Saturday, 28 May 2022


A-26-year-old man from Old Railways in Mucheke, Masvingo allegedly severely assaulted his mother following an argument over sugarcane.

The mother Winfilda Leokin (43) asked Nyasha Leokin (26) not cut her sugarcane and distribute it to people. Leokin came back home drunk and started beating his mother with open hands and fists until his mother and her husband Felix Hungwe ran and locked themselves inside the house.

Leokin then started destroying windowpanes. He appeared before Masvingo Magistrate Farai Gwitima facing domestic violence and physical abuse charges.

Tarisai Muvengi prosecuted. The case happened on March 26,2022. The complainant is Winfilda’s husband Felix Hungwe.

The accused insulted his mother with vulgar words.

In his defense, accused told the court that his mother crafted all the allegations since she told him that he was disturbing her peace with her husband. He further told the court that his mother dislikes him after he confronts her about his family identity.

Magistrate Gwitima remanded the matter to a later date for judgement. Masvingo Mirror


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