Thursday, 26 May 2022


A SELF-STYLED prophet from Life of Embassy Church has been forced to return the property of his late church member by the bereaved family.

Prophet Noah of Lusaka, Highfield, had retained the property given to him by Agnes Mlambo, who died in March this year.

The man of cloth did not attend Agnes’ funeral and was exposed by the latter’s two children, during the distribution of the property, according to custom.

Prophet Noah confirmed returning the property, which included a refrigerator and a pair of sofas.

“I didn’t want to return the property considering the condition it was in when the late gave it to me,” said Prophet Noah.

“After continued pressure from the deceased’s relatives I saw it best to give them.

“To me it’s part of carrying my cross. The deceased know better how her property ended under my custody and God knows.

“The relatives ended up demanding more than what I was given. Zvemari izvi handizvizive,” said Prophet Noah.

The deceased brother, Kumbirai Mlambo, confirmed the return of the property.

“The prophet finally returned my late sister’s property,” said Kumbirai.

“My mother had been pestering him for the property to be returned because he never came to see her sick, never disclosed that he had the property and never came to pay his condolences,” said Mlambo.

Agnes’ children claimed their late mother loaned US$150 to the prophet and the property for success of a church prayer meeting.

Agnes was reported to have fallen sick and admitted to a hospital soon after the conference. H Metro


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