered hanging in his shack in the same area on Tuesday morning,” he said.

The police had to break the shack open as it was locked from the inside.
We have been to her home in Okahandja where she sometimes lived, and found bloodstains inside the house. But, we cannot say that was the murder scene,” Nghishidimbwa said.
The man was a Windhoek resident of the Havana informal settlement, while the woman was a Zimbabwean national.

Witnesses said the man was last seen behaving strangely and dishing out meat to his neighbours, claiming that it was going to be the last time that they see him as he was planning to commit suicide.


A MUTASA woman was last week arrested for allegedly drowning her three-year-old son for her to be married by her new boyfriend.
The incident happened in Chirarwe Village under Chief Mutasa’s area.It is alleged that Loice Paunganwa (23) drowned her son, Tawonga Mupisaunga, so that her new boyfriend would marry her.

Police confirmed the incident and said Loice left Chirarwe Village, where she was staying with her aunt Memory Paunganwa (38), in the company of her three children.

She said she was travelling to Honde Valley where she intended to leave Mitchell Mumbiro (6), her second born, with her grandmother.

“Loice wanted to leave Mitchell with her grandmother and Tawonga with her father so that her new boyfriend would marry her. On her way she contacted Tawonga’s father informing him that she was bringing his child, but she was told to continue having custody of the child.

“She continued with her journey and when she reached Odzi River she allegedly grabbed Tawonga and threw him into the river in the presence of Mitchell and Calvin Chaerera (1). She then proceeded to her grandmother Charity Paunganwa (50) and begged her to stay with Mitchell,” said deputy Manicaland provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Luxson Chananda.

He said Loice informed her grandmother that she wanted her to keep the child because her new boyfriend had refused to marry someone with three kids. Paunganwa agreed and asked for Tawonga, for he was missing.

“Loice told her that Tawonga had died a few weeks back. Loice left and eloped to her boyfriend’s homestead with just one child. Paunganwa later contacted Memory and asked her why they had buried her grandson without informing her.

She was told that Tawonga was alive and had left with her mother (Loice). Paunganwa questioned Mitchell and she revealed everything. Paunganwa made a report to the police and Loice was arrested.

Tawonga’s body is still to be recovered and investigations are in progress.


CONTROVERSIAL war veteran Solomon Noah Shambira aka Tenzi Nehoreka, who was facing charges of unauthorised borrowing, was acquitted last Friday.

This arose from an incident that happened on December 1, 2013, when he allegedly stripped Chief Tandi (William Chiyangwa Samhungu) of his chieftainship badge arguing that he was an impostor.

He also faced an alternative charge of interfering with the duties of a chief. The charges were quashed on a technicality leading to his acquittal.

Rusape magistrate Ms Patience Ururu-Madondo’s verdict was greeted with a deafening applause from legions of Tenzi Nehoreka’s disciples. Hundreds of Tenzi Nehoreka’s cultic followers braved the chilly weather in solidarity with the controversial spirit medium whose radical ideas, traditional and cultural beliefs they are rooted in.

Ms Madondo said for something to be stolen, it must be movable and with monetary value attached to it.  The badge in question had no known monetary value, but rather a sentimental one.

“One can steal something that has monetary value attached to it. The chieftainship badge in question has only sentimental value not a monetary one and cannot be stolen,” said Ms Madondo.

Ms Madondo added that the alternative charge of interfering with the operations of a properly installed chief could not be sustained because the Traditional Leaders’ Act does not give clear guidelines to define interference.

She observed, too, that Nehoreka, after taking the badge, “never uttered words” instructing Chief Tandi to stop performing his duties.
She said Nehoreka went away with the badge without ordering Chief Tandi to cease executing his mandate as a traditional leader.

The legion of his supporters, who kept composed and filled both ends of the court corridors to the brim, exploded into joy after an emissary emerged from Court A to brief them of the acquittal.

They – men and women – all clad in black trousers, skirts and white shirts and blouses, among them traditional leaders, war veterans and spirit mediums, ruptured into song and dance.

They shouted and bragged that Nehoreka was a “legendary spirit medium” on a mission to restore sanity in the traditional leaders’ fraternity.

“Do not play nemudzimu wenyika. This country has its owners, the ancestors who are not happy about how you are harassing him. Stop persecuting him. Leave him alone. You shall bear the consequences of you actions. You can’t mount a roadblock to arrest and humiliate our Tenzi.

He is a legendary spirit medium and has been vindicated. What are they going to say next?” asked one of his female followers from a joyous crowd outside the court yard.

Tenzi Nehoreka was all smiles after the acquittal.

Clad in a his fashionable black gown, with an overflowing green collar with yellow laces on the front and white ones on the hands and seam, Tenzi Nehoreka waved his right fist in the air, in a show of victory, to his supporters.

He had his usual trademark black doek on and interestingly he spotted another one this time around – holding a snuffbox (nhekwe) firmly in his left hand.

He grinned as he walked towards his chauffeured white Toyota Gaia vehicle after their ritual of greetings.

Female followers bowed their heads down and ululated before him. Male disciples exuded their respect for their “legend” bysaluting.


THE power struggle and alleged tribalism war rocking the Apostolic Faith Mission of Africa International (AFM) in Lobengula, Bulawayo, took a new twist yesterday with a faction blasting the church overseer’s lawyer of being an interested party and for acting like a magistrate in court.

Second from right Tony Tshuma overseer of Apostolic Faith Mission Church coming out of Western Ccommonage court

The aggrieved applicants, who were being represented by a church member, Claudious Manamela, had filed an application last week seeking for a protection order against the overseer Tony Tshuma and 40 of his followers.

The application was filed before magistrate Tancy Dube at the Western Commonage Magistrates’ Court a few days after it was reported that the church was plagued by disaffection caused by alleged ethnic wars between Ndebele-speaking worshippers and their Shona-speaking counterparts.

Tshuma, who is being represented by lawyer Walter Nyabadza of Majoko and Majoko, is accused of threatening those against his leadership with either death or expulsion. The overseer also allegedly grabbed the church-owned Lydead Range Farm in Gwanda.

The disenchanted group also accused Tshuma of fraudulently taking over the reins of the church in 2008 and abusing church funds. Yesterday, the magistrate called Nyabadza and Manamela into her chambers where they both presented their papers.

However, Nyabadza had already served Manamela with his client’s plea in bar/abatement indicating that the court was not competent to hear the matter. He said only the High Court was eligible to handle class action cases.

“Further that the deponent to the applicants’ founding affidavit does not have locus standi in judicio (the right to bring case to court)in that the wrong complained of does not adversely affect him personally, but allegedly the class of persons collectively. Similarly, the relief being sought by him is in the interest of the said class of persons collectively and not in his own personal interest,” Nyabadza said.

Nyabadza prayed for his special plea to be allowed with cost on a punitive scale.
“Assuming, however, that the special plea does not find favour with the court and to enable him to plead, the respondent hereby applies for the following further particulars to the applicants’ affidavit; when and at which branch of the church did the deponent become a member of the church; when did the deponent become based at the church’s headquarters at stand number 70473 Lobengula Extension 4,” Nyabadza submitted.

He also demanded to know when the respondent incited anyone to engage in violence.
In response, Manamela and his group accused Nyabadza of being an interested party in the case saying he was a member of the church doubling up as a lawyer for the overseer and his group.
“On Feberuary 8 2014, Nyabadza who was drawn into the ministers’ meeting as an attorney to advise on legal issues concerning the church constitution became the magistrate himself,” said Manamela.
“Based on the information he did not validate, he declared the 2008 and 2012 constitutions null and void. Consequently, reverend Tshuma was utterly removed from leadership due to nullification of the constitution that put him in power and upon being cautioned by Nyabadza he accepted to be removed.”

Manamela submitted that Nyabadza also removed the 28 members of the council of elders replacing them with 18 members. “The lawyer Nyabadza, who is also a member of the church, knows well that he instituted legal proceedings against three ministers at (the) High Court. As a result, Tshuma scolds certain brethren across the congregation.

“The court should note that Nyabadza questioned the jurisdiction of this court to our surprise and we wonder if his reading of the law is above the capacity of legal officers who received this plea for protection from all abuses that violate our basic rights,” he submitted.

Manamela charged that Tshuma had repeatedly pronounced those who did not agree with him as Satanists who must die. He said loyalists acting on his instructions or insinuations have verbally and physically threatened and even produced lists of those who should be fired from the church.
“We are persuaded to have the notion that there is total disregard for our freedom to worship without interference. Naturally all reasonable people understand that Nyabadza and his client were not supposed to be labouring to block a protection order application if they are harmless to our basic rights at law. Individually we pray that the court grants us a plea,” he argued.

Manamela submitted that Tshuma had been inciting members of his faction to engage in violence threatening him and his group physically since February 23 2014. The magistrate advised Manamela and his group to file their application for a protection order as individuals and not select an individual to stand for them.
Manamela said they would file the applications soon after the Easter Holiday.


MDC leader Welshman Ncube, who emerged from a nine-month self-imposed hibernation on Wednesday, has said his party was not bothered by the spate of resignations by senior members insisting that those who were power hungry could move on as political parties were driven by a small group of committed individuals.

After the July 31 2013 polls, scores of high-ranking MDC members countrywide deserted the party citing personal reasons while others joined the rival MDC-T and the ruling Zanu PF. Ncube told journalists at the Bulawayo Press Club on Wednesday that he wished all his former comrades luck.

“We have no complex about being small, but what we want is the committed cadreship of the party that is committed in our values. We are not perturbed by being called a small party,” he said.

“I cannot be in Zanu PF so that I wield power because I do not believe in anything they believe in. Let us be small with people who believe in us. Don’t join us thinking we are large, but later discover we are small. Those in quest of power can move on.”

Ncube said the party was better off without people who doubted its principles. “If you have been in the inner circle of the leadership, people who are Doubting Thomases of the principles of the party, trust me you are far better off without them,” he said.

“If we spend too much time doing political work than doing conflict resolutions, we are better off without them.”


MASVINGO –— The local leadership of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) snubbed party president, Morgan Tsvangirai, during a visit here last Saturday in a clear sign that the former trade unionist might not have it easy come the party’s elective congress in 2016. The MDC-T will hold its congress in 2016 to elect those who will lead the party into the next elections, due in 2018.

Tsvangirai received a rude awakening in Masvingo. The MDC-T leader had visited the province for a memorial service for returnee Job Sikhala’s father in Gutu, but got the shock of his life when less than five provincial executive members turned up. Conspicuous by their absence were the majority of the MDC-T’s top provincial executive members except for a few who took the opportunity to re-affirm their loyalty to Tsvangirai as they stampeded to be seen and make their presence felt.

Those who did not turn up include provincial chairman, Wilstuff Sitemere; provincial secretary Tongai Matutu, youth chairman Oliver Chirume; national executive member Jefferyson Chitando; provincial organizing secretary, Ernest Mudavanhu and spokesperson Harrison Mudzuri. Only former Masvingo West Member of Parliament Tachiona Chiminya Mharadze, former Zaka West MP Festus Dumbu and a few others attended the memorial service.
Insiders within the MDC-T alleged that the bulk of those who absented themselves from the event are aligned to the likes of Mangoma, who are calling for leadership renewal. There is also speculation that the provincial executive members were afraid of getting the full wrath of Tsvangirai’s loyalists had they attended the memorial service. This follows an incident at the MDC-T headquarters in Harare recently were Mangoma was assaulted by party youths in full view of Tsvangirai for calling on the former trade unionist to resign.

Yet others say those who stayed away from the memorial service were out to spite Tsvangirai for choosing to go to bed with Sikhala, who is considered to be a prodigal son within the MDC-T. Sikhala recently re-joined the MDC-T after nine years of pursuing a different political path. Following his exit from the MDC-T in 2005, Sikhala had become one of the fiercest critics of Tsvangirai. He is now promising to re-unite the warring MDC-T factions now that he has rejoined the movement. Asked to comment on the recent development, party national organising secretary, Nelson Chamisa, said the event was not a political rally hence party members who attended came on their own volition.
“We cannot force anyone to come here as this is not a party programme. This is a memorial service. Those who came did so out of their wish to console the Sikhala family,” said Chamisa. Efforts to get a comment from the absentees were futile as their mobile phones were not reachable. However, this is not the first time that some members of the executive have shown their disdain for the former prime minister.

In March, the party had to recall a party vehicle after a logo with Tsvangirai’s face was removed from the car. Some of the executive members were also chased away at a funeral of a party activist, Edward Gono, in Gutu.