Wednesday, 27 July 2022


ZANU PF councillors and village heads in Mwenezi’s Maranda area in Masvingo are reportedly forcing villagers to contribute 10 rand each towards the purchase of a beast to give to President Emmerson Mnangagwa when he visits Mwenezi in the near future.

However, Zaka North MP Robson Mavenyengwa, who is also Masvingo provincial chairperson, said Mnangagwa was scheduled to visit Masvingo on July 10, but the visit was postponed.

But villagers from the Maranda area, ward 14 told Southern Eye that Zanu PF councillors and some village heads have been collecting R10 from villagers claiming that Mnangagwa is set to visit Mwenezi West constituency.

A villager, who spoke on condition of anonymity, alleged that the Zanu PF councillors were claiming that the money would be used to buy a cow ahead of Mnangagwa’s visit.

“The villages are resisting. The name of the councillor involved is Giri Gondo of ward 9 (Zanu PF),” the villager said.

“He is the one who is instructing village heads to tell their subjects to pay R10 to fundraise for Mnangagwa’s visit during which he is reportedly going to address people in Mwenezi West constituency at Maranda business centre.”

Gondo, however, said he was not aware that Mnangagwa would be visiting Mwenezi West.

“At the moment we do not have such a programme and I am not yet aware of the date when the President would be coming,” Gondo said.

Mavenyengwa professed ignorance over the villagers’ contributions towards the purchase of the beast.

“He (President) was supposed to come to Masvingo on July 10, but it was postponed. He will not be coming soon. If he is coming, then he will be coming to Masvingo not Mwenezi. I will ask Gondo about that,” Mavenyengwa said. Newsday



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