Wednesday, 8 June 2022


A LOCAL businessman lost US$23 000 in a botched car deal. Ishmael Tauya Chibwe claims he was allegedly duped by Jackson Njunga, who was referred to him by a friend, as a potential buyer of a Renault Premium 320 truck valued at US$23 000.

Njunga, at least according to Chibwe, had won the latter’s confidence by selling his Opel Astra vehicle, sometime in 2021.

Chibwe has since lodged a police report at Harare Central Police Station under CR207/3/22.

“I was duped of my money in a very deceptive way,” said Chibwe.

“Jackson was introduced to me by one of my friends and he sold two of my vehicles.

“The Opel sale went through smoothly and we got along fine.

“The truck was sold through instalments so there was not much fuss over it.

“Stories came with the selling of the Renault and people he referred to me as potential buyers all said there were issues with the truck.

“I found it confusing because I drove the truck myself from Kazungula Border  Post to Harare and everything was okay.

“He would change the location of the truck (for better exposure as he would say) from Bishop Gaul to Prince Edward to Robert Mugabe Car Sales.

“We later agreed to sell it at US$20 000 and the problem came about when he wouldn’t show up if I set up to meet him.

“He was hosting parties with one Zeb, who he claimed was his sponsor at the time.

“I began to smell a rat and I intended to change the garage and give it to someone else to sell and that is when all hell broke loose.

“I was then informed that Jackson had sold the truck, a few months earlier, to someone and he had said it’s his mother’s truck.

“Upon confronting him he said he will be in touch and I have not seen him since.”

Contacted for comment, Njuga kept promising to give his side of the story.

“I will call you when I am done with what I am doing, I have some people with me here,” said  Jackson. H Metro


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