Thursday, 30 June 2022


HIGH Court judge, David Mangota, has ordered Musiso Mission Hospital to release medical records of a patient who suffered a broken leg after he was assaulted by a police officer.

The hospital was dragged to court by Jaison Singadi, who claimed he visited the hospital as an outpatient, and needed a plaster.

In his papers, Singadi claimed he was arrested and assaulted by Constable Lovemore Zvinongoza, while in custody.

Zvinongoza has since been convicted on his own plea. Singadi, who intends to sue the police for injuries suffered, said his medical affidavit from the mission hospital omitted the fact that he suffered a broken leg.

“I was unlawfully arrested, detained and severely assaulted by a police officer to the extent that I suffered a broken foot.

“I went to Musiso Mission Hospital where I received medical treatment.

“The medical affidavit provided, however, is silent on my broken foot and that my leg was put in a plaster. This is an application to compel the hospital to furnish me with my medical records to enable me to prepare my claim for damages against the Minister of Home Affairs,” wrote Singadi in her application.

In his ruling, Justice Mangota granted Singadi’s request.

“The Musiso Mission Hospital be and is hereby ordered to give Singadi access to his medical records.

“The hospital be and is hereby ordered to furnish Singadi with his X-rays, doctor notes and printouts related to the treatment he received within 48 hours of being served with this order,” ruled the judge. H Metro


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