Wednesday, 20 July 2022


A HARARE man had his dreadlocks pulled off in the dead of the night following a domestic dispute with his girlfriend.

Pleads Chikuwira said he was now living in fear of his violent girlfriend, Virginia Machananga, whom he moved in with, after she recently lost her husband.

He said she teamed up with her daughter and assaulted him.

Pleads has applied for a protection order against Virginia citing physical, and emotional, abuse. “I don’t know what I have done to deserve this kind of ill-treatment.

“I forgave Virginia the first time she ran away from me when I was suffering from prostate cancer.

“Recently, she teamed up with her daughter at night and assaulted me to the extent that they plucked off my dreadlocks while I was sleeping,” Pleads said.

He added: “I don’t have peace of mind, since
I am now living in fear. She is now in the habit of issuing me with death threats.

“I once reported the abuse to the police and they ordered her to move out of my house but I don’t know why she keeps on coming back.”

In response, Virginia admitted to the allegations. She, however, argued it was unfair to be called an abusive woman when they were both fighting.

“This man is also in the habit of assaulting me and I can’t take the whole blame alone,” she said.

After hearing both parties, magistrate Sharon Mashavira granted the protection order in Pleads’ favour. H Metro


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