Friday, 20 May 2022


MANY people find themselves in marriages where sex is unappealing or even non-existent.

Such relationships can lead to despair, searches for extramarital satisfaction, or even separation especially if good sex is considered vitally important.

That was at play when a sexually frustrated woman from Tsholotsho in Matabeleland North province caused a rumpus in court when she reportedly begged the magistrate to adjourn proceedings and give her a room so that she could have sex with her husband to prove that he was “very” terrible between the sheets.

Onani Dube (64) from Efusini Line claimed her husband Owen Dube (60) was not sexually satisfying her as he could not go more than three rounds of sex which apparently makes her explode into a wave of pleasure.

An embittered Onani claimed her husband lovemaking was boring such that it had become a thorn in her life.

Onani’s claims that her husband was sexually starving her came after her husband approached the court praying for an order to dissolve his marriage to his wife for allegedly threatening to kill him.

The court briefly heard that the two, before they got married, engaged in an affair while Owen was still married. Owen later dumped his wife and got married to Onani.

The two later had problems and each time they had a misunderstanding, Owen would go back to his ex-wife and Onani would follow and bring him back home.

That, however, prompted Owen to approach the court seeking an order to stop his wife from pestering him.

In court Owen alleged that his wife had on several occasions threatened to poison and axe him as well as stab him with a kitchen knife.

“She wanted to strike me with an axe, poison me and stab me with a kitchen knife. Because she is using dangerous weapons, we are no longer staying together as she is insisting on killing me,” Owen’s application reads in part.

Owen said he was now staying at Dombo Line.

The violence claims didn’t go down well with Onani who in response alleged that her husband was not man enough as he could not satisfy her sexually.

She reportedly claimed that his inability to go more than three rounds of sex was the source of their marital problems.

Onani said his application for a protection order was just a plot to run away from her since he could no longer cope with his inability to satisfy her sexual urge.

After submission from both parties, presiding magistrate Victor Mpofu dismissed Owen’s application.

In his ruling the magistrate argued: “Applicant actually wishes to have an order for legal separation with his civil wife who is the respondent.

“The court has no capacity for such an order to be made. Furthermore, the applicant’s case is not as filed of record and is hereby dismissed.” B Metro


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