Monday, 4 July 2022


A teenage boy seriously injured when a fire cracker exploded and damaged his face is facing starvation after his mother failed to continue operating her vending business as she spends most of the time attending him.

Godfey Munhungaupi is now losing weight fast as he cannot eat enough. He was supposed to undergo an emergency operation at Mpilo Hospital but due to his low weight doctors did not operate sauing that chances of survival were very low.

Ms Rudo Munhungaupi, Godfrey’s mother said Godfrey is facing a 23-hour operation adding that she is failing to feed her son enough so that he reaches the recommended weight in order for him to undergo an operation.

Godfrey is now facing an operation to remove a bone from his feet so that it is used to reconstruct a chin. The boy survives on crushed foods since he cannot chew as he has no teeth.

“I am currently seeking for help to feed Godfrey. The situation was worsened because I spend the whole day taking care of him. He cannot do anything alone, moreover l have the other three minor children. They all want to eat but the situation is now difficult for me. Doctors refuse to continue with the operation but urge me to go and feed him so that he gets the recommended weight essential for the operation. At the moment he weighs 30 kg so l am appealing for help,” she said.

Godfrey connected a fire cracker to a solar panel and used his tongue to test current flow, resulting in the fire cracker exploding and his tongue being split into two. He also lost some teeth during the incident.

The boy was supposed to undergo five operations; he was first operated on last year at Parirenyatwa Group of hospitals at the after well-wishers donated $54 000 to cover his medical bills.

The first operation focused on cleaning and stitching the wounds on the face and mouth while the second operation is targeted to remove bone and tissues from other parts of his body and construct the chin. The boy’s mother Mrs Rudo Munhungaupi has her son at home but his condition is still critical.

She also said the doctors have also suggested that the child needs to go for plastic surgery outside Zimbabwe after the second operation has been conducted. Mrs Munhungaupi said those willing to assist can contact her on 0788 124 461 or send donations to the same number. Herald


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