Tuesday, 26 July 2022


AN insecure employee is threatening to kill his boss amid fears of retrenchment.

Kenneth Chiunga told his old friend King Mugabe, who was the witness in court, that he wanted to kill Christopher Maturura.

Following Kenneth’s death threats, Christopher has since approached the Harare Civil Court, seeking a peace order.

“I want a peace order against Kenneth, who happens to be one of my employees.

“We have been retrenching people at our workplace, so he wants to end my life because he fears he might be unemployed soon.

“His friend came and told me of Kenneth’s motive, hence I came here to seek a peace order,” said Christopher.

King witnessed saying: “Kenneth has been my friend for more than five years now and we reside in the same location, we even go to drink beer together.

“One Sunday, we met at Spar in Ruwa and he told me about the retrenchment, which was happening at his work place .

“He told me that he was going to eliminate ‘that old’ man before he loses his job and he was referring to Christopher.

“I went to Christopher and told him because I feared he might be killed,” he said.

In his defence, Kenneth said: “I refute the allegations; I have never threatened to kill my boss.

“King is lying and l think he wants to silence me because I owe him US$100.

“He is a snitch because he is the one spreading the falsehoods that I want to kill Christopher.”

Magistrate Sharon Mashavire, who presided over the matter, deferred ruling to tomorrow. H Metro




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