Monday, 2 May 2022


A three-year-old boy, who was denied access to medical attention after suffering severe burns, has died.

Ncedile Nhlanhla Nsingo sustained severe burns on both legs on April 7, at a funeral, and his parents resorted to traditional concoctions.

Differences between his parents – Ncedani Nsingo, 29, and Joylin Madanha, 29 – are believed to have affected his treatment, at least, according to Gogo Nsingo.

“We have lost a life under unfortunate circumstances,” said Gogo Nsingo.

“The tragedy took place because the mother decided to opt for traditional concoctions, they are ardent followers of Ablaze Faith Ministries.

“The boy was reported to have sustained injuries when he was accidentally scalded by boiling water at a funeral.

“We were informed and I rushed there and took the boy for medical attention at Budiriro Clinic.

“Joylin did not take the boy back to the clinic for further management but resorted to traditional concoctions for reasons best known to herself.

“Medical records showed that Joylin last took the child for medical attention the day I accompanied her to Budiriro Clinic.

“I regret the separation of Joylin and Ncedani, it affected their faith in God.

Joylin’s father, Justin Madanha, confirmed the use of concoctions.

“Ncedile was taken to Budiriro Clinic and medical examinations showed the burns were not that serious to warrant admission.

“We decided to use traditional concoctions since they help much faster.

“Vaipisa makoko emabanana otswanyiwa tswanyiwa, voisa pakatsva uye vopfupfunyurira mapiritsi pamakumbo ipapo kuti akweve mvura mugumbo. He recovered fast and his death came as a surprise.

“On the day he passed on, he had a seizure and we rushed him to a surgery but there was no doctor. We took him to another surgery where they referred us to Sally Mugabe Hospital and he died on the way.

“Ncedile was very intelligent, he could change television channels on his own, we have lost an innocent soul.

“I am yet to know if this is a bad spell on my daughters, considering that the incident, which left the boy with injuries, took place soon after we buried one of my daughters.

“Ncedile’s mother had also separated with her husband,” said Justin. H Metro


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